The Words of Hyung Jin Moon

Your Secret Blessing

Hyung Jin Moon
June 14 2008
Headquarters Church
Chongpa Dong, Seoul, Korea
Transcribed by: Beatrice Clyburn
Edited by: Bruno Klotz

Welcoming Remarks:
Yeon Ah Nim:

Good afternoon brothers and sisters! (Good afternoon!). Outside it is a little bit hot, but we still believe that today is a beautiful day to celebrate True Parents and Heavenly Father. Do you believe that? (Yes!) We are always honored to have you here in this sanctuary, and for those who are joining us via internet, we are welcoming you as well. Welcome brothers and welcome sisters!

Hyung Jin Nim:

Welcome brothers and sisters! I want to share something from Cheon Seong Gyeong, page 629, today. Father says, "What does the Scripture about loving the Lord, your God, with all your heart, soul and with all your mind mean? The center of everything is love, so when you do nothing but concentrates all your functions and consciousness on loving the Lord your God, you will go straight up to the vertical realm, taking the elevator. It is a wondrous world."

I love that! You know I love how Father talks about loving the Lord your God, and how he talks about concentrating our minds and bodies, that is to say that when we practice the act of love, it is not only an emotional feeling. It is an act, it's a verb. It's something that requires concentration and focus, something to channel to the object that we're sending it towards.

And really in our lives, every day, let us be a great blessing to those around us. There're so many opportunities in a day, so many seconds, so many minutes, so many hours that pass by and we have so many opportunities to be a miracle to somebody. And it's so important that we take advantage of those opportunities, those chances, to see those gifts that we are able to give to those people all around us at any time of the day.

It really shows that love is something that is all-consuming. It's not only with the mind, or with the particular function of the consciousness. It's with all functions, all of our concentrated power. And really it shows that love is such a great power, a great force that is real in our lives.

Brothers and sisters, every day when we get up we always want to encourage you to stand and declare in front of that mirror, with your beautiful morning hair and everything, just tell yourself, “I am made in the image of the Almighty God. I have value, I am creative, I am intelligent; I have a will, I have emotion, I have intellect. I have all these dimensions, I have the heartistic quality, I have universal value, cosmic value, divine value."

We have to start seeing ourselves in that kind of light. We don't want to get up and say, "Oh my hair looks terrible today. It's going to look worse by noon. I am already getting fat; I'm getting 5 pounds, 10 pounds. I'm just slipping." We don't want to say that. We want to say, "You know what? Today is a great day to lose some pounds, today is a great day to look better, feel better, to know that I'm getting greater every single day." We want to always be looking at our lives with that kind of attitude, seeing our futures with hope, knowing that we're going to be a blessing to this world.

And brothers and sisters, particularly when we come to service, I want to encourage you all to not only observe service but really participate with us. When we sing with the Two Rivers Choir, I want to encourage you all to just shout it out! Don't worry, nobody is looking at you. Just God is watching you, God is hearing you. If you give Him praise, you give Him love that love is going to return to you ten fold this week. Your week already will be on a great start.

So I want to encourage you to really give God your best today. We are not only here to observe service, we are here to give service, give worship to God. So I want to encourage you today. Thank you brothers and sisters for coming. Welcome again!

Yeon Ah Nim's Words:

Yesterday was the second anniversary of Cheon Jeong Gong entrance and the 46th anniversary of the Day of All True Things. The event was very beautiful and as you can imagine, True Father spoke for four short hours. During that time my husband slept a little bit (Laughter), but it was a very beautiful event. True Father really poured out his heart, and his love for God was undeniable for those who participated in that event. Brothers and sisters let us also have that True Father's love for God in our life for our family, for our friends and people we know around us. Brothers and sisters we love you so much and we believe in you. Aju!

Interesting Story:

I heard a very interesting story. It was actually about a Jewish atheist. One day he was up on the West side of New York, and he decided to send his son to a very, very good school. The school was, "Trinity School,” so it was a Catholic school. A couple of months later the son came back and said, "Hey, dad, do you know what the Trinity is?" "I don't know what it is and don't tell me!" So the son said, "The Trinity is the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit." The dad, out of total rage, he was so angry, he grabbed the son by the shoulder and said, "Let me tell you something, son that you must never forget. There is only one God and we do not believe in Him!" (Laughter)

Hyung Jin Nim's Sermon:

Brothers and sisters, I want to talk to you today about the secret blessing in our lives. In order to live the blessed life, it is so important to know and realize that we are secret blessings. God will bring some chosen people, some prepared people into your lives. But there is a very ironic twist here. Those people are chosen for us, they are necessary for us to succeed, but not exactly how we may think of it. We may think that these people will help us, and they will promote us to become victorious in our lives. It's actually the other way around. There are certain people sent into your life so that you can help them succeed, so that you can help promote them, so that you can help them leave the life of abundance.

When you do that, when you help the person that God has chosen and sent into your life for you to help, for you to rise, for you to allow being abundant and living a life of victory, when you help them do that, your life also becomes more blessed. Your life also will become more victorious and illuminated.

So in our lives, it's so very important to keep our eyes on the look out for those very special people that God has sent into our lives, for those special people that He's prepared for us, not necessarily for them to promote us, but for us to be able to help them. But too many people live their life, thinking, "I've got to get to the top! I've got to move my way through the ranks, I've got to succeed on my own, I have no time for that. I am busy moving along in my life. It's a brutal world, it's a dog-eat-dog world and I have no room for that."

Indeed this kind of attitude may allow you to succeed in the world. It may allow you to succeed in the short run, but it certainly will not give you or gain you or grant you happiness in the long run. God asks us to become bigger than we think we are, to be greater than we think we are. God is asking us to look around in our lives. Maybe there's somebody in your life; maybe he has a very quiet personality, not so outgoing, not super social, but is a fantastic person. He is somebody that really contributes to the work that you do. Maybe that person is a great teacher, or maybe a great writer for helping you when you need help in editing. Maybe he or she is a great person in the office that really helps in creating success in the projects that you have to do for your companies or your organizations.

It's so important that we keep our eyes open, not necessarily for those who are charismatic, for those who speak so eloquently? Unlike myself -- but we have to look around, check around ourselves. Maybe sometimes there may be a very quiet person. But that person may do a lot of work, may hold up the fort, may really provide us with a great strength when we need to research something or fulfill a project. It's so important that when we find those kind of people in our lives, that we are in a mindset in our lives, that we are discerning in our lives, that we are able to promote those people, help those people succeed, recommend those people to have more and more victories in their lives.

It's so important to understand that very old statement that you've all heard, "What goes around comes around; what goes up must come down." Whatever we send out into the world, whether that be goodness or jealousy that eventually comes back to us. Let's make sure that, in our lives, as blessed people, we are sending around goodness.

I want to show you a remarkable, remarkable video, of a young man and you will not believe what he is able to do. Let's check this video out. Let me give you a little backdrop to this. This young man, his last name is Underwood; he is a remarkable young man. He's born African-American in the States. He is just a regular teenager. You would never think anything is wrong with him. But there is one amazing gift that he has.


This week's People Magazine profiles a California teenager who does some remarkable things despite his disability. This is something you just might have to see to believe! CBS News correspondent John Blackstone reports:

In a pillow fight, 14 year old Ben Underwood can deliver dead-on shots. When a video game is going, his fingers fly. On his skates he is fearless. For most teenagers, it's nothing remarkable. But Ben Underwood is blind, totally blind. Hear the clicks? That's how he finds his way around. Walking down the streets with Ben you will be amazed at what he can see with his ears.

Ben: "Well there's a fire hydrant on this side, a car on this side; that's a trash can. Hold on, let me see. Yeh, that's a trash can!"

Ben was just 2 years old when cancer claimed his eyes. Both were surgically removed.

And he woke up from that surgery and then said, "Mom I can't see any more! I can't see any more!" Then I said, "You can't use your eyes, but you've got your nose, and your ears and your mouth."

From that day on, Ben has used his hearing, his touch, his sense of smell to conquer a world of darkness. It's sometimes hard to believe how good Ben is. Just watch the way he deftly steps around a fallen trashcan.

Somehow Ben has mastered echo location. It's the same way dolphins get around, bouncing sound waves to figure out where they are. On a trip to Sea world a few weeks ago, Ben found that he and the dolphins shared an amazing talent. When he is out of the water it becomes easy to forget that Ben is blind. In this last game, Ben beat me 5 to 2. Playing video games with his brother Isaiah in "The assault of noise" Ben can figure out everything that's happening just by listening. How can he even separate the sound? Ben, "Because they've got different voices". His mom, "Nobody is going to tell him that there's impossibility for him, because there are none!"

This mom ought to be teaching a course on how to raise a kid who can't see well. Dr James Ruben says that Aquanetta has done exactly the right thing with Ben, never being overprotective, never putting limits on him. "I think the real story here is not his talents but his attitude, and I think attitude is what it's really about."

His mom,” We have to give our kids confidence. We give them pride! Empower him and be proud of him no matter what." You can see where Ben gets his extraordinary self-confidence! His mom,” There is nothing that you can do that I can't do better, and that's the attitude, you know, that's what I want to give him."

Watching him in action it seems clear that Ben really can do anything! (Loud applause)

Hyung Jin Nim again:

See, I wanted to share that with you, brothers and sisters, because we just saw a remarkable young fellow, who is growing up in the United States. When he was 2 years old he had his eyes surgically removed because of cancer, young baby with no eyes, he has to use plastic eyes so that he can look normal. But he is able to do something special; as you just saw, he is the only person in the world that has that ability. He has the ability to use echo-location to walk around, to get him around, as you saw him roller blading.

But I want to make the point that the real miracle - just like that doctor said when he saw his mother -- the real blessing in his life is his mother. When we look at his mother, she knew that God asked her to promote, to believe, in her son. What am I talking about here? I'm talking about being able to promote people in our minds as well. See, she could have so easily seen her young boy at two years old, having his eyes surgically removed, and could have said, "My God! He's going to be handicapped, he has no future. There's no way he's going to succeed. He's going to be made fun of; he's going to be mocked as a kid who has plastic eyes."

She could have seen him like that. But in her mind, she never let herself do that. She always asked herself, always challenged herself to promote him in her mind. Whenever she saw him, and when she started thinking that he had a disability, she said, "No, he doesn't". And she explained in other videos how she cried many nights. It was very tough. It was so difficult! If you have children, you can understand maybe. Start to even try to imagine the pain that you'll feel as a parent if your child has that situation.

But she raised him with a strong mindset, with tough love. She said, "You must never be a victim in your life, you must never think you can't do anything. You must always believe you can do everything. If somebody says they can do something, you've got to think you can do it better." That kind of attitude, that kind of mentality! As you saw in the video, she was never overprotective of that son. She let him roller blade, she let him play in the playground, let him fall down and scrape his knees, fall down even when he hurt his face because he couldn't see when he first tried to learn how to walk again. She was still allowing him to take those risks, allowing him to become better and better at his skill, to learn how to see the world, not necessarily with his eyes but with the other senses that he had. And because of that he is able to develop into such a tremendous young individual.

When I see that, I really do believe that our children are put into our lives so that we can promote them, we can help them succeed. It's such a blessing to have our kids in our lives! And it's so important that, in our minds, we get into the habit, just like Ben's mom does, of promoting the children all the time.

At times in our lives, when we have children, we have disappointments. The children won't listen to you at times. Maybe they'll grow up and they'll start disagreeing with what you think. Or they want to pursue this path but you really want them to be a doctor. Even though those situations arise, and even though we may be tempted as parents to want to condemn the children, still it is so important that we -- just like Ben's mom does -- always try to help promote them in our hearts, always try to elevate them in our minds, so that we always see the good in them, develop their goodness, give them encouragement, plant seeds of hope in their lives, allow them to burgeon into those one-of-a-kind children that you just saw.

It's so important that we do this because I've seen research that shows that parents who help their children by praising their effort along the way, that parents who praise their children for effort, their children perform better than the children who are only praised for results, who are only praised when they get A's, for example.

It's so important that, as blessed central families, if we have children, that we are giving our children praise along the way, when they are giving effort. Look at Ben's mom! When Ben first started to walk, he had eyes for 2 years, he could see for 2 years, so he depended on his eyes just like you and me. But after a while, when he, all of a sudden, lost his eyes, and now was walking around in a world of blackness, darkness, suddenly he had to develop whole new skills, a whole new skill set for him to succeed in his life.

And I can see him falling down here, scraping his knee here, banging his head when he tripped over a trash can there. And I can see his mom, seeing that, in so much pain. I can see his mom on the side, maybe even crying behind the window. But I can see her, as soon as he comes back into that room, wiping those tears away, saying, "Honey, how was your day?" "I fell down" "You did? Fantastic, you're learning how to use your other skills. You're learning. Don't you ever think that you're going to live like this for ever. All you're doing right now is training.” That's how she explains what she did with Ben.

She explained that many nights she cried that many nights she was in agony to see her young boy do this. But she realized that she had to instill in him the heart of strength, the heart of courage, the heart of hope in his life. "Don't give up because you think that you have a handicap, don't give up because you think that you are somehow disabled or disadvantaged, worse off than somebody else. Don't ever give up," she encouraged him. She always planted a seed of hope in his mind, in his heart. She said, "Don't you ever let anybody tell you that you are less than them, that you're unworthy, that you're untalented, that you can't do something because of your situation. You have something that nobody has; you have a talent that only you can actualize."

And because she did that along the way, not only when he succeeded, not only when he was a great roller-blader like he is now, but because she did that along the way, Ben was able to become the kind of individual that you saw.

He's able to perform such normal task with so much ease. You saw him deliver those shots with the pillow fight. I don't want to get in a pillow fight with him! He is fantastic at throwing those pillows! But he has that sense because she planted encouragement along the way. She continued to "water" him, continued to raise him with hope, never letting him get down on himself, beat himself up internally, beat himself up in his mind, say he is inadequate, say he is incompetent, say he's terrible, say he can't do anything like the other kids. She never let him take that chance. She always was very strict with him.

When we see that, we can see that she became a blessing to him. She's the greatest blessing to him. She learned, she knew, what we are talking about today; she knew that she had to promote him constantly in her mind. Only if she promoted him in her mind would that blessing return back to her. Now she is one of the proudest parents in all of America. She's been covered by CBS, NBC, all the major stations. She's one of the proudest moms.

And of course, as you saw, we have doctors and all kinds of academics saying, "This mom should be teaching a course on how to raise children!" When you see that, she's been elevated, she's become more victorious, she's become recognized because she believed in that boy, she promoted that child; she never let him get down on himself.

I heard a story that is called,"The sage and the fisherman" and it's about a fisherman that fished on a magical mountain lake, and in that lake there were tremendous fish, magical fish, beautiful, orange, and white silver fish, fish that he would go up and catch. And one day the sage was going around that mountain and he happened to look down into that lake, and there that fisherman was and he was there on his little raft catching those huge fish, fish that normal people in the village, if they saw, they would totally not believe. Those would be trophies. One of those fish would make him a totally rich man.

But one interesting thing was happening. What the sage noticed was that the fisherman, whenever he caught a big magical fish, he threw it back in the water. Maybe the first time when he saw that, the sage said, "Hey, maybe this guy is a sage, too. Maybe that's why he is practicing compassion for those fish and throwing them back into the waters." But then he saw another big fish being caught, and again the fisherman threw that fish in the water; again another huge fish, beautiful, magical, shining, sparkling, he threw it right back in the water.

And every time he caught a little bitty fish, he kept it in his boat, put it in his bag. At some point the sage was so frustrated. He could not understand what this man was thinking. If he was smart he would keep one of those fish and become a rich man. He could not keep it in any more, and so when the man was on the banks he ran to the man and said, "Fisherman, why is it that you keep throwing in the big fish? Those are huge fish, you could be rich because of one of those fish!" and the fisherman said to him very simply, "O that's very simple. Because my frying pan is too small!" And the sage, when he heard that he lifted his staff and smacked him on the head, and he said, "Buy a bigger frying pan!"

See, what's the story is trying to tell us, brothers and sisters? Too many people get stuck in life. They get stuck at a certain level of success, work hard, study hard, and do their best. But we have to realize that God is asking us to not only be successful in our own lives but also to help another person succeed. He's strategically sending people into our lives, chosen people, that you have to help in order for you to get to the next level, in order for you to rise up to the next level.

And when we're working, it's very easy to fall into the habit, "You know what? I've got to focus on myself. There is too much work here, I've got to succeed myself, I've got to get promoted, and I’ve got to increase." And that's not bad; we have to be all that God has created us to be. That's not a bad thing, that's not a sin. We want to be the best people we can be. But many people will wonder,” Why am I getting stuck? Why am I only able to succeed up to this level?" It's because you are created to be able to give and receive, to be able to give a blessing to another person. And maybe that person may be right around you. He may be right at the next desk. He may be right down the hallway in another classroom, if you are an educator. That person needs your help. That person needs your support in order for them to succeed, and in the end for you to succeed to a higher level.

See, what am I saying? Just like this man, we need to start increasing our mind, increasing our view, our perspective, getting a bigger frying pan in our mind. You see, just because I don't get the promotion and he does, some people may say, "If he gets it, I can't get it.” That's a very small frying pan. You're going to be frying small fish for the rest of your life. You've got to get a bigger frying pan. If he gets a promotion and I don't, I'm going to let that inspire me to work harder, to be more effective to help another person succeed and find myself promoted one day, too.

We've got to see all the things that are happening in our lives in a different way. We've got to increase our perspective, get that bigger frying pan, understand that when we help people on our team succeed in any organization, in any school team, in any classroom, if we help other members of our team succeed, then we all win, we all contribute to that organization more. If we're able to promote those people who may not be the most charismatic people but have talent, if we're able to bring them up, then that organization benefits through that, and then we receive the benefit of that in turn.

See, I heard a lecture given by a very famous businessman, and he talked about one story where he described a middle manager that he had in his company. This man worked very hard, worked day in and day out; really he was just a fantastic person. But every time the person above him was moved, he was hoping to get promoted. He was saying, "The team leader above me just got moved to the next company, so I'm going to get promoted this time." It did not happen the first time. That situation happened again, he didn't get promoted again. It happened again, he didn't get promoted again! He felt so defeated! His self-esteem was dropping, he was thinking, "I'm going to stay at this level. I'm stuck; I can't get higher than this. My level of success is going to stagnate right here."

And so he found himself one day at church, and he heard a sermon about being a giver in life, learning how to give in your life, learning how to be a person with a large heart, have a heartistic mind etc...And he made a decision that day to get a bigger "frying pan”, to increase his view, to increase his perspective. And he decided, "When I get back to my company, I'm not going to focus on my promotion. I'm going to focus on helping the people around me get promoted."

So he went about trying to find talented people and he did, maybe not the best personalities, maybe not the most charismatic, but very talented.

And he started recommending them to his boss, started recommending them, "Promote him, promote him beyond me. He's better." A couple of years later, one of the people that he recommended became vice-president of that company. What happened? That vice-president remembered the gesture of benevolence, the trust that this young manager had in him a couple of years back. That vice-president called him up and said, "You know what? I need you to be the director of all our teams." And he elevated him, promoted him immediately to that level. Of course he got a huge pay raise, great success! What am I saying? That if we are able to help people, not necessarily people that may be the most charismatic or the most socially skilled, but people who really contribute, people that are really working, and that are willing and able and also have the ability to contribute to the organization, if we are able to keep our eyes open, not only to the ones that shine, but also to the ones that work hard in the back, also to the ones that may not want to be up in the front all the time, if we can notice those people, if we can acknowledge their ability, and if we can be a blessing to them, God promises that He will bless us in a greater way.

God wants to promote us in our lives. He wants us to constantly improve and excel. He wants to see that we succeed, but He also wants to see that we are the type of people that help others succeed along the way. That's one of the great secrets of life! If you're able to help others succeed, allow them to be promoted, allow them to increase, while being your best at all times, trying your best, day in and day out, really contributing, then you will find yourself not only with more friends, but with much more success and with much more happiness.

But many people will say in their minds, "I can't help every one! There are too many people, there's simply too many people!" But you can help somebody. You don't have to help everybody! God is asking you to help, recognize, notice and support that one person that is maybe in the back that maybe is contributing to your projects, but maybe is not getting the recognition that he or she deserves. God is asking us to be greater in our minds. But some people will say, "I have no time, I'm focused on my own work!" But God is saying, "How much time does it take to encourage one person? How much time does it take to say to the boss,"Hey, I recommend that guy or that woman. She's really excellent. She's much more skilled than me. You need this person to be working in this manager position. How much time does it take to do that?"

"If he gets the promotion, I won't!" If we think like that, we're thinking the pie is too small, we're thinking, "I need the pie. If I take one piece, that's one less piece for them. If they take one piece, that's one less piece for me!" But one of the keys in life is to start increasing your pie, increasing your frying pan, getting a bigger picture in your mind, saying, "You know, there's plenty for everybody to succeed. If I have a larger view, if I have a larger frying pan, then I can start catching bigger fish, I can start sharing them with my team. And they may help me reel those fish in, they may help me bring those fish in if I'm able to support them."

See, it’s so important to understand this principle. And I really see this in the story of John and Jesus. When you recall the story of John the Baptist, he was very successful, very famous, very charismatic. He was baptizing everybody in that area, and as you recall, he even baptized Jesus. But John received a revelation that Jesus was the One; that Jesus was the Messiah, was the Anointed One, and that John had to promote him, he had to anoint and he had to support him . But John didn't choose to do that. See, if he had supported Jesus and promoted him, he would have been commended for his faith, he would have been commended for his benevolence, and he would have been rewarded for his goodness. See, he would be remembered through providential history as a man who stepped up and promoted Christ to attain greater victory, and in doing that he would have been so much more victorious.

But he didn't step up. He only told a few but was worried about losing his fame, and he didn't promote that young man from Nazareth, who really looked like nothing, who didn't have a great personality maybe, who wasn't maybe as charismatic as him, but was chosen by God. Because he didn't promote him, because he didn't support him, he became part of the category of people who really knew that they should have done it, but didn't.

See, it's so important that we don't do like John the Baptist, that we are the bigger person in our lives when we have the opportunity to notice the people that God is putting in our lives. He's choosing those people for us to help, to promote, to help to increase, to help to live a life of abundance. And, of course, I'm not saying to promote people that are self-centered or people who may be very charismatic, but very boastful. Those people may not be those people that God is choosing for you.

It's so important that you know in your heart, that when you see that person, that you recognize a great talent there. God is giving me the eyes to notice that person. He or she may be quiet. He or she may not be as social as that other person. He or she may not be as physically attractive or appealing. But still they have great talent. Still they are contributing greatly to this project, to this organization, to this school, as a teacher, as an educator, etc.. When we are able to use those eyes and recognize those people, we will be able to receive more victory in our own live

What lesson can we learn today, brothers and sisters? We are destined, in our lives, to be a secret blessing to somebody. Somebody is sent into your life, prepared and created for you to promote, for you to help. Other people, of course, are prepared to help promote you, but in our lives, it's our responsibility as well, to find those people that need our help, to find the people that require a miracle, that can only be given by you, to find the people that only you can support in the right way for them to succeed and live a blessed life. If you're able to do that, you will find the victory, blessings and rewards coming back to you.

It's so important that, when we understand this principle, we are more aware in our lives, that we are inspired, we are aware, like Rev Toffey was saying, that we're able to keep our eyes open to the blessings around us, to the people that may be unrecognized, that go unacknowledged. But if we have the eyes, if we have the heart to see those people, to recognize, acknowledge those people, if we're on the look out in that way today, we will find ourselves in a new level of blessings that God will be opening for us.

So. I want to ask you all today to think about your life, think about the people that are around you in your life, even in your work place, in your school, in your classroom, maybe just on the street that you pass by, the people in your life today. Who can you bless today? Who can you bless this week? Who is the person in your life that you're meant to be a secret blessing to? That person may not be in your immediate area. He or she may be in the States, in a different country. Who is the person that makes you think in your mind, "That person has great potential, great talent and I am meant to help that person, I am meant to support that person, to promote that person."

I ask you today that, if somebody comes into your mind, please remember that person. That person is not there, just appearing in your mind, in your heart, only because you have some kind of visualization, or hallucinations. Those people are meant there for a purpose. And so it's very important in our life, that we acknowledge those people that we are able to recognize them and let them be blessed as well. If we do that, we will find our lives with more blessings, more victory, more illumination and more peace.

Brothers and sisters, if you can receive this message today, please give a big round of applause to God and True Parents. (Loud applause)

You know, we always talk about the blessed life, so let us be a blessing to each other. Let us join for a final prayer:

Hyung Jin Nim's Final Prayer:

Father we thank You for this day that You have given to us. We know that You have given us a great mission, that we are truly a miracle to somebody in this world. Father we know that You have planted within us exactly what that person needs, exactly what is called for. Father we pray that we may truly live the blessed life, that we may be that blessing to those people that You have sent into our lives.

Father, up until now, if there are any wrong doings that we have done, let us offer them up to you at this point. Let us ask for Your forgiveness, Father. Let us truly, in our hearts, repent for those wrong doings. And Father we pray that You may always see us from fresh eyes, that we ourselves may move from this place to become a greater blessing to this world. Father makes us the palace of your peace, the palace of your love, the palace of your lineage. Father we pray that we may truly live the blessed life, and become that blessing for that other person. Father thank You so much. We pray these things in our names. Aju!

Brothers and sisters, if we always keep True Parents enthroned in our heart, always truly on the throne of glory in our hearts, we will find ourselves with more victory, more illumination and more peace than we can possibly imagine. 

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