The Words of Hyung Jin Moon

Chon Bo Hoi - "Treasures of Heaven"

Hyung Jin Moon
December 13, 2008
Headquarters Church, Seoul Korea

God has a special plan for each one of us. That is linked to the blessing of life. However, it is regrettable that people cannot recognize it. Many people do not know how to be grateful for their lives. They hurt people they love.

Especially, when we look at the children of Chon Bo Hoi, we can reflect on the preciousness of life. We learn to appreciate the preciousness of things we took for granted. Not everyone can give such a precious realization.

Your children help other people find treasures of heaven. You attend the treasures of heaven. Therefore, I named “Chon Bo Hoi.”

I think it is a very difficult task for you as a mother to take care of your children who are not “healthy.” However, your children have a special ability. Even if you do not realize it, it is a fact. For God already gave them the ability.

The children of Chon Bo Hoi will give the heart of gratitude to their families and people around them. Especially, their siblings will have a more mature heart. Of course, you can think that life is not fair from a negative point of view. However, we can choose a more positive heart.

We must realize that the lives we were given should not be taken for granted. As I could realize it through the ascension of my elder brother Yong Jin, I chose the way of religion. My life has changed.

In that sense, the children of Chon Bo Hoi are ministers who convey a special message. The mission of the ministers is to teach the preciousness of life. In fact, not just any minister can fulfill this mission easily. To help realize the preciousness of life means to testify to God, the Creator. The children of Chon Bo Hoi help people discover the treasures of heaven. In other words, they are doing an invisible ministry.

Looking at unhealthy children, I do not think that these children will live like this forever. The special meaning of Chon Bo Hoi that God gave to the children of this organization will shine not only here on earth but also in heaven. 

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