The Words of Hyung Jin Moon

Unification Peace Temple

Hyung Jin Moon
October 13, 2008

Father gave the name for the World Unification Peace Temple, Cheon Bok Gung, at 7:00 pm on October 12, in the eighth year of Cheon Il Guk (see photo, above, in which Hung-jin nim shows Father's rendering of the name in Chinese characters). The time we have been waiting for as Unificationists has come. It is to be built in a central location in Seoul. The two hundred and ten thousand Unificationists who will constitute its members will not be attending a big event that happens once and then is over. They will be the ones who are attending service every week!...

That vision is already being realized in front of our eyes. We are already in the preparatory stages.

Father gave the responsibility to all members in the world for the building of Cheon Bok Gung-the temple for World Peace and Unification, which will serve two hundred and ten thousand people. This is now your mission. And this is my mission...

Yesterday, Father declared that the building of this temple, Cheon Bok Gung, in a central place in the father nation of Korea, is the primary responsibility for our movement throughout the world. This project will stand in front of all other projects. In relation to True Parents, the building of this sanctuary, which will demonstrate wonderful proof of resurrection, is the mission of our worldwide Unificationist Community.

When we think about it, there is no better way to show filial piety toward True Parents than building the temple. There is no filial piety or glory leading to a greater substantiation of the Principle vision.

This vision of religious unity, which we read about in Divine Principle, must be realized while True Parents are here on earth, while the Messiah is here. We don't have a great deal of time between now and 2013, but we do have a clear vision and a clear goal. On this foundation, Cheon Il Guk will be established.

When we accomplish this, all of Korea -- indeed, all the world -- will be watching. Everyone will be watching what our movement is doing. They will see what Rev. Moon is really working for.

By 2013, we will complete this temple providence. Please say "Aju" if you believe we can do it! [Aju!]

Yet it is not enough just to have faith; we cannot bring resurrection just by our belief. We must bring resurrection through going out and putting our faith into practice. This will become amazing and irrefutable proof of True Father being the king of kings. I am convinced of this. The Korean church is already stepping forward, and the Japanese church is stepping forward...

Father clarified that the soil brought to Korea [from Jerusalem] will be the root of the temple. The history of the amazing temple in Jerusalem will be the root of the world peace temple in Korea, the third Israel.

We will go through the city walls to the Promised Land; we will go into the city [of Seoul] that is still completely centered on the heart of Satan, and set down the eternal root of the Unification Family, which no one can ignore. This is the great work of God's sons and daughters throughout the world to erect the third temple. This is my belief and my conviction. Aju! [Aju!]

[Humorously] I am usually a very calm person, very quiet, but whenever I talk about this, the good spirit world comes down and I go a little bit crazy! I cannot sleep at night!

In front of our children, while True Parents are on earth, let's work on this great task together! Let's really do our best. This is the primary mission of our Unificationist Community. Please announce this in detail to all the members when you go back to your countries. 

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