The Words of Hyung Jin Moon

Hyung Jin Nim's Birthday

Leslie Halliday
September 1, 1984

Happy Birthday, Hyung Jin Moon

Happy Birthday Shin Goon Nim August 8, 1984

It was a cool, autumnal first of September morning. The sun was just beginning to rise at six am as leaders and members gathered at East Garden for Hyung Jin Nim's fifth birthday. Since it was also the day to renew our dedication for the new month, Mother asked that everyone arrive early,

Lots of gaily wrapped presents had found their way into the living room, including a bicycle decorated with streamers. The Ceremony began with prayer, and ended with True Children and members sharing food from the offering table. Mother presided with grace and ' authority. As members were finishing breakfast, Mother began to speak in the lovely, glass-paneled dining room.

Hyung Jin Nim is the last male child born to True Parents, she said. His name means, "everything goes well, according to the Will," and is like a helpful slogan for our movement at this juncture. Although there were many reports that could have been made about our activities, Mother explained that she was anxious to travel to Danbury. For the last 40 days she had been visiting Father regularly to bring him comfort and report, and she wanted to maintain her schedule.

Mother spoke briefly but poignantly about the significance of our movement's accomplishments during the 40 forty days of Father's incarceration. As she tried to describe what they meant to Father, she could not help dying.

The Korean leaders sitting by her nodded sympathetically or humbly bowed their heads. Our hearts reached out to Mother as she tearfully upheld her leadership role, representing Father to all of us.

At the conclusion of her talk, Mother urged the blessed couples to become the center of ceaseless prayer, and to conduct a prayer vigil schedule with real vigor during the next 40 day period. She explained that during the first 40 day period, True Children formed the center for conditional offerings at East Garden, but that now, although they would continue their Spiritual work, they had to focus on school, She called our efforts in 'all of the rallies truly commendable, but stressed that in order to move on, and harvest the substantial food of our undertaking we should seriously connect to this responsibility. 

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