The Words of In Jin Moon from 2010

Notes On Celebrating The World Assembly With Our True Parents

In Jin Moon
July 25, 2010
Manhattan Center, NY
Unofficial notes

1) In Jin Nim began speaking about the wonderful events that took place so far over the weekend. Saturday we celebrated with our True Parents the World Assembly -- it was like a World Congress of our brothers and sisters from all around the world, Ambassadors for Peace, VIPs, and different heads of countries that came. The atmosphere of celebration was incredibly powerful. True Parents were in great spirits. In Jin Nim took note that True Father was smiling ear to ear when he took the stage. He truly felt your heart!

2) This is an extraordinary man living in an extraordinary time and we are so blessed to be part of the history making that is taking place each and every day we spend with our True Parents.

3) He is well into his 90s -- but he is so strong and his desire to teach, nurture, and empower his children is never ending. When he came on stage he was joking with us and needling True Mother -- who out of concern for his health asked him to be mindful of the limited time. It is so interesting to see the interplay between True Father and True Mother, how they work together and go about their business as the True Parents of mankind. True Father needles True Mother right back by letting everyone know that he has been cautioned by her. The mood is so loving -- there is a non-stop flirtation between True Father and True Mother and it puts all the young couples to shame. When we see them we realize how much more we have to work on our relationships.

4) When Father went on stage he said "I am 90 years old. Am I handsome or not? -- I don't think of myself as handsome." and then he gave a big smile. He then asked who here is over 90 years of age -- but there was no one. He is the grandfather of all of us. His life has been a living testament or prayer to God. When we see how much the man has suffered, loved, and shared with the world, In Jin Nim thinks that each of us can get a glimpse, a snapshot, of what he is all about when we read his autobiography.

5) A great many brothers and sisters have started a condition to share 430 autobiography books with the world. When you read his story you realize that this is a very, very passionate man. He is absolutely passionate about his love for God, about fulfilling the role of True Parents for humankind, and about wanting to raise this generation of peace -- to see the eternal sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father, achieve their true destiny and potential and substantiate it in this life, the opportunity, that God gave us.

6) In Jin Nim's kids -- whenever True Parents come around, are watching True Parents with great anticipation and interest. Whenever they have a meeting or hear True Father speak, many times they like to get together and talk about their grandfather, or their father, and it is very interesting to see the younger generation reacting to True Parents with such love and admiration. It gives In Jin Nim great hope -- if we can keep this great feeling of love and accomplishment and hope for what our movement is and can be, then we can truly be a great movement that can serve the world in the proper way.

7) In Jin Nim was telling her kids -- grandfather is so passionate about life, wherever he goes he takes the weather of true love with him. It doesn't matter if he is fishing on the sea or giving Sunday service, or karaokeing with the VIP guests at East Garden -- wherever he goes he takes the weather of True Love with him. It is almost as if the whole universe is actively participating in what True Parents are doing.

8) She told her kids -- everyone who grows up in the US knows about Sesame Street. Some love the Cookie Monster, some love Big Bird, but In Jin Nim has always loved Count Dracula. She loved him because he was a mysterious creature who talked with an accent and he loved numbers. He was so passionate about counting; about creating any opportunity to count, which was his great love, that wherever he went the "weather" went along with him, regardless of what he was counting. Many time he counted bats, "One batty bat (thunder), 2 batty bats (thunder), 3 batty bats (more thunder) -- the weather was participating because he was so passionate about counting numbers.

9) In a way if you look at our True Father, he is a man who carries this weather of True Love -- sunshine, thunderstorms, snowstorms, - you name it, he takes the universe around with him and he gives us a chance to experience it.

10) When we ask ourselves, "Count Dracula is passionate about counting -- what is True Father passionate about?" What is he crazy about, obsessed about? When we look at this man -- he is a man who is always so happy despite what he is dealing with behind the scenes. When he comes in front of his children, when he spends time with his family, this is a man that embodies happiness.

11) And he is not happy because he believes or follows the cult of possessions. He is not a man who thinks he will be happy as long as he possess something or be made more happy by possessing more things. This is not a man who is passionate about his life because he's possessed about his possessions. This is a man who is passionate and crazy about life and happy in the process because what he is concerned about is the condition or state of the heart. What he is passionate about is this thing called true love, this word true love.

12) When we contemplate on the word love and when True Father talks about True Love he talks about the different qualities of True Love -- unique, absolute, eternal, and unchanging. When we think about the word as it is applied in our daily lives, how do we come to understand that we are loved? How do we come to feel this thing called love?

13) When we look at this man who is a living testament and his life a living prayer, we come to understand a couple things. When we look at the word love -- (and here In Jin Nim, approaching the pulpit with the mother's heart, likes to convey what is important about a word or concept using an acronym) -- then the letter L reminds us to live for the sake of others. Without the concept of the other we can not fully experience love. It does not matter how great, beautiful, smart, or capable we are, if we are all alone enjoying ourselves, it is very very difficult to experience love. As great as our Heavenly Parent is, as magnificent as He and She is, they wanted children, they wanted the other, to hopefully one day voluntarily, freely, and with great love, love them back.

14) When we think of love we have to have the concept of the other. And when we want to feel, to exercise this love in our lives, we can start this dynamic process of True Love reaction by taking that first step in serving and taking care of the other and of thinking of and in loving the other.

15) In the context of a family that principle can be applied by a child, always thinking perhaps about the comfort of the parent -- coming back home from a long day at the office or doing missionary work. There is nothing more beautiful than a child who takes that step of thinking and living for the sake of the other, their parents, by bringing them a wonderful hot cup of tea, or even better, by snuggling up and taking the feet of their parent and massaging them, because you know that there hard work is allowing you a comfortable home and place where you can live together as a family.

16) When we look at the 2nd letter O, it reminds us that we cannot experience love without practicing the oneness of the spirit. Our True Father and Mother talk about mind-body unity all the time. One of the most difficult things for us as human beings is to overcome ourselves, to tame the beast within and create a constructive outlet for our energies so that we can flower the world in a beautiful way and not with the destructive energies we all have. It's an opportunity for us to concentrate on the fact that we come from the one Heavenly Parents and that we are His and Her eternal sons and daughters.

17) And when we are one in spirit with our Heavenly Parent and we realize that we ourselves are divine beings, just like our Heavenly Parent up in heaven, we realize that we are not just some amorphous amoeba like creature floating around in the universe. We realize we are not just a speck of dust floating around in the wind, we realize as divine human beings that we have a purpose, a destiny to fulfill, and its our privilege and honor to exercise our own will -- by working hard, by being faithful, and with service to others, be the very sons and daughters our Heavenly Parent wants us to be.

18) When we come to the third letter V, it stand for verity -- in that we need to seek the truth of our existence. We need to understand the truth of who we are, and who our True Parents and our Heavenly Parent are. We need to understand and have a clear knowledge of the principles that we want to apply in our daily lives. We need to understand clearly why the world is the way it is -- but beginning with our selves deciding to be that agent of change, one person at a time, we can change our families, our communities, our societies, our nation, and our world. When we understand the truth of who we are and what we need to be, and how we need to live our lives in honor of our Heavenly Parent, in honor of our True Parents, in honor of each other and ourselves -- we have to realize how precious and important each and everyone of us are -- because we can be that agent of change -- like Mahatma Gandhi, Dr Martin Luther King, Mother Theresa, and our True Father. This is the great destiny that awaits all of us if we can open, not just our physical eyes, but our spiritual eyes -- and know and understand how precious we really are.

19) When we realize how precious we are, we come to the last letter, E -- it stand for excellence. When In Jin Nim thinks about the word excellence in our lives -- in a way it is the fight against mediocrity in the world. Many times we, as human beings, in the context of our families and society, are satisfied with mediocrity.

20) In Jin Nim knows for a fact that that word has no place in her father's life of living prayer, he is not a man of mediocrity. He is a man of excellence in that he practices and applies and lives, living for the sake of others -- with absolute love, faith and obedience. There is no mediocrity in In Jin Nim 's father's understanding our Heavenly Parent as his parent. There should be no mediocrity when it comes to our knowledge of who our parents are. The 2nd generation should clearly know who their first generation parents are -- it's an undeniable truth that you come from that special 2 people. When you want to be excellence you have to start with absoluter faith, you have to have an unwavering, unquestioning belief in knowing who we are. And in knowing who we are, as the children of our Heavenly Parent, we need to think, live, breath, and exercise our lives knowing that God is our father and mother up in heaven -- it should not be a question.

21) When True Father says absolute faith, it is not a faith of convenience. Perhaps -- you grew up in this church and you have lots of things you would like to improve, lots of things you would like to see different. And how wonderful that you have the capacity to see and criticize the church constructively in your mind, and perhaps God gave you that perceptive sight because He is expecting you to be that agent of change, to make our movement and family into a better one. But if we treat our faith as a faith of convenience -- and say "Okay, the church has a lot of problems and I will constantly criticize it and point out its shortcomings -- but I want to get blessed, let me get blessed, Father give me a wife!"

22) We take part in the most precious gift of our movement, the Blessing, the opportunity to love another human being and then we receive what we can receive -- so that you have an eternal mate who believes in the sanctity of marriage, in fidelity, loyalty, and the centrality of our Heavenly Parent and our True Parents, but then, after the Blessing we go about our merry way, complaining and nitpicking, pointing out what's wrong. Our faith should not be a faith of convenience, taking advantage of all we can take advantage of, but not giving anything back, not being consistent in our heart of gratitude, in our heart of loyalty to our True Parents, and in our dedication to our faith.

23) When Father fights against mediocrity what he is fighting against is this faith of convenience. He would like to see us have, and exercise, and apply in our daily lives absolute faith, this unquestioning, unwavering, consistent kind of faith, because we know where we come from, who our Heavenly Parents are, its undeniable.

24) When we think about absolute love, (our Father loves to say absolute love) -- absolute innocence that is eternal, unique, unchanging, what Father is asking us to do is to seek the genuine relationships. And when Father refers to the family as the textbook of true love, and about practicing this love in the family -- In Jin Nim understands this to mean to truly rub up against each other, against the parent, the grandparent, the children, the siblings. What Father is encouraging us to do is to practice these genuine relationships, eternal relationships in the family -- so that we are not tempted by the kind of love that is fleeting, superficial -- the saccharine type of love. Why not have some sugar? Saccharine is a whole lot sweeter, than even honey, but it is not real and it's not good for you. And although the taste is so intense, it is not satisfying.

25) Many times in life -- In Jin Nim jokes to her kids -- many sisters understand about the monthly visitor -- going through PMS. But brothers go through PMS too -- because many men are afflicted with PMS -- somebody who is tempted, addicted, or cannot overcome -- Power, Money, and Sex. This is a big problem. As women go through the preparation for child birth PMS'ing we must look upon our brothers, fathers, and sons, because they are PMS'ing too. Working together we need to practice true love by continually re-concentrating, re-focusing our thoughts on what is eternal, unchanging, uniquely you and me. There is not going to be another human being like you, you are so precious, you are that divine vessel through which God will do incredible things. You were born to touch other people's lives, to live for the sake of others, it's in our DNA.

26) When we think about absolute obedience, In Jin Nim shared with us earlier -- the way she understands the word obedience, its not between a master and a slave -- command and you obey. It's a very loving word if you understand it in the context of the family, because when our True Parents or parent, asks the children to obey, what they are asking you to do is not be their slave, but to truly, genuinely, and lovingly listen. It's a call to listen and unite. Listen with our hearts and unite with them in our actions. It is a call to action.

27) When we think we should be excellent people and we are fighting the beast mediocrity, our Heavenly Parent is asking us to do, as He says in Rev 3:15-16 "I know your deeds, you are neither hot nor cold." In a way the Bible is saying you are mediocre, you have not decided what you want to be, to exercise a life of absolute faith, love, and obedience. Perhaps the Bible is reminding us -- we are meandering, wandering, floating, and our Heavenly Parent would like to see us with a purpose, exercise our heavenly will by living the life that we were meant to live.

28) Revelation goes on further, "Because you are neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out." We have to be clear in knowing who we are. For those sitting in the audience, this life, this moment in history, to be living at the same time with our True Parents, what In Jin Nim calls the breaking news, to be living at the same time that a man and a woman …(In Jin Nim expressed how she as a woman has gone through her trials and tribulations in the context of a religious life).

29) Religious history has not been kind to women for the past 2,000 years, where women were silenced, relegated as 2nd class citizens. For the first time in history, because of our True Mother's victory, because she could stand in the position of the perfected Eve, we have a chance, all the sisters and mothers of the world, to be proud as that eternal daughter of our Heavenly Parent. In Jin Nim often says, if Jesus had found his beautiful bride 2000 years ago, she knows his bride would have walked and worked with him, would have ministered to the congregation -- she would have been his best kept secret in the flesh, and he would have shared her proudly with the world just as our True Father does. There is nothing more beautiful than to see In Jin Nim's father reach over and give this beautiful woman a hug and a kiss. They give us a vision of love in action.

30) The image of Jesus Christ was a lonely and suffering one in that he could never find his bride and Christians thought they had to follow Jesus' example and not get married, they denied themselves the beauty of a human relationship and the beauty of having a family. But with our True Parents this story, this picture is complete. We realize that what our Heavenly Father wanted up in heaven was for His children to find this beautiful husband, beautiful wife, to have this opportunity to create eternal families, and experience the joys and tribulations the tears and laughter of going through the process of creating this thing called an "Ideal" family by dealing with all the different levels of relationships that exist in a family -- by dealing with our parents, spouse, and children. What our Heavenly Father wanted us to experience is parental heart, of having children ourselves.

31) For the first time in history, with our True Parents we not only have a chance to substantiate True Love and True life, but True Lineage. The most precious gift that our True Parents bring to all of us is the gift of the Holy Blessing.

32) Many people when they think about True Father they call him a man of peace, a peace maker, but he is far greater than a mere peace maker, he is the True Parents, the Lord of the Second Advent we have been waiting for, that original olive branch through which we can graft on to the Heavenly Lineage. As our movement grows and as we come to canvas the whole world we need to understand the value of the Blessing, the Holy sacrament of marriage is something that must be given and nurtured in the context of a church. There have been a lot of conversations "Oh, we are not a church, we are a peace organization, a peace movement." But we are not a mere peace organization. If we are a mere peace organization how are we different from any other peace or service organization around the world? We are different in that we realize the centrality of our True Parents in our lives, because it is through them that the gift of the Holy Blessing is made flesh and we have this opportunity to graft on to this true lineage.

33) If we forget who we are how do we know where we belong? For the last 2 or 3 decades (depending on the country we are talking about) we have lost the concept as a proud Unificationist. We have forgotten we are people of faith first and foremost, before we serve people through acts of charity, service, and peace. We are first and foremost a proud Unificationist and we need to understand that our church is precious -- not in that we are going to lord it over everyone else telling them that we are better. In a way our church will be the platform, the foundation on which our True Parents can unite all the major religions of the world, all the different traditions and cultures of the world. We must understand clearly that our True Parents are so special in that it is through them that we can experience and substantiate this true lineage.

34) ACLC as great as it is -- helping, inspiring the clergy to serve the world -- cannot bring the clergy and graft them onto that heavenly lineage without our True Parents. It doesn't matter how great the WFWP is, teaching and sharing the breaking news, teaching the women to be peaceful women in their homes, countries and societies, it does not matter what great work they do, if they don't link it back to our True Parents and the magic and transformation of the true Blessing. It is only through the True Blessing ceremony that the whole world can become one family under God. All the various organizations we have around the world -- YFWP, CARP, STF, WFWP, ACLC, UPF, GPF, these are all organizations like the fingers on a hand. They must work together to help the world realize that we must build one family under God, through our True Parents and through the magic of the Holy Blessing.

35) One of In Jin Nim's favorite Persian poets and a great Sufi mystic is Rumi. He said "with will we can even turn fire into sweet water, but without will even water becomes fire." What he meant by that is -- as long as we understand our purpose and we live our life exercising the very will we understand to be the truth, and as long as we go on exercising this will voluntarily and freely and lovingly, wanting to be that eternal Heavenly sons and daughters, then we can turn something that exists every where into something fragrant as sweet as water, we can turn something destructive into something sweet and life-giving. But when we start floating around like an amoeba, like dust in the wind, when we forget who we are, when we succumb to the temptation to being happy with our lot in life, and thinking that is all we are good for, but sooner or later, when we think this way that we are not good enough, we are not meant for great things, when we become our own worst enemy, preventing and blocking ourselves from achieving our true destinies, then sooner or later we are going to become people of resentment, who have nothing but criticisms in our lives. But if we become purpose driven men and women of God, exercising our will, then we can turn something that is destructive into something that is life giving and replenishing, that allows us to exist and live as human beings and go about our business of becoming that eternal son or daughter of God.

36) When the band played, about taking the weather with us, it's kind of like Count Dracula loving his haunting breeze, its like In Jin Nim's Father loving and being obsessed with this word True Love. And we as their children should not be mediocre in thinking -- "I don't know, who knows, what ever will be, will be." It's not a time to be mediocre. It's a time to be excellent people, sons and daughters of God. Many times in the midst, confronted with the progress that is taking place -- we have technologies that have made our world so small, in the sense that through the internet what takes place here can instantaneously be enjoyed all around the world. Technology has brought us so close that we can almost reach ourselves, but if we live a life of boring existence where we are almost touching each other, almost loving each other, but never fully committing, never fully reaching out and loving the other, we will never have that satisfying or fulfilling existence.

37) Yesterday, we had a full moon over the Big Apple, in a way the full moon was here, and he took the weather with him. And yesterday and this morning at Hoon Dok Hae True Father smacked us with that love. Italians love to sing in NY City -- "when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie." It's almost as if God is throwing that pizza pie smack into our faces saying "you've been hit by love, smacked by love!" and that is a reminder to live our lives living for the sake of others, being oneness in spirit, searching and applying the truth that we've learned in understanding who we are, the eternal sons and daughters of God. And being excellent people practicing absolute faith, love, and obedience to our True Parents.

38) This time that we are living in, many are saying they feel like "oh, so many shadows lurking in different corners of our movement." Well, wherever there is shadow there is light, and we need to realize that sometimes the darkest place is that place right underneath the lamp. Let us not be the kind of people that are almost reaching our True Parents, almost touching our True Parents, but truly being blind by being engulfed in the darkness, when we are right there next to our True Parents. Let's open our spiritual eyes and realize how incredibly blessed we are to have True Parents in our lives and how precious our lives are and how incredible it is that we have an opportunity to do right, to change ourselves, our families, to change our world and leave this world a better place for our children and our grandkids and for posterity.

39) Brothers and sisters from all around the world, do not be confused. Always go back to the center, to the core and seek the truth. Do not be afraid of the truth. And when we are being confused, remind ourselves that we are being hit by a true love bomb by Rev Moon each and every day of our lives -- and all we need to do is wake up.

40) God Bless! Have a wonderful Sunday and week! 

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