The Words of Hyung Jin Moon

Continental Directors' Meeting

Hyung Jin Moon
August 7, 2008

More than 5,000 gathered at the Cheon Jeong Gung Museum in Korea to celebrate the “Commemorative Ceremony to Celebrate the Realm of the Peace King under the Sacred Reign of Peace in the Jubilee Years, the 7th and 8th years of Cheon Il Guk” with the attendance of True Parents and the members of the True Family.

Through this event participants were able to share God and True Parents’ miracle that was manifested through the recent helicopter accident. In order to inherit True Parents’ victory, a Regional Presidents’ Meeting was held at 3:00 pm. on August 7, 2008.

At the meeting were In Jin Moon, who was newly appointed as the chairperson for the Unification movement in America; her husband; Hyung Jin Moon, FFWPU International President, Kook Jin Moon, chairman of the Foundation to Support the HSA-UWC; Kwon Jin Moon; and all the regional presidents.

The meeting was emceed by Dr. Joon Ho Seuk, the vice-president of the World Mission Headquarters. Participants first paid their respects to True Parents by offering a bow to their photo. Dr. Chang Shik Yang, FFWPU-Korea president, offered the opening prayer. This was followed by some words from Hyung Jin Moon, Kook Jin Moon and In Jin Moon.

During the meeting Rev. Peter Kim delivered True Parents’ special instructions to the participants. A presentation was given to introduce Rev. Hyung Jin Moon’s recent initiatives to transform the church in Korea and the project to construct a World Headquarters Church.

When the meeting was about to close, True Parents called, inviting all the participants (including the staff) to come to the “Sky Garden” at Cheon Jeong Gung Museum for dinner.

In his address that day Hyung Jin Moon spoke on the activities that were underway for the purpose of transforming the Korean church.

“These are some of the things the Korean church is doing right now. We are strengthening the churches, making preparations to build the organization and moving forward. We are shifting from an individual-based ministry to a team ministry. As we shift towards a team ministry, the pastors will become those who love and care for the members and who can nurture their life of faith. They will be those who can help the members shine out more than any CEO.

“Pastors must have a totally different mindset in order to relate well with the members and be successful. If we can truly guide the members and help them shine as blessed families then the Unification Church will shine. When members are happy within the church, they will find greater confidence and this will naturally lead to witnessing activities.”

In her inaugural address, In Jin Moon, chairperson for the Unification movement in America, stated the following:

“Seeing True Parents’ recovery, I know this was a miracle. I think God blessed us because you all offered many tearful prayers for True Parents. Unworthy as I am, True Parents gave me this responsibility. I truly envy all of you who are in Korea. Kook Jin Moon, chairman of the Foundation, is taking responsibility over the Foundation and the economic aspect [of our movement] while Hyung Jin Moon is also doing a good job as the international president. True Parents have said that all their sons and daughters are living up to their name. Kook Jin, his name, refers to Korea and he represents the True Family. Hyung Jin’s name means that everything will go well.

“I witnessed with my own eyes how the members were being loved, being appreciated, and how they were deeply moved and revived.”

In his address, Kook Jin Moon spoke about developing the church.

“If we wish to grow our churches worldwide, we should first develop the headquarters. In truth, we are all one family, if we wish to make our church better from now on, the most important thing now is that we be honest when we talk to one another.

“In the past we had many secrets, and that is why we did not succeed. We must change our culture. We have to make a culture where the people who left can return. The culture that the international president is creating at the Headquarters Church is a culture of forgiveness. We must now shift from a culture of judgment to a culture of forgiveness.

“If we set the right organizational goal and culture, we can create results. Our organization has to become stronger and more rational if it is to succeed in fulfilling its goals. If we can make our organization like that, there is nothing we cannot do.” 

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