The Words of In Jin Moon from 2009

Unification Church Member in Wisconsin Writes to Rev. In Jin Moon

December 28, 2009

The following is a letter sent from a Unification Church member to In Jin Nim, graciously thanking her before the New Year for her work as a spokesperson for our Heavenly Parent, and giving her support for the years to come.

Dear Pastor In Jin Nim,

Greetings from the frozen tundra of the mid-west, Wisconsin. Joy and peace to you and your family in this Holy season of Christmas and the glorious celebration of the Coronation ceremony anniversary and God's Day with True Parents.

Thank you for Lovin' Life Ministries and the heartfelt effort that you are pouring into us in America. We have had many leaders in our movement for America, but I have not felt the heart of a pastor until you have taken the helm for America under our True Parents. The essential aspect of a pastor is the parental heart to the people for whom one is responsible. As I listen to your sermons week after week, I am awed by the grace with which you make yourself completely vulnerable to us through having the video presentation available, uncensored, for all the family members to watch.

You form, make and deliver your sermons from your heart connection with Heavenly Father, True Parents, and us. From the experiences of life, past and present, from the vision of future hope and the multitude of ways in which God has spoken and continues to speak to you in his creation in the works of his hands and in the relationships with family, with people close in heart and people more casually met, you allow God to talk to us. The Sunday sermon is a time for God to be present to his congregation in a particular way, where we are gathered as a community and He seeks to give his word, LIVE, through His spokesperson.

In you, Heavenly Father has a spokesperson who is an aspect of His feminine heart, mind, and spirit. In you, Heavenly Father is seeking for us to experience the embrace of a mother's heart as family members. The directive responsibility, the goal oriented force, is substantially carried through the communication of the heart. It is the heart that is primary, that is seeking to honor and elevate, to embrace and comfort, to encourage and to challenge, to heal and to strengthen the spirits of the seasoned and the fresh so that there may be a realization of the great work that True Parents have done in the creation of Blessed Central Families.

To me you have made a bridge for the crossing over and joining of the life experiences of our family members who have worked with True Parents, to those born into the lineage and not knowing what it is. In your family, which shares themselves with us so graciously and are an extension of the love and life the vitality and power True Parents have created in you, we experience the joy and hope of a world where we are one family. The substantial blessing of your oldest son to someone not Korean is a concrete example of the harmonizing of the races to realize we are a human race. The divinity is there from the Creator.

The way Satan has divided us, and seeks to keep us divided and small minded and insular and self centered and smug in our righteousness has been shown for what it is through the presence of your family and the heart of your ministry. What is exalted in Philippians is celebrated with us each Sunday.

I remember you shared with us many years ago that being in True Family is not everyone dressed up and smiling for the official family picture; that is not what it is like in the True Family. I have seven brothers and five sisters, and I know the reality of growing up in a family of many personalities and interests. I honor your family, all of the members for all the challenges and efforts that each has made in his or her own way. God is not finished with any of us while there is life in us.

As we are on the brink of a New Year, I pray that the unity in heart may flourish, that there may be a glowing ember in all hearts that fans into a flame of passion for all that is true and good and beautiful and that this true love will save us and save our world. That our young people can erupt as an explosion of pure love in all the corners of the world, exhibiting their talents and their gifts with everything offered to the glory of God.

I am not writing this as a state leader, nor am I as a foreigner, though I am. I am writing as a woman who has been taught the truth of men and women by the messiah, our True Parents. I am writing to say thank you for the hope that you have nurtured in me through your honest and forthright testimony to our True Parents, in word and deed.

Blessings and peace be with you in all the days ahead. ITN.


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