The Words of Hyung Jin Moon

Miracle Helicopter Accident

Hyung Jin Moon
August 2, 2008
Headquarters Church
Chungpadong, Seoul, Korea

Welcome Remarks:
Yeon Ah Nim:

Good afternoon, brothers and sisters. Nowadays the weather has been very unpredictable, but we know that God's and True Parents' love for us is always solid and unchanging. We're always grateful to have you here in the sanctuary, and for those who are joining with us via internet, we're also welcoming you as well.

Welcome brothers and welcome sisters!

Hyung Jin Nim:

It is now time for our church to not only focus on outreaching events, etc. We feel it's very important for us to start building a community once again. We really applaud to the American church. We know that for two and half years they're working very hard to start building communities in the Unification Church. It's the same with the Korean Church, we are moving very diligently and really putting in all our effort to truly improve the quality, the level and also all the facilities and education that will contribute to allowing families to succeed, to shine brightly and to really glorify our True Parents.

We really believe that if our blessed families can shine then True Parents' legacy, our community, all the blood and sweat and tears of our first generation, are not in vain.

Truly the time is now. We're working very hard to substantiate that. I do want to recommend for those who have not been downstairs yet: Take a look downstairs. There is a lot of renovation down there. You will see a new playground facility for your children. You will see a whole new library, all the best kids books. These gifts have been given to us by people in the congregation. So these are your brothers and sisters. We have to thank them. They are truly investing to provide much better quality places for children to be nurtured, for our families to grow, for ourselves spiritually to be enlightened, uplifted.

And so we're working very hard to try to do so. You will see lots of artistic renovations around our church. If you take a look downstairs you will see Father's life course that is painted in a very beautiful style. We have a wonderful artist, a sister who is a professional and who is a publishing artist here in Korea. She did that. We also have our Pastor's wife, Genn, who is also a professional artist and she's working outside on the wall that you've seen, doing the mountains, the blue sky. So we're starting. We really see all the brothers and sisters coming together, showing their talents, that tremendous potential, and really starting to make this place shine.

We were downstairs yesterday, and there were mothers downstairs playing with their kids in the playground and we said "Hey, isn't this a fantastic facility? There's no church like this in our movement." And they were really so delighted. So delighted. But that really comes from all the investment, from all the support of your own brothers and sisters that are right next to you. And also a great deal comes from the Korean congregation who come together primarily on Sunday here at the HQ Church.

Brothers and sisters let me share with you briefly from the Peace message of Father, page 123:

"When we have become completely one with God in true love are we complete. Such a perfected person might be a small individual but would represent all of the history and all potential future relationships and so could be said to possess infinite value."

See, brothers and sisters, we all have that amazing potential within. We have that potential, that infinite value. And I really want you to understand that today. When you're looking at yourself, when you see your life, yes, you may have obstacles in your life, you may have things that you have to overcome. But many times it's so important to see how far you've come and not to always only look at the things that are ahead. "I've been victorious with so many things, God has brought me all the way to here and my life will get better and better." See, when we start seeing ourselves with that kind of infinite value, we see ourselves with a whole new perspective, we are challenging ourselves to say, "Hey, I'm much more than I think I am."

When we start doing that, we can start opening up our horizon. We can start brightening our future. And we can start having hope for our life.

See, Father teaches that we are supposed to be the great partners to God. We're supposed to be the great object that is equal to God. And that is an amazing statement that we can be equal in value to the Almighty Creator of the entire universe. Brothers and Sisters, I really want to get that inside of your heart today. Really plant that seed in your heart. And allow that to nurture, grow and blossom into your beautiful blessed life.

Brothers and sisters, when we come to service, we are not here just to observe but I want to ask you to really participate. We are here to give glory to True Parents. There have been miraculous things that have happened. We figured out more miraculous things after I shared last week. Remember, we went through the whole series of events that happened with the helicopter crash. There have been MORE amazing things that we found out only after. I will speak about that a little later, not now. But truly tremendous things have happened.

Brothers and sisters, we're living in a miraculous age. All of us are miracles to each other, blessings to each other. We can truly live a blessed life. Share that blessing to the rest of this world. And I would like you to PARTICIPATE in the service. Sing together with us. Worship together with us. Pray together with us. Today we're going to extend our hearts and prayers to those people who are still in healing, those people who are still in the hospital, the heroes that are there. We have many amazing inside stories that they will speak. There was one of the passengers who wrote a testimony. I want to share that with you today because it gives a whole new perspective on what actually happened there. Absolutely amazing.

Brothers and sisters, once again welcome and I truly wish that today we can have a great service. Lift that up and send it to heaven and God can be happy when He hears that.

Brothers and sisters, once again welcome.

Yeon Ah Nim's Message:

Good Afternoon!

August 1st, 12:30 am, at Chung Pyung, I was fast asleep with our children and I got a phone call that said that True Father is on the way to Cheon Jeong Gong from Cheon Shim Hospital and I thought, "It's midnight, he can't be coming to Cheon Jeong Gong from Cheon Shim Hospital." I had heard that doctors were telling him over and over that he needs to stay in the hospital and get full rest at least a month or so. So it can't be.

But our True Father did Hoon Dok Hae as usual with the members at the Hoon Dok Hae room. Yes, He did Hoon Dok Hae with the members!

When I thought about it True Father is really a real True Father. It has been yesterday, 13 days after the helicopter crash! He really shows us every day his true love for God, his true determination for God. And he never rests for God. Let us also resemble that wonderful heart for God.


Interesting Story:

Brothers and Sisters, I want to start with a little interesting story before the sermon. I heard a very interesting story. A Sunday school teacher went to Sunday school class. All the kids where sitting about and he said, "Hey kids, If I sold my house, my car, had a big garage sales and gave all my money to the church, would that get me into heaven?" And the kids said, "NO!" And then the teacher said, "If I clean the church everyday, all day long and keep everything in church totally neat and tidy, would that get me into heaven?" And the kids yell and said, "NO!" "Well, if I was kind to animals, give candy to all of you everyday, and love my wife for the rest of my life, would I come into heaven?" And the children said, "NO!" And then the teacher said "Well kids, then what will get me into heaven?" One of the children at the back raised his hand and said, "Well, you first got to be dead!" (All laughing).

Main Sermon:

Just yesterday True Father, at 12:00 am, decided to go to the Cheon Jeong Gong to prepare for Hoon Dok Hae, but the doctors finally convinced him, "Father, you can't go right now, it's only been 13 days since the accident." Of course, as you all know, when 11 tons fall from the sky, there's inevitably damage to spinal cords, etc.. So Father had to rest, but here he is! I arrived at Chung Shim Hospital at around 4:00 or 5:00 am, and as I arrived there, I was told, "OK, he did not leave at 12, but he's going to go up NOW to the Cheon Jeong Gong."

So I arrived up there and Parents are there. Mother is at the door, and Father's already out of his room. He 's already out of his room! He' s laying down on the bed, they're wheeling him out. And everybody is saying, and I'm saying, "Father, you can't be going out like this! You cannot be going out! This is too early for you to be moving around like this!" And Father says, "It's OK, I'm moving, I’m going up." So, nobody could stop him.

I was in the ambulance... We had the ambulance, so there would be minimal stress on the spinal cord region, as you know. So Father took the ambulance up. He arrived there at around 4:15 am. We waited until Hoon Dok Hae and Father on his own, at the Hoon Dok Hae room, walked to his seat, he sat down and we began Hoon Dok Hae.

Let's give it up once for True Parents! (Applause).

Everybody was so concerned. See, I really realize, when I attend True Parents and when I see how hard they work and when I see Father's unending, unchanging spirit for God, then I really realize that every day Father is battling life and death. He is 89 years old, 90 years old now, and always thinking about God's work, always thinking about the world, such a big heart!!

Every day he chooses to fight for God. He fights with true love, endurance, perseverance, sincerity, honor. He pushes himself, at even 89 years old, to keep himself disciplined, to keep himself spiritually humble. He keeps his determination alive and fresh every single day, and choosing every day to devote himself back to God. And we can say, "Hey! Father has given his whole life to God, he can take a rest now! He can take a break!" That is the last thing on Father's list! He is not taking a break any time soon, and this event surely, surely showed this reality.

I want to share with you just a couple of things that happened last time. We just have a whole new bunch of information that came in. Just incredible stuff! You know, as I reiterated last time at service, you all remember some of the real miracles that happened. You remember when the helicopter tail got caught and all of a sudden it found itself descending very quickly in what is known as a fog bank. That's total invisibility! You cannot see a meter in front of you in a fog bank. It's a very unique phenomenon. And as they were descending, as you recall, immediately there were all these pine trees that were in front of the helicopter. And the pilot thought he was gone, because, as you know, at that velocity, the pine trees become spears and they can impale people.

I want to show you a little bit. Here's the cockpit of that helicopter. And everybody sees that True Parents are up in the 3rd and 4th seat. So, you can see, and everybody else was in the back. The children were on the left side of the plane, True Mother was on the left side, True Father was on the right side.

OK, let's see the next slide. Look at this picture. This is a picture from the second hill top, as you look down at the crash site. And when you look forward into the picture, about in the center of that picture, you will see pine trees that are cut, totally cut, like bamboo, as I said, like a samurai cut bamboo in half, totally sliced in half.

Let's keep rolling. This is a little more of the damage. When you go down there, you're standing next to the pine trees that were totally cut by the helicopter blades, as you remember. So the helicopter pilot thought he was dead. The pine trees were coming at him at extreme speed, and all of a sudden the trees started jumping away. And he was thinking, "What's going on?" What was happening was that the blades were cutting those trees, making a highway of safety for the helicopter, for the people in the helicopter.

OK, next slide please. Take a look at this! I mentioned last week that when I went down there, we saw one of the panels that were totally impaled by those trees. And now you can understand why they are spears. The tree branches literally become deadly weapons. Look at that! That's pure metal. Those tree branches literally shot through those things. If that hits a person, that's going right through.

OK, let's take a look at the next one. These are some of the things on the site. The blade hit this tree while it was cutting through, plowing through the majority of the trees and then hit a big oak tree. But this is not the oak tree. That's another tree that fell down.

Next picture please. This, I believe, is the oak tree, if I am not mistaken.

Next slide please. Yes, that's one of the trees that fell down.

Next slide please. You can see some of the damage that happened to the forest. The forest was totally full. It is a very dense forest but the whole plain was opened up.

Next slide please. OK, yes! This is a picture from the second terrace. As I explained last week, there were two terraces. This used to be an old step style farm, that's what they call it in Asia. They have very mountainous terrain here. So, unlike the States, or other places, where you can just do farming on the flat plains, you have to cut into the mountain like stairs.

So this is what happened, there was one step here, a platform and then one step here. The plane came down, plowed through the trees, hit the oak tree, flipped, turned and landed on this flat terrace. And then, this is the second terrace up here. On the top is where the people are standing. You can see them standing on top, and about 50 meters behind them the cameraman is standing on a rock, a boulder the size of this piano. There it is! That's the boulder! It's the size of this piano. In 0.3 seconds, if the helicopter would not have hit that big oak tree, it would have collided straight away with this rock and it would have exploded. As you know, the fuselage is located at the bottom, and as we'll see later, the helicopter fuel is extremely flammable, extremely. It's more flammable than automobile gasoline, etc..

Next picture please. We are now looking at the flat terrace where the helicopter was. See how it goes in? We're standing on the second hill top, looking down at the crash site, and see how it kind of goes in, in that flat terrace? It kind of goes in like a cradle. You can see how it's almost like a little cradle. The helicopter fell right in there. And look at the tail. Where was that tail? And remember where it got caught? In that Y tree! Remember the Y tree that we talked about last week? Look at that Y! That thing caught the helicopter tail.

And as you remember, as I explained last week, when the helicopter loses control of its tail propeller, it cannot have direction, it cannot turn anymore. What happened was, the tail was damaged, the propeller on the tail was damaged, the helicopter was in danger of spinning. It hit the big oak tree, it turned, rotated about 90 degrees to the right, and the tail would have continued to rotate, spin, and if it hit ONE tree, it would have exploded. But the tail, by the miracle of God, got caught in a Y shaped tree, and there you are looking at it.

Brothers and sisters, give it up (applause) for the Y tree! Give it up for the Y tree! (Applause). That's the thing I mentioned last time. I do believe that "Y" is for Young Jin hyung. He's there. He was grabbing that tail, fighting that tail, holding that tail down.

In the next slide, we will see... Look at the damage to the helicopter! Totally damaged! Now here, we mentioned last time, as you can see in the middle of that picture, here it is, the red, you will see a tree that has totally poked through the helicopter body, and completely impaled it. As you saw, these trees are capable, at this amazing speed, to just totally move THROUGH this, like paper.

Remember, when Sang Soo ajoshi (ajoshi = uncle) was in the back -- here he is in the back in that thing -- remember when they made the first hit and hit the oak tree, what happened to him? He went flying forward because he did not have a seat belt on. So he went flying forward right next to True Parents. That was a miracle because when they landed, the Y tree caught them and the hill top caught those blades. What happened?

As soon as he stood up he was right next to Father, because Father was now on the ceiling, because the helicopter turned. So, Father was dangling from his seat belt, literally like on the cross, dangling there. He was dangling from his seat belt. And then Lee Sang Soo ajoshi, who flew forward through the doorway, right next to Parents, as soon as they landed the second time, he just literally put his hands up and was able to grab Father, and of course that was another huge miracle. That was of course a miracle.

What happened here was... This is the seat where that spike, that tree, came right through. So, you understand? If Lee Sang Soo ajoshi did not fly forward, if he had his seat belt buckled, he would have been completely impaled. But he had his seat belt unbuckled, he flew forward. Mr. Yoon Ki Byung ajoshi... I don't know how he made it through the center way. It's very interesting because Lee Sang Soo ajoshi is facing the doorway. I can understand how HE flew through, but by another miracle, Mr. Yoon Ki Byung, who is right behind True Parents, and there's a wall IN FRONT of him... he missed the wall and flew through the middle doorway, too. So again, another huge miracle! Brothers and sisters, give it up once again! (Applause). Amazing!

I explained some of these happenings last week. Here are some pictures of the site. This is the site... of course, you saw the impaled body of the helicopter. You can see, now the helicopter is on it's side. That's the rubble that's left, from what our True Parents, 90 years old Father, had to run out of. The children had to run out of there. You know, sometimes I just can't believe, it still has not hit me, how dangerous this crash was, but also how amazingly miraculous this was!

Let's continue through this. I want to continue to explain just another thing. At the same day that True Father was in the helicopter accident, at the Chung Shim School of Theology, they were holding the Unification Medical Science Conference. So here we had 14 foreign doctors from around the world, and we had 36 domestic Korean doctors. Where were they? They were all at Chung Pyung!

Now, remember brothers and sisters, this was a Saturday. What happens on a Saturday at Chung Pyung Hospital at night? What happens? All the doctors go home. But just because they happened to be having the Unification Medical Science Conference, in which all the top specialists of the world were gathered there at the hospital, the doctors did not go home, and they were able to quickly, quickly, treat the patients as they came in. (Applause). Let's give it up! That's another miracle!

Now I want to also mention THIS to you. In 2004 at the Chung Shim Hospital they were debating whether or not they wanted to open an Orthopedic Surgery Department. That is surgeries that have to do with the spine, or spinal injury. They decided, due to a certain analysis, that they were not going to go forward with that. In 2008, May 1st, this is just a couple of months, literally two and a half months before this accident, they, all of a sudden, decided to open an Orthopedic Surgery Unit.

Of course, because it was there, we had one of the specialists available on the site. He was an orthopedic surgeon. So when the people from the helicopter came to the hospital, he was on site as an active doctor, because of the conference of course, and of course because of this new initiative of the Orthopedic Department. He was there immediately to operate on the people who were in that plane.

Once again, brothers and sisters, let's give it up! (Applause) Amazing!

CT, MRI, were all there. Of course, True Parents had given that to the hospital. Because of that the children were able to be checked quickly, True Parents and the people from the helicopter were able to be checked with MRI, CT scans. Everybody who was on that helicopter was able to get checked, and whoever needed immediate attention... There were two people who needed immediate attention, that was Hee Ji Sun onni (onni = elder sister), and Mother who had to have a minor surgery on her spine.

Now, the conference is normally held each year on the anniversary of the opening of the hospital. However the opening of the hospital, this year, would fall on a Monday. But very interestingly, for some reason or another, they happened to be having the Unification Medical International Science Conference on the very day that True Parents were in this helicopter crash (Saturday). Again another coincidence? No! Brothers and sisters, another miracle by God who saved those people on that plane! (Applause).

And very interestingly, there was the orthopedic surgeon, a very young man... we met him, he gave us personal reports, etc, but he is less experienced, he is young. He is very good, but he is very young. So he had to call his senior, his professor, the person who taught him how to do surgeries, etc... He had to ask this person to come in an advisory position. So he called the Samsung Hospital, here in Seoul. But, very unfortunately, his professor was on vacation. It was very unfortunate. Where was he on vacation? Chung Pyung Lake!!

Brothers and sisters, give it up, give it up to God! (Applause). Oh my God!

Because he was on vacation at Chung Pyung Lake, he got the call and said, "I'll be there in 5 minutes!" Another incredible, incredible miracle! Totally impossible! Like one of my theological friends, a Harvard PhD student, said, "When things like this happens, it requires more faith to believe that this is all coincidence than it does to believe that it is a miracle!" And brothers and sisters, I really saw this. It is a true, amazing miracle! We saw so many of those things! We discussed them last week.

I just want to share with you a couple of those behind-the-scenes miracles that happened. I want to share with you now something that is totally inside. This is from Mr. Peter Kim who wrote to his family. I, of course, called him and I asked him if I could share this with all of you, and he did give us permission to share this message.

Let me just read it to you. He is sharing what happened from the inside, really what happened on that day. Here he is. He is writing to his daughter, he is writing to his grandchildren whom he loves so much. And here he writes. This is him:

Mr. Peter Kim's words:

(The words in brackets [...] are Hyung Jin Nim's words)

"Thank God! Thank God!" These are the first words that came out of my mouth as I realized that I was still alive after the helicopter crash. The day we flew from Seoul from Chung Pyung (July 19, 2008), there was a hurricane warning. Although the hurricane "Seagull" had already killed 6 people in Taiwan and continued its course towards the Korean peninsula, the weather conditions at Chung Pyung and in Seoul were determined as permissible for flight.

True Parents had a luncheon meeting with the church leaders in the Marriott Hotel in downtown Seoul. It was about 4:45 pm. when we left Seoul by helicopter to return to Cheon Jeong Palace in Chung Pyung. It was raining and still cloudy. The pilot had checked out the weather conditions in Chung Pyung. Because of the now questionable weather conditions, he decided to follow a different route. He went along the Buk Han River towards the North.

[That's apparently a different route from which they usually take].

We encountered thick patches of fog, clouds, but we could still see well enough to follow the course. We arrived at the area of Chung Pyung Training Center and we could still see the top of the Cheon Seong Mountain where the Cheon Jeong Palace is located. The heliport is located about 300 yards below. As the helicopter approached the pad, suddenly a thick layer of fog [which is known as fog bank] moved in and completely covered the area. The pilot's view of the site became almost zero, but the landing wheels were already out and the helicopter was hovering over the landing site. But the pilot decided, quickly, to take the craft up and out of the pitch dark, foggy area.

It was then that the tail hit a tree and the helicopter reeled from side to side, the powerful blades plowing through trees by the scores. The pilot tried his best to find a way to secure a soft landing in the wooded area of thousands of pine trees. The helicopter with only half of the tail wing plowed through the woods for about 150 yards. It finally hit the ground and hit a big oak tree and crashed into a muddy wooded area near a small stream [The stream he is referring to is that second terrace. It looks like a stream.].

The two of the four blades of the helicopter were lost as the craft went through the trees and the remaining two blades became stuck in the muddy hillside as the helicopter crashed. Boom...! It made a thunderous noise. While the helicopter was going through this course of turmoil, which took only a minute, we who were on board were experiencing a roller coaster ride, holding onto whatever we could grab. Because of the thunderous sound of the crash, I lost consciousness for a moment. But the noise of the crying children was loud enough to bring me back.

Among the 16 people (3 crew members, 13 passengers) in the helicopter, there were three children, [Shin Gong, my daughter, Shin Wol, my nice, and Shin Joon, my son].Upon regaining consciousness I realized that I was still tightly seat belted and hanging against the side of my chair. I struggled for a while to release myself. The cabin of the helicopter was in chaos as the copter was tilted on its left side. The children were crying at the top of their lungs.

At that moment it came back to me that Father and Mother were in the helicopter. Instinctively I shouted, "Save Father and Mother first!" Then I looked around in the back of the cabin, where I knew 11 people had been seated, to locate the grandchildren. Glancing forward I noticed that two of the security brothers were already in the front section of the cabin where Father and Mother were seated. Father was dangling on the side of his chair, tightly seat-belted, at the top of which was now the ceiling. He was struggling hard to release himself from the seat belt.

So Mr. Lee Sang Soo [ajoshi] who flew to the front and Mr. Yoon Ki Byung who also flew to the front, they released Father from the seat belt. Meanwhile Mother's foot was stuck at the corner of her seat. Mr. Kim Seok Byung who is the President of Peace TV had to yank her foot out of this metal trap. Because the helicopter was tilted on its side, the entrance door was now located above us and so we had to lift Father, and then Mother, up through the entrance door which was now located above us. By then, luckily, one of the crew members was already outside on the roof and he helped Father and Mother to finally get out. Once reaching the top of the helicopter, they had to slide 8 feet down to the wet and muddy ground. Following True Parents, the grandchildren were lifted up through the exit and they followed the same path.

After the grandchildren were out, eight of us who accompanied Father and Mother that day climbed out of the door one by one. Nobody remembers who came out first or who was the last among us to leave. When I made my way out, however, I could see a couple of people behind me. I still remember how urgent I felt when the smell of the smoke became overwhelming and also the strong heat from the flames which had just ignited and were about to burn the interior of the helicopter. In spite of the smoke and fire that had begun engulfing the cabin we all escaped safely from the helicopter.

When I found myself on the ground, I realized that I could not move with ease because of the rainfall and muddy ground. It seems that instinctively we all knew that we had to run as far away from the burning helicopter as possible -- that it could explode at any second. So we desperately trudged through the mud and rain, scared that an explosion would occur at any second. It is a fact that the fuel that helicopters use is more flammable than automobile gasoline and the fuel tanks which were attached on both sides of the copter could explode not just by fire but also by a strong impact or shock.

I immediately looked around to locate Father and Mother and the grandchildren. As I stood up from the fall in the mud I noticed True Father was carried away from the helicopter by the security brothers. But Mother was still stuck on the muddy ground struggling. Mr. Pak Jung-Hyun tried to help her to move away. So I quickly ran to her and put her on my back and tried to move away. Mr. Pak held her to stay on my back.

The ground was so muddy and my back started hurting that I could not walk upright but I began half crawling. We were able to move up the hill about 70 yards and I finally collapsed. Father was about 10 yards ahead of us, sitting on the muddy ground behind a big pine tree. Someone shouted, "Bring Mother up here! It's safer!" But I could not carry her any further. At that point two young security brothers came to carry Mother to the place where Father was waiting. So, most of us including the three grandchildren, gathered together around Father while the rest were scattered nearby.

Though it was still raining, a strong and tall flame with dark black smoke engulfed the helicopter when we looked back at it. Father offered his lap so that Mother would have a place to lay her head. It was then that Mr. Pak took off his jacket and folded it so that Mother could lay on it. As we sat there for a while, we heard three giant explosions. The pine trees surrounding us amazingly protected us enough so that none of the debris -- from the three explosions that followed -- fell on top of us.

It was about 25 minutes after the helicopter crashed that the ambulances and fire trucks arrived with fire fighters. I shouted that Father and Mother had to be carried out quickly to the Chungshim Hospital which was only about a mile away.

Shin Joon Nim was crying loudly, looking for his onni, Im Ji Sun, but she had injured her back and could not move. She was on the ground nearby, in pain, and was also carried out on a stretcher to the ambulance. The rest of us helped one another until we reached ambulances, and we were safely transferred to the Chungshim Hospital. It was about 6 P.M. when a nurse finally took off my mud-covered shoes! [He expresses that surprise].

Even before our arrival at the hospital, YTN, MBC, SBS, covered the story with pictures of the burning helicopter.

Through that night and the next day at the hospital all of the passengers were thoroughly checked by X-ray, MRI, CT etc. Several had fractures or bruises to the back -- mostly minor injuries. Although everyone was still in shock from the trauma, thankfully there were no head injuries and everyone was conscious and mentally sound. The most seriously injured ones were Mother and Im Ji Sun who both had successful surgery on a dislocated spine. [Let's give it up for Mother and Im Ji Sun! Two warriors!]. News of the accident got out and within hours people from around the world began calling. I had lost my cell phone in the fire so I was left pretty quiet for several hours until I got my new phone.

I began feeling severe pain on my back and neck. Thankfully, the doctor said that the tests showed I didn't have any fractures or dislocations or broken bones. The pain was coming from twisted and severely stressed muscles. That night I could hardly sleep because of the pain and flashbacks of that terrible thunderous crashing sound and the events that ensued. Even until today my memory has not been able to erase that terrible sound.

According to a specialist's investigation, over 90% of helicopter accidents are fatal to some or all passengers. About three months before this accident there was a military helicopter crash near the site where our helicopter crashed. All of the four passengers on that military crash were instantly killed. I, myself, have seen and heard of helicopter accidents and I cannot recall any survivors. It is common knowledge that when a helicopter crashes, there are usually no survivors.

So it was truly a miracle that all 16 [brothers and sisters! 16!] people on board came out of that crash without shedding even ONE drop of blood. Not even one drop, not even one drop! Furthermore, even the special investigators could not understand why it took more than 20 minutes until the helicopter exploded though the helicopter started burning as soon as it crashed. [As you know, usually within three minutes there is an explosion. But 20 minutes passed until it exploded. But by that time everyone was out of that plane.]

Another miraculous fact is that, according to the pilot, if the helicopter had continued its course for another tenth of a second it would have crashed into the huge boulder which would have resulted in instant explosion and death to all passengers.

Also the two remaining blades became entrenched in the muddy hillside at the time of the crash. A specialist said that because they were stuck in the hill, the blades couldn't do any damage to the body of the helicopter. Had this not happened, then, because of the blades' spinning power, the helicopter would have been tumbled and been thrown upside down. A few sharp edged tree stems poked through the helicopter at the time of the crash. But none of those sharp edged tree stems, literally hundreds and thousands in that forest, came through to the passenger cabin area.

The special investigators could not understand why the fuel tank did not explode immediately after the crash. [As I have mentioned before, the fuel used in helicopters is much more volatile and dangerously flammable, even with a strong impact].

If the helicopter had fallen in a direction one degree North, it would have crashed into the school buildings where there were hundreds of young students.

These are some of the miraculous points shared by the pilots and special investigators.

[Mr. Kim then speaks about some of the things that we talked about the other day, the trees, the Hyo Jin hyung Tree, the Young Jin hyung Tree, the Heung Jin hyung Hero. He talks about the amazing things that happened, as you recall.]

[We had some movie directors, not our members, who saw the plane. They saw it encircled in a lotus flower rainbow! And under the rainbow were dozens of angels, white garbed people floating under the helicopter. Those movie directors are not our members. They contacted us. The director came and one of his actors, famous in Korea, came with him. And they testified to the miracles they saw. Mr. Kim writes here:]

Later they heard on the T.V. news that Rev. Moon's helicopter had crashed with 16 people in it. Neither Kim Young Ho nor his friend are Unification Church members and, in fact, the movie director had never even seen Rev. Moon in his life.

[Then Mr. Kim mentions the Korean Grandmother who saw Hyo Jin hyung couple of days ago in a dream, playing with helicopters, catching helicopters. And he writes here in his section that he entitles "God's mysterious work":]

We, who are aware of God's providential work and True Parents' critical importance at this time of the era of the fourth Adam, can interpret these spiritual testimonies. Just as at the time of Jesus' birth three wise men from the East who did not have anything to do with Jesus followed the star to show their respect to the birth of the Messiah. These two movie makers, non Unificationists, clearly testified to this miracle. Also, we can interpret the grandmother's dream that Hyo Jin Nim, from the spirit world, protected True Parents from harm.

What I can conclude at this point is that this crash was not an ordinary accident. It was providential. Because I know that the True Parents are truly the manifestation of God on earth, it is my conviction that Father and Mother had to set a condition to sacrifice their lives on behalf of all the blessed families. Just like the time when Abraham was about to sacrifice Isaac as an offering to God, God accepted Abraham's condition as a genuine one and saved Isaac's life. By going through the crash, God already accepted the condition set by True Parents and gave their lives back to us. I firmly believe that because of this providential helicopter accident, the providence will make a quantum leap and move on towards a higher dimension for the realization of God's ideal. [Brothers and sisters, let's give it up for the Unification community, give it up for the amazing brothers and sisters!].

Even today I went through a physical therapy twice to cure my back pain. It has become quite routine now since I was discharged from the hospital a few days ago. I also went to see a Chinese herb medicine doctor today. Lying on a hospital bed with dozens of acupuncture needles in me, I shed tears of thanks to God and thanks to True Parents."

July 29th, 2008
Dr. Peter Kim

Hyung Jin Nim's words again:

Brothers and sisters, give it up for our brothers and sisters who were on that plane. (Applause)

You know, what can we learn today? If there's anything we can learn from today's experiences, today's testimonies, from the many amazing people that were on that plane, the many doctors that helped, the many brothers and sisters that truly lifted True Parents up, we understand that God is amazing. We know that it would take more faith to believe that this is coincidence than to believe that this is God working with His invisible hands. He is behind the scenes, preparing, protecting, and loving our True Parents.

And God did His 95% but see, there was ONE factor: The disciples, the children of God, did their 5%! See, remember, I told you all, last time, that the pilot says now, "I'm going to become a Unification Church member!" You all heard that last week. Maybe some of you did not hear.

Give it up for the pilot! (Applause) He said he is going to join the movement.

But the brothers and sisters asked him. They asked him, "Why, why are you going to join the movement all of a sudden?" Of course people assumed, that he would say, "Why? I'm alive, that's why I'm going to join the Movement!" But he did not say that. According to the CCTV, the cameras that were inside the helicopter, everybody evacuated that helicopter within 10 minutes. That is unbelievable! Military trained specialists have a hard time accomplishing that feat, in this kind of emergency panic situation.

But what did we see? He spoke about it like this, "As soon as it crashed, the first thing I heard everyone say in that helicopter cabin was, 'Father, where are you?' "

They called Father's name out first. And as they lifted Father out, they weren't thinking of their own necks. The helicopter pilot talked about the "fight or flight mechanism" that affects you when you are in panic, "You have to save your life, you have to survive!" But all the members on that plane actualized True Parents' teaching. They all attended True Parents. All of them! Even in that incredible emergency panic, smoke, flame, heat, possible explosion and death, they were able to first locate True Parents, "Where are True Parents? Get them out. Get True Mother out, get the Children out!"

He said it's because of that amazing faith that he saw embodied in the Unification community. That's his reason for him now wanting to join the Unification Movement!

Brothers and sisters, give it up for all our families all around this world. (Applause). You guys are truly amazing, and we know that every single family member of our Unification family would have done the exact same thing had you been on that plane!

Look at Moses' course. Moses' disciples could not unite with him during the Exodus. Jesus' disciples betrayed him at the final moments. They turned him over. They left him at the cross to hang alone, to die. But what did True Father's disciples do? What did our Unification community do? They didn't betray, they didn't leave! They stood right by, and they not only stood right by, they saved the lives of our True Parents, and not only that, the young children that were on board, whom I extend personal thanks and gratitude to.

Brothers and sisters this is amazing, the victory, the providential victory that we can see in this amazing incident. When all this comes together, that 95% of God's preparation, the amazing miracles that He prepared, but there's 5% that He leaves, that He can't touch, and that 5%... those people on that helicopter were able to fulfill their 5%. As we know, when 95% and 5% come together, that is the accomplishment of God's will.

Brothers and sisters, give it up for those brothers and sisters on that plane! (Applause)Truly! Truly amazing!

I truly believe that in our lives... if we take that unbelievable faith, that faith that moved this man to now say, "I'm going to become part of your family", that faith that is unbelievable, that faith that we can find in our community, the faith that knows that God and True Parents are precious, that we have to attend them, bring them up, that faith that makes us live for the sake of others in our lives, even in that panic mode, able to use that amazing faith, that power.....if we take that unbelievable faith in our own lives, actualize it, practice it, I believe we'll move forward towards our future, towards our destiny, with more victory, with more illumination and more peace and we will live that blessed life that True Parents have blessed us to live.

Brothers and sisters give it up for True Parents who had Hoon Dok Hae, had Hoon Dok Hae after the crash! (Loud applause) Give it up for God and True Parents!

This is the picture taken yesterday, of Father. Two and a half hour Hoon Dok Hae! He is, under that sweater you can't see it, but he is wearing a body brace. But Father is truly a warrior and really giving his heart to God and True Parents. 

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