The Words of Hyung Jin Moon

Proclaiming the Completion of the Liberated Realm of the Portion of Responsibility in God's Providential History

Hyung Jin Moon
October 13, 2008
King Garden, Kona, Hawaii

"NOTE: These notes are taken from a script from the web site of FFWPU Korea. These cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future as an "official" publication on Rev. Moon's words. However, they do provide a good idea of the "spirit" of the message." Katsumi Kambashi

It rained a lot last night. Today, True Parents, who conducted Hoon Dok Hae at the Queen Garden with the True Family, sent Hyung Jin Nim's couple to speak at the King Garden where all of the other participants had their Hoon Dok Hae.

Hyung Jin Nim explained the vision and the providential meaning of establishing the Unification Temple which can hold up to 210,000 people. The direction of establishing the temple in such a scale was given by True Parents on August 17, 2008. He detailed the history of establishing the temple in God's providence, and emphasized how providentially necessary it is to make that temple in Korea, Father's home land, which has been the dream of Heaven.

He said that after having entered Canaan, the Israelite got secularized under the effect of the Canaanites, who must have held tightly the ideal of establishing the temple. That ideal finally got started under the reign of King Solomon, which had been destroyed by Babylon later. After the Israelites had come back from their exile in Babylon, they established the temple, which, however, was destroyed completely in 70 AD, and the ideal of establishing the temple remained unaccomplished.

He emphasized that to realize such an historical ideal of establishing the temple in Korea is of the essence in substantially making the temple of that scale in the Korean peninsula, which is God's homeland. The temple will be the headquarters where people from all religions and races will praise the King of Kings, the True Parents of Heaven and Earth. He also said that the providence of establishing the Unification Temple for the World Peace has been developed under True Parents' utmost blessing and love.

He mentioned that he already had started inter-religious service at the headquarters. His plan is to have service at the headquarters for the Catholic, Buddhists, and people from other religions. He said he had thought all his experiences in various religions as personal ones, but now realized that those are experiences are the preparation God gave him in order for him to realize a greater task in God's providence.

According to Hyung Jin Nim, after he held this vision as his, he got a special request from the spirit world and had a dream. In his dream, Yeong Jin Nim (one of Hyung Jin Nim's elder brothers who is in the spirit world) and Shin Joon Nim (True Father's grandson who always travels with them) appeared shouting out "Theory of Resurrection! Theory of Resurrection!" Later he heard the thousands of spirits who also shouted "Theory of Resurrection!"

He later opened that part of the Unification Principle, and through reading how religious people in the spirit world can be resurrected (which is by helping earthly people to contribute to God's province and eventually they in the spirit world can enjoy the same benefit the earthly people would obtain), he realized lots of things. He said he was actually really surprised with that reading. Hyung Jin Nim, who has been giving the Divine Principle lecture including that part, confessed that he had been curious as to when those resurrections would happen.

He said that though he has been working with lots of inter-religious activities, from now on he needed to go forward with the vertical tradition. He emphasized that he could make happen what the Unification Principle details on the resurrection of religious people in the spirit world. He earnestly explained to the participants his plan of providing the first session of Sunday service for the Protestants, the second session for the Catholics, and the third session for the Buddhists. According to him, he himself could not understand it this deeply in the past. He also emphasized that this is not just to make a mega-church but the vision for substantially unifying all religions.

Hyung Jin Nim said True Father gave him the name for this temple (Unification Temple for the World Peace) at 7:00 pm on Oct. 12, 2008, and it is the Cheon Bok Gyeong: Heavenly Blessing Palace. He said that the time has come when the top leaders from the world will come to our service.

According to him, he started to meet officials of the local cities, and could see a change in them. At this point, he has only 4,000 delegates but it will be 210,000 in the future. He said with confidence that that number (210,000) is not a one-time event but at every Sunday Service, where the top leaders from the world will visit our temple including Korean president.

He said that the True Parents had said that to establish the temple in Father's homeland is the ultimate responsibility for all the Unificationists in the world. He also emphasized that it is our mission in front of True Parents to make the temple which can hold 210,000 people, and prove the theory of Resurrection in the Unification Principle by the year 2013. According to him, this is the utmost filial piety we can show to True Parents, and we must achieve what has been prophesied during True Parents' time. He also said we should not take the same path of the Israelite who fell down to the Canaanites, but instead to victoriously go forward.

He said he is a quiet person by nature, but after having received this heavenly mission, he became a passionate and even crazy person for that purpose with enthusiasm and great hope. He asked earnestly that all Blessed families in the world must have the true ownership doing their responsibility to complete the ideal of establishing the temple, which was followed by his prayer.

After Hung Jin Nim's speech, Rev. Chang Shik Yang explained how Elder Nam Soo Kim, moxa cauterist, got connected to our movement and shared episodes in his coming to Kona this time. 

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