The Words of In Jin Moon from 2012

Unofficial Invitation to a Special IFA Meeting with In Jin Nim: Saturday June 9

May 24, 2012

Importance: High

Dear international Blessed Families in Japan; Greetings!

I have just received notification that the following has been approved, but is pending official confirmation of exact times and other particulars. We hope to send the official announcement soon!

IFA is very happy to inform you that In Jin Nim, the second daughter of our beloved True Parents will be in Japan next month for just a few days and would like to meet with you. Rev. Sam Nakasaka made a request on our behalf, and In Jin Nim has graciously left a time open on her schedule for us to meet with her during her visit.

We know many of you are in Japan, either newly or for a long time. Some of you are waiting for matching, some of you are just starting family, some are already grandparents!

Some are first gen, others are second or third gen.

Some of you found a home in the Japanese Church, others are finding it incredibly hard to fit in.

Some were raised in Japan with an international parent, others maybe experiencing culture shock!

Whatever your situation, we invite you and your family to the Urayasu Training Center on Saturday June 9, at 10:00 am to attend this special meeting with In Jin Nim.

As many of you know, In Jin Nim has brought a great revival to our Second Generation in the USA and has a keen interest in them where ever she goes. We want to ask that you make a special effort to bring your children, even if they are busy with club activities, study, or jobs. This is precious opportunity that we want to mobilize everyone who can possibly attend to do so.

Details of the event will be sent out with the official announcement soon. Urayasu training center is located near Disneyland in Chiba, station T-18 on the Tozai line.

Once you receive the official invitation and would like to attend, please email with names so we can reserve your place.

See you there!

IFA President 

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