The Words of In Jin Moon from 2010

Reflection on the visit of In Jin Nim and staff of the American Church to Brazil, from the 5th to 8th of June, 2010

Neudir Simão Ferabolli
June 10, 2010

A living example of what being a true daughter of the True Family means!

We received In Jin Nim and her staff at the airport with flowers, and went directly to the hotel. Even at the airport, In Jin Nim wondered if everything was OK with me, if I was hurt somewhere.

At the hotel, after the greetings, Rev. Shin gave a brief report and I was asked to say something. Actually, I did not want to be tied up in the past, but look at the wonderful future that In Jin Nim certainly will bring to our church. I could feel from the first moment that her visit would be a blessing.

On Sunday, the message of Hoon Dok Hae was something that deeply moved all members present, when she gave a very detailed explanation of the meaning of the names of all true sons from True Family. She artfully described the characteristics of each brother and sister in her family, and showed that all the names of True Children's have a providential meaning and purpose given by True Parents. Even choosing the name of the children was a step towards restoration of humanity and all things. In the end, In Jin Nim emphasized how wonderful our beloved True Parents are and that it is our responsibility as children to always honor them with our proper attitude.

Already during the Hoon Dok Hae it was clear that our movement is based on true love, whose core "is to live for the sake of others" and this should be the basis of all our actions. She also said that FFWPU has a legacy left by the True Parents, which is the culture of peace, brotherhood and truth. Violence, psychological pressure or seizing power by force are not part of this culture.

As In Jin Nim was coming to perform the Seunghwa Ceremony on behalf of True Parents -- inheriting a legacy of peace -- the headquarters staff members and volunteers worked day and night to prepare everything, while all members were being mobilized for the event. We are sorry that due to shortage of time we couldn't have more VIPs to be honored at the ceremony.

When the ceremony started around 10:00 pm, the temple was quite crowded by members, with over a thousand people present. First there was the official launching of True Father's autobiography. In Jin Nim personally delivered it into the hands of 12 Brazilian representatives.

The MC was Pastor Carlos (one of the Vice-Presidents of the church in Brazil). The opening was performed by the choir of the Unification Church of St. Paul. Rev. Shin made an opening prayer and Dr. Thomas Walsh, President of UPF International, explained the Legacy of Peace and the meaning of the Ascension. Taj Hamad presided over the offering of flowers to honor people at the Seunghwa ceremony. Dr. Correa, Ambassador of Peace, gave some words of reflection and Rev. Christian offered a prayer.

The Lovin' Life band made three exciting presentations. Especially during the second song I saw many members crying. I could not hold myself and I shed tears, too. In fact, for me this was the second time because also in Las Vegas I was very moved by their presentation. The three band members were able to melt the heart of the audience through their songs.

The video presentation was about the legacy of peace, and then In Jin Nim introduced True Parents. Any parent in the world would be happy with an introduction done with such mastery and heart. In Jin Nim really honored the True Parents by every word uttered, and the members went delirious when she asked for a warm round of applause for True Parents, after she ended her speech for Pres. Simão to read the words of True Father.

Flowers were offered to the True Parents, through their daughter In Jin Nim, after Simão had read the speech. Then Rev. Josh Cotter explained some videos on the Manhattan Center, on the Lovin' Life Ministry and on the encouragement that In Jin Nim is giving to the arts.

After that the arrival of two more members of the U.S. delegation was announced, namely Rev. Michael Jenkins and Bishop Stallings Jr., who immediately came to the stage and gave their short but exciting messages of support to True Parents and the providence of Brazil.

Then In Jin Nim returned to the scene, this time to personally greet each member. She took a picture with them and even signed Father's autobiography book. This session lasted over an hour and In Jin Nim gave her heart, love, smile and understanding to many Brazilian members.

After lunch In Jin Nim met with three elder brothers, Mauriciu, Caesar and Waldir. As two of them were counselors (of the Superior Council), In Jin Nim after long hours of conversation demanded from both of them a public apology for their actions during the previous week. And they agreed. So on the morning of June 7, at Hoon Dok Hae, Mr. Mauriciu Baldini publicly apologized for his mistake. He said that there was a lack of understanding about the real situation of Hyun Jin Nim's family.

In the Hoon Dok Hae of 7th, In Jin Nim again focused on the importance of educating the children. She explained about how much it is necessary to discover the potential of each child and to encourage them to strive for excellence in developing their talents, which will give them more confidence in the tough life's decisions. She emphasized that she likes to see the musical and artistic education as means to individual discipline.

After breakfast, there was a meeting with Brazilian leaders and national leaders of several Latin American countries, as well as with members or leaders of other sectors of our movement. In Jin Nim was very categorical in saying that in the past she adopted the policy of silence about the attitudes and activities of her brother, Hyun Jin Nim, but now there was no reason for this silence to continue, since he (Hyun Jin Nim) himself had created an event with international repercussions. As the meeting was opened to leaders, many points were clarified regarding the situation of Hyun Jin Nim. At the same time, there have been several reports that were made by leaders of the American staff, by the continental director Rev. Shin, by the national leader of Paraguay, the son of the National Messiah of Paraguay and by me. I think leaders and members were enlightened and things became more clear.

Throughout the time of the meeting, In Jin Nim heard reports and demonstrations, and on several occasions she interrupted to clarify or add something, always with a heart to show the truth, protect and defend the True Parents and blessed families.

On this day lunch was at the barbecue restaurant and in the afternoon the meeting continued with Rev. Shin and with leaders and members of the American Staff. There were several reports, including Jim Gavin showing the testimonies collected from people attending the Sunday sermon.

Then in the evening In Jin Nim and the staff went to the Church of Santo Amaro, where they were welcomed with flowers by Pastor Inowan and his wife, in front of a big number of members.

Pastor Inowan showed a report of activities, and then there was a dinner with pizza and other delicacies prepared by the church of Santo Amaro.

At the beginning of the meeting, Josh Cotter presented the projects that In Jin Nim has been implementing in the U.S.. Then, the Lovin' Life band gave their musical presentation that the members loved so much. In Jin Nim spoke for nearly two hours, again describing the value of the True Family and the importance of caring for our children. Everything was translated by Pastor Inowan's sister, Mrs. Jun.

After the sermon In Jin Nim repeated with members of Santo Amaro what she had done at the headquarters on Sunday, during the Lovin' Life Ministry. She urged all members to come to talk to her and to take pictures with her. She really shared time with the members. She paid attention to each member up to the last one who had approached her, and the members felt much gratitude and were inspired. She has a heart so loving and maternal. In fact, she was truly a big mom in those precious moments.

We left Santo Amaro and arrived at the hotel after 23:00 pm. Rev. Shin suggested that In Jin Nim do Hoon Dok Hae in the hotel because they were all very tired, and she agreed.

The next day we went to the neighborhood of Liberdade. The church there has a gift shop and I saw In Jin Nim choosing a gift for the wives of each member of staff. She really cared and was so concerned about the members. I witnessed it all the time, remembering one situation in Santo Amaro, where I saw her asking if the singer of the band, Ilhwa, had eaten something.

After shopping, we went to a Korean restaurant, where once again I witnessed how she cared and expressed her concern for the members. In Jin Nim was very happy, had many good laughs and left very contented. I felt that we were with the True Parents, and that really was a family under God.

In Jin Nim was so active. After the restaurant we immediately went to the airport and we arrived there earlier than her scheduled time and she immediately checked-in and said goodbye to all.

We lived a dream for three days with the true daughter of the True Family. I do not want to wake up to the reality. But life is not just made by dreams ...

I am writing this report with the same sincerity with which I wrote the report about Hyun Jin Nim coming. However, I must say that there is a profound difference between the two: At first I was in hell, and this, I feel, is heaven.

We know who owns these two places (hell and heaven). Everything that happened during the visit of In Jin Nim left a deep impression within me, the belief in the importance of the True Family and even more in the importance of the True Parents, absolute, immutable, eternal and irreplaceable.

We pray that the true love of True Parents can always reach the blessed central families through their beloved children!

The visit of In Jin Nim was a blessing! The church in Brazil is eternally grateful for the concern and love of True Parents, by sending their beloved daughter and American staff to support and inspire us. Our determination to serve God and True Parents and to protect their legacy has been strengthened.

May all glory be returned to God and True Parents!


Reported by: Mr. Neudir Simão Ferabolli
FFWPU, Brazil's National Leader 

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