The Words of In Jin Moon from 2009

True Parents Really Love You

In Jin Moon
February 8, 2009
Columbus, Ohio

The following is In Jin Nim’s sermon to members from Ohio, West Virginia, Indiana, Tennessee, Kentucky, and North Carolina, given at the Ramada Plaza Hotel in Columbus, Ohio on February 8, 2009 8:30 AM.

Good morning, brothers and sisters. Doesn’t George have so much energy? If we could bottle your energy and mass produce it -- good Lord. America would be a new country. But really, brothers and sisters, I’m delighted to be with all of you here on Sunday morning. As I was meditating a little bit for a brief moment about what I can say to the Ohio district members, you know, the only thing that keeps on coming to my mind is how much True Parents really love you. In a way I know that if they could be here, standing at the podium where I am standing right now, they would tell you the same thing. You are their children and they love you very, very much.

As somebody who lived with them and who works with them, I feel like it’s truly incumbent upon me to kind of express that to you, to let you know that True Father and Mother are always thinking about America, are always praying for America, and always praying for the brothers and sisters who’ve given so much to this country. And they never forget. Just like the way they never forget when they saw the New Hope Singers International come on stage.

I saw the way my father watched everybody come and take their places on stage, one at a time. Father was sitting in such a way that he could not see the faces, but he was still watching the backs of these brothers and sisters that took their places. I can hear what was going on in my father’s mind. My father and my mother, they were remembering all the great things that they did together with you, that they did together with the New Hope Singers International -- the Yankee Stadium, the Washington Monument, and all the great blessings that they attended together with you. And all the great hope.

Do you remember the New Hope city tour, rallies that you had, right? Where you had musical entertainment with the New Hope Singers and Go World Brass Band, and all of you guys were much younger. But so full of life. And my father in his 50s was such a strong, virile man and he had so much energy and so much hope. I literally heard those things going through my father’s mind as I watched him prepare to listen to the voices that represented America during those crucial moments in time.

At that time I was also reliving how I as a very young girl -- I came to this country when I was eight years old and for the first time in my life saw American faces, saw blue eyes. This morning I had breakfast with Joe Willett, and at East Garden he was a security guard taking care of us. For the children, you know, he had the reputation for having the bluest eyes. I don’t know if they’re still as blue as I remember them to be, but for us that was just so incredible. They looked like two sapphires. I remember my siblings and I calling him the blue eyed one. And he had such pretty eyes. For the first time, you know, we saw blonde hair. We saw red hair. And coming from a country where everything is the same, everything is black hair and everything is black eyes, it was just such a land of amazement for me, and I know for my younger brothers and sisters too.

As we came to know different members of the American movement, getting to know and getting to speak and finally learning the language -- and I remember my father saying to the family, from the moment we hit East Garden and Belvedere, my father said, your mission, children, is to love America. And I remember all of us looking at Father and thinking in our mind, what does it mean to love America?

And then Father going on saying, in order to love America you must speak English as well as the American people, and better. And when you learn to speak the American language, then you can truly love America. So from the get-go we had a mission. We’ve got to learn English and we’ve got to speak it very, very well so we can heartistically connect to the American people, so we can understand them. It’s only in truly understanding somebody can you say you truly love them. So in a way that was the True Children’s mission from the beginning.

So we kind of took that to heart and we tried our best at school, and Father always urged us to be the best in everything that we do. So be the best in sports, be the best in school, and be the best at home. So in a way, even though I was a girl and my mother was a bit apprehensive, coming from the Korean tradition, about her daughters playing sports, my father said, go and play. So by the time I graduated middle school I was the captain of field hockey and my father was very proud of that. So I came home with a field hockey uniform and I said, Father, this is a really great day for me because I was just chosen to be the captain of my field hockey team and it’s a great honor.

And they gave me a choice, to choose my number. I remember Father just kind of thinking about it a little bit, and I said, what number should I be? Should I be number 3 because I’m the third one in the True Family, or should I be number 2 because I’m the second daughter in True Family? What number should I be? And Father just sat there for the longest time and he closed his eyes, and then he looked at me and he said, your number should be 43. That was a long time ago when I was in junior high school.

But in a way, when this great responsibility came to me because of the passing of my elder brother, and Father gave me an offer I could not refuse, which was to carry on my brother’s vision at Manhattan Center, and then a couple of months later Parents, having gone through the whole resurrection from the helicopter accident, and Father asking me again to head up HSA, I was 43 years old. So in a way, it kind of brought back a lot of memories for me. And it brought back a lot of memories about what America was to a little girl of eight years old.

I remember when I was looking into the audiences at Belvedere speeches, and I saw you looking and listening and jotting notes and laughing together with my father and mother. I saw this sparkle in your eyes. I was so amazed and so excited that I saw something magical. I saw something literally magical right before my eyes. I remember writing little notes to my brothers and sisters, saying, did you see that? Did you see that? Did you see that sparkle in their eyes?

And I was so inspired, so much so that I drew a little picture on a piece of paper that to this day I carry in my wallet. It’s not a good picture. It’s a very simple smiley-face picture, but next to the eye is a sparkle. And for me that represented the spirit of the American movement, the spirit and the promise of something great that we were going to create together as a community and as a movement. There was incredible excitement in the air, incredible hope. That is something that I have kept with me over the years.

I know that, you know, since that time, since I was an eight-year-old girl, and now I’m 40-something, you know, when I look back in my life, we’ve gone through a lot as a movement, haven’t we? You guys are no longer single, enthusiastic, young American brothers and sisters. Now you have children. Now you have a wife, a husband, now you have a family. And for those of us who have families of our own, you know it’s not a walk in the park, right? In a way when we promised and we pledged ourselves to build an ideal family, to Heavenly Father -- in a way I always tell my children, be careful what you ask for, or be careful what you promise because you just very might well get it.

And in a way, you know, Heavenly Father gave us just that. Heavenly Father gave us ideal families. Heavenly Father gave us an ideal spouse, right? I deal with my family. I deal with my spouse. I deal with my children. Or in my case, I deal with my in-laws. And in a way that meaning takes a life of its own, and we realize, my goodness, when we wanted so much the opportunity to have an ideal family -- well, Heavenly Father was giving us everything that we needed. We just didn’t realize how much work needed to go into building an ideal family.

And I always like to say to sisters and to brothers, you know, many times when some of you have the courage to come up to me -- and we love it when you come up to us and seek us out, and you say, you know, In Jin Nim, you guys are True Children and how is it being a True Child, building an ideal family and Father is so great, you know. But you know, the True Children, they went through a process of growth, and it’s been so difficult. How do you deal with all of that? I always say, well, I deal with everything like the way I deal with anything. And that is, one step at a time, each and every day. I start my morning thanking God. I end my day at the end of the day thanking God, and in between I try my best.

You know, it’s never an easy thing. In some ways Jesus Christ had the easy way because he didn’t have a spouse. He didn’t have to raise children. In a way I think if he were granted the ability or the opportunity to have a spouse and build a family, it would have looked no different than pretty much what the True Family had to go through, in that every child would have had to work through their difficulties and their life suffering and their different obstacles to become the kind of people that God originally intended them to be. And like your children and like my children, as much as we love them, they’ve got to make their own choices, right? So we as parents can only try our best, but they have to decide whether they’re going to be loyal to God or whether they’re going to live their life for God, and whether they’re going to build an ideal family.

I know that a lot of the first generation who’ve given up so much for the movement sometimes felt like, well, God, I sacrificed everything, I gave everything up. I thought we were going to have sinless children, it would be like planting a seed in a pot and all I needed to do was water and make sure that it got enough sunshine. But as any parent knows, children are a little bit more than a potted plant, and they need a little bit more love and care and attention. Yes, it’s wonderful that they’re born sinless, but that just means that we have to take care of them and we have to in a way manage them. We as a community need to protect them.

So when I’m going around the country nowadays, in a way sharing with the members, what I really want to stress is, hey, the best asset of our movement is our kids, and they’re not potted plants. They’re incredible human beings that are going to shake up the world when they truly reach their potential. Watch out, Michael Phelps. In last night’s introduction, one of the blessed children got up and said, you know, maybe gymnastics, maybe I want to win and say wonderful things about, you know, I did this for God and True Parents and for my family and for my movement.

Many times I’ve often dreamt, and my husband together, can you imagine if one of our own was that Michael Phelps, and was that person who won all those gold medals? And at that crucial time, the anthem, the national anthem of America comes up, and this young man, so accomplished, so dedicated, dedicates his victory to God and True Parents. We would win the world like this in an instant. And I’ve often thought, why not? Why can’t we as a movement produce the best, the future Olympic gold medalists, the future Nobel Prize winners, the future great Picassos, or Isaac Sterns of the world?

In a way we have everything we need, and instead of in a way being focused so much in trying to become big, you know, we’re always putting on these big events, and always inviting all these big-wigs, for a lot of money, why not build relationships so that in a way they want to come and be a part of our event? Why not build incredible families and communities, so instead of going after the politicians, they feel the need to come and talk to our congregations, talk to our communities and be a part of it. And in that process, make us, make the Unificationists an integral part of the political and the social process in America. Why can’t we be that? I think we can.

When I meet your children, when I meet our children, I am just so inspired because they represent the best of what can be. They’re beautiful, they’re intelligent, they love God, and they honor elders, which is something lacking in this country now. They care about people, like handicapped people, people who can’t take care of themselves. I don’t know how many times people -- I’ve heard stories about our second generation touching the lives of different people.

I’ve often talked about this STF person named Matthew who, by his sheer presentation and love of this one woman who was looking for UTS Father’s trail, that in a way he took care of her and loved her and not only showed her where Father’s trail was at UTS but took care of her in such a way with so much respect and honor that most older people in this country don’t get from young people, that she had to, she felt compelled to ask -- who are you people? And he said, do you remember those mass weddings of the ’80s? We’re a product of those mass weddings. Do you remember that man, Rev. Moon? He’s the one who put our parents together. And in that instant this woman’s life and her view of the movement was transformed, and that’s what I mean when I say natural witnessing.

In a way I feel that for such a long time, you know, our movement has always been initiating new witnessing campaigns, new witnessing initiatives, and in a way we’ve been sort of like the wind. You know the story about the wind and the sunshine, right, and both of them having a competition -- let’s see who can blow the coat off of that gentleman walking down there. The wind went first and the wind blew and the wind blew and tried to blow him down, tried to blow away the coat. But what did the man do? He grabbed onto the coat even tighter and fought against the wind.

In many ways, sometimes because we were so inspired by the Principle, we acted like the wind and we acted like I know the truth, I’m going to teach you something, so listen to me. And many times people kind of felt afraid, or many times people felt like, no thank you, no thank you. But in a way the beauty of natural witnessing and the beauty of raising children like Matthew and Sophia and so many others that inspire the people to ask, who are these kids, why are they so different?

And in a way, already they’re prepared to want to know why the children are different. And when the answer comes, they are different because these are the children of the mass weddings, these are the children that came into being because their parents were inspired by Rev. and Mrs. Moon, then a natural process takes place, a natural process of discovery, people wanting to learn more because the proof is in the pudding. They can see it. They’re not just hearing it, they’re not just imagining it. They’re seeing it in our children, in your children.

So in a way, if our movement can be more like the sunshine, radiating the warmth and the heart that True Parents are talking about all the time, in a way when these people come to our services, you know, we need to create an environment where they feel loved, they feel accepted, they feel cared for so that they want to come again. And when they do come and they meet your wife or your husband and they realize what a great relationship you have, and they meet your children, our children, and they realize how awesome they are, then in a way they will be inspired and they will be intrigued to learn more about the Principle.

I think if we can in a way take this approach instead of giving to people when they’re not ready, but holding a little bit back -- just like the way the book “The Secret” was such a phenomenon. Have you ever thought about why that book was such a phenomenon? It’s because of the title, secret. It’s intriguing. I have something but I’m holding it here so you have to come and read it. It’s kind of an invitation, but at the same time saying, take time to learn about it.

In a way sometimes I feel that taking that approach is a lot more effective than just kind of like the crash course mentality, let’s hit this campus -- all right, 20 CARP members barrage the campus and spread the word and teach the Principle. Because many times what we get is negative feedback -- we don’t want you, you’re not registered students, what are you doing on campus, why are you coming to brainwash our children?

As a new chairman of HSA, and as somebody who’s thinking about re-branding our image, because we are the world’s best-kept secret, in a way helping the world recognize how truly awesome we really are, we have to think about all the different ways that we interface with the larger community and the way we kind of interact with people I think can be something that we can work on. Maybe this approach of the sunshine as opposed to wind, maybe the approach of in a way living the Principle instead of teaching the Principle. And maybe the importance of giving our children dreams so that they can have something to aspire to, not just within our own community but within the greater community at large. Then in a way we’re not just thinking about ourselves but we’re thinking about how do we serve America, how do we serve the world.

When Father and Mother look at America and says that in a way America represents the elder son nation, and that America is crucial in the dispensation of our Heavenly Father, in a way I kind of understand it to mean that Heavenly Father has blessed this country with so much to prepare it to do great work for the world. When I was a freshman in college and just taking my first intro course in Political Science, and I remember the first day and I was an eager student, ready with my notes, ready to jot down everything that the professor had to say. And he came into class and the first question he asked was, what is power? And a lot of students had different definitions of what power is. But after listening to the whole classroom’s idea or definition of what power is, he defined it for us. He said power is the ability to influence.

In a way, when I think of America, God created America to be a superpower because America has the responsibility or the power to influence the world in the right way. You see, whatever America does, the world follows. You had Elvis Presley. Immediately in Japan you had Oriental Elvis Presleys. You have McDonald’s, Burger King immediately in Asia and even in Moscow. You have McDonald’s, the symbol of capitalism, in the center of the city. You have Starbucks in Moscow. You have Jay-Z immediately. The Russians listen to Jay-Z just as much as Americans, or Beyonce, or Isaac Stern, I mean, you name it. Anything American gets copied right away. There’s an incredible responsibility if you think about it, right?

And then the fashion of America, and right now America is going through a cult of celebrity. It’s almost as if for the young people God doesn’t exist any more. Their god becomes these celebrities. These celebrities become their god. You want to live like them, you want to dress like them, you want to look like them, you want to sing and dance like them.

So in a way, when my elder brother came to this country and he realized how important the power of the cult of celebrity was, he realized that he wanted to in a way create something that can harness the power of multi-media and entertainment and use it to influence the world, the young people in a good way. That’s why in a way he created the Manhattan Center. When the New Yorker and Manhattan Center were bought, Father and Mother said that these two buildings are the physical manifestation of True Parents in New York. So in a way, you know, the mother one, the Manhattan Center being more artistic, more beauty-oriented, and the New Yorker just being a very strong symbol of strength, it was the masculine and feminine at play.

And for me coming into this new role and working smack in the middle of midtown, remembering the kind of vision that my father had for those two buildings, as well as for America, and the vision that my brother had, I feel like there’s a tremendous amount of work to be done. But we have everything, in a way, prepared already by our True Parents and God, and the only thing we need to do is work on ourselves and work on our youth.

So part of my desire in wanting to show the promo is to inspire the young people that we’re not a tired movement. We are going to be a growing movement. We just need to remember how awesome we are. And I asked the first generation, those of you who’ve suffered so much and given up so much, in a way literally digging basements over the years in the hope of creating this incredible mansion for God, you guys were literally digging basements.

And I would say to the second generation, God is not asking you to dig the basements again that your parents have dug. What God is asking you to do is to be grateful to the first generation that have already laid the foundation for a beautiful home. The basement has already been dug. Now the second generation’s responsibility is to build a house that the first generation was waiting for. And that building, the house is going to take our effort and our dedication.

In doing this, the more we take care of ourselves trying to be externally excellent and internally excellent, in a way it’s our way of thanking the first generation for their sacrifice, saying, your sacrifice is not going to waste. In a way all those times when you’ve been tired, all those times when you’ve barely made it, thank God you made it because your children, our children are going to build an incredible house for God and for the world. And it’s just a matter of time.

So I feel that if we can truly kind of, you know, liberate ourselves from the difficulties of the past and kind of think of ourselves in a new way, think of ourselves as a movement of celebration, think of ourselves as a family where we can celebrate each other’s victories, listen to each other’s suffering, but be inspired through each other in what we can do. And I feel that in many ways, you know, we’ve just been so much concentrated on what we are not that many times we don’t see what we are. And what we are is wonderful, wonderful people. It’s God-loving people, God-loving families. It’s children who are aspiring to live a life for God. And that’s a rare phenomenon in the world now, you know.

When I think about what the outside world is like, for me a good litmus test is this sampling of a video that a friend of mine, sent to me. He said, you know, Tatiana, take a look at this. It was basically a video clip about a 22-year-old virgin, who just like you and me grew up on the stories of Cinderella and Snow White, you know, wanting to have this incredible happy ending story, wanting to find Prince Charming. But somehow in the course of her life, having gone through high school and college and, you know, seeing her friends go through different relationships, broken relationships and heartache, decided that maybe her purity didn’t really mean that much to her. But she thought, if it meant anything to anybody, why not put a capital value on it, market value.

So this young lady, having graduated from college, was thinking, okay, I can finance my graduate school program by auctioning off my virginity on the Internet. And the last update that I got from my son, he said, now her number is up to over $3 million. So a lot of the young people seeing that are thinking, oh, that’s a lot of money. Maybe I should give up my purity, and in a way auction it off. Then I’ll be set. A lot of young people are confused. When I see that, it’s really a litmus test of where America is right now.

So in a way, a lot of the first generation, you joined the movement because you found something wonderful in the Divine Principle and something beautiful in our True Parents. You found something called core values. You found something that gave you dignity as a human being, that you are God’s son and daughter, and that God destined for you to have an ideal family. There was purpose, there was meaning, there was dignity, there was honor in that. And a lot of you who joined 20 or 30 years ago were hippies-yippies, right?

I saw a picture of Rev. Phillip Schanker. Good Lord! He’s out to here and out to here, looks like a grizzly bear. And I’ve seen some pictures of Larry Moffitt when he was young. They look a lot like the way the young people look now. They were lost, they were looking for something. Many of them tried drugs, many of them tried free sex. Many of them tried everything that possibly one could imagine trying. But they never felt happy. They never felt valued as a human being because they didn’t know why they were put upon this earth.

That’s why when you came and you met True Parents and you heard the Divine Principle, and you realized how precious each and every one of you are, and how incredible it is for you to truly love somebody forever, and for somebody to love you forever. And how incredibly wonderful it is to raise an ideal family and sinless children. You guys were inspired. And in a way I feel like the world is coming back again to that time. It’s almost as if it’s a new retro-hippie, yippie movement that the young people are going through.

You can see many times in society the consciousness, where the consciousness is by looking at the fashion trends. You know, fashion trends are very good indicators of what people are kind of feeling or grabbing for in their subconscious. But when you see the ’60s fashions come back, or, for God’s sake, the green color, chartreuse that was so prevalent in the ’60s and everybody hated in the ’70s and ’80s come back full force in this new millennium, you realize that in a way it’s the cyclical thing coming back again. And again, this cult of celebrity creating so much confusion, with shows like Cribs on MTV, where everything is about money, money, money, women, women, women, sex, sex, sex -- that’s all. The young people are like, okay, if I have money, if I have women, if I can have all the sex in the world, then I’m set.

Well, you know what, young people? I work with those very people that have all the money in the world. I work with those people that have all the women and men in the world. And you know what? They’re not happy. They’re not happy. I don’t know how many times my shoulders have been the crying pad for a lot of very, very famous people. And not because I said anything but because they met my children, and they felt moved. They started asking me questions, how come your kids are so different? How come they’re so respectful? How come my niece is not like that? How come my nephew is not like that? And then naturally I can talk to them about my father, I can talk to them about incredible people like you, and incredible children like our kids. And they just start bursting into tears.

Many of them come from very difficult homes. Many of them were molested when they were young, incestuous relationships, or raped or beaten, really, really horrible stories that compel them to want to succeed so badly. But they never got rid of what happened because, you know, something like that happens to you, it scars you for life. And unless you find God and realize that you are God’s son and daughter and God has a purpose for you, then life becomes meaningless. And all the money in the world, all the women the world, you know, all the cars in the world is not going to make you happy. I see that day in and day out, working in New York City.

So I know that I met a lot of talented musicians yesterday, and quite a few talented ones here up on stage playing. I can’t wait to hear you guys next year. I’m sure you’ll be that much more phenomenal. But you know, it’s like if you really love something then don’t be satisfied with just being mediocre. If you really love something, be passionate about it. And all those people that have made it, it’s because they worked hard. You don’t just become a singer just because you’re talented. You have to be talented and work hard and try your best. I think if you can do that, and at the same time be internally excellent so that you can be like Beyonce, but absolutely love God, absolutely love True Parents and America, be proud that you’re representing America to the world, and in that way influence the young people -- I would say go for it. I would say absolutely. And I think a lot of you will.

With so many things that are happening, one Sunday morning is just not enough to share with you everything that’s going on. But I think the most visible phenomenon through which we recently witnessed God working in mysterious ways was really the election of an African-American president. When I started touring America, President Obama was still a dream. It was still an impossible dream that the civil rights leaders and people like Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Dr. Lowery -- who I had the privilege of working with -- had dreamt about. So for a lot of Americans he represented a dream becoming a possibility. But now that possibility is a reality. In a way the civil rights have fulfilled its mission of electing an African-American to the White House.

So in a way this is an incredible time when I as a representative of the True Family can go back to the civil rights leaders and say, you know what? You can’t go into retirement. God still has plans for you. God works in mysterious ways, and in a way now you have to hand the baton of the civil rights movement on to a new generation of young people that’s going to change the world. And before you were fighting for racial equality, but now we’re fighting to create a peaceful world.

We’re fighting to create a world where at the end of my day I can close my eyes in peace and know that my children are going to be safe from suicide bombers, from school shootings, from people who want to hurt them just because they’re doing well. I need to know that as a mom, that I’m leaving behind a generation that espouses to be something greater than themselves.

We need to create in a way a new consciousness for the youth of America and for the world. And really help them recognize the importance of understanding that God is our heavenly parent, the importance of understanding that we are one family under God, which means as brothers and sisters we have to treat each other with respect, we have to learn from each other with greater understanding, and we have to love each other in a caring way that inspires us to unite more deeply and create a world that will be a better world than what we know.

In a way the young people, you know, they’re just really an incredible group. They love naming themselves. Young people have named themselves Generation X, Generation Y, Generation Z, and you know with the MTV phenomenon it’s the show-me-the money. They’re called the Millennials now. So why not encourage or inspire the young people to name themselves Generation Peace, so that they can own their own world instead of waiting for politicians to solve the problems, or instead of waiting for ministers to solve our problems, or instead of waiting for me to solve your problem. You, everyone of you sitting in that chair, can be that agent of change just like the way my father became an agent of change when he decided at the tender age of 16 that he’s going to live his life for the sake of God and for the world, and that he’s going to dedicate himself ceaselessly and endlessly and consistently to achieve the liberation of God, which we witnessed last weekend.

And as a daughter who has seen my father liberate so many things in the past -- spirit world and liberate ancestors and all these different things -- but for me the liberation of God as the King of Kings was the most profound one because, you know, when Father liberated God, he didn’t just liberate God as the King of Kings as a father, but he liberated God as the King of Kings as a heavenly parent. There were two thrones representing God, the male and the female.

And maybe because I’m a woman, I have a, you know, I have a profound experience whenever there is a feminine aspect that’s represented in religion. I know that, as somebody who has studied religion, religion has not really been kind to women because in a way Eve caused the fall and Eve has been blamed for everything. Until True Mother, through her endless difficulties and suffering, you know, until she truly became victorious and reclaimed the proper role of Eve, so many women in the name of religion have been slaughtered, abused, and misused.

So as a sister, somebody who understands the heartache that women have had to bear through centuries and thousands of years, you know, of being misunderstood, for me this is an incredible time of liberation. In a way, when I look out into the audience and I see American sisters and I remember, just as you remember in the ’70s and ’80s when Father was berating you, peh, peh, peh, you American women, you horrible women, and really challenging you and really asking, are you going to be beautiful, educated, capable for yourself or for God?

And I remember many American sisters literally turn into Niagara Falls with so much deep suffering that they’ve had to go through. But in a way it’s your suffering that allowed, that laid the groundwork for Mother’s victory. And it’s upon your suffering that I and your daughters and your granddaughters will take an active role in a life of faith. And for me, I think that’s tremendous.

So providence is moving very, very quickly. You know, Father predicted, October 26th, 1975, in Chicago that an African-American born of a white mother and a black father would become the president of the United States. Father predicted that the Berlin Wall will come down when he sent my elder brother, Hyo Jin oppa, to preach and beat the wall down, and basically say, "Gorbachev, we cannot have this division any more." And very, very soon thereafter the wall did come down. And my father knew that when he gave his daughters all difficult Russian names, he knew that we would be going to Moscow one day, and he knew, he foresaw his grandchildren going to Moscow one day. And he knew that by having Russian names that there would be an immediate heartistic connection between the Russian people and his family. And that came true as well.

And my father knew that when he put Fish-Eye together with his daughter, the oil and vinegar together, he would get a one-of-a-kind vinaigrette that’s going to bring a lot of joy to a lot of people. And I see that in my children.

So in a way, brothers and sisters, God is working amongst us. God is working with us. God is working in mysterious ways and we just need to open our eyes. That opening of the eyes starts with realizing how incredibly blessed all of us are to be living at the same time that our True Parents are living with us. Can you imagine 100, 200, 300 years from now, your future children will be thinking about you, saying, I wish I could have been where Sue great-grandmother was. I wish I could have been like John great-great-great-great-great-grandfather, to be walking and speaking and living and sharing and conversing at the same time as our True Parents.

And you know what? As strange as it may look to some outside people, you know, my Father coronating himself in preparation to coronate God, some people might think, ooh, that kind of looks spooky. But when you look at it from a historical context, it’s no more kooky than Charlemagne crowning himself. It’s a major historical moment that cannot be erased and that has incredible significance in many, many years to come.

So in a way, brothers and sisters, I feel like we have a lot of work to do, but I am so grateful that Father has entrusted America to me. I am just so grateful that in a way I have the chance to get to know your children, and in a way get to know you, the first generation. And I’m hoping that in a way I can help transition of the first to the second and second to the third as smoothly as possible. And I feel that if we can come together as a community and really shine our inner qualities, if you will, and build a house where we would be proud to have guests, then I think the natural witnessing is going to take a life of its own. And it’s just a matter of time before the world recognizes how incredibly special our True Parents are and how special all of you are.

So I’m hoping that all of you can join with me in raising up this new consciousness, of raising a new generation of peace, and truly allowing America to exercise its ability to influence, its rightful and its proper ability to influence the world in a profound and in a meaningful way, by making God the prominent feature, by making the family the prominent feature, by in a way making peace the prominent feature by standing against violence of any sort, from individual to the world.

So I hope that, brothers and sisters, you can have a great week and a great month and a great year. I hope I get to see you sooner than that, but this is truly an ohio gozai-mas, truly a good morning, and I hope that this spirit can stay with you for many, many weeks to come. So thank you very much. 

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