The Words of In Jin Moon from 2009

Registration and Payment Instructions Original Divine Principle Workshop Washington DC, Sept. 29 -- Oct. 3, 2009

In Jin Moon
September 20, 2009

Registration Guidelines

All registrations will be done Online. To connect to the Online Database please click on the link below:


This will take you into the live data base page. Click on the headline as shown below: "Principle Forum on Family and Peace" The click will lead you directly into the Registration Form. You must enter data into every field before you can save your entries. Enter dash (-) into the fields you do not yet have information for or you will not use. When done, click on “Save New” and your form will be saved and you will be taken to another page. Click on the “Click Here” link to register the next guest.

Payment Guidelines

All payments must be routed through the District HQ. This includes cash, checks and credit card payments. If you are not set up for Credit Card processing at your bank send the CC Authorization Forms to the National HQ in New York.

The District bookkeeper should send the full amount of the registration fee and donations collected to the National HQ by 6:00 PM, Friday, September 25th 2009. This is the deadline.

Please send your check (made out to HSA-UWC) to the National HQ at 4 West 43rd Street, New York, NY 10036. It is very important that you send a name list of the participants who paid with your payments. Use the attached an Excel form for this purpose (Reg Fee and Donation Tracking).

I have attached Credit Card Authorization Forms for your use. One form is for the Registration Fee, the other for the Donation. Please make sure you enter your District HQ email and fax number in the allocated spaces on the forms. Again, in order to do this you will need to unlock the forms, enter your District HQ information and re-lock them before you send the forms to the field.

The following Documents are attached:

1 09-09-29 Registration Guidelines

2 09-09-29 Registration Form

3 09-09-29 CC Registration Fee

4 09-09-29 CC Donation Fee

5 09-09-29 Reg Fee and Don Tracking

Have a great day,

FFWPU National HQ 

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