The Words of In Jin Moon from 2009

STF Driver Opportunity

In Jin Moon
September 7, 2009

Dear Blessed Central Families, 1st and 2nd Generation,

This year, under the guidance of our Family Federation Executive Director, In Jin Nim, STF has a revised safety policy whereby all drivers of STF vans must be 25 years of age or older. This direction comes out of her deep concern for every STF member’s absolute safety during the training program, and we are excited about this opportunity to upgrade STF to a whole new level. In order to effectively carry out this policy, STF USA will need additional staff to act as drivers on fundraising and witnessing teams on a part time and full time basis.

This letter an URGENT CALL FOR DRIVERS who would like to support this important educational program, and who would like to experience the excitement of working together with these wonderful young people on a full-time basis over a period of 2 weeks to 2 months.

STF is looking to hire about 12 full time drivers to drive fundraising teams from this week, and 15 full time drivers following the conclusion of our October workshop in Texas, at the end of October. STF teams will fundraise through November and December during the “Super Challenge,” driving through various parts of the country and gathering again at the end of December back at Camp Flaming Arrow, San Antonio Texas.

This is a tremendous opportunity to support the character development, leadership training and spiritual growth of our second generation living and working together side by side as one family.

Job Description:

This is a 24/7 position where the driver would basically live together with a team of 5-6 STF members, which would be led by a 2nd year STF member trained in fundraising. The driver’s responsibilities will include not only driving the team, but helping to find and plan appropriate fundraising area, shop for meals and scout out appropriate places for teams to spend the night each night. Some teams will be based out of Family Federation Centers, and others will be out on the road with the team sleeping in camp grounds, motels, homes or occasionally the van.

Required: applicants must be 25 years of older and need to show proof of a good driving record. All applicants need to be interviewed in person or on the phone -- to ensure this will be a good match for employment. Experience driving a van with many passengers and preferably leading a team would be ideal but is not absolutely required. Applicants must be US citizens or Green Card holders.


Family Federation will pay drivers $85.00 per day. All meals and lodging will be covered by STF. STF will be unable to offer medical insurance or other benefits.

Please note:

Teams will be led by a second generation STF member who has been trained to lead fundraising teams. The role of the driver will be support the team leader spiritually and logistically; the driver needs to take care not to confuse the team members by countering the team leader publicly in any way. Unity is as crucial to safety as driving expertise.

For more information please email or call Roger Brinkmann. 

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