The Words of In Jin Moon from 2010

True God's Day Ceremony in Korea (1.1.2010 of the Cheon Il Guk Calendar)

In Jin Moon
February 14, 2010

True God's Day and the 9th Anniversary of the Coronation Ceremony of God's Kingship (1.1.2010 of the Cheon Il Guk Calendar)

On February 14, 2010, which is Jan. 1st, 2010 by lunar calendar, the True family and 2500 participants, including leaders and members from all over the world, gathered together in the auditorium of Cheon Jung Gung in Chung Pyung, South Korea, to celebrate the 43rd True God's Day and the 9th Anniversary of the Coronation Ceremony for God's Kingship

Dr. Joon Ho Seuk, the president of the Unification Church in Korea, was the MC for this occasion. Before the event began, Dr. Seuk announced the initiation of a new calendar, titled chun reok, the Heavenly Calendar, which would start this year for Cheon Il Guk. According to True Parents, there is no more use of the solar or lunar calendar, but instead the calendar of "chun reok" should be used. Because of this he emphasized that this was a historical day for the starting of the 10th year of Cheon Il Guk, and the new year (1.1) of chun reok.

In anticipation, attendees began to sing Holy Song, "Blessing of Glory", which is also known as the Cheon Il Guk Anthem, as they waited for the event to start.

True Family entered the room exactly at 8am, and only a few minutes later True Parents entered, wearing han-bok (traditional Korean robes). At this moment, everyone in the room rose to their feet and greeted True Parents with applause.

After True Parents lit holy candles and the cake was cut, everyone present on this occasion offered official bows to True Parents. After this, Dr. Seuk declared the start of the event.

The family pledge was then recited, followed by an opening prayer given by Hyung Jin Nim, Unification Church International president. After his prayer, a video of the 43rd True God's Day and 9th Coronation of Kingship ceremony held on Jan. 1st 2010 (by solar calendar) was shown to the audience. Everyone reverently watched the video that was shown. Next, a Japanese sister Kiyo Irasawa offered an opera song (don't know the title).

Next, Hoon Dok Hae began, which was shared by Peter Kim who read True Father's words from the 1st True God's Day ceremony held at the Korean Headquarters church in Cheong Pa Dong, Seoul on Jan. 1st 1968(solar).

After Hoon Dok Hae, True Parents awarded those who were able to distribute 430 of True Father's autobiographies. The awardees were Jin Hyung Lee and Eu Jin Go (husband and wife). Each of them had distributed 430 of True Father's autobiographies. True Parents gave their family a calligraphy which said "Congratulations on the completion of the distribution of 430 True Father's autobiography" along with an award certificate, crystal, and a copy of True Father's autobiography signed by True Parents. The family was also honored with the opportunity to take a picture with True Parents on this morning.

After the award, True Father's speech started, which was a video shown of True Father speaking at the Palace of Heavenly Harmony in Las Vegas, Chun Hwa Gung, on Jan 19th-20th, on an airplane ride on Jan. 23rd, and during Hoon Dok Hae in Chun Jung Gung on Feb. 7th.

Next, True Parents asked some True Family members to sing a song for the audience, and then finished by singing a song together with them at the end.

To conclude the event, attendees did the three cheers of Eog-Mansei and offered a bow to True Parents. 

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