The Words of Hyung Jin Moon

Invocation At The Blessing Of 242 Couples

Hyung Jin Moon
October 12, 2008
Chung Pyung, Korea

Dear Heavenly Father! The victorious True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Human Kind!

When Heavenly Father created All Things and the universe, we couldn’t establish your wish of an Ideal Family, your son and daughter was taken away by your angel, and walked the 6,000 years with tears.

Heavenly Father! However, True Parents came to earth and fulfilled that Ideal Family and blessed the blessed families that you have awaited for 6,000 years.

Heavenly Father! Your beloved precious children who have gathered here, the central blessed families of our precious unification family, today, 242 couples are here, promising in front of you, please let them become blessed families who can establish eternal true families and fulfill the Four Great Realms of Heart and Three Great Kingships.

Heavenly Father! Let these blessed families become world leaders and return joy and grace back to you. I sincerely pray for this.

Heavenly Father! Through these precious 242 blessed couples let the heaven that you have planned to be built and can create the new Cheon Il Guk before the world, the people, the history, in a new place. We can only be grateful to our precious father.

Heavenly Father! Through this blessing ceremony let us create a new family and new world and create that ideal world that you wish for, that ideal family to be created. Please work through these central blessed families. I sincerely pray from the bottom of my heart.

Heavenly Father! Sincerely pray that you will bless this central blessed family and their future generations. I offer this prayer in the name of Hyung Jin Moon, Central Blessed Family, through the name of True Parents, True Family and Unification Church Family. Aju! 

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