The Words of In Jin Moon from 2009

Notes On Judas Possible Attitude Leading To His Betrayal Of Jesus

In Jin Moon
December 27, 2009
Unofficial notes by: Nathaniel Nitro

This is today's sermon by In Jin Nim, I was lucky enough to have access with a laptop computer so I can type the highlight of her sermon. This is a rough transcription, as I type while she speaks... there's a lot of missed details, so please bear with this, but her words are deep enough for me to put me to tears, Merry Christmas and a Happy True God's Day

Jesus was not able to have his own family.

Jesus was not able to find a bride, all we have is the Holy Spirit, and we don't have a True Mother figure.

If Jesus will have a chance to find a wife, then he would probably start what True Father is doing, then started to Blessed couples of 36, and so forth, Jesus would may start the same, to build a kind of family to raise an awesome kids.

Universal Peace Festival / Global Peace Festival was a faith base organization, its goal is to establish an Abel UN.

How incredible True Parents are, what Jesus couldn't done 2,000 years ago he was able to. Because we don't have the Eve role, women came to be in a difficult role. With the four-position foundation that our True Fathers is teaching, we have God, man and woman are represented, children are represented, where every man and woman have the equal value, in position as a parent.

Christmas means gifts under the Christmas trees, but when I think about Jesus, he was such a lonely man, on his childhood, question of the nature of his birth, where everybody is looking at him, even if he started his ministry, trying to preach this wonderful love, compassion to really live as brothers and sisters, but at the end of the day when Jesus sleep he must be a very lonely man, no wife to received comfort at the end of the day, and no children to receive joy.

When I start thinking all the things that I have, then I think my life, it is a life of gratitude. If we really start mentally of making a list of what God has given us, then we should be thankful, so we need to praise God continuously his name with gratitude. When thinking about what Jesus have and what I have, we have to think about our understanding about ourselves, and the fact that we are blessed, we have the opportunity of being grafted to the true olive tree, then we have to understand how fortunate we are.

Those disciples have the opportunity to hear Jesus in real action, they must felt like they were the luckiest people on earth, then if they really understood the true mission of Jesus Christ then they could understand what he truly want to build. Maybe they just saw Jesus as a trouble maker making trouble where ever he went maybe some people look at him like that. Somebody also maybe doesn't like Jesus proclaiming what he was.

We need to look at things with our spiritual eyes.

The Bible talks about the second coming of Jesus, because Jesus was not able to fulfill completely his mission. Now we are living with the living Messiah, we are the luckiest people because our Father didn't come and go without finding a wife, for the first time in history our True Father found our True Mother and together they could be our True Parents, imagine the people living together with Jesus, if Jesus could find his bride.

Could we allow those non-believers just to come and go without having this opportunity to experience living with the living messiah, receiving engrafting to the true olive tree, through the blessing. True Parents were giving blessing people for many many years, could we just let those unbelievers just come and go?

Judas was probably feeling too familiar with Jesus and looked at him as a man, forgetting his providential mission, his spiritual eyes started to close, Jesus was not an average pastor, he saw Jesus as out of control, this is the time we start looking without spiritual eye, we started looking with our physical eyes. When we see True Father he is an old man, he needs help going up the stage, if we concentrate on the physical eyes on what our True Father is doing we can easily end up like Judas; this is why he betrayed Jesus. Because we start looking with our physical eyes not with our spiritual eyes. Whenever we are going through a difficult time we need to clearly know in a way there is only one True Parents and only one, eternal True Parents and children's job is to inherit their love. We need to rejoice in the fact that we have our True Parents with us. A lot of people are saying when True Father ascends to the spirit world what will happen, everybody know the spirit world; if Father will go then he will be more with us more than we have him now; all we have to do is to pray and consult him, he can be everywhere.

When we are confronted of difficulties all we do is to confront with our True Parents, our job and responsibility is to reach to all our brothers and sisters to engraft with our True Parents, we have to be a confident Unificationists, we have to have a grateful heart.

Let us all assess ourselves this year-end, to welcome our New Year. We need more encouraging words with our sibling, between husband and wife, between parent and child, we need to encourage each other with dignity, so if we can't utilize and exercise this words, to say each other with your spouse, if you can't say this with each other how can you say it to your children. There is room for growth, there is room for understanding, but there is to be a two way street, now when we are ending this year, we need to take time to assess ourselves. When we have True Parents we only have one way to go, to welcome our True Parents in our home, how to welcome God in our home, we need to always prepare ourselves our home to always welcome God and True Parents in our home.

If we can see and have the opportunity to have a relationship with our True Parents privately, I was moved by them, whom I call father and mother, I understand what obstacles they have to overcome, what burdens they have to go through.

In this sense we are the luckiest people.

This years Motto:

The era of proclaiming the victory of absolute sexual ethics, the right of true love, true life and true lineage in the realm of the Cosmic Sabbath of the Parents of Heaven and Earth 

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