The Words of In Jin Moon from 2011

Sermon Notes, May 15, 2011

In Jin Moon

1. In Jin Nim greeted everyone. She was with True Parents (True Parents) -- catching up with them on the London leg of their tour, accompanying them to Switzerland, before she arrived back in New York.

2. As In Jin Nim traveled around Europe together with our True Parents she realized again how blessed the American members are -- because the European members have long awaited the arrival of our True Parents. To have our True Parents there at the London event was an incredible experience for all the brothers and sisters in London. Likewise in Geneva Switzerland.

3. In Jin Nim always finds herself, talking to herself, and wondering why it is she who has this privilege to accompany our True Parents, as their daughter, as they travel around the world and see them up close and personal. She has a rare look into the lives of this extraordinary man and woman who we call our True Parents.

4. On the London leg of the tour her younger brother, our international president, asked In Jin Nim to give the introduction to our True Mother, because she was addressing parliament at the House of Commons. For her it was an incredibly profound experience, because as you know the English House of Commons is the mother of all parliaments. It has a long outstanding tradition. When Mother arrived, one of the Lords, Lord King (his real last name) gave them a private tour of Parliament -- talking to them about the history that is more than 600 years old. In Jin Nim felt like she was entering into the history books. She went to the hall where the Queen addresses parliament every year, where she prepares herself -- in the room before she enters. They were able to look at all the portraits hanging in the gallery. Lord King was talking to her mother, telling her what an incredible day this was that True Parents, True Mother, a significant woman in her own right, could come to this Eve country, England, and grace the parliament with her presence.

5. When she spoke, she delivered our True Father's address, and she did so in a most loving and profound way. In Jin Nim believes that everyone who heard her speak could not help but be moved. Later that evening our True Father addressed more than 1600 people -- and really poured out his heart.

6. The interesting thing is that True Father was so excited about giving his address, after almost every line -- he would ad lib and explain about the meaning of what he had just read.

7. They were making their way through the address, but quite slowly. He was well into one hour of his address by the time he reached page 3. In Jin Nim and True Mother were sure it would be close to midnight by the time he finished. But he was so animated and inspired as he addressed the British people -- he must have felt satisfied, that the British brothers and sisters and the Ambassadors for Peace really embraced him wholeheartedly. In Jin Nim had never seen this before, but he jumped through all the remaining pages and went to the end and said, "May God bless you!" At first they thought it was a joke, that he would go back to page 3, but he just stood there, beaming. They realize then that it was not a joke, he was not going back to page 3, he was finished for the evening. So our True Mother joined True Father on stage and had a wonderful picture with the Ambassadors for Peace and they presented our True Parents with a wonderful gift.

8. In Jin Nim was delighted that even though her eldest son Preston and Krista were smack in the middle of their exams -- still they were able to get away and catch the last segment of True Parents address and were able to greet True Parents. She felt like -- it was three generations together celebrating at this event with our brothers and sisters. So it was incredibly profound -- and True Father just lit up in seeing his "little Myung." Shin Myung -- the Chinese character Myung is the same as the character Myung in Sun Myung. They call True Father the big Myung and Preston the little Myung. To see the little Myung and big Myung say hello to each other, it was a really beautiful and moving moment for In Jin Nim.

9. True Father continued on to the next destination which was Geneva. They were scheduled for two events there. In the morning, True Mother was to address the World Council of Churches. But everything is so sensitive -- the whole question of whether the World Council of Churches is going to include the Unification Church as part of its club. It's a big question for a lot of people. In the end, that event was canceled -- in that our True mother would not address the World Council of Churches, but our True Mother did send a representative -- sharing about our good work and why the council should reconsider its stance -- keeping the wonderful work of our True Parents out. If they are truly the World Council of Churches they should sponsor and support all faiths. They should support all the good work that our True Parents have done over the years -- and really allow them the honor to fully participate in the interfaith dialogue that is going to be incredibly important in creating a world of harmony and peace. But, nonetheless, Dr. Tom Walsh did an excellent job of presenting the work of our True Parents over the years.

10. And our American counter part representatives -- were the members of Sonic Cult, Joshua Cotter on key boards, Ben on vocals, and Joe on guitar -- they performed two songs. They were able to move the audience and touch their hearts so much so that several people came up afterwards and told them, "we could have listened to you all day." They responded by telling them that next time they hoped that they could listen to our True Parents all day.

11. Then they went on to our Father's address at the UN. It was incredibly profound in that here, smack in the middle of Geneva, we could have our True Parents together, their presence grace the country of Switzerland -- to convey our Heavenly Parents' message of true love and what humankind needs to do to arrive at the world of peace that we have all dreamt about.

12. As is Father's custom, he greeted everyone -- all the guests and ambassadors for peace and our True Mother. The interesting thing is that at the UN there was a three hour time limit because it was in the middle of the day and there were other ongoing programs. True Father began with incredible enthusiasm and a great smile, but of course he ad libbed after every sentence. Towards the end they realized that they were running out of time. When there were only 40 minutes left our True Mother, sitting in the front row, held up a card for our True Father -- saying, "only 40 minutes left Father." One of the Korean leaders took the card up to Father. Father took the card and said, "What? I only have 40 minutes left? True Mother why don't you come up here, come up here, you are a woman and you read so quickly and so lovely, please come up here so we can finish on time."

13. This was the first time that in the middle of Father's speech he invited our True Mother up to the stage. It was really beautiful, because there at the UN, symbolizing the unity of all nations coming together to preserve this world as a peaceful world -- we had the example of a beautiful couple united in love. A man and a woman together as the parents of all mankind -- really addressing the UN as a wonderful example of unity themselves.

14. And so our True Mother, seated next to our True Father, began reading the text. But of course our True Father was not going to just sit there -- as she was reading he would say, "do you understand what I'm meant by that? This is very important!" True Mother would pause in a lovely way, but she would still go on. In one instance our True Father became very animated -- he began to get into a whole new section of the message -- and it was really beautiful the way our True Mother grabbed his left hand, calmed him down, put his hand under the table where she held our Father's hand, firmly, and continued to read on.

15. In Jin Nim was watching them as the True Parents of mankind, but on stage they were the most beautiful, and almost cute couple. Here was our lovely True Mother giving the address in her beautiful customary fashion, and here was our True Father the symbol of masculinity and compassion wanting to convey his powerful message. Watching this duality at play, this lovely nurturing True Mother, a compassionate True Mother, and the fiery almost volcanic Father next to her, interjecting after every sentence or paragraph. And you realized that these two people have been through all different kinds of experiences, happiness, sadness, grief -- you name it and they have been through it.

16. But they looked so cute up there, In Jin Nim was thinking, "mmm." Here in America all the rage is with reality TV, but how interesting it would be to film our True Father and Mother 24-7, follow them around and capture all this interplay that takes place every day. And that moment in particular was so beautiful.

17. One of In Jin Nim's mothers' favorite movies to show the children over and over again was the Sound of Music. In Jin Nim saw it so many times she became sick of it. But there was a beautiful scene in which the family was asked to perform in front of an audience of Nazi officers and soldiers and people who were supporting them. The captain, the father figure, is terribly sad at what was happening to his country -- but because they were known as a musical family they were chosen to perform. The father came out and started singing his number, but he became so choked up, so emotional that he could barely sing. And the most beautiful part of that movie was when the character Maria slowly came up on stage in support of this man, her husband. She came up and held his hand and sang the song with him together. For In Jin Nim that moment was where she and her Kleenex box really made unity. Even to this day when she sees that moment she can't help but shed tears because it is so beautiful. Here is the strong man, the captain, realizing all the things that are taking place in his country, but still trying his best to perform, this last moment before he departs -- and he can't get through it because there's so much he wants to say, to convey, so much that he is feeling. At moments like that how incredibly beautiful that someone like his wife could graciously, quietly, come on stage and help him finish the song together. And that was exactly what took place at the UN. Here was our Father, very emotional because there's so much to say. He wants to share the breaking news with the world and he feels like he is running out of time. He is almost desperate in a sense. He is trying to put all that he is feeling, all that he knows, all that he has experienced -- within a 30 minute speech. That is a really, really difficult thing to do. And then our True Mother comes on stage so beautifully -- and even as our Father continues to interject and get excited and animated -- our True Mother's presence calms True Father down and together as a couple they finish the address. It was the most extraordinary, the most beautiful delivery of the address that In Jin Nim experienced. She believes that everyone in the audience could not help but be moved.

18. In celebration of this successful event at the UN our True Father went back to the hotel and decided that they needed to go out and have a celebratory luncheon. In Jin Nim's younger brother, who she calls Lovee, found an Indian restaurant, because our True Father never had Indian food before.

19. They went to a restaurant called Nirvana of all things. After an address like that, at the UN everyone is feeling as if they are in Nirvana. They had a lovely Indian meal. The first for our True Father. And everyone had a wonderful conversation. (In Jin Nim named several Indian dishes) True Father kept expressing, "this cuisine is so amazing. Think about all the spices that go into (what is this called? And this?) Think about all the ingredients that went into making this dish. How incredible God our Heavenly Parent is. He created spices like cumin (?) and cinnamon and pepper. Father spoke about how God probably imagined Nirvana like platters of food that they were so enjoying.

20. The incredible thing about True Parents when you really spend time with them, up close and personal, no matter where they are or what they are doing, they are always appreciating God. They're always so thankful to God for everything. That luncheon was no exception. But one of the most beautiful things about that luncheon was, after they had all their fill of the glorious Indian food -- and True Father really liked the non-bread made with wheat bread and he kept on eating it -- and he said, " True Mother is … and the children interjected, "really wonderful." And Father said "mmmm" in agreement. And closing his eyes, maybe reliving what just took place at the United Nations he said, "I will live the rest of my days complementing the beauty and virtues of True Mother."

21. Lovee and In Jin Nim who were at the table, said "mmmmmm" in agreement -- and True Father laughed. Then a Korean leader sitting at the next table said in a loud voice, "they say in Korea that when you pass the age of 60 you had better listen to your wife. Because when you pass the age of 60 you are entering no-man's land where your body starts falling apart and you are going to need help doing a lot of things. So if you're not good to your wife you're not going to be in a very good place. So we have to start being good to our wives." Then our True Mother said, "Why does it take you men 60 years to come to that realization? If you came to that conclusion a little earlier imagine how much happier your lives and our life would have been." Father then concurred, "I've got to be good to True Mother." And everyone said in agreement, "mmmmm." There was a lot of laughter in regard to this topic.

22. For In Jin Nim, as someone who has the privilege and honor to accompany our True Parents so close, and in such a personal intimate way, she realized that they are truly the living embodiment of living for the sake of others. They are the living embodiment of true love. They really are an example for us as to what living for the sake of others is really like. Because, here we have this Divine Principle that teaches us this glorious thing called true love and how incredibly powerful it is and how we have to exercise true love in our lives. But how do we actually go about practicing or applying this philosophy of serving and living for the sake of others?

23. When we look at the Good Book in Philippians 2:3-4, the Bible says, "do nothing in selfishness or conceit but in humility count others better than yourselves." It says do nothing in selfishness and conceit.

24. When In Jin Nim hears the word selfishness, it makes her chuckle to herself, because sel-fish, these two syllables, the first syllable "sel," sounds like salt in French. And the second syllable fish meaning fish. In her mind selfish means that they are being like a salty fish. What does she mean by that? If you have ever come across dried fish because you want to prepare some Korean or Japanese cuisine -- you notice a couple of things about it. Dry fish is awfully smelly and you realize that there is very little moisture because it is dried up. And you realize that this dried fish is something that is preserved -- in a way it is petrified. It is not growing anymore, nor is it moving (thank God). When you have in your hand this thing, the dried fish and it is smelly and it is all dried up and it is preserved so it is not growing -- it is great when it is an ingredient that you will utilize in a fantastic dish. But if you use that same description on a person it is not a very nice thing -- to say to a person -- "you are smelly like a dried fish, you are dried up like a dried fish, you are petrified or not growing like a dried fish."

25. The thing is, when we become self absorbed, when we become a selfish person or live a selfish like existence -- that is exactly what we become. We are smelly in that we are no longer emitting this fragrance of true love. But this foul odor that, once you smell, you know it's not good. When you open up a can of cottage cheese and you smell it and it smells foul you know it's not good, is not edible, and it should be tossed out. Likewise when we become a selfish person and only think selfishly and live a selfish like existence that person is foul-smelling -- and you know it is not going to be a palatable experience. It's not going to be a wonderful or a satisfying experience.

26. When you come across a selfish person, because a selfish person is so centered on themselves, only thinking about themselves -- there is no sense of being filled with the truth of God, filled with the water of life. The water of life and love and lineage is severely lacking. The absence of this something, like the water that replenishes the soul, that nourishes and empowers the soul, does not exist in a selfish person, because that selfish person is living a dried up existence.

27. When you come across a selfish person, there is a sense that this person is stuck in his or her world, whatever it might be. And because they are so consumed with themselves and nothing else -- there is no desire to grow or want to become better, "because me, myself, and I are the greatest thing since sliced bread."

28. When you listen to Philippians and it says do nothing in selfishness or conceit, God is saying don't live a life like a salted fish that we're talking about. When you are selfish and when you are conceited -- when a person lives a life of conceit -- to In Jin Nim the word conceit -- "con" in romantic languages means "with" so it sounds like, "with seat." You are constantly thinking about where you are sitting in terms of your position. You think you are always seated higher than everyone else because you are so much better. You don't realize that no matter how high you might be you are still sitting on your butt.

29. When you are preoccupied with where you are sitting, it is almost like you are carrying a chair, constantly attached to your butt wherever you go. That chair or seat might represent your being a fantastic lawyer or a fantastic doctor, or speaker, or singer. But without it, you are almost nothing. Your reliance, on a crutch, or a position, on a seat -- is what defines you, not realizing that what defines us is our relationship with our Heavenly Parent. And what defines us, is in knowing that we are the divine sons and daughters of God.

30. The Bible in Philippians is telling us, do nothing with selfishness and conceit, but in humility -- and it uses the word count -- count others better than yourselves. It did not say, think of others better than yourselves, it did not say pray for others better than yourselves -- its said count.

31. Many times what selfish people do, or many times when we find ourselves going through the phase of selfishness -- we are always counting what do I have and what do I not have. But what the Bible is saying is count how others are better than you. It is asking us to be actively articulating the virtues and the glories and the successes of others. Count the glories and successes of others and be happy for them -- before we think about our own.

32. Philippians goes on to say, let us not be so preoccupied about our own interests, but think about how we can live our lives in the interests of others, thinking about the interests of others. When you look at this passage, what the Bible is reminding all of us is -- to keep a couple of things in mind. It is asking us not to be self-centered. Self centered in that we see ourselves, or the individual, as the king of the world. "We are the most important thing. We are above everything including God." When we are self-centered we forget to be centered on God, we forget to be centered on True Parents, and we forget to be centered on humanity, our fellow beings, the others who we need to be counting the praises of -- and not ourselves.

33. It is also asking us not to be self interested, in that we are only thinking about the benefit of myself. When the band sang earlier, "more than meets the eye" -- our True Parents are examples of two people who are something more than what meets the eye. To us they are our True Parents, a beautiful man and a woman -- sometimes almost too cute. They are this beautiful man and woman, but they are more than that. They are more than what meets the eye, in that they are not just a man and a woman. Together they represent True Parents, the True Parents of all mankind. Our True Father is the Messiah, the Lord of the Second Advent who we have been waiting for. And beside him we are so privileged to experience his beautiful bride who is now in the position of the True Mother.

34. They symbolize for us the beautiful harmony of the masculine and the feminine, the yin and the yang. These are the two half spheres coming together. It is almost like the two hemispheres of the brain working together -- the brain becomes like the True Parents for all of us. They work so beautifully together. Not being self interested but really living for each other, the husband living for the sake of the wife and the wife living for the sake of the husband -- together as the True Parents living for the sake of God, living for the sake of humanity, their children. They symbolize all that we need to be. They embody what an unselfish existence is all about.

35. When Philippians reminds us, don't be self interested -- really be interested in others more than ourselves, it is reminding us to be like True Parents -- not always thinking about what we can benefit from a particular situation or relationship, but what we can do for the other.

36. Another point that Philippians is asking us to think about -- is not to be selfishly motivated. When you truly live a life of unselfishness you are not constantly thinking about what am I going to get if I complete this action or this homework or this assignment. Am I only being good because I will be rewarded in the end? Do I want to be good if there is no reward? Why should I be good -- not expecting anything?

37. We should all be good, not expecting, not demanding a reward in the end for a job well done. Because, what our True Parents, our Heavenly Parent, is hoping we can be is that man and a woman, that really symbolize what living for the sake of others is all about. In a way, we are not good because we have to be, because we want that reward, because we want that praise, but we are good because we simply are.

38. That is where our True Parents would want us to be, and that is what our Heavenly Father and Mother is waiting for us to be. They want us to be the kind of children who do not rely on them, just because they are going to reward us for a life well lived, but they want us to be the kind of children who voluntarily decide to live a good life and to really honor our God and our True Parents, simply because we are. And simply because we know we are good people.

39. They want us to embody all the good characters of all the good virtues that make up a decent human being. They want us to grow up, not being children forever, but being the kind of young adults who have turned these habits that our parents initially made us practice by saying "you do your homework -- you get your cookie. Do the good deed for the day, take out the garbage, and you will get your $.50." Instead of these being the end goals of our lives forever, what our Heavenly Parent is waiting for us to do is to really grow up and say, "I want to take the garbage out for my parents because I love them. I don't care whether I get $.50 or not. I'm not doing it for the money. I want to love my spouse. I want to take care of my children. Just because I want to. And not because I will receive a reward in the future, but you do simply because you do. You love simply because we love.

40. When In Jin Nim reads the passage in Philippians and thinks about the example and the model of our True Father and Mother, she realizes -- when they are together they are always supporting each other. Father is counting the ways as to why our True Mother is wonderful and our True Mother is counting the ways as to why our True Father is wonderful.

41. That reminds In Jin Nim of her experience in London when a sister came up to her and grabbed her and asked to have a word with her. In Jin Nim said yes, absolutely. (In Jin Nim doesn't know why, but when people grab her they usually want to tell her their whole life history in 10 minutes.) Basically, this sister told In Jin Nim -- since In Jin Nim works in the entertainment industry she wanted her guidance. She told In Jin Nim that her husband was very talented and that he attracted a lot of attention and therefore she could never trust her husband. She could never trust that he was doing good. She felt like she had to be a police officer over him, monitoring his e-mails, his phone calls, his clothing and pockets to see if there were phone numbers there or lipstick on his collar. She told In Jin Nim that she was going crazy. In Jin Nim looked at her and told her -- "when you are going through your feelings how is that feeling expressed in your relationship?" She said she did not know, she only knew how she felt -- and he made her feel incredibly insecure.

42. Then In Jin Nim asked her "Are you not a divine daughter of God, just as he is a divine son of God? Why are you saying that he makes you feel insecure? It really doesn't matter what the other person is doing. If you are secure in your relationship with God and in your understanding of who you are -- it should not affect what you do as a person." And In Jin Nim said, "Tell me a little bit about your husband." She explained to her, "he is very attractive, lots of woman follow him around, I can never trust him when he is with a woman." And In Jin Nim asked her, "Has he done anything to make you think that you cannot deserve his trust?" She answered, "no, no, it is just that he is very social and I can never trust him, and it makes me upset." And In Jin Nim said, "I don't know if you have noticed, but more than half of the world is populated by the opposite sex. If your husband has a job in the outside world he is bound to bump into some people who are not the same sex as he is. And if you are forever being so insecure and so angry that he is living in the world -- and you take it out on your husband, you are going to end up chasing him away. Do you realize that?" And she answered, "yes, I have already -- and I would like to get him back." In Jin Nim said "okay, this is hard to talk about in 10 minutes."

43. What In Jin Nim got from this woman was that she was so afraid about him leaving -- out of her insecurity she was doing everything to ensure that he would leave and to ensure that she herself chases him away. In Jin Nim told her, "If you really want your husband to come back to you, you need to work on yourself. You really need to understand where your fears and your insecurities come from. If you cannot be with this person without these feelings or these expressions flaming out of control, perhaps this is not the best relationship for you -- and you need to take a real hard look at it -- face reality in the face and figure out how the two of you are going to do together." Then she said to In Jin Nim, "you are supposed to be the senior pastor. You're supposed to fix all my problems." In Jin Nim answered, "No dear sister, I can only advise you of the things that you can think about doing, but I cannot fix your problem. Only you can fix your problem."

44. When In Jin Nim thought about this sister, she saw in a very short amount of time how desperate she was -- this sister had no idea how incredibly monstrous she became in that split second. Even though In Jin Nim does not know the exact situation that has been going on in her marriage or the things that they have gone through -- in her demeanor and the way she presented the picture and articulating all the things about her husband -- basically that she does nothing wrong and everything is his fault and his problem -- this person probably needs to do a whole lot more analysis of being honest with herself before she can even think about working things out as a couple.

45. In Jin Nim realized that she was so consumed with "me, myself, and I." When the band sang about -- we have to be something more than meets the eye, in a way all of us in the Unification Movement, as that divine son and daughter of God -- understanding who we are because our True Parents have shared the breaking news, we realize that we are more than what meets the eye. In Jin Nim realized that this sister, what she was dealing with, was not realizing that she was much more than what meets the eye.

46. Maybe God put a not so attractive lady together with an attractive man, but so what? Outside attraction has really nothing to do with what you are on the inside. In Jin Nim has often noted that, in having met a lot of beautiful men and woman over the course of her life -- sometimes you meet extraordinarily beautiful woman for the first time, and you think "oh my God how beautiful. What a magnificent work of art, a piece of work" but when you get to know that person, sometimes the most beautiful person becomes incredibly ugly very quickly -- when you realize that persons inside is not good, when you realize that person is not beautiful on the inside -- their character, their habits, the way they treat people, if it is not beautiful -- what you initially thought was incredibly beautiful becomes ugly very very quickly.

47. In Jin Nim has met a lot of people who perhaps the world might not recognize as attractive, but because they are so beautiful on the inside, every time you meet them they become more and more beautiful -- because the inner spirit that exists in that person, the more we get to know them, shines brightly and it overtakes what the external form is.

48. This sister, not realizing that we are more than our external form -- in a way we are more than what meets the eye because we are spiritual beings as well. We all have a spirit body and the reason why we have to practice living for the sake of others is that by doing so -- it is almost like putting gasoline into a car. Living for the sake of others is the secret ingredient that makes the spirit body grow, that makes the spirit shine. So the more we concentrate on the others, the more we discipline ourselves to think about the others, to do work for the others -- the more our spirit body grows together with us. So not only are we beautiful on the outside, but we are also beautiful on the inside.

49. Many times our True Father, having matched thousands and thousands of couples all around the world -- takes very unlikely candidates and throws them together. And if we cannot get past the external form, or the accomplishments, or the superficiality that all of us wear in our daily lives, and not concentrate on the internal -- then all these spheres and all these insecurities can run out of control. But when we can realize that we are all divine beings -- that yes there is a physical body but we also have a spiritual body that grows together with us.

50. What our True Parents have come to do is to really raise a generation of beautiful young men and women who are beautiful young adults, not just in their physical form but also in their spirit form as well. When they asked us to practice the virtue of true love they are basically saying, "Look around the world, there are lots of young adults all around the world -- their body is fully formed, but their spirit body is still like a child." So here we have adults who are going to the Blessing, whose spirit body is still like a baby -- so there's still a whole lot of work in dealing with another person as they try to come together and build the family.

51. For instance, this sister was a young adult -- but her spirit body was like a two-year-old child -- me, myself, and I, satisfy myself, do this for me, make me feel secure, take my fears away, fix my problems -- her spirit body, her internal form, was like a child.

52. We as parents, who want to nurture our children to be that great man and woman of God -- it is not just our job to raise children and take care of them and feed them externally so that they become superb external forms -- manifestations of the human body. But it is also our duty to nourish and empower the spirit body as well so that their internal form matches their external form. And that is what our True Parents have come to teach us. And that, in a way, they have given to us as a symbol of what we can aspire to -- not just knowing the Divine Principle, not just learning about the truth, but really experiencing the truth through our True Parents -- experiencing the love through our True Parents -- what it feels to be a child of our True Parents. And also what it feels to be a parent to our own children through the Blessing that our True Parents bring to all of us.

53. In this sense our True Parents are the living examples who encapsulate for us what the philosophy of living for the sake of others is all about.

54. In realizing the true meaning of Philippians -- in that it teaches don't be self-centered, the individual is not the king, we always need to be thinking about others, God, our True Parents, and humanity. Don't be self interested in thinking that all benefit should only come "to me" like a teenager run amok.

55. We need to start realizing that we need each other. Just as when we want to make a fabulous meal we can't do it without the ingredients that have come from all over the world. One of In Jin Nim favorite dishes is paella. In order to put that dish together you need a great source of rice, you need great ingredients if you are going to make seafood or lobster paella -- you need a good lobster (she likes her lobster from Maine). But the most important ingredient in that dish is saffron. That is what gives it its golden color and its unique taste. And that is what aides in the whole experience of this grand dish -- and that comes from far far away.

56. Think about the people who prepare the saffron -- knowing that we are connected as humanity, if they do their best to produce the finest saffron -- somewhere, sometime around the world a family is going to enjoy their beautiful paella they prepared for their family -- and thereby the person who supplied, and prepared, and sold the saffron -- is partaking in the family meal that might take place, not just in Spain, but perhaps in the small city of Seoul Korea. Then you realize how we can't really be, "an independent island unto ourselves" we need each other. We are all interconnected and therefore we cannot think about self interests all the time. We need to be thinking about something more, something bigger than that.

57. And the Bible also teaches -- don't be living a life that is selfishly motivated all the time. Do good things just because. Not because someone asked you to, not because there is a chocolate bar waiting for you when the job is done, not because people are going to sing your praises, but just because you want to be a good person.

58. When we do think about these things, and we do take the time to work on ourselves, we realize what the Bible meant when it says in 1 John -- we love because he loved us first, we exist because God had a desire to love -- He wanted to love his children. We exist because God loved us first.

59. So what should we do with our lives? We should love each other. We should honor each other. We should count the great things of others, singing the praises of others, and articulate wonderful things to each other -- in knowing that we truly belong to one family and that we need each other to work, to bring about this glorious world of peace that we are talking about.

60. "Brothers and sisters let's think about not living a selfish existence, but truly following in the example of our True Parents. Aspire to be the kind of a man and a woman that embodies what true love is all about and apply and practicing that in our daily lives -- in really making real the philosophy of living for the sake of others."

61. "God Bless and have a wonderful week"


Philippians, chapter 2

1: So if there is any encouragement in Christ, any incentive of love, any participation in the Spirit, any affection and sympathy,

2: complete my joy by being of the same mind, having the same love, being in full accord and of one mind.

3: Do nothing from selfishness or conceit, but in humility count others better than yourselves.

4: Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.

5: Have this mind among yourselves, which is yours in Christ Jesus,

6: who, though he was in the form of God, did not count equality with God a thing to be grasped,

7: but emptied himself, taking the form of a servant, being born in the likeness of men.

8: And being found in human form he humbled himself and became obedient unto death, even death on a cross.

9: Therefore God has highly exalted him and bestowed on him the name which is above every name,

10: that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth,

11: and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

12: Therefore, my beloved, as you have always obeyed, so now, not only as in my presence but much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling;

13: for God is at work in you, both to will and to work for his good pleasure.

14: Do all things without grumbling or questioning,

15: that you may be blameless and innocent, children of God without blemish in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation, among whom you shine as lights in the world,

16: holding fast the word of life, so that in the day of Christ I may be proud that I did not run in vain or labor in vain.

17: Even if I am to be poured as a libation upon the sacrificial offering of your faith, I am glad and rejoice with you all.

18: Likewise you also should be glad and rejoice with me.

19: I hope in the Lord Jesus to send Timothy to you soon, so that I may be cheered by news of you.

20: I have no one like him, who will be genuinely anxious for your welfare.

21: They all look after their own interests, not those of Jesus Christ.

22: But Timothy's worth you know, how as a son with a father he has served with me in the gospel.

23: I hope therefore to send him just as soon as I see how it will go with me;

24: and I trust in the Lord that shortly I myself shall come also.

25: I have thought it necessary to send to you Epaphrodi'tus my brother and fellow worker and fellow soldier, and your messenger and minister to my need,

26: for he has been longing for you all, and has been distressed because you heard that he was ill.

27: Indeed he was ill, near to death. But God had mercy on him, and not only on him but on me also, lest I should have sorrow upon sorrow.

28: I am the more eager to send him, therefore, that you may rejoice at seeing him again, and that I may be less anxious.

29: So receive him in the Lord with all joy; and honor such men,

30: for he nearly died for the work of Christ, risking his life to complete your service to me.  

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