The Words of In Jin Moon from 2010

Ballroom Dance Ministry presents Ballroom Dance Instructor's Intensive -- January 7-9, 2011

In Jin Moon
December 15 2010

"Dance is an expression of the universal language." -- Rev. In Jin Moon

On August 9, 2009, Rev. In Jin Moon stated in her sermon: "The great thing about ballroom dancing is it's so cultural, a very prestigious and an upper class thing to do. Everyone has formal ways to approach the partner. How wonderful it is in this 'ice age of the heart' for a young man to approach a young woman, saying, 'May I have this dance?' instead of saying 'Want to grind on the dance floor?'… I think it's a healthy way for young people, especially kids going through their difficult adolescent years, to approach the opposite sex in a respectful, beautiful, and enjoyable way, for each other to appreciate the partner and the distance between the partners, as well as the closeness…If you can find a constructive and beautiful outlet where they can learn etiquette and social protocol, and at the same time have a great time, I think it's a beautiful thing."

The Ballroom Dance Ministry was founded by Ms. Ariana Shin Sun Moon in the autumn of 2009, with the inspiration to share the beauty of dance, respectful etiquette between men and women, and build closeness in the community.

The purpose of this Ballroom Dance Intensive is to train inspired leaders from around the country who are committed to sharing the vision and mission of Lovin' Life Ministries' Ballroom Dance to the communities they come from. The intensive will cover advanced steps in the waltz, swing and cha cha; teach the methods of dance instruction; and impact the structure and quality of ballroom dance nationwide.

Rev. Moon also hopes that all the parents, husbands and wives, would also be attending these classes. "Sometimes the day-to-day difficulties can leave us feeling isolated, even in a marriage, and lonely and unappreciated. But I hope with different programs like this, not only can the young people enjoy themselves, but this might be an opportunity for married couples to enjoy another spark in their life or find a common hobby or love they can share together."

General Questions:

Who can attend this intensive?

Anyone who is interested in instructing a ballroom dance class with some training in the basics of waltz, swing and cha cha.

Where will people from out of town be able to stay?

The Lovin' Life Learning Center (43rd Street) is open for those who need a place to stay for $15 a night. Let us know in your registration if you need a bed. Please pay cash at the front desk in the lobby.

Will meals be provided?

Meals will not be provided during the intensive but there will be enough time during the breaks for you to go out and get something to eat.

Isn't the CARP Gala also on the 7th of January?

Yes. We are having the intensive begin on January 7th at 10 AM with an orientation, first lesson and then a lunch break. The afternoon we will cover a beginner's dance class for anyone in the community to join before we take a break so that everyone can get ready for the CARP Gala.

Will our CARP Gala fee be waived or discounted for being part of the intensive?

No. You must register through the CARP website, If you do not want to attend the Gala that is your choice but we strongly recommend it. 

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