The Words of In Jin Moon from 2010

Rev. In Jin Moon's latest album, "Secret Garden," is coming soon!

May 13, 2010

Rev. In Jin Moon's latest album, "Secret Garden", has just been released and is coming soon to the United States!

Recently 5,000 copies have been sold in Japan, with all proceeds going towards Second Generation youth scholarships, assisting youth in Japan to take part in Youth Concerts for World Peace and Ideal Families started by Rev. In Jin Moon over in 1999.

Starting this year proceeds from her album twill also go toward numerous scholarships for youth in the United States.

Since 2005. Rev. In Jin Moon has been creating albums, with Secret Garden being her 5th in counting. With 77 songs written. vocally performed, and produced on this album. Rev. In Jin Moon is sharing her talent and passion in hopes that all proceeds can be given to youth who also want to pursue their dreams.

Keep a look out for 'Secret Garden' which will be sold soon! 

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