The Words of In Jin Moon from 2009

Newly Appointed Corporate Secretary for HSA-UWC - USA

In Jin Moon
April 3, 2009

NHQ20090403 No. 13

To: District Directors and State Leaders
Fm: Rev. In Jin Moon and Rev. Ki Hoon Kim<
Dt: April 03, 2009

Dear Leaders,

This is to confirm that Mrs. H. T. was appointed Corporate Secretary for HSA-UWC - USA; a position previously held by Mrs. Kaye Allen. Mrs. T.’s appointment took effect on March 28, 2009.

We congratulate Mrs. H. T. for her new appointment and wish her great success in her new position.

We are grateful for the efforts Mrs. Kaye Allen has made as the Corporate Secretary. She has held that position from December 31, 1984 to March 28th, 2009 and we congratulate and commend her for the great work she has done. Mrs. Allen will continue her work as Director of the Legal Affairs Department with HSA-UWC.


Rev. In Jin Moon
President FFWPU - USA

Rev. Ki Hoon Kim
Continental Director - North America 

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