The Words of Hyung Jin Moon

Marriage Blessing for the Godly Civilization under the Sacred Reign of Peace - Blessing Prayer

Hyung Jin Moon
July 2008

Beloved Heavenly Father. our eternal King of Peace and True Parents of Heaven Earth and Humankind: On this day of the blessing. we dedicate these prepared 153 couples before You, so please grant them the foundation whereon they can form ideal families.

Our Heavenly Father, after You lost the first human ancestors due to the Fall. You have had to walk a sad and sorrowful course. You recovered through the providence of restoration carried on for thousands of years, the rights of love, ownership, and lineage, and established True Parents on this earth. Through them, the right of the eldest son, the right of the parents. the right of kingship and the realm of the royal family have been completely recovered. and we are now standing on the, restored foundation of victory.

Heavenly Father, though we exist as individuals and families, I believe that when You look down upon us. You will see us as Your precious children -- blessed, central families -- and the couples who can perfect the purpose of creation.

Heavenly Father, we have renewed our hearts through this day and the blessed. central families gathered here are making their eternal vows before You.

Father, we need to realize once again the value of this blessing. and we need to know clearly how much You and True Parents, who have walked a course of six thousand years waiting for this day. really value and love all the blessed central families.

Heavenly Father, I hope and pray that You will allow these blessed families to become devoted sons and daughters of filial piety who can completely liberate Your heart.

Father, I beseech You to please bless these new blessed families as blessed central families. and bestow on them grace and love that they may become precious families who can establish God's ideal family. And I also truly pray that You will bless this day whereon these families can I return glory to You.

Heavenly Father, once again I dedicate to You the good men and women standing here before You, so please bless them and let them make a new beginning on this day and become Your blessed children who can firmly establish eternal lives of the freedom, peace, and happiness of the ideal world.

I offer all these words and bless and dedicate the new blessed couples gathered here in the name of Moon Hyung-jin's family a blessed central family and the names of our True God and True Parents. Aju. Aju. Aju. 

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