The Words of Hyung Jin Moon

Creating A Clear Vision

Hyung Jin Moon
October 11, 2008
Headquarters Church, Seoul Korea
Transcribed by: Mary Annie Haperman
Edited by: Bruno Klotz

Welcome Remarks:
Yeon Ah Nim:

We are hoping you had a wonderful last week, and we are also praying for you to have the best in this coming week. We are always honored to have you here in this Sanctuary, and for those who are joining with us via the Internet, we are welcoming you as well. Welcome brothers and welcome sisters.

Hyung Jin Nim:

Welcome brothers and sisters. Today we have a very, very special service. I get too excited when I think about it. So I can't think about it right now; but it's coming, it's coming. Today I want to share with you from Cheon Seong Gyeong, and here Father says, "We are historical pioneers. The pioneer must break through difficult surroundings, and advance with a prepared attitude toward a hopeful tomorrow."

This is one of the very most inspirational, and I think, one of the most hopeful passages in this section. To understand that we are historical pioneers, to understand that we have historical significance, that's going to come out in the sermon. I'm not going to talk about it now. I'm not going to talk about it now, but it's going to come. And that the pioneer has to break through the difficult surroundings and advance with a prepared attitude. Notice that: A prepared attitude towards a hopeful tomorrow.

Brothers and sisters, it is always so important to live our lives with that "prepared attitude for a hopeful tomorrow." That is to say that I am already preparing now for a better tomorrow. I am already waiting, expecting, and readying myself, preparing myself, for that hopeful tomorrow. I am not doing that yesterday or tomorrow, I am doing that today. I am preparing myself to receive those blessings and to be able to share them as well.

Brothers and sisters, before we start service, I always want to remind you; let's begin with the right mind set. Let's see ourselves from these eyes, from True Parents' eyes, from Heavenly Father's eyes. We see that we are historical figures, pioneers; we are not just here for filler, or taking up space. We are here with a purpose and a mission, and we have value. We have infinite value, cosmic value, and unique value. Whenever the world tells us that we don't, or tells us that we are unworthy, etc., we have to remind ourselves of quotes like this. We have to remind ourselves of the great providential value that we have.

I've been asked to speak a little slower, so I am trying to increase my providential value by speaking just a little slower, so that you can understand me. I have a tendency of going a little too fast, but I am going to try to contain myself today and really try to share the words and the ideas in a digestible speed.

Brothers and sisters, whenever we come into service, let us remember that we are here not just to watch service, to observe, but to truly participate; to attend True Parents and God in this beautiful sanctuary, on this beautiful autumn day, when the blue sky is showering us with its blueness, (Laughter) very poetic.

Brothers and sisters, we want to welcome you once again to the sanctuary. Let's have a great service, and let's return the glory to God and True Parents today. Welcome once again.


Brothers and sisters, as we always begin, let us prepare our mind, body and brain. Let's prepare our body.

Let us reach our hands down towards the earth. Let us lift the Universal Prime Energy that surrounds us, breathing in, and as we pass our beating hearts, our living hearts, let us breathe out and raise our hands to the Heavens today and truly stretch, stretch our faith. Let's receive what God wants to give us today; His love, His compassion, His peace. Breathing in, and as we pass our living heart, breathing out, and once again, stretching towards the ground, receiving the energy of the ground, or the Universal Prime Energy, breathing in, as we pass our living hearts, breathing out, and really stretching towards the Heavens today, really stretching our bodies, our minds, our faith today. Let's receive God's peace, His wisdom, His strength, etc. Breathing in, and as we pass our hearts, let us deeply breathe out.

I invite you to take a seat, and let's sit at the front of our pews, where we can keep our backs straight, and where we can breathe deeply and normally. Let us straighten our back and prepare ourselves; prepare our minds.

I invite you to close your eyes. Let us now visualize not this sanctuary, but a beautiful autumn day, just like this. We are walking in the forest; we can see a beautiful covering of maple leaves that are on the floor. As we walk we can hear our footsteps on top of those maple leaves. When we look up towards the canopy, we can see brilliant colors. The leaves have turned orange, and reds. We can hear the wind rustling through the leaves. We can see the tree branches waving gently, greeting us this day. And as we are surrounding ourselves in this beautiful autumn day, the clear blue sky above, the soft ground beneath, let us walk slowly and gently, mindful of each step that we take, each peaceful step.

And as we continue to walk, let us gently stop on that path; let us face towards the canopy, look up towards the canopy and even in that image, let us close our eyes. Let us feel the soft wind, gazing on our face; we can feel the beautiful sunlight that is coming through the canopy, warm, on this very cool autumn day. And in that place, in that natural created creation, let us breathe in deeply, and in our hearts, let us say, "I am alive." And let us exhale deeply, and in our hearts, let us say, "Thank you."

Second inhalation, as we breathe in, in our hearts, "I am alive," breathing out, as we breathe out, gently, "Thank you." One more time, final inhalation, "I am alive," breathing out deeply and naturally, "Thank you."

Wherever we may go, and whenever the seasons may change in our lives, let us always remember that God and True Parents are with us, every single step of the way. That they are directing our paths, and that they are lighting our path, and our direction for our future.

Let us gather our hearts in prayer.

Hyung Jin Nim's Prayer:

Heavenly Father, thank You for this blessed day that You have bestowed upon us. Father, You have given us this amazing day. Father, You bestow Your true love, Your true life and Your true lineage upon us. Father, when we remember that we are children that You have waited for, for six thousand years, Heavenly Father, let us never forget that incredible value; let us never forget that incredible meaning; let us never forget that incredible purpose, for which You have sent us here.

Let us truly be Your hands and Your feet in this world. Let us live the blessed life with our families, with our communities and extend that blessing to others in this world.

Father, we know that You have prepared people in our paths, that we are to help, and to protect. We pray that we may truly be the stewards, those responsible, blessed people, that can extend that protection, that help. Father, let us truly be those sons and daughters, who can bring so much joy in this world and truly live up to our God-given potential.

Heavenly Father, thank You once more for this day that You have blessed upon us. Let us see ourselves continually moving towards our hopeful future. Let us see ourselves improving each day, in maturity, in strength, Father, in wisdom, in grace, in love. Let us expand our horizons and expand our hearts, so that we may truly embody Your goodness here on this earth.

Thanking You so much, we pray with a truly grateful heart, and everlasting love. We know You are with us. We pray that You will be with everybody here joining us in the sanctuary or around the world on this very day. Bless those families, bless those blessed people; and, Father, truly let us truly live that blessed life and extend that blessing to the world. Thank You so much.

We pray these things together, as central blessed families, in the name of Moon Hyung Jin kachong (family), a central blessed family, Aju.

Interesting Story:

Brothers and sisters, you know, before we always start, we like to start with something a little, little interesting. And here is a story I heard. Somebody sent this along. There are three proofs that Jesus was a woman! Yes, three proofs that Jesus was a woman. Number 1) Jesus had to feed a crowd at a moment's notice where there was no food. Number 2) He kept trying to get the message of love across to a bunch of men, who just didn't get it. And Number 3) Even dead, he had to get up, because there was more work for him to do.

Brothers and sisters, give it up. Let's stand on up. Mums, do you know what I'm talking about? Oh, my God!

Right hand up; left hand on our heart

True Parents Declaration

These are my True Parents, the eternal King and Queen of Peace, and liberator of God's heart. They have saved me from my past. They have blessed my future, and they give me true love, forgiveness, and happiness today, and I choose to receive it. My mind is awake, my heart is open wide, and from this moment, I change forever. In my name, Aju

Main Sermon:

Brothers and sisters, today I would like to talk to you about creating a clear vision for our lives. In particular I feel that this is my own testimony. I'd like to share my own testimony here. In order to live the blessed life, we must be able to create a clear vision for our lives. And too many people live their lives without a vision for themselves. "I'm just too busy," or "I'll leave it up to God," or "Wherever the river of my life will flow, I'll just follow that along."

But in order to fulfill the blessed life and to live up to our God-given potential, we must also do our five-percent. We have to have a vision for our lives, prepare that vision, a vision that we can see; that we can feel, that we can visualize, where we can really feel that we are actualizing that dream. You see, that vision gives us a sense of purpose in our lives, a sense of mission and a sense of incredible meaning when we connect it to God and to True Parents.

Every service we begin preparing our minds, our bodies and our breath with visualization practice. And the practice of visualization is a very powerful tool. In visualization we are not just watching a scene, like an observer watching a beautiful scene, but we are participating in that scene. We are feeling the grass with our feet; we are hearing the sounds, feeling the wind, almost as if we are there. We are seeing those beautiful leaves, we are feeling ourselves participating, actually experiencing that scene. And one of the keys to visualization is actually trying to experience that place or event, as if you were there, is trying to visualize the details and particularly the feelings and emotions that you would feel if you were actually in that place.

When we moved to Headquarters Church, Father gave us a tremendous vision that was unheard of in the history of Unificationism, unheard of. He first gave us the very clear goal of creating a 20,000 member church. But at that time I couldn't feel that vision, honestly speaking. We looked into the Divine Principle, because we couldn't understand where this vision was coming from. And we went to search where the transition period would occur; where there would be a course of wilderness into a course of settlement.

And we found it in the story of Moses. During the wilderness course Moses and the Israelites had to bring around the Tabernacle, which inside had the Ten Commandments, that God had given the Israelites. But after entering Canaan, the Promised Land, the Israelites were to construct the Temple of God, where God could permanently dwell, where His roots could permanently dwell and filter down into the descendants and history; where all of His people could dwell and bring peace to the world.

We understand that this was all supposed to be the national foundation for the coming of Christ. But we see and understand from the Principle perspective of the providential history, that when the Israelites moved into Canaan, the providence went from Moses to Joshua, and basically, simply put, the first generation, Moses, could not come into that promised land. Basically, the second generation moved into that land of Canaan, but they didn't construct that Temple. They didn't construct the permanent structure. And so what happened was... in the principled perspective we see that the people eventually slowly became more secular, and they fell into faithlessness. And the providence was prolonged 2,000 years until Christ!

When we heard this story, we realized that this has great significance for us. On August 17th, 2008, all of a sudden, in Hoon Dok Hae, Father was talking about the temple, and he was saying, "20,000 church? No, not 20,000 church, 210, 000 temple!" Oh, my God, brothers and sisters, I went to spirit world on that day. You see, Father explained to us, twice now, that this temple, that he is calling the 210,000 Unification Peace Temple, will be the New Jerusalem. It will be the third temple of God. King Solomon built the temple 957 years before Christ, and then Cyrus rebuilt it, and then Herod tried to preserve it, but again it was destroyed, by the Romans.

For 2,000 years in history that temple of God has not been here on this earth. And Father has told us that this will be the start of an actual Cheon Il Guk in this world. When we look at the other places we understand that this temple should have been built in Jerusalem, but when we go to Jerusalem and we see where the temple mount is, brothers and sisters, there are two important religious sites on that temple mount, Al Aksa mosque and Dome of the Rock mosque. If a temple would be built right there, it would literally erupt into a World War Three.

So, of course, we looked at all the other nations, but we understand that the Peace Temple that Father explained must be built in a land where there is peace in the history, where there is no colonization or conquering of other nations. And of course, from a principled perspective, we understand that that is the Fatherland That is why True Father came to this nation.

True Father has told us to achieve this goal by January 13th, 2013. When I heard this, it was so impossible for me to visualize this. It was so hard to get a picture of this in my mind. Are we just to be a big mega church here in Korea, competing with big Christian churches or big religious institutions? Just another mega church? Maybe Unification mega church, but a big one. I mean, just another mega church.

And I had so many sleepless nights thinking about this issue. What will this Temple signify? What will this Temple represent?

And one day the spirit world began to move, and I had this dream where Young Jin hyung came to me. He came to me in this dream, and he said, "RESURRECTION CHAPTER!" And then my little boy came to me in that dream, and he said, in the dream, "Appa, can you tell me again the story about the Resurrection Chapter?"

I was about to fall asleep again. I had to get up in about one hour to get to the 2:30 morning training, and so I was literally dozing off again. But then I started hearing in the dream so many voices that were saying, "Resurrection Chapter! Look at the Resurrection Chapter!!" That got me up very quick. So I got up, and I ran to the Principle. What is in the Resurrection Chapter? I looked at Chapter 5, Section 3, in the Resurrection Chapter in the DP. And this chapter is the chapter on returning resurrection. We see that the Messiah will come and will be aided by the spirit world to unite the religious traditions, and that the Messiah comes as the central figure to all religions, to unite all religions.

For Christianity he is the returning Lord, the Messiah, the Lord of the Second Advent, etc. For Buddhism he is the Maitreya Buddha. In Confucianism he is the True Man. In Islam he is the Mahdi. We see this kind of meaning embedded in the Resurrection Chapter.

When I saw this vision in the Resurrection Chapter, I realized that this is an amazing vision. But I also realized that for so many decades anyone who has taught the Principle has felt saddened when lecturing on this chapter, "When will this chapter come to pass?!" This chapter prophesies that when the Messiah comes this will happen, that there will be a day when the religions are united, around a central figure. Even myself, I struggled with this issue for years!!

When I studied the world's religions, when I participated in those religious communities I struggled with this so heavily, "How is it that we will actually bring unity of the religious traditions?" Up until now we've had many, many inter-religious conferences; and during those conferences I was praying, doubting even, and even asking, "How is this going to bring what this chapter teaches?"

And when I saw those conferences, I realized that, of course, they create dialogue, they create conversation. But they build horizontal relationships and not the vertical relationships that are centered on True Parents, where the religions actually attend True Parents, as it is prophesied in that chapter, where the religions actually become a part of our Unification family and contribute to our Unification community and raise their kids in our Unification community.

See, we did these conferences where our communities, for over 20 or 30 years, were burdened by 90% or 90 plus % of all the costs. Our members, particularly in Japan, had to burden that cost. And this could not convince me that that was the model that we were being told of in the Resurrection Chapter. That was not enough.

You know, we do multiple services a week; we'll be doing literally eight services a week pretty soon. So in doing services I have been deeply inspired at how much it has influenced the character of the movement. There is a new change, a feeling of change in the movement, particularly in Korea. I've received so many things from across the different continents, too, that are saying that many churches are trying to rebuild the environment in their churches, rebuild the worship services. But honestly, in my heart I always felt that something was lacking.

I grew up in high school with African American friends, so I love the gospel tradition. I love the gospel music, and we hear that beautiful gospel music here with the Two Rivers Choir! Brothers and sisters, give it up for Two Rivers Choir. We hear that beautiful gospel music every week. I love that type of tradition and worship style. And we showcase that here in our English service.

In my own life I also attended a Catholic University for two years, Fairfield University in Connecticut, a Jesuit school, before transferring to Harvard. One of my friends is a professor in philosophy. He is one of the head priests now in the Boston priesthood. I also spent time in a nunnery where I attended mass everyday with Bishop Stallings, Rev. Doo, etc., participating in worship in the Catholic tradition.

Of course everyone knows that I also extensively studied Buddhism. I have many dear and close monk friends from many different traditions of Buddhism. And I have recently spent time in temples in Japan, Tibet, and China, in Korea, etc. And all these traditions are such an integral part of me, as a Unificationist, in my own walk with the Lord.

But with just the gospel style service that we see here in the American service -- significant part of me -- I always felt that there is something more, that we have to continue to expand. So we did something very, very interesting here at Headquarters Church. Last weekend we did the forth service on Sunday, that's at 5:00 in the afternoon, the fourth service on Sunday. We did the Peace and Blessing Worship Service.

And that is basically a Catholic Unificationist service, where we had the progression that showed the old, the new and the completed testament age; and shows how True Parents are connected to and completing the Biblical providential history.

In this particular service there is also a mass-like service, a completed testament mass-like service. This weekend, on Sunday at this service, Bishop Milingo will, of course, be coming to participate, and we want him to participate, hopefully, more in the actual worship service.

I am also developing a Buddhist Unificationist service. In the service we will have traditional instruments, the bell, the drum, the gong, the bamboo flute, etc. We will also have mantra chanting, and the name Cham Pumo Nim (True Parents). And a special tea ceremony will be done by a professional tea master here in Korea.

At first I didn't know why I was being compelled to go beyond this type of worship. But then, of course, I looked back at my own training in the different religious traditions, my own preparation for this kind of responsibility; and I realized that I was actually preparing for the 210,000 Unification Temple!

I want you to imagine, to visualize, the first service: 10,000 plus Christian Unificationists flooding in and they are singing with the Tworivers Choir, bringing praise to God. Then in the second service 10,000 Catholic Unificationists come in, and they are attending the Completed Testament Mass, singing Gregorian chanting to God and True Parents. And at the third service there are the Buddhist Unificationists flooding in, and they are chanting Cham Pumo Nim as the Maitreya Buddha. And in the forth service the Muslim Unificationists come in and offer Islamic prayers.

Here we will in reality, just in ceremony, actualize the vision of the unity of religions, vertically centered on the returning Lord, prophesied in Chapter 5 of the Resurrection Chapter. Brothers and sisters, give it up for God and True Parents. (Clapping and cheering)

This will not be the one time expensive event of the past; these will be weekly worship services, weekly services, where 210 plus thousand people gather in the middle of Seoul, the capital of the Fatherland, to give praise to God and True Parents. This will not be like another church, because there will be no other church like this on the face of the planet! There will be no religion that can exemplify this on the face of this world. And this Unification Temple will be evidence and testimony to True Parents as the returning Lord. It will be a model for the religions becoming a unified family, centered on True Parents; and will be the beginning of the Chung Il Guk nation.

You see, brothers and sisters, this is very clear now in my mind. This is a very clear vision in my mind. One of the key points that I really want to emphasize is having a clear vision in our minds. You know, when we first started, when Father had first given us this mission, we could not visualize it. How is it going to be different from other religious institutions? How is it going to be unique? How is it going to actually fulfill any of the things we have been teaching? Is it just going to be another mega-church? But we realized, as time was passing, as we were developing and increasing the church community, developing the structures, developing the infra-structure, etc... everything began to become clearer. The direction became clearer. The possible realization of the 210,000 temple, the Temple of God, became more and more clear.

You see, the message that we want to give to you all, here at Headquarters Church and across the world, the vision now for the start of Chung Il Guk, is extremely clear. And it is beginning at the 210, 000 Unification Peace Temple of God. We will be able, of course, to have enormous social, political and cultural authority, but more importantly, we will be able to exemplify and exhibit tremendous spiritual accomplishment and authority. We will show that we accept all the religions; that all of the religions are part of our Unification family, that there are not just conversations or dialogues. These religions are part of our Unification family.

And now we can see that. I can literally visualize this in my mind. I can see it in my prayers; I see it in my dreams. My God, I can't sleep nowadays. I see this in my dreams, I can feel it, and I can already hear the sounds of the beautiful Tworivers choir singing in that temple, with thousands of Christian Unificationists, Gregorian chanting, thousands of Catholic Unificationists, Buddhist chanting with thousands of Buddhist Unificationists, Islamic prayers that will be emanating from these halls.

In this movement now we have a very clear vision; and not only a clear vision, but also a very clear numerical goal, 210,000 Unification Temple. We will do everything here to achieve this victory for God and True Parents, and for our Unification family. There will be no temple like this on the face of the earth, no religious institution on the face of the earth, that can do this.

It will truly be the temple where God will dwell. When people think of the Unification Church, they will think of the 210,000 Unification Peace Temple, and nobody will be able to deny the amazing reality of True Parents' role as the coming Lord, as the Messiah, as the true Buddha, etc. And all the blood, sweat, and tears of the first generation, of everyone who committed, sacrificed and invested their lives to build this foundation as far as it has come, all that effort, that merit, will not be in vain.

See, we as the second generation, here in Korea, we're very committed now; more and more people are getting very committed. We are not going to do just as those Israelites did in Moses' course. We are not going to fall into faithlessness, and become secular. We are going to retain our roots, but we are also going to expand them. We are going to be able to bring in those different communities and truly actualize the vision that is prophesied in the Divine Principle. And now that we have a crystal clear vision for our future, for the year 2013, for that day that True Father has given us, the whole movement is moving towards it.

We have a very clear vision of what has to be substantialized by that date. Because we have that crystal clear vision now, we can do the visualization, we can actually see the things happening. Because here at the Headquarters Church we are already preparing the Catholic service -- and also the Buddhist service will be coming up very soon -- we already feel that we are preparing to do all the work that will be required to do such a thing.

Of course, it will not stop there. We know that this will be a model and an example for all different churches in all our other mission countries; where the mission countries will be able to come and to learn. They will be able to train in those different realms, and then go back to their mission countries. When we now have this clear mission, this clear vision, we can now see it, feel it. We can actually feel the emotional content of us being there. We can actually envision and understand its providential significance. We here in Korea, and also around the world, in Japan -- this is the first time I am sharing this internationally -- we are now gathering to be able to truly make this come to pass.

Brothers and sisters, it is so true that having a clear vision in our lives is one of the keys to living the blessed life. But that blessed life cannot stop just at our own lives. We as a Unification family have a duty and a responsibility to those who have come before us, to truly be able to accomplish the task for which they have truly given their lives. Here we truly are working for each and every step in that direction. Every single organization that we are responsible for is moving in that direction, so that the 210,000 Peace Temple of God will be actualized here in the Fatherland.

We have also reported to Father that once that land, the temple site is determined, we will go to Jerusalem. Father gave the order, many years ago, to move Jerusalem to Korea. And so we will actually go to Jerusalem, and we will pray and move the land to Korea, the providential spirit and the history there. And then we will also be traveling to different saints' countries, Nazareth, and the birthplace of Mohamed, the birthplace of the Buddha, Confucius, etc., to bring those blessings and merits into the Peace Temple, where the Unification tradition can truly be at the vanguard and center of the world peace movement.

For me it is so clear that through the practice of the services and the worship spaces we will be able to create the real example for those different traditions coming into one. Those traditions of course retain their own religiosity and their own religious heritage. They understand that we are inter-religious in our Unification Family, but moving together towards a common vision and a common purpose.

When we see this now, when we envision it now, and when we look at the Resurrection Chapter, we can truly see that this will be the model that will allow us to accomplish not only building horizontal connections, but actually building religious communities that are centered on God and True Parents. When we think of this, brothers and sisters, it is clear in our minds, and we know that we will achieve this, because we have a very clear vision, a very clear visualized goal, a very clear goal.

I use this very personal example in my own life to show that in our lives it is so important to have a vision that we are moving towards, to create a large vision for yourself as a blessed central family, to truly see ourselves in that historical pioneer perspective, and to move towards a life of blessing that God has blessed us to live.

See, I truly believe that, if we are able to create a clear vision for ourselves in our lives, a vision that we can actually visualize, and a vision that we can actually see and go into and feel, then I believe that as we move towards that vision, that God will provide the ways and the method for us to slowly move towards that vision, and make it a reality.

Brothers and sisters, for us that means truly to create, by 2013, the Peace Temple, where all the Abrahamic traditions -- not only the Abrahamic traditions, but also the other traditions of the world -- can come together and worship together as one Unification Family.

When we truly think about this, I really do believe that this will be the most amazing offering that we can offer as our Unification Family to True Parents, the true prophesied vision that will come to pass, here in the Fatherland of Korea. That for me is one of the most exciting things that I can even think about. It is so important for me to be able to work for this and invest everything I have to try to make this come to reality.

True Father has given us this mission, and we will accomplish it by 2013. We will work our way to achieving that goal of the 210,000 Unification Peace Temple for God and True Parents where all the religions will come together, where the Resurrection Chapter will be able to be evidence of our Unification Family, of the tremendous power and of the tremendous spiritual merit of our community.

Brothers and sisters, I do believe that if we do move forward with a clear vision in our lives, we will find ourselves with more victory. We will find ourselves with more illumination, and we will find ourselves with more peace; living that blessed life, and being that blessing to others.

Brothers and sisters, if you can receive this message -- I know it's more like a testimony -- but if you can receive this testimony, then brothers and sisters, let's give it up for God and True Parents. (Clapping and cheering)

Anybody from the Catholic tradition: Our Sunday service, forth service, at 5:00 pm, you have to come and see it. It is something special to see. Our Unificationists have not seen anything like this, and the Buddhist service is coming soon.

Final Meditation:

Brothers and sisters, let us gather our hearts for our final meditation. Let us now gather our hearts for our final Homeland meditation practice. Let us close our eyes and now visualize, not this sanctuary, but walking on a beautiful meadow. We can feel the soft grass beneath our feet. With each step that we take, we can see beautiful flowers that are blooming around our feet.

With each step we can see these blessings that are shared on this world. As we look towards the left, we'll see a beautiful stream that is meandering down. We can see beautiful birds playing in that stream. We can hear the sound of that beautiful stream. As we move forward, we see a beautiful forest in front. And as we look up ahead we will see a beautiful, blue sky, vast and limitless. As we walk ahead, we will see True Parents there, waiting for us.

Let us go before True Parents, and be seated. True Father, with his right hand, True Mother with her left hand, place their hands on our heads, and give us their blessing. If there are things that we wish to confess to True Parents, let us report them at this time, here in our hearts. Let us receive their blessing; and let us feel that energy of the blessing flow through us like a wave of energy, from the top of our head all the way down to the bottom of our feet. We can feel each cell in our physical body becoming blessed and healthy. We can see our spirit body becoming illuminated, shining in thousands of directions.

As we receive our blessing, let us gently breathe in and in our hearts say, "I am alive," and as we breathe out old life in our hearts, let us say, "thank you." As we breathe in new life in our hearts, let us say, "I am alive." As we breathe out old life, let us say, "thank you." Final breath, as we breathe in new life, "I am alive;" as we breathe out old life, "thank you."

Let us always remember that, wherever we may go, God and True Parents are with us, directing our paths, leading our way and guiding us towards our future. Let us gather our hearts in prayer.

Final Prayer:

Heavenly Father, thank you so much for this day that you have blessed upon us. Father, we are truly thankful for being able to be in this place as Unification family. But Father, up until now we have walked a course of indemnity that our parents have walked. They have been persecuted. Our first generation has been persecuted and ridiculed for following True Parents. But Father, in this Age of Liberation and release, complete release, where we can truly live the blessed life that you have blessed us to live, Father, let us truly be able to fulfill the purpose and the mission for which you have sent us to this world.

Heavenly Father, on this day we wish to pray with all of our families here and across the world, Father, for the Resurrection Chapter, where all the religions will become united in the coming of the Second Advent, Father, a promise and a prophecy, heard so many times, that we have disbelieved and doubted so many times; but Father, we now have a clear vision for this.

Father, True Father has given us that mission, that clear numerical vision, 210,000 World Peace Temple, where nobody will be able to deny the Unification tradition, Father, where nobody will be able to deny that we can bring together the world's religions, that we can create peace between various traditions and religious heritages; where we can truly bring unity and a model for an ideal community in this world.

Heavenly Father, for so many years we have truly been waiting for this time; and, Father, we know that, as we prepare for this and as we move towards it with one heart and one mind, Father, we know we will bring this to pass. We will bring this glory before Heaven and True Parents. And Father, while our True Parents are here on this earth, Father, we will see the day where thousands and tens of thousands of Christians and Catholics and Buddhists can honor and worship together with us, as a Unification family.

Father, we are so thankful for that vision that you have given to us. Father, we know that it is not one person's vision. Father, we truly are grateful for that prophecy, and that at this time we will be truly able to substantialize that here on earth.

Father, please bless us as we walk this course for the next couple of years to the 2013 date that True Parents have given us for Cheon Il Guk. Father, we truly pray that you will invest in us, that You will give us your ability and your strength, that You will work Your history through us, and that You will work Your providence through us. Father, give us Your strength, give us Your confidence, Father, give us Your love, and Your unfailing heart. Father, let us be faithful in our actions and in our lives. Truly, we thank You once more for all the blessings You have bestowed upon us. And Father, we pray that Your abundant blessings be with all of our Unification families here and across the world, with all who are joining us in this worship service. Father, be with those families, bless those families, and let us truly show the world that we are the most incredible religious tradition that the world has ever seen.

Brothers and sisters, let us offer our prayers to Heavenly Father this day. We pray these things, as Central Blessed Families, in our names, together as one. Aju

Assistant Pastor's final Benediction

Brothers and sisters let us pray:

Father, thank You for lifting us up today, so that we can see as You see, and we can understand as You understand. Father, You have waited so long for this time in human history, where Your children can truly come together in one family, centered on true love, true life and the lineage that has been blessed upon us by True Parents. We are sorry that we haven't really seen the changes around us that are happening every day, as the momentum of your movement picks up and drives forward.

It was not too long ago that it was just one man in North Korea, who had such a vision, but now through his blood, sweat and tears, our True Parents, and brothers and sisters everywhere… there is a momentum picking up, as Your providence moves forward. There is great strength and conviction.

So thank you, Heavenly Father, for sharing Your vision with us. May our vision be Your vision, and may we incorporate it in our lives; and may we life our lives with the confidence that You, the Almighty Living God, are helping us to build the Kingdom of God here on earth. Thank You so much for this day, and this is our new determination, to really see that victory, in the year 2013, together with our True Parents.

And in the names of all brothers and sisters around the world, we pray these things, as Central Blessed Families, Aju. 

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