The Words of In Jin Moon from 2009

Bringing You Up To Date

In Jin Moon
March 28, 2009
South Point Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada

Didn’t David [Hunter] do such a great job bringing you up to date on what we’ve been up to? I am just so happy that I have my whole family here with me to really celebrate this hour with you. I know that many of you have traveled far and wide just to spend a little time with us, and I’m very grateful for that.

There’s really not much to say after our Rev. Hyung Jin Moon shared with us the vision of what we need to do, together with my brother Kook Jin, who’s done such a phenomenal job, namely, the very difficult job of restructuring and reorganizing our movement. Just as Dave Hunter said, we are just at the beginning of a lot of good things to come.

I am so pleased to have my elder sister here, Ye Jin onni. Last night we had a wonderful dinner together as a family, and I said to her, “Sometimes it gets lonely being the only sister that’s on the frontline, but how wonderful it would be to have an elder sister pave the way for all the great daughters and women in the audience as well.” Wouldn’t you look forward to that?

We have my handsome brothers here, like Kwon Jin. And we have Sun Jin here also together with us. They have truly been the wind beneath my wings. These last eight months of many new experiences -- meeting all of you, seeing all your families, coming to know your kids by name, and even having the opportunity to cook for some of them on STF -- have been a wonderful opportunity.

I feel like God is giving us a chance to do something awesome and wonderful for America. I know there have been a lot of changes recently, but I always say, “Whenever you have change, there’s opportunity just waiting around the corner.” Heavenly Father is giving us a great opportunity for America to play an important role in bringing about world peace, something that my father has talked about, even dreamt about incessantly, ever since he was 16 years old.

Just as my father has lived a life of incredible sacrifice and incredible conviction, he is challenging all of us to do the same. I often turn to my fourth child, Truston, who just turned 16 this year, and say, “Your grandfather was your age when he decided to live his life for God. So what will you decide to live your life for? Will you be a man of conviction, just like your grandfather? Will you be a great son of our Heavenly Parent, just like grandfather?”

The kind of questions that I ask my son are the same questions I ask myself and that I ask you. Our father is an incredible man. Even though he’s 90 years old and even though he may be tired, just yesterday he spoke to us for almost 12 hours. That’s how passionate he is about God and about creating this world of peace that he has dreamt of for so long. He has given us the next couple of years for us to substantially see his dream and our dream become a reality.

Why do I feel so strongly that the dream will be realized? First of all, I have a great team: I have a great Moon team going here. Last year when I lost my older brother, which was such a shock and such a difficult thing for the whole family to bear, I said to my husband, “Hyo Jin oppa and Heung Jin are the two brothers that sandwich me. Those two brothers have always been the two pieces of bread that made me a baloney sandwich. Hyo Jin oppa used to jokingly call me the baloney, and Heung Jin, too, in a loving way. But I lost my sandwich.” But, as Dr. Lowery said to me many years ago, “God works in mysterious ways.”

Interestingly, now I have two pieces of bread that continue my life and role as a baloney sandwich. Now I have my younger brother Hyung Jin and also my younger brother Kook Jin, who are doing such phenomenal jobs and allowing me to participate with them. I feel like a team once again. I have not only lost two brothers, but I have gained two more. And not just them, but I have all of my family here together with me. And the family members who have gone to spirit world are already working together with me; I feel them every day, and I know that they’re hoping to see America become that great country that it truly can be.

Kook Jin stressed accountability, transparency, and results. Isn’t that wonderful? I know many of you have been waiting for this, and it’s something that I would like to bring to headquarters. In the personage of Hyung Jin, you have compassion, devotion, and healing. He has brought tremendous healing to many of us who were just simply tired. He has inspired and reinvigorated those whom I call the old and crusty -- and many times I include myself in that group, too -- encouraging all of us to look within to see how truly beautiful we are, to tap into the divinity, and to truly live a life, as Kook Jin says, inheriting the true love of God.

This is a fantastic movement, and you are incredibly lucky to be born at a time when True Parents are walking on earth together with us. You are hand-picked and hand-prepared. We have to ask ourselves, for what? Hand-picked and hand-prepared to complain? To be nonchalant about what we have here? No. We were hand-picked and hand-prepared to be excited, to be invigorated, to be inspired about walking together with our True Parents, about inviting the Heavenly Parent into everything that we do, and about raising up a new generation of peace, men and women of character and conviction who are going to usher in a beautiful new age of world peace. I’m excited now! Are you?

Thank you very much. Please bring this exciting atmosphere with you as you travel back to your districts. Please have a safe trip, and please always know that the True Family is right there with you. We love you very much. God bless you. 

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