The Words of Hyung Jin Moon

Living with a Savior's Heart

Hyung Jin Moon
July 5, 2008
Chungpadong Church, Seoul
Transcribed by: Cathy Quebral
Edited by: Bruno Klotz

Welcoming Message: Yeon Ah Nim:

Good afternoon brothers and sisters! (Good afternoon) This week we were in Japan visiting churches. As usual, in the morning, we did training, we did our prayer for members throughout the world. While we are devoting, we are offering our 120 bows.

Brothers and sisters, please know that we are praying for you and your families. We truly wish that you all live a blessed life and be a bigger blessing to the world. Today we are truly welcoming you to this sanctuary and for those who are joining with us via internet, we welcome you as well.

Welcome brothers and welcome sisters!

Hyung Jin Nim:

Welcome brothers and sisters!

I want to share with you from Cheon Seong Gyeong page 339 today. Father says, "Are arteries greater or veins greater? Which is greater? They are equal. Then which is greater? God or people? They are equal. When it comes to love, if God is the artery, we human beings are like the veins. So we have the value of having the privilege to be God's equal."

You see, brothers and sisters, when we listen to Father's words, we understand that, actually in terms of love, when Heavenly Father looks at us, He sees someone with equal value to Him. You may say, "That's impossible. How can I be equal to Almighty God, the creator of the universe?" Of course Father is saying we may not be equal in His power, we may not be equal in His might, we may not be equal in His knowledge, but in love, Father is saying, we can become His equals. We can share with Him the greatest power in the universe.

Brothers and sisters, that's a very empowering statement that True Parents are teaching us. They are saying that when we look at ourselves with God's eyes, we see someone with tremendous value, with cosmic, divine, and unique value. We don't see, "I can't do this right. I don't have any ability and talent." No, we see somebody that is made, specifically handpicked, for the work that we are to do here on this earth.

Brothers and sisters, it's so important when you live your daily lives to see yourselves from that highest perspective, that divine perspective, to see yourself from God's viewpoint. Remember, that was the first step to the fall, to not see from God's viewpoint. And so we want to make sure that, when we are actualizing the blessed life, that we are always looking at our lives, at ourselves, with God's viewpoint.

Sometimes we may have obstacles, we may have challenges. Maybe sometimes we are not totally perfect but when you look at it from God's perspective, we are growing, we are improving, we're getting better every single day. We're getting stronger, we're getting more confident, we're getting brighter and brighter.

Brothers and sisters, it's so important to see ourselves from this viewpoint. That really is the starting point for the blessed life: How we view ourselves, how it is we view our children, how it is we view our families, how it is we view our relationship to Almighty Heavenly Father.

Brothers and sisters, today I want to invite you to not only observe service but really participate in service. When we pray or when we sing songs of worship, we really want to include you, we want to invite you to participate, to be a part of that communion, to let God know how much you love Him. When you do that, when you muster up your strength, give your effort to give God that strength in the very beginning of this week, we believe that God will be with you with each step that you walk during this next week.

Brothers and sisters, once again it's such a delight to see all of you and let's really not just observe service, but we're going to really participate in service. Let's have a great service today. Once again, welcome Brothers and sisters!

Hyung Jin Nim's visualization and meditation:

Brothers and sisters I'd like to invite you now to unite the mind, body and breath in our first blessing's practice; let's start preparing our body.

As we breathe in, I'd like to invite you to feel the energy flowing through your body and as you lift your hands towards your heart, breathe in. And as you pass your living heart, as you breathe out, let's stretch up towards the heavens today. Let's really receive what God wants to give us. Really stretch our faith, receiving His love, His compassion, breathing in. As we pass our living heart, let us breathe out. One more time, feel the universal prime energy flowing through us, breathing in, calming us, our minds, passing our hearts, breathing out. Lifting towards the heavens today, receiving God's wisdom, His love, His peace, His strength, breathing in. And as we pass our hearts, breathing out.

I'd like to invite you to take a seat and let us prepare now our mind.

Let us now enter into our first visualization and meditation practice as we close our eyes. Let us now visualize a beautiful forest path that we are walking along. It is in the evening and the sun is still out. Warm evening rays passing through the forest. We can feel the beauty of this day. The trees are lush and the sky is blue and every time we walk through this forest and pass under the shade of a tree, I'd like to invite you just to feel how cool and refreshing that shade is, the simple act of feeling the tree's shade as we walk. When you start to feel the refreshing quality of the shade, you also at the same time are able to contrast that with the warmth of the sun as you walk. As we experience these beautiful realities of nature, we can feel the warmth of God all around us.

There is a river there in front of us. Let's walk gently towards that stream. We can hear the sounds of the stream getting gradually, gradually louder as we walk towards it. We can feel the energy and healing qualities of the water, the sound of the rushing water. And I now invite you to take a step into that stream's very shallow waters. You can feel the river rocks underneath your feet standing on a cool waters under a beautiful shade of a tree.

And I invite you to gradually just gently close your eyes in that image. Feel the water rushing near your ankles and your feet. As you breathe in, in your heart, let us say, "I am alive." And as you breathe out in our hearts, let us say, "Thank you." Once more as you breathe in, in our hearts, "I am alive." As you breathe out, in our hearts, let us say, "Thank you." One more time let's feel the peace flowing through our heart, as we breathe in, "I am alive." And as you breathe out, "Thank you."

Let us continue this brief concentration practice for just a couple of breaths. Let us recognize each breath that we take that we are alive. That we have this precious life to truly become all that God has created us to become. Let's just take a couple breaths, naturally. Let us feel our hearts with the everlasting peace, with the everlasting love of God. Breathing out, "Thank you."

May you always be blessed. May you always be safe. May you always be well. May you always be free from suffering, from pain. May you be kind to yourselves and to others with ease and may you always have true peace in the heart of True Parents.

Hyung Jin Nim's Prayer:

Brothers and sisters, let's join through prayer:

Heavenly Father, thank You for this day that You have blessed us with. Today is a glorious summer day. Father, You are raining down upon us, Father, Your love, Your refreshing everlasting life. Father, we feel revived in Your presence, in the presence of our community, of our brethren, our brothers and sisters here, where we partake together in this communion.

Father, let us truly offer our hearts to You this day. Let us know that You are dwelling with us at all times. Father, let us know that in every obstacle, in every challenge, You are there walking with us, You are there helping us along that path and, Father, You are preparing us for a greater future.

Father, thank You so much for this day. We are praying for each one of the brothers and sisters here today; we pray for their divine health. Father, we pray that they may have success and be blessed in all aspects of their life, physical, material, spiritual.

Father, we pray that You may be with them at all times. Be with their children. Allow them truly to blossom, to become the great creations that You have created them to become.

Please be with all our brothers and sisters today who are joining us via internet across the world. We are praying with one heart, with one mind and with one spirit today.

Father, thank You for this day that You have blessed us with. Give us strength today, give us wisdom, give us Your everlasting peace and we offer this with an everlasting love.

In our names we pray as Central Blessed Families. Aju!

Hyung Jin Nim's Interesting Story:

Brothers and sisters we always like to start with something a little interesting! We heard about the story of a little young man, his name was Michael and he has spent a little time with his grandma and eventually he came back home and he was eating dinner with his dad and his mom. And this was the grandma on his mom's side. And so they prepared a beautiful meal. Right before the meal, the children came and sat at the table and they didn't pray and just started eating. And then their mom said, "Hey wait a minute you guys. You know, we're supposed to pray before we eat, we're supposed to say grace before we eat. And the children said, "Oh don't worry, unlike grandma, mom is a great cook." (Audience laughing)

Main Message of Hyung Jin Nim:

There are some moments in life when you are embarrassed and things don't work out your way but you always must overcome it and shake it off and take a step up. Brothers and sisters, today I want to talk to you about "Living with a Savior's Heart."

If we truly are to live the blessed life, then one of the keys is to have the heart of a savior. True Father anointed us to be tribal messiahs and he described it as being masters of love. To have the heart of the messiah and the heart of a savior in your tribe, in your extended families, it is so important that we understand that God created us not only to live for ourselves but He created us to have the heart of a savior for others, to truly be a blessing to others.

When God anointed True Parents as savior, True Father was at first filled with... I can see his heart, his mind, I can see him almost being overwhelmed by intimidation, thinking, "How can I save this world? How can one person make a difference? The world is so vast. This place is so great; there's no way I can make a difference. There's no way I can save all of mankind. How can I, a mere person, liberate the God of the universe?" But he overcame that intimidation. And on the third time that God asked, the third time that God requested him, True Father came into agreement with God. He said, "God, if I can't liberate all of mankind then at least I will work and give my all to liberate Your heart."

I heard a story about a train that was traveling at night. It went through very cold plains where there was a lot of snow. It went through mountains. There were hundreds of passengers on this train. They were sleeping, they were very comfortably riding, and they had to pass over a lake. And over this lake there was a beautiful bridge but during the night there was a snow slide and that bridge in the front section had collapsed. Nobody on the train knew that they were eventually heading towards their own doom.

And while everybody was sound asleep on that train and as the train rode closer and closer to that icy lake, there was a man that was standing near that lake, that happened to be there at night. He saw the scenario. He saw the train rushing towards this lake with a collapsed bridge. And he thought quick. He ran to the rail switch. He was right about to press the rail switch button and if he did so, the train track would switch and the train would safely go on to safe tracks. But at that exact moment, right when he was about to press that switch, he saw his only son standing there running towards him. The son was only about one or two years old, had just barely learned how to walk, smiling, saw his dad, running towards him.

This man was in the worst dilemma a parent can be in. He had to make a decision on the spot. "What will I do?" What will you do in that situation? If he presses the rail switch button, hundreds of passengers on that train come to safety. But what happens? That train will collide with his son. If he doesn't press the rail switch button, the son will be saved but hundreds of passengers will plummet into an icy lake in the middle of night.

This is the dilemma that this man was facing that day. What is this analogous to? This is like the situation that God was in. God was in a situation, He had waited from Adam through the providence of restoration to Abraham, Moses and even Jesus. And after Jesus died on the cross, the sorrow, the pain, and 2,000 years waiting until True Parents would come. And even when they did come, God understood that in order to save the greater whole of humanity, He had to send His only son on a path of suffering, on a path in collision with that train.

What would you do in such a situation? I asked the brothers and sisters in Japan when I traveled there. I said, "What is it? What decision did God make at that instant?" And they all told me the answer. They said, "God decided to press that rail switch."

Brothers and sisters, I want to invite you to imagine the agony, the pain when God pressed that rail switch button. When He closed His eyes and He pressed that button, He must have felt like the biggest sinner in all of the universe. He must have felt that He was the most worthless parent sending His own child to collide with danger. And I could see God in those very moments when He was waiting for the sound of that train. Almost inevitably He knows it's going to collide. And in those moments of darkness that He is closing His eyes and he's just waiting, He is hoping, "Please don't let it happen." But He knows it will. He knows His child will suffer. And in those moments I could see God feeling tremendous terror, fear. I can see His heart descending into the lowest hells, really struggling with so much pain, so much agony. Not wanting to hear or see or even imagine what would happen. And I could see the kind of immense sorrow that He must have felt in those few moments.

And then, imagine brothers and sisters, when He does hear the sound of that train coming into collision with that young little boy. Imagine the sound of that boy's cry. Imagine the tears that are shedding from God's eyes as He hears the cry of this young boy. I want to invite you to imagine that kind of suffering, that kind of pain.

And somehow, He has to, in His mind, muster up strength. He has to say, "Okay, I have to open my eyes. I have to go and save those people on that train. I have to make sure people are alright on that train. Even though I know what happened to my son, but now I have to go and care for those people on that train.

And I can see Him trying to muster up His strength, trying to just become strong enough to open His eyes. And when He opens His eyes, He looks towards that train track with total fear, total desperation, really, His heart is being full of sorrow, of guilt.

And when He looks at that train track, He sees that little boy holding up that train! Brothers and sisters, at that moment when He sees that little boy, like a miracle, holding up that train, I want you to imagine the joy in His heart. I want you to imagine the happiness that must have overwhelmed Him. I want you to imagine Him saying, "Oh, my God! I can't believe this is happening!" I want you to imagine the relief that He must have felt, from total hell to total heaven.

You see brothers and sisters, True Parents fought that kind of battle. They established this kind of worldwide foundation. Such a foundation has never been done during the lifetime of a founder of a religion. It's so immense, the victory is so great and, in the spiritual sense, even God's heart is liberated. When we understand that, think about how much joy He must feel.

And really, if we truly are to have the heart of a savior, it really begins by believing in the greatness that God has placed within us, it begins by believing in the greatness, by believing that we have the potential to even face large oncoming trains, I am not saying in the physical, but in the spiritual. When we have obstacles coming your way we're not going to give up. We're going to say, "I can get through this obstacle. Me and God, we can become a strong force. We can become the greatest force in the universe. We can make it through this path."

Even when no one says, "You can do it", even when nobody believes that you will be able to survive, even when everybody thinks you will fail, even when God doubts that you will make it through this ordeal, then it is so important that we know that we will be victorious through this ordeal, that God is preparing us through this challenge, through this obstacle, through this difficulty, to bring us up to a whole new level of success, of blessing, of victory.

We have to know that God created us to become brave, to be strong, to be able, to be creative, to be intelligent, to have confidence in our future, to have hope in the people that we are destined to become, that person in your life that you are designed to help, that you are here to extend your savior's heart to. That person maybe be your child. It maybe your brother. It maybe your sister. It maybe your parent, your grandparent. It maybe your spiritual future son or daughter. But because of you, and just like that story, because of you, hundreds of people in that train will be able to be saved. They will be able to be freed and to become all that God has created them to become.

It is so important that we understand that we have this kind of destiny. Just like True Father, that immense heroic faith that he had to muster up, the immense strength that he had to develop in order to encounter those obstacles, the same kind of spirit we have in us as well.

I heard a story about a young person who volunteered at Stanford Hospital. That's in Connecticut, in the States. And he got to know this little girl by the name of Liz. She was suffering from a rare and serious disease and the only way to save Liz was to give her a blood transfusion. But it couldn't be any normal blood transfusion. She had to have the blood transfusion from the person who had the same illness as her, who had developed the same anti-bodies to fight that illness. There was one person that they found that had the exact criteria. That was her five year old younger brother.

That younger brother had also suffered the same rare disease and had been victorious over that. He had developed the anti-bodies to fight that kind of disease. The doctor explained the situation to this little brother. He said, "Will you be willing to give your sister Liz your blood?" And the volunteer saw the little boy, the five year old boy, hesitate for just one moment. And with a trembling voice that little boy said, "Yes, I would do it if it would save Liz."

There they lay on the hospital bed and all the people were smiling as the little boy was donating his blood to his sister. He had a smile in his face. You could see Liz's face was becoming red again and becoming healthier. You could see the colors returning back to her cheeks. But after a little while, the little boy's face became more pale and more pale and he began to lose the smile on his face. It started to fade slowly and with a trembling voice he looked up with hesitation towards the doctor and he asked, "Doctor, will I start to die right away?"

You see, this little boy thought that he was supposed to give all his blood to his older sister. He thought he was supposed to give all of his life to his older sister Liz in order to save her and he was willing to do so. In the heart of that little boy, when he looked at his sister, his love for her was greater that even the value of his life and that little five year old boy was willing to give his life to save his older sister.

When we think about that story, why are we moved when we hear that? We can say it is sweet innocence. We may say it's naivety. But when we look at it, there is something inspirational about that kind of heart, the heart that will sacrifice, that will lay down their life to help another person in the family or somebody that they love.

Of course, in times of extreme circumstances like war or famine or when somebody has a rare disease like Liz, then it is important to have such heroic sacrifice to save such a person, such heroic strength to be able to offer oneself for the life of the other. True Father, even in Hungnam prison, would share his meals, the little one bowl of rice ration that he was offered. He'd always share that with his inmates even at the risk of his own starvation. He always practiced that kind of sacrifice.

Of course, those are very extreme circumstances, and we may be tempted to say, "Hey, wait a minute, I don't live in such extreme circumstances. I live day to day. I go to work. I come home. I eat dinner with my kids. I'm not living in war. I'm not living in famine. I don't have somebody around me who's dying with a rare disease and needs blood transfusion like Liz." We may be tempted to say that. But, brothers and sisters, the part of a savior begins with very small things. It begins with very small steps that we take in our lives even though conditions are not that extreme.

In this church we have a Korean brother and a Japanese sister who are blessed, they've been blessed for many, many years. Unfortunately the husband, the Korean husband, became very ill in the last couple of months. And about three and half months ago, he was hospitalized. He was in total paralysis. He was in a vegetative state. The doctor said that he had no chance of survival, absolutely no chance of survival. They actually told the relatives about this kind of circumstance, very bad news from the doctors. And the relatives went to our Japanese sister and they said to her, "Pull the plug. We can't afford this." The doctors say, the professionals say, "It's not going to work, it's not going to help. He has to move on. He's going to pass on."

She was totally, totally distraught by this message. She did not want to believe that this would be the case. She came to our ministers here. She asked one of our Korean ministers. She said, "Minister, look, I have this terrible situation. What am I supposed to do? What do you recommend?" And the minister said, "Well, you know what? Let's hold on just a little more." We are doing special prayer conditions everyday, at 2:30 in the morning, every day for our members, all nations, we are praying for them. Everyday we are praying here in the HQ church." And he said, "Just hold on a couple more weeks." We even did a special fundraising to help that family so that family could have a little more time in that hospital.

After the Korean service, on Sunday, we have a lottery that we pull from. And the family that is selected, we go to visit their home. This is a random lotto. By chance I stuck my hand in the lottery and I ended up picking up that brother's name! We ended up going to visit him in the hospital. This was three months and 10 days after he was hospitalized. At that time he was in a total vegetative state. He could not move. His body was in complete paralysis.

Three months and 10 days later when I saw him, he was moving, walking, talking, he was moving around like a miracle! I could not believe what I was seeing. Of course he had a respirator in his throat but he was totally defiant to science. He totally overcame this sickness. The doctors could not explain it. The wife with a huge smile on her face, she was telling me how now they meet that doctor who said, "There is no chance, he's going to pass away, we might as well pull the plug". When she meets that doctor and she looks at him, he can't even keep eye contact with her. He knows there was something miraculous that happened.

And what did that sister know? She knew that God is the God of miracles. If we truly believe, and if we give it our all, God can turn a situation that looks terrible into something that is totally tremendous. What happened in that situation? She literally became his savior. She nursed him back to health, she helped him walk again, she helped him learn to eat. She literally became his savior. She had that heart.

What does she say now? At first, when she first got blessed, it was very difficult, so many struggles, she couldn't understand the culture, there was the language barrier, etc. Now, after this ordeal she is so grateful to have this husband. She's so grateful. She realized she would be terribly lonely without him. She realized that, "My God, what a precious blessing he is." And I asked him when we were in the hospital, "Aren't you grateful to have such a wonderful wife like this?" And he started just shedding tears, just started shedding tears and he said, he was looking down on his belly, and he said, "Yes I am. I am truly, truly grateful for such a wife."

Brothers and sisters, when we truly live the heart of a savior we may say, "But some of us have bad news from the hospital. There are bad diagnosis. I have a terrible disease. I'm not going to make it through, that's what the doctors say. I'm just being rational. I'm being realistic. The doctors are professionals after all." We may be tempted to say, "Okay, I will just give up. I might as well pass on."

But brothers and sisters, it is so important that we never give up on ourselves, that we always say, "Wait a minute, as long as I'm alive, I have some saving to do. As long as I'm alive, I have someone to help. I can inspire someone. I can encourage someone."

I spoke to a blessed child. He is now in his 40's. He is a highly paid professional now in a very good firm and we were talking about his father. His father was a very famous minister but he suffered lung disease at the very end stage of his life and his father never gave up. He said, "I'm not going to lose to this lung disease. There's no way that this is going to stop me. I need to go and see Father." He was on the hospital bed with lung disease, totally incapacitated and he said, "I have to go and see Father. I'm healthy. I can beat this disease. This will not hold me down." The blessed child told me how he was eventually taken by lung disease. He did pass on by lung disease.

So we may be tempted to say, "Hey, you know what? If I have a disease, and I ask God, "Help me!" and I say, “I’m not going to give up." But what if I do pass away? What if I do? What if God does take me away?" Well, brothers and sisters, even in that scenario, even in that case, in the worst case scenario when that did happen to this young blessed child, what happened? This father's warrior spirit, the spirit of never giving up, the spirit of seeing obstacles and saying, "This is nothing; I'm going to pass through this" that heart was passed down into every single one of his children.

All his children now are very successful people and they attributed that to the warrior spirit of their father. His legacy, his spirit that he endowed them with, that strength, that warrior spirit of never giving up, of always looking in the face of fear or dread and saying, "I can overcome this. God gave me the potential to move through this," that spirit became part of them. Even though his life was claimed in that instant, in the greater picture of it all, his children became so much more blessed. They became so much more positive. They became so much more filled with overcoming power because of his heart.

Brothers and sisters, it's so important that we understand that this heart of a savior is not something that we just totally give out. It makes an impact on those people around us. When we do express it, when we do live with the heart of a savior, the heart of compassion, the heart of grace, it does make a difference in people's lives. It does make a difference in our own lives.

I know a brother who practices one act of kindness per day. His practice of being a savior, practicing the heart of a savior, is not huge things. They are not heroic things. They are simply getting up to help an elderly man, giving him his seat on the bus, or he does something very special that he told me about. Whenever he passes a homeless person, he goes to the closest 7-11 and buys this person a sandwich. And he says, "I'm not going to give him money because he may go and buy an addictive substance but I'm going to buy him a sandwich." That's his own interpretation. I don't know if I necessarily agree with that but that's his own heart. In other words, in daily life, in the normal things of daily life, he's trying to actualize his heart of a savior, he is trying to participate in God's goodness.

Practicing the heart of a savior could be something as simple as calling your parent and saying, "You know mom and dad, thank you. I'm just grateful. I just thought of you today. I just want to say thank you for everything. You raised me. You really gave me a lot of strength. I know we had our tough times together but really, you know what? I am really grateful that I have you in my life."

It could be something as simple as that. It could be something as simple as writing your children a little letter, a little email, a little instant message that says, "Hey kids, I love you. You are our blessings." Or, "You know, you're going to make it through this day. You're going to do a great job on that test." It could be something so simple. When we exercise the heart of a savior, I'm not only talking about heroic, huge things, I'm talking about very small things in our lives, things that can make a difference in people's lives, things that help people succeed more, that can give them the spirit that they will need in order to overcome those obstacles.

When we were at the Mapo church ministry, at the smaller church over there in Mapo, every morning after morning practice, morning training, we would go out at about 4:30 in the morning right before Hoon Dok Hae and pick up some Ramyon at the local 7-11. Every morning we would go to the 7-11 and we would see the same lady working there. She was always working there with her middle school aged son. And the son was there. It was 4:30 in the morning, the kid was there every day, every day, every day, every night, with his mother, of course, going to school, coming back, sleeping, taking a rest in the back room and then working again.

We were so impressed. We were so inspired by this young man. Here he was in middle school, trying to help his mom with the family business. He is here trying to build the skills not only for himself but trying to help his mom make it through the day, make it through the night safely, make sure that nothing happens to her at night, keeping guard, keeping watch, keeping vigil over her. This young man was just about 10 years old!

And everyday, when we went to the 7-11 to buy Ramyon, we encouraged him and said, "You guys are totally amazing! You guys are truly remarkable! It's amazing, young man, you are protecting your mom everyday, day and night. You are truly a heavenly guardian!" And he was always encouraged by that. I remember, every time we left the 7-11, they used to come out and say, "Bye, bye, have a great day!" We used to exchange that kind of greeting.

What am I saying? Having the savior's heart, having a heart that wishes to help others, extending grace, extending compassion, extending love, doesn't mean doing huge things. It doesn't have to be things in extreme circumstances. Of course, it can be those things but I'm talking about daily life. Who are those people around you that could receive your help? Is there somebody you can encourage in your life today? Is there somebody that you could say thank you to, or, "I appreciate you"? Are your parents alive still? Then you can maybe give them a call and say, "You know, dad and mom I really love you guys. I want you to know that."

Is there something in your life that you can do for somebody, that would truly give them strength, give them a fresh spirit, give them a new outlook on their life.

Brothers and sisters, what can we learn today? How we can make a difference, how we can live the blessed life with a savior's heart. It's so important we start understanding that in times of extreme circumstances it can demand great sacrifice, but in times of normal circumstances, day to day life, day in, day out, with the kids, at work, it starts with small things. It starts with very small acts of grace, very small acts of kindness, very small acts of love.

Even in my own mind, whenever I fall into fear, thinking, "Oh, I never can do this job. I'm getting too bogged down. I have too many responsibilities. I can't do ministry and administration, and do this job and that job. I have way too many works. I cannot do all these things," whenever I start having those kind of ostrich thoughts, I start remembering what True Father told me on my inauguration day. He said, "Don't worry so much. You have plenty of people to help you."

Whenever I think of that one statement, that one encouragement that Father gave me, it didn't take too much time, it took about two seconds from him to say it. But that one statement that he said gives me so much strength every time I start having ostrich thoughts thinking, "I can't do this" and running around like an ostrich hiding my head in the ground. Father says, "Don't hide your head in the ground. You are an eagle. Spread those wings. Fly. Soar. Reach new horizons." When I listen to that one phrase that he said, "Don't worry, there will be people to help," that gives me so much strength.

Brothers and sisters, it doesn't have to be something great. One encouragement can give so much strength to another person. Who are those people in your life today that you can do that for? Let's keep our eyes open! If we can do that, we can make a small act and God can use that small condition to make it into a giant difference.

You may feel small but for God you are the greatest force for goodness in the universe. We must always remember that. And even though the Archangels may send big trains in our path, we have to know that we have the power to stop them, to lift them and to save those people who are traveling on that train.

Brothers and sisters, if you can receive this message, let's give True Parents a big round of applause. (Everyone claps.) 

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