The Words of In Jin Moon from 2010

Let's Send Team USA To Wongu Peace Cup In Seoul!

In Jin Moon
September 15 2010

This year the Unificationist Olympic Games will take place in Seoul, Korea on Oct. 11-12. True Parents are calling this event the Wongu Peace Cup Games. Wongu means Round Ball, and as a ball turns, the world turns, from evil to good. True Parents want team USA to shine this year!

True Father said it this way:

"Within one second, the cosmos could change from the Era before the Coming of Heaven to the Era after the Coming of Heaven. It could likewise change from the Era above Heaven to the Era below Heaven, or from the Era in front of Heaven to the Era behind Heaven. These changes can be represented by the motion of a round ball. In Korean I coined the word won-gu, meaning "round ball," for the title of the Won-gu Peace Cup. Although you may not realize it, the cosmos changed as a result of the Won-gu Peace Cup Cain-Abel Cosmic Tournament."

Our National President, Rev. In Jin Moon, is urging all of our communities to take ownership for sending their athletes to the Peace Cup Games. Each athlete is soliciting donations from sponsors nearby. Together we will make history: please give generously when your athlete calls upon you! 

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