The Words of In Jin Moon from 2010

HSA-UWC Haiti - Earthquake Victims Aid

In Jin Moon
January 21, 2010

NHQ20100121 No. 30

To: District Directors, State Leaders, Department Leaders, Blessed Central Families, all Brothers and Sisters
From: Reverend In Jin Moon, Reverend Ki Hoon Kim, Reverend Joshua Cotter
Re: HSA-UWC Haiti - Earthquake Victims Aid
Date: January 21, 2010

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

This letter is an appeal for help. We are all aware of the devastation and tragic circumstances that the earthquake caused last week. Many people have lost their lives, many children are now orphans, there is little food or water and rebuilding will take years and cost billions of dollars.

To think of about such a huge issue seems almost hopeless for many of us as we often have difficulties meeting our own monthly obligations. On the other hand it is not really possible to just sit back when something like this happens. Our hearts are moved and it is natural to want to help.

Our church center in Haiti has been completely destroyed. Members and missionaries were in the center when the quake struck and even though the top two floors collapsed they were able to escape with only injuries.

Here is a Letter Rev. Theodule Paul the Haiti National Leader sent us.

Dear Brothers and Sisters

7 days after the earthquake, we are still waiting for some help from the government or international community, we are about 100 people living in the yard of Unification Church with nothing: no water, no food, no blankets, no tents, and we are breathing death... our place is like a huge cemetery, children are crying but parents can not do anything.

We only listen on radio that help has come but we do not see anything, the coordination is not made well, people must fight in order to find some food or water.

We are living with many injured people who are also suffering from lack of water and food.

We do not have electricity, many of us do not take a bath since that tragedy, we are breathing all kind of thing particularly we are breathing the death. We really need your help, your donation in order to face all this tragedy.

Many people are becoming crazy because they have lost everything they do see not the value of life any longer.

Please help us, may God bless you.


Phone and internet are difficult to come by at this time but our brother Theodoul is sending us updates as he can and our sister Evelyn Drake in Florida is also helping us collect information.

We have learned that most members along with others are living in an open space behind the now destroyed church center. There is little food and no water. Most people have not been able to bathe since the quake hit. They have shared that the most prominent smell comes from those who have died. This is hard to imagine.

Theodule Paul the National leader, his wife Fugiko and their three children were in the center with members when the quake hit. When the quake hit Theothane their 6 year old daughter ran into the room where her mother was with their new born daughter. Fugiko could only run out of the house with the new born and one of the walls fell on Theothane.

Rev. Paul was able to escape with other members and his 3 year old son Theothile. It took them over an hour to dig out Theothane who was bleeding from her head and eyes.

The Japanese Embassy was able to relocate Fugiko, Theothane and their new born daughter to Dominican Republic. We are not sure how they are doing in Dominican Republic. We are not sure how other members are but it looks like only Theothane was seriously injured.

The North American Regional Headquarters of the Unification Church has started a campaign to raise funds to support our Blessed families and members in Haiti and to rebuild our mission there. We would like to focus our efforts on helping the Unification Church community so that they can feel our love and know that they are a part of a larger global community of faith.

UPF, WFWP and IRFF are working with their partners to help bring in food, water, medical supplies and other needs to the general population that was affected.

It is possible that some of the banks will reopen in Port-au-Prince and we can start sending funds directly to the church account there. For now lets work together to help make sure the members can have basic food and water and help raise money to rebuild the church and mission in Haiti.

We are currently accepting donations online, via credit card or PayPal account, and checks mailed to the national headquarters office in New York. 100% of donations marked "Haiti Relief Fund" will be sent to the Haiti Unification Church headquarters.

Once we have helped members in Haiti stand on their own two feet, they will be enabled to provide greater help for others in their communities.

Please use the link below to make an online donation, or send a check to:

HSA-UWC Financial Office
481 8th Ave. 30th Floor
New York, NY 10001

Checks should be made out to HSA-UWC.

Click here to make an online donation

IMPORTANT: Please make sure you mark your donation: "Haiti Relief Fund," so that it can be counted as a donation for the Haiti Unification Church.

For online donations, when you "Review Your Donation," look for the little '+' sign, which you can click to add a comment. Click on the '+' sign, then type in "Haiti Relief Fund."

For checks, use the memo line on your check to write "Haiti Relief Fund." Make the check out to HSA-UWC.

Thank you for your love and support for our family in Haiti.


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