The Words of In Jin Moon from 2011

Sermon Notes, April 24, 2011

In Jin Moon

In Jin Moon with family and friends in Oslo Norway, May 2011

1) In Jin Nim greeted everyone "Happy Easter!" She just got back from Las Vegas after spending time with our True Parents (True Parents) there -- they send us their greetings. She is delighted to be able to spend the third Easter of Lovin' Life Ministries with us.

2) It's been an interesting ride with many meaningful and profound experiences along the way. She was reminded this morning that -- one of the things she misses in being a home-schooling granola crunching mom, before she was asked to come and work at HSA -- was making and painting beautiful Easter eggs in preparation for the treasure hunt that they would have at their home. She remembers spending a good deal of time with her children painting all the eggs with vibrant colors, checking to see who had the most beautiful egg. They had pictures of Faberge eggs to inspire them -- gorgeous eggs that were intricately and elaborately designed. You could actually open them up. To the delight of her kids, many times inside of those eggs that they had, they had little figurines -- a ballerina or a sailing ship that would go around as you turned the screw on the bottom of the egg. She remembers spending endless hours watching these figurines twirl inside of the eggs.

3) This made In Jin Nim think about her father and one of her first trips to Philadelphia together with True Parents. They took her older sister, Ye Jin Nim, and her to visit the Liberty Bell. She remembers going on this tour talking about the Philadelphia convention and the Liberty Bell and all that they symbolized for America. She remembers holding her mother's hand as they took this tour. The tour was engaging, she saw many historical artifacts, but her mind was on the souvenir shop that they would pass through on the way out. She remembers, she could not wait to get her hands on a souvenir.

4) One of the souvenirs her parents picked out for her was a beautiful sailing boat incased inside a tiny little bottle. It had a sailing ship inside of it. When her father bought it for her he said, "In Jin, now you have come to this great God prepared country of America and you'll experience lots of different things -- adventures, joys, heart ache -- in a way, you will be riding on this ship, this journey, for some time." He reminded her to always keep her eyes on the North Star and to let her sails fill with God's love, God's grace, and with true love -- and sail brilliantly, run brilliantly, go where people do not dare to go, be brave to explore and experience.

5) When her father gave her this little ship inside this little bottle -- for her it was the most precious gift because she and her father had spent many summers together on the boat. The boat symbolized her love for her father -- but it was encased in this brilliant bottle -- it was a promise of everything that would open up in her life, the promise of the potential of what her life could become.

6) Just as the ship symbolized her future and all the potential that she would hope to reap and harvest in her life of faith in this great country of America -- she knows that the Easter egg for many symbolizes life and all the potential that life has to afford to one person or another.

7) When In Jin Nim thinks about what the meaning of Easter is, and she thinks -- here we are, truly celebrating the symbol of the Christian faith which is the resurrection of Jesus Christ. In one sense, you cannot have resurrection without the death of Jesus Christ. We realize when we think back that this day is a day when life and death, and joys and sorrows, and potentials and something cut short, are intertwined in this meaningful day when we really need to ponder what it means for us. What does Easter mean for us?

8) When In Jin Nim prayed about starting this Lovin Life Ministries a couple of years ago -- she wanted a name for the ministry that symbolizes what we are all about, the meaning of our life, or what we need to substantiate, to accomplish. In her prayers the name Lovin Life came to her. For her it meant quite a few different things.

9) In Jin Nim has often wondered in the course of Lovin Life's unfolding over the last two years -- whether different brothers and sisters would get it -- get what the meaning of Love and Life is all about. And, she was so elated, that before celebrating the third Easter together with the congregation as a family -- she received an e-mail from an African-American brother who she has known for quite some time. He said, "Today I was reading True Family Gateway to Heaven -- and I came across chapter 3, a chapter on what our course, centered on love, should be like." True Father starts this chapter with the question, what comes first, love or life?. And he goes on to answer by saying that love comes first and then comes life. Therefore, the second should humbly surrender to the first. Meaning, life should humbly surrender to love, because love is the reason why we came to be.

10) True Father goes on in the chapter to explain that we exist because of God's desire to love. We did not choose to be born and we certainly did not choose our parents, and our parents certainly did not choose us, but we exist because of God's desire to love. We exist because of God's love.

11) In a way, True Father outlines very clearly for us that the highest aspirations of any eternal son or daughter of God is to do a couple of things. He says that it is the highest aspiration of a person to be born in love, to be raised in love, to live by love, and to leave love behind.

12) If we are to understand what we need to do -- that is our mission statement in a nutshell. We are to be born in love, raised in love, live by love, and we are to leave love behind. This was God's intention when he first created Adam and Eve, but because of the Fall Adam and Eve fell away from God. They never had a chance to be raised in love or live by love or to leave love behind, because they never had a chance to get the blessing to be married and to have a family of their own.

13) We had to wait 2000 years (from Abraham) for Jesus, the Son of Man to arrive. If you really think about it, it's quite incredible, Jesus Christ, the son of God -- what was his primary mission? A lot of people, Christians, think that Jesus came to set the Christian model, to set an understanding of the Trinity, to establish the 12 disciples who would spread the good news all around the world. But the primary reason for Jesus' coming was not to do these things. His primary reason for coming was to become the True Parents of humankind, to establish this position where he could stand as the perfected Adam together with his perfected Eve. If we really think about it Jesus' primary mission was to love a woman. He comes to find a bride, to find that beautiful wife. He comes to love a woman that is to be his wife with whom he can stand together as the True Parents of mankind.

14) If that is not an incredibly romantic thing, In Jin Nim does not know what is. Jesus comes to love. He comes to find this beautiful wife. He comes to raise a beautiful family. He comes to raise beautiful children that will be the symbol of his love and that will continue his love throughout all the generations -- helping to graft this whole world to God's true lineage.

15) But, because the Israelites could not unite with him -- and because the providential figure John the Baptist could not fulfill his responsibility in being that Elijah-like figure making straight the way of the Lord, Jesus went the way of crucifixion and he died an incredibly lonely death. Not only were his disciples not there to really fight for his life, but all of his people who were meant to glorify him as a son of God and as the True Parents, to help save them and graft them into God's true lineage -- were not there for Jesus Christ.

16) And so Jesus left unfulfilled -- with his story cut short. And therefore the history of Christianity has been one of incredible suffering, pain, and longing and incessant wanting -- because Jesus never got to finish the complete movie, or complete the picture of what he was supposed to be.

17) As he [hung] there, nailed to the cross, dying from his lungs being pressed against his chest bone cavity, he must have felt like watching a beautiful sailboat arrive far away in the distance without him being on it. He must have felt there is a beautiful sailing boat that symbolized his life's potential -- all the glorious things that he came to do, the journey that he would take in finding that beautiful wife, in being the True Parents of mankind, in establishing and substantiating an ideal family and raising beautiful children that he could call his own. All of that must have seemed like a sailboat drifting far off into the distance.

18) The heart of Jesus Christ must have been incredibly heavy, incredibly painful. And so, that heart has traveled with the history of religion for many, many years. And instead of realizing that Jesus really came to love life, that he came to love and he came to live his life, and he came to establish God's lineage on this earth -- instead of those things, he must have wept with a grief stricken heart watching this potential of what he should have been, his mission, drifting slowly away off into the distance -- realizing that he must come again.

19) Had Jesus been able to sail gloriously as the Son of God and have that opportunity to find that beautiful wife and stand as the True Parents of mankind -- Jesus Christ would have done the very thing that our True Parents are so famous for. They would have been blessed in holy matrimony and then they would have started to bless other brothers and sisters, encouraging them with the good news -- to experience not just true love and true life, but to actually substantially be a part of God's lineage. Jesus would have done what our True Parents are doing now. And, instead of an unfulfilled picture, instead of understanding Jesus in relation to God as one of the three God heads of the Trinity in which the feminine is not represented, and the only thing that symbolizes the feminine is the Holy Spirit, because Jesus never had the chance to take on a bride. Had Jesus married and been blessed and stood as the True Parents of mankind, the Trinity would have been complete as the four position foundation.

20) The suffering and lonely existence was a paradigm of Christian piety for so many years -- in a way, if you love Jesus you could not marry. All the nuns and all the priests of the world that gave up the very thing that all of us were born to partake of were denied them. They denied themselves. But it Jesus had had the opportunity to have his bride, then all the nuns and priests would have had families of their own. They would have realized that the fulfillment, the culmination, the highest aspiration in life is to experience this thing called an ideal family in the form of the Four Position Foundation -- with God at the top and man and woman on both sides horizontally -- truly honoring and loving and revering and appreciating each other. Not man being better and woman being less. Not man being superior and woman being inferior. But, man and woman as dignified sons and daughters of God, would have come together in matrimony and they would have had the chance to have beautiful children thereby creating this diamond like Four Position Foundation. In that way the picture would have been complete.

21) But because Jesus did not have that opportunity we had to wait 2000 more years before we could welcome our True Father -- when Father witnessed and experienced Jesus Christ on the lonely hills of North Korea when he was 16 years old -- and Jesus asked him, "Dear child please, please fulfill my mission."

22) At that time our True Father was a devout Christian. He would pray endless amounts of hours wanting to understand the heart of God, the meaning of what his life was, and how he could be a true, pious Christian. But on that Easter Sunday morning Jesus called upon this young boy and asked him to take on the mission of fulfilling what Jesus could not do. Father, from that moment on, took it to heart and realized that his first and most important mission is to find this beautiful wife -- to find this woman who can stand in the position as this victorious Eve, the perfect Eve with whom he can together stand in the position of True Parents and with the blessing of God's grace start to ask all the people all around the world to come together and graft onto this lineage of God and thereby become one family.

23) Our True Father comes to love and our True Mother comes to love. Can you imagine, look at all the ills of our world, the things that we deal with. If you go back and look at what caused all these, for example criminals, to become the kind of people that they have become -- many come from broken homes, many come from homes where they were physically, sexually, and emotionally, and verbally abused. Many of them were not born in the best situations. They were not raised in love. Many of them were neglected, ignored, abused -- they were not raised in love.

24) When you look at these criminals who suffer the consequences of their actions, sitting on death row or in prisons all around the country, you realize that they did not live by love. They did not understand the beauty of living for the sake of others. They did not understand the beauty of living by practicing true love in their lives -- thinking about others before themselves, because they were not born or raised in a proper way. They did not know how to live in a proper way. Many of these people do not know how to leave love behind -- and instead of leaving something precious that will grow into something incredible -- eternal sons and daughters of God, many of them continue the cycle of welcoming kids into the world who are not in the best of situations or environment for the child to be raised in -- and so on and so forth.

25) A lot of the ills of society came because we were not able to establish what we call an ideal family. We were not able to understand what a true husband and wife relationship is all about, what a true relationship between the parent and child should be like, or what the true relationship amongst siblings should be like. We did not understand these things because we did not have a model or paradigm of true love that we could look up to, that we could aspire to.

26) But the great thing about our True Parents is that we have that in the form of our True Father and True Mother. These two people are truly the Alpha and the Omega, they represent the masculine and feminine, the beauty of the masculine and the feminine, and we see them together as a loving couple who have gone through incredible odds, who have suffered through incredible trials and tribulations and yet still continue to love and to give and to encourage all of us to do the same. It is a most miraculous thing.

27) To think that we of all people in history have been afforded this opportunity to really experience them in the flesh, not experience them through stories or books or videos, but to experience them in the flesh. That is like having a taste of what it would have been like to experience Jesus Christ 2000 years ago. What would we do if Jesus Christ started walking down the aisle and sat next to us? What would we do if his supposed bride walked down the aisle with him and sat down beside us? What would we do if they started talking about all that we were meant to be, about all the personal destinies that they would like to see us fulfill? What would we do if they were to impart beautiful words on our children, on how we should take care of them, or inspire them, or nurture them -- how would we feel? How would the Christians of the world feel if they could experience God like that? If people are paying tens of millions of dollars just to experience space -- to ride a rocket shuttle out and back -- what would people give for the opportunity to spend a day with Jesus Christ? It would be something that money cannot buy.

28) But this is exactly what we have been afforded an opportunity to experience. We are experiencing now what all of history has been waiting for and what all the future generations will be talking about. They will be experiencing True Parents through books and through stories and through videos and recordings, but we have the chance to experience them in the flesh. So can you imagine how incredibly blessed we are?

29) But, on top of that, we have the chance to do something that Jesus himself was not able to do. We have the chance to find that beautiful spouse to whom we can be committed to, with whom we can look forward to building a beautiful family with. We have the opportunity to experience something that the son of God, Jesus Christ himself, did not have the chance to do. So how incredibly blessed we really are if we can think and look at our lives in the context of providential history. Many times when we are dealing with the perfunctory responsibility of day-to-day living, the grocery bills, the utility bills, getting the children off to school, getting the laundry and ironing done -- making sure your husband has pressed shirts to wear in the morning -- many times we don't realize how incredible our life is when we take a step back and look at our lives from a birds eye view point. We don't realize that we are actively experiencing and participating in history making that Jesus Christ himself did not have a chance to do.

30) If we truly love Jesus, as the great Christians that we all are, if we truly love Jesus Christ, and truly understand his sacrifice and his suffering -- knowing that it was not supposed to be, but that Jesus was supposed to be that egg, the symbol of the egg realized, or he was supposed to be the one captaining this beautiful sail ship into the glorious future of mankind -- if we realize that that is what Jesus was supposed to have been, but did not have the chance to do -- and now here we are fast forward 2000 years and because of our True Parents we have the chance to ride that glorious sailing ship together with God, our Heavenly Parent, our True Parents -- together with our children, with our families, and the movement, and share in the breaking news of what an incredible time this is -- we are incredibly blessed.

31) And to think that we have a chance to make right the history of religion, to make right the true understanding of what the relationship of a man and woman should be in an active life of faith -- to understand that we have infinite divinity and worth and dignity as human beings. And just as when we become parents ourselves, we want to experience the love of his son as much as we want to experience the love of a daughter, realizing that God wants the same. Do we not realize how incredibly blessed we really are?

32) As much as In Jin Nim misses her home schooling days, together with her sons and her daughter, painting these glorious eggs, thinking about all that the eggs symbolize -- and each child crafting and fashioning these eggs into beautiful works of art, each of them a symbol of all that they will be, the symbol of their potential yet to be realized. Each of them holding it so cautiously in their hands, painstakingly taking the paintbrush and putting on the glorious colors and the final touches of metallic gilding at the end. All that patience and sacrifice, creating something beautiful -- all of us have this potential. All of us as divine creatures are born with this incredible potential and it is our job to manifest or substantiate it in our lives. Just as In Jin Nim prays for each child to really take that potential, that God-given potential, and hope that she as a mother can do her part -- supporting their personal destinies, it is exactly what she is hoping for all the brothers and sisters that she has come to know as the senior pastor of Lovin' Life. We have talked about this in the context of the family, but here at Lovin' Life we have an opportunity to share it on a whole new, and on a larger and grander scale, the same kind of message of encouragement, of nurturing, of wanting to care for each and every child of God so that you can truly manifest all that you were meant to be, and share your beauty with the rest of the world.

33) Here at Lovin' Life Ministries, Lovin comes before the word Life. We have to love to truly come into being -- in understanding what our life is all about. Our life is not about us, if you really think about it. "My life is not about me." What In Jin Nim does every Sunday is not anything that she does, what In Jin Nim is about, it's more what can she do. Can she be a catalyst for the people who want to be better -- for the people to try harder, and to look again at what you have taken for granted and realize that what you have is incredibly precious? Our lives are not about "me", it's really about us. It's about what we can do to help each other, because the world of peace, of true love, this glorious picture -- what is it going to look like? Is it going to look yellow? Is the tapestry going to look black? Is the tapestry going to look green or blue? It's going to have all different colors, different textures, but when we weave them together utilizing the power and energy of true love we realize that our differences only enhance the depth and beauty and richness of the tapestry. As long as we are willing to come together to formulate a common vision, a common purpose, a common picture -- we realize as long as we're willing to lock hands, to lock our hearts together, we can build an incredibly huge and profound, powerful tapestry that can inspire the world and all of us in the process.

34) If you really think about it, in loving each other we realize the value of our lives, that our lives are not meant for me, myself, and I, but is really a platform to practice this philosophy of living for the sake of others. If we do that, if we truly love life, then what we end up doing is wanting to build these beautiful ideal families. In a way to give birth to the future, give birth to beautiful children who understand themselves as having come into existence because of God's desire and therefore understand that they are divine beings and that life has a purpose, that we were meant to be born in love, to be born in a family where a mommy and a daddy so desires this child and prepares for the child, heartistically, emotionally and physically, and when the child is born to be raised in love, to really be in a family where love is practiced. So you are not being raised in a family where you are being fed on by the people who are supposed to be taking care of you, but you are actually nurtured and protected and you are safe in love, you are comforted in love, and yet at the same time encouraged by constructive criticism to be the best that you can be, to be encouraged to live by love, understanding who you are and therefore practicing living for the sake of others. And then hopefully find this beautiful spouse with whom you can create a loving family and give birth to children who can be the symbols of your love for years to come.

35) When we look and re-read all these glorious books, children's books, Indiana Jones searching for the holy Grail, searching for that elixir that will give you immortality, in a way human beings have been crazy over the centuries looking for that elixir of life that will be the cure-all for everything, the liquid that will make you immortal. But what God is saying is, God has placed everything within your hands, God has provided everything. In a way, you will be immortal through your children. Your love will be immortal through your children and through the successive generations that will come.

36) The prize, if you think about it, is how to create the kind of environment where we can raise these kids to be those divine sons and daughters without all the static in the air. How do we get rid of the static in the air? Father always says you have to go back to the source. Regardless of what you are dealing with if you have talked or spent time with a psychotherapist with a counselor or a psychiatrist or psychologist -- you realize that a lot of the things we are dealing with, the symptoms of adulthood of life that we are suffering the consequences of -- actually started or took place when we were children. What we experience as children pretty much determines the kind of person that we are going to be. This is why the Messiah, the True Parents of the world, come to stress the importance of the cause of the problem. They come to address -- how to fix the cause of a lot of the problems that came to exist in our society. And the root of all the problems usually start in the family, where the child is born. So they come to help us build strong ideal families, families that can be safe, that can be inviting, inspiring and empowering to great future generations to come.

37) In Jin Nim always felt that, regardless of what she does, the most important thing that she can do as a mom is to raise decent kids. When Father and Mother asked her to come to HSA, she has had to deal with different things from a professional point of view and from an individual point of view -- in tackling and taking on the burdens that are thrown at her every day. But she could not have done what she has done if she did not have the support of her children. So, as difficult as it is for them to lose their mother overnight, she barely sees them, just on weekends, but they continue to do their best because they believe in the work that we are doing. And as difficult as it is for them to not have their mother there, they know that their mother can do more for other people who need a lot of encouragement, a little more inspiration.

38) When In Jin Nim thinks about the meaning of Easter and how Jesus came to love life, and what our True Parents are asking all of us to do is to really love and appreciate our lives and understand how incredibly blessed we really are -- she realized to her bones how blessed she truly is, because she has these great five munchkins. (with tears In Jin Nim asked her children to stand and be recognized).

39) It really has been a family effort. They have laughed with her, cried with her, and she wishes that she could be there for them all. One of the most difficult things about doing what she does is being away from them, but knowing that they are in God's hands, and knowing that they are also in our hands and that they receive so much love in so many prayers -- she realizes how incredibly blessed they really are. Even though they are still on their journey to becoming that great son and a daughter of God -- and even though she may not be with them as much as she would like to be at different phases of their growth -- come high or low they know that she will always be there for them. And In Jin Nim thinks that the Ministry and the different members of the congregation need to know that our True Parents will always be there for all of us -- they live for us, they breathe for us, they pray for us, and a die for us, each and every day.

40) As much as True Parents love In Jin Nim's family they love us more. Her brothers and her work in public roles -- and they joke to themselves, the first thing that True Parents ask when they greet them is, "How are the members?" It's never, "How are you doing daughter?" It's, "How are the members, how are the 2nd generation, how is America?" And In Jin Nim realizes that she needs to learn from that. She needs to learn the sacrificial heart, and the heartistic attitude that our True Parents have for their children.

41) In Jin Nim is a work in progress too, and the fact that you've been so kind and so good, going on this journey together with her and along with everyone who works at the Lovin' Life Ministries -- she and they are truly, truly grateful.

42) She realizes that just as her father reminded her, of the incredible journey she would take when he bought her the sailing ship in the bottle many, many years ago -- she realized that everything that our True Father wished for her is exactly what he wishes for all of us. He wishes all of us incredible love, incredible grace on our journey through life. And what Father and Mother would like us to know is that they are always there with us, they are the wind in our sails, and as long as we can maintain our direction and our attention on the North Star which is our God, our Heavenly Parent, and our True Parents -- then the journey that we take with them will be an incredible, incredible experience.

43) Yes there will be highs and lows, but what is music without pianissimo and fortissimo, what is music without legato and staccato, what is music without loud and quiet or fast and rest. In a way, our lives are a beautiful song and your responsibility in life is to make your song memorable so that it can be played over and over again -- and be told over and over again -- so that your future generations will sing about you, will remember you. You are a myth in the making.

44) "Just as in the history of Christianity the 12 disciples of Jesus are talked about, and there is a whole lot of mythology surrounding their lives, so also people will talk about you as the great disciples of our True Parents, disciples who did actually better than Jesus' disciples. You guys were always there, you never deserted our True Parents."

45) "If we are like a rocket -- the rocket goes in three stages. The first stage is the most rattling and most violent stage before it clears the Earth's atmosphere. In a way, that is what the first generations experience was like. But you are incredibly victorious because you made it that far. You never deserted our True Parents, you stayed the course -- and because of your victory, because of your suffering and dedication, but still remaining in keeping that oneness without True Parents -- now the second generation has an opportunity to go, working off of your momentum -- not to do the same thing all over again, not to go back down and doing it again, but traveling off of your good momentum and travel that much further. And the third generation can go where all of us have only dreamt about.

46) "So brothers and sisters our rocket has already taken off! With your faith in True Parents, and here comes the second leg of the journey, here comes your children working together with the True Children to work off of your momentum so that we can prepare the way for the third leg of the journey -- and we will reach the moon. In fact you have touched the moon! You know the moon very well brothers and sisters. You have been taught well by the moon!"

47) "The Italians always like to say, when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie… but we have all been hit by that pizza pie, we have all been hit by our True Parents. And we each have our favorite topping for our pizza, but it is pizza nonetheless and it has been served by our True Parents, the grand moon of the world, the grand teacher, the True Parents of the world."

48) "So brothers and sisters do not be confused by all the rattling. Do not be confused by the first leg of the shuttle falling off to reveal the second stage. You need to understand that many times in order for the second stage to come about -- out of the first stage of the shuttle things have to be let go, things have to fall by the wayside. Many times those are our old habits of doing things, the baggage we carried along the way, or a whole lot of static in the air telling us that we should not be unified with our True Parents, but if we really understand that the highest aspiration is to be born in love, be raised in love, live by love, and leave love behind -- we realize that we cannot be born without our True Parents. The True Parents are the conduit through which we exist."

49) "Anybody who denies the centrality of the importance and the gravitas of understanding who are True Parents are, at the core in the center of our lives, must fall by the wayside as the second and third generation take your momentum up to the heavens and beyond. When I look at the unity of the brothers and sisters all around the country, when I look at the unity and I experience the unity with all the top managers and brothers and sisters of the True World Group being in an extraordinarily difficult situation that they are in right now -- they never waver. When True Parents called, all of them except one, came to see our True Parents. All of them came to say, "True Parents you call us and we will be here." And even with the constant education that True Parents are not important or that there should be separation between business and church -- well, most of the businesses are managed by church members. How can you take the church out of the business when it is managed by church members? The businesses that have been prepared by our True Parents have done gloriously well because of the goodness and sacrifice of these good members who have been taught righteously and correctly by our True Parents. So brothers and sisters do not be confused, do not be afraid, and do not succumb to the teachings that True Parents are no longer important. They are what make us who we are. We are who we are because of our True Parents."

50) "Help give your brothers and sisters who are working at the True World Group the energy and the support they need to go through this difficult crisis. And regardless of what they have to do, as long as their hearts and their faith is centered on True Parents, I have absolute belief and absolute faith that we can overcome any difficulty and any odds."

51) "Brothers and sisters, in the theme of oneness that our True Parents have given to us at the start of this year, on this glorious Sunday morning as they celebrate Easter, let us realize what the true purpose of Jesus' life was all about. If we realize the true purpose of Jesus' life and mission, then we realize how incredible it is to have our True Parents here with us. So, do not make the same mistake that the Israelites made in Jesus' time. Do not be blind in not seeing this man and woman, this son and daughter of God, do not be blind because of some static in the air telling you that Jesus is a charlatan and he does not know what he is talking about. Do not be blind because we are so greedy with money and power and knowledge and all the assets -- that you cannot take to the afterlife anyway."

52) "We were not born to amass assets. We were born to love and be loved. If we understand that to be the purpose our life then nobody can deny that True Parents have come as the Lord of the Second Advent, as the True Parents of mankind to help us and to teach us, to raise our families to be born right in love, to be raised in love, to live by love -- so that we can leave this world, not with billions and billions of dollars -- but we can leave this world having raised beautiful children behind who are worthy of becoming great world leaders that will safeguard our world from all the hatred and all the wars and all the ugliness that life throws in our path."

53) "So brothers and sisters remember why Jesus was here, remember his heart as he suffered his lonely death on the cross watching that sailing ship drift by. (again, from this point to the end, In Jin Nim spoke with tears) Do not let our True Parents drift by, brothers and sisters. We need to safeguard them, need to protect them, we need to honor them and be there for them until they depart to the other world. In the most precious last year's of our Father's life do not allow Father to see his people confused, his children confused -- about who he is. Let Father go knowing that his children and his movement clearly know who he is, clearly know who our True Parents are. Let our True Parents know that we are their children! We are proud to be their children and we will be centered and united with them as long as we live!"

54) "Brothers and sisters, love God and True Parents with all your heart. Pray for unity and know that as long as they are the center of our lives, as long as we keep them at the center of our faith, we can overcome any difficulty, any trials and tribulations -- and the more difficult and the more painful it is, it will make us that much richer and greater as divine sons and daughters of God."

55) "On this beautiful Easter Sunday please remember God our Heavenly Parent and our True Parents and let them know with our lives, in loving life, how much we truly love them and care about them!"

56) "God bless and thank you!" 

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