The Words of In Jin Moon from 2009

New Appointment of Weon Geun Kim

In Jin Moon
March 23, 2009

NHQ20090323 No. 12

To: District Directors and State Leaders
Fm: Rev. In Jin Moon and Rev. Ki Hoon Kim
Re: New Appointment of Rev. Weon Geun Kim
Dt: March 23, 2009

Dear Leaders,

As you know, True Father has proclaimed that Las Vegas is a special providential area. Recently, True Father appointed Rev. Weon Geun Kim as the “Special Las Vegas Area Director.”

We congratulate Rev. Weon Geun Kim for his new appointment and wish him great success in his new mission.


Rev. In Jin Nim
President FFWPU -- USA

Rev. Ki Hoon Kim
Continental Director - North America 

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