The Words of In Jin Moon from 2009

True Parents' Day - International Conference in Las Vegas

In Jin Moon
March 20, 2009

Family Federation for World Peace and Unification
North American Headquarters
4 West 43rd Street, New York, N.Y. 10036

NHQ20090320 No. 11

To: District Directors, State Leaders, Blessed Families, and all Members
Fm: Rev. In Jin Moon and Rev. Ki Hoon Kim
Re: True Parents’ Day Celebration in Las Vegas
Dt: March 20, 2009

Dear Leaders, Blessed Central Families, Sisters and Brothers,

May God and True Parents’ Love guide you every second of each day. True Parents are now setting special conditions in the western part of the U.S. to redirect the culture here toward one of unselfishness and blessed family life.

True Parents Day, March 27, 2009

True Parents’ Day will be held at the Cheon Hwa Goong (Palace of Heavenly Harmony), in Las Vegas. It is a great blessing for America that True Parents are celebrating this significant occasion here. While we cannot all join together physically with True Parents for this special day, we hope that all our blessed families can feel connected to this celebration in heart and spirit.

Blessed Central Families and members can celebrate the Holy Day at their District or State Centers around the country. Please prepare an offering table and have your Morning Prayer and True Parents’ Day celebrations there. If anyone would like to make a gesture of financial support, it would be much appreciated. A donation of $100 per family (individuals - $50) is suggested, but what is most important is to give as you can from the heart. Donations should be made at the morning celebration. For sisters and brothers who will be unable to attend the Holy Day Celebration on the 27th, please mail your donation to arrive on that day at your District HQ. District Directors will send the Donations to the National HQ.

True Parents heart is always to give and educate the leaders from around the world at every opportunity they have. The True Parents Day Celebrations in Las Vegas are no exception.

Here is a breakdown of the Special Education Programs that have been planned around True Parents’ Day:

International Conference

Thursday, March 26 -- Sunday, March 29. 150 will attend. 40 Ambassadors for Peace and special American participants will join 110 international guests including BBWs (special national advisors) from every continent for a conference of 150.

Thursday, March 26 -- 6:00 PM buffet dinner, Garden Café, 7:00 PM opening session (different room).

Friday, March 27 -- all day sightseeing.

Saturday, March 28 -- two morning education sessions (time TBA) on the path to creating a new culture based on faith and core values. 150 Conference Participants join together in Main Program for 1200 from 1 -- 3 pm.

Main Program - Saturday, March 28 - 1 pm -- 3 pm

All participants should have already had lunch on their own. The main session is the most important of the whole Las Vegas event. It will be a theater style educational event with entertainment, video and special guest speakers as well as the keynote address that will bring a new perspective on creating a culture of peace based on family ethics and values. Rev. Sun Myung Moon is the “invited” keynote speaker. Also Rev. Hyung Jin Moon and Rev. In Jin Moon will be addressing the conference. About 1200 are expected to attend this program.

All programs will be held at the South Point Hotel -- 9777 S. Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, Nevada 89183. 702 796-7111.

The conference theme is “The Way Forward: Vision, Values and Leadership for America, the UN and the World”.

The event will be co -- sponsored by FFWPU and UPF USA with additional co- sponsors of ACLC and WFWP. Main program theme may be a variation on this.

Invitational materials:
UPF USA, ACLC and WFWP will create invitational letters for the appropriate constituency.

Who should attend:
BBWs (Abel and Cain) elected officials, business owners, Ambassadors for Peace, NGO leaders, educators, media, performing arts, ACLC clergy, professors, students, leaders in all fields,

Each District’s Responsibility:
District Directors should be prepared to come early to help in preparations and leadership for the program. More details will be sent soon.

Directions concerning the main program:

FFWPU members are welcome and encouraged to come from all over America on Saturday, March 28th to join in the Main Program in support of this historic effort to create a new direction toward a family culture in America. All Ambassadors for Peace, ACLC Clergy, WFWP leaders are encouraged to come. The Los Angeles District is asked to bring 300 key guests, San Francisco -- 100, all other districts 20 each (through natural participation from those who want to attend) and the balance to come from the Education Conference and Las Vegas opinion leaders.

Direction Concerning the Education Conference for 150:

Each district is responsible for the following special VIP participation in the conference. Participants are responsible for their own travel costs, plus a conference registration fee of $100 per person which includes hotel and meals. The goal for each District’s participation below includes the District Director as one participant:





























Main Program and Conference Organization:
Co Chairman: Rev. In Jin Moon / Dr. Chang Shik Yang Executive Committee: Bishop Ki Hoon Kim, Rev. Jenkins, Rev. James Flynn. Rev. Jenkins and Rev. Flynn have overall responsibility for all events.

Invitational Process:
Rev. Tim Henning and Rev. Joshua Cotter are responsible for outreach to guests for the Main Program. Los Angeles and San Francisco will be jointly responsible for the main program and conference organization and staffing. Each District is asked to be ready to send key conference support staff if called on.

Special Invitational Process:
A special effort will be made to reach civic, social, government, clergy and business executives from Nevada. We would like each District to send one person as soon as possible to Las Vegas who is well qualified for working with existing Ambassadors for Peace and Clergy in Las Vegas to begin a process of securing “partners” in these fields. The District should arrange travel for the volunteer; accommodations and meals during the activity period in Las Vegas will be provided by Headquarters.

Special Team for Networking:
A special team of volunteers for outreach and networking should come to Las Vegas immediately. This team has been nicknamed the “Dream Team”.

Thank you,


Rev. In Jin Moon,
President FFWPU-USA

Rev. Ki Hoon Kim
Continental Director, North America 

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