The Words of In Jin Moon from 2010

In Jin Nim's Message In Las Vegas

November 28, 2010
Unofficial notes

These are abbreviated notes from a brother in Las Vegas.

Our True Parents are working fervently and furiously to share the good news that True Parents are here. In this era we in the position of Adam and Eve before the fall. Just as we stand as parents and want the very best true love and happiness fir our children so did God for Adam and Eve. Each child like a sparkling star in splendor. Like Corinthian in the bible. Young old small and tall all races backgrounds coming together line the constellations.

When I saw all young people dance at our Thanksgiving party I thought they are shining like the stars. Dr. Yang joined them. Music unites all together. Love and music.

For me music affected my life so deeply. Born into a public life with high expectations we grew up feeling we could never reach the high expectations we felt so often like failures. My older brother Hyo Jin was saved by music. When I lost him I felt so crushed I was like a petrified forest. Then I felt my piano call to me and I played and a song came out of me "one by one."

People say I like minor cords sad songs.

Our brother Jesus was unable to have a lovely bride.

I was so delighted to sit with Ambassador Zackam at dinner his resume is very distinguished but he did not speak as a politician he spoke from the heart I was so moved and so was mother she handed him Father's corsage he was so delighted.

If Jesus could have found a bride he would have gone on to bless couples like True Parents. We are so blessed to have attended the world assembly with True Parents

Amos chapter 13 says the day is coming when the reaper will be overtaken by the plow man. The planter who sows the seeds will be overtaken by the one who harvests and the hills will know with new wine. It is saying what you think that you should devote yourself to making money and the concerns of your life may not be what God is going to harvest in you. So be ready. Be flexible many wonderful things and wonderful surprises may be coming.

When Father created WFWP many brothers might have thought "what? Father is putting women in charge then what if Father puts women as senior pastors and leaders".

God is creating new wine which will flood and grace our world. We have been waiting for the spring of life. True Parents are bringing that Spring of Life.

Father is calling us challenging us not to just dream but to create, to build this new world to live not die for the sake of others. Parents want his children to be fulfilled empowered to be happy not to be suffering. We are called to actually build a generation of peace.

On 10/10/2010 I was so amazed thinking we are part of God's family God's lineage right now it will be 1,000 years before another 10-10-10 comes we can have 1,000 years of peace on Earth if we share the blessing the good news True Parents have brought.

We went through a period of indemnity but this is not the time to watch and listen not to just hear the train pass by.

Are we going to get on the train? Don't just come to church for social community think of yourself as an active agent of change. Touch someone share the good news our True Parents are here you have been hitting the jackpot everyday.

We should be grateful. We should be humble.

Thank you God. Thank you True Parents. 

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