The Words of Hyung Jin Moon

Keeping God and True Parents Enthroned

Hyung Jin Moon
May 3, 2008
Headquarters Church
Chyungpadong, Seoul
Transcribed by: Annie (Mary) Hapeman
Edited by: Bruno Klotz

Welcoming Message:
Yeon Ah Nim:

Good afternoon Brothers and Sisters! We're so happy and honored to have you here today in our sanctuary, and for those who are joining with us via internet, we're welcoming you as well. Welcome, brothers and welcome sisters!

Hyung Jin Nim:

Good to see you, brothers and sisters. It's a nice day. It's summer already. It's spring, but its summer already. We have a beautiful ceremony in Chung Pyung and so I know that lots of students are over there participating in that ceremony. But for all of us here, we're still here to worship God and True Parents. We really give them honor and we receive that honor back in return.

Hyung Jin Nim's Message:

Let me share something from the Cheon Seong Gyeong. I was casually reading it and found myself on page 1406. And I found this wonderful statement where Father -- he was giving the Blessing in a ceremony of Blessing of Marriage -- said to Heavenly Father, "I stand before them on this occasion which You have long desired and I bless them to become Your children who from this moment can inherit Your will to build Your kingdom on earth and in heaven as true individuals by uniting mind and body, husband and wife, as parents and children and with their siblings in the blessed world. Please be with them and bless them as they march forward to the place of victory and glory."

See, brothers and sisters, here True Parents are exactly telling us what the power of the blessing is that True Parents have given us. They're telling us that the path is the path of victory and glory. And it's not only for our own personal glory but it is to glorify and magnify the name of God and True Parents.

If we do that, if we keep that in our hearts, if we move forward with that conviction, we're gonna receive Blessing. People will want to help us. They will go out of their way God will prepare the right people that are coming in our path to really help us along the path, who really wish to help us.

I love that because this really reminds us of who we are. This reminds us of the value of the Blessed Family, on the individual level and on the church level. This reminds us of our value, that we have cosmic value, that we have divine value, that we are unique in our value.

And that's so important to remember. Because, when we look at the fall, the fall was not seeing from God's viewpoint. The archangel could not see God's children with God's eyes. And so he judged them as people who were in his way. But let's see with God's eyes. God sees His children as tremendously valuable, tremendously divine with cosmic potential. And I really hope that you can see that in yourself today.

Get up every morning and look at the mirror and say, "I have divine value, I have cosmic value, I am unique in my value. I'm one of the kind. I'm an original." When we do that we start finding the potential that God is placing within us. We start drawing out our God given talents and gifts, and we can stay humble about it, but we can continue to develop those talents. And really we will see more and more victories, more and more glory, and we will return it to God and True Parents.

Brothers and Sisters, good to see you here today. Let's have a good time, we will have a nice family worship today. It's a smaller group but its OK. Small groups are always good. We will still worship and have a good time, brothers and sisters. Good to see you. Welcome!

Yeon Ah Nim's Message:

For us this and hectic. Many ceremonies, meeting after meeting. And we reminded ourselves that without True Parents this church would not exist. And we believe that without True Parents being the center of this movement, we cannot flourish. However, if we keep True Parents and God in the center of our movement, of this church, we will be victorious. No matter if we succeed or fail in the short run, we will flourish. Brothers and sisters, thank you for coming today. We love you so much and we believe in you. Aju!

Hyung Jin Nim (Interesting story):

Thank you brothers, and sisters, please be seated. I'd like to start with something interesting. At the school of divinity, we sometimes like to find the very funny stuff of religion, so I thought of a very interesting one.

There is a story of a Rabbi, a Hindu priest, and a preacher, who were in the countryside, traveling. And all of a sudden lightning started and clouds emerged, it started raining really heavy, with lightning and thunder. So they quickly ran to a little farm house that they saw before them. They knocked on the door and said, "Farmer, please help us. It's pouring rain out here, and we have nowhere to rest." He said, "Okay, I have two rooms for you, two of you have to stay in the house, but one of you has to stay in the barn." So the Rabbi said, "I'll be merciful, my God is merciful, my God is a good God, I'll go to the barn, and you guys stay in the house."

A couple of minutes later, there was a big knock on the Farmer's door, and when the Farmer opened up the door, the Rabbi was there, and he said, "I can't stay in the barn, there's a pig in there, it's not Kosher, I can't stay there. I have to come in."

Then the Hindu priest said, "Okay, Rabbi, I will be compassionate to you, you come on in, I'll take the barn, I have nothing wrong with pigs," and he went to the barn. A few minutes later there was a knock on the door, and the farmer opened the door, and the Hindu priest was there. And the Hindu priest said, "I can't stay in the barn, there's a cow in there. It's against my religion. I have to be inside the house." And then the preacher said, "Okay, well, my God is a good God, He's an almighty God; so I'll go to the barn." So the preacher went over to the barn. A couple of minutes later, a knock was at the door. The farmer opened up the door, and there was the cow and the pig, and they said, " We can't go to sleep; the preacher won't stop talking!"

True Parents' Declaration:

Alright, brothers and sisters, let's get on up; let's get on up, and give the True Parents Declaration. Come on, let's get on up and put your left hand on your heart, and your right hand up in the air.

"These are my True Parents, the eternal Kind and Queen of Peace, and Liberator of God's heart. They have saved me from my past, they have blessed my future, and they give me true love, forgiveness, and happiness today; and I choose to receive it. My mind is awake, my heart is opened wide, and from this moment, I will change forever. In my name, Aju."

Hyung Jin Nim's Main Message:

Thank you brothers and sisters. Please be seated. Today I would like to talk to you about always keeping God and True Parents enthroned, on the throne of glory. In order to live the blessed life, it's so important that we are able to keep True Parents and God enthroned in our hearts of glory. Too many people live life with success, but thinking that it's their own doing that brought them the success. Many times we can succeed, and on the path to success, we are praying, "God, help me get that promotion, God, help me defeat this disease." But once we get those things that we asked for, suddenly we forget about God.

And that is a really interesting tendency, but we've got to stay strong in our minds, we have to always remain sure that we keep our minds with God enthroned in our lives. Remember that there is no one who has succeeded without help or some circumstance or some advantage. God places these things in our lives; whether or not we know it, and whether we deserve it or not, God will place these things in our lives. He wishes for us to succeed; He wishes for us to become blessed in this land; and mighty in this land. And so, He will give us those unnatural breaks. He will give us those things that will help us in our careers, help us in our lives, help us to really start moving into society and convincing others that the Kingdom of God, Cheon Il Guk, is really here.

It is so important that we remember the real problems of the fall. From a principled perspective, we see that the fall was composed of four main factors. Four main factors, right? The first one was failing to see from God's view point. The Archangel saw Adam and Eve, and he only saw people that were in his way… in his way, blocking God's love for him. But he shouldn't have done that. He should have seen from God's viewpoint; he should have seen children of God, holy children, that he was to raise and to help to be one day even closer to God. And through that, if he did that, he would have received so much more love. He would have received the love of Adam and Eve, God's children, plus all of God's love and trust, and hope. It's really important that we remember that that was the first problem of the fall.

The second one of course, was leaving the proper position as the Archangel did. The third was reversing dominion, and the forth was multiplying evil. You see, in life we have to be careful, not to fall into that trap. Because, when we succeed... and we WILL succeed, because God has given the seeds of potential in our hearts; and as we develop them, we will continue to have success in our life. Even though there may be difficulty and obstacles, we will have success in our lives. But it is very important, that when we do succeed that we keep the right perspective, that we keep God's viewpoint in our eyes, that we see that we are succeeding so that we can contribute to building His kingdom, that we don't leave our proper position when we succeed, thinking that WE did it all, or forgetting God's help. (It is very important that) we keep our proper position when we succeed, and say, "God, You helped me to succeed, You helped me get this glory, and I'm going to return it all to You, because I know that You got me here, and to the next success that is waiting, I know that You are going to get me there as well."

It's so important that we don't leave our proper position and to see that God is leading our paths.

And it's so important -- the third point -- not to reverse dominion. In our lives, when we succeed, we may place ourselves above God. "I don't need God; I can do it myself." once we have accumulated enough success. But it's so important in our lives, that we don't do this process of reversing dominion; that we remember who is in dominion of our lives, who is working and controlling 95% of our destiny. It's so important that we keep the dominion straight "God, I'm going to keep You up here, and I'm going to keep working for You, I'm going to keep building Your kingdom, I'm going to keep being the best I can be, and to flourish and bring pride to You."

When we continue this, then, instead of multiplying evil -- in the fall that was the fourth problem -- then we start to multiply goodness. We start multiplying the ability to return glory to God. When we do that, we become a true power house, a well spring of hope, a well spring of energy for those around us, and a well spring of humility to the God, who is leading us through all of these things.

God is very smart. God wants to help us get all the advantages we need in our lives. He wants to help you succeed. He wants to help you overcome those obstacles that you are facing right now. He wants you to overcome those circumstances that you may be facing with your families, or in other areas of your life. He wants us to succeed so greatly and He will help us.

At times in our lives, maybe when we are young, we may not recognize that He is helping us. We may be a little immature at that time, but remember, God is faithful. God stays with us, He doesn't leave us. As the song says, He doesn't forsake us, He is now there. True Parents have lifted Him now to the throne. He can now reign over us, with His love, with His abundance. It is so important, that, as blessed families, we know this, that God is on our side, that He is directing our future, that He is opening up the paths before us, that He is making the way that looks like no way into a way.

It is so important that when we look at ourselves, into our lives, that we can always have this sort of consciousness, that we know that God is patient, that He is waiting for us, that He is helping us succeed. And when we succeed, it is so important to acknowledge God, and say, "God, I am thanking You, thanking You for this promotion. God, thank You for bettering my health, that You just healed me."

On a personal level, for the last couple of months, I've been dealing with a lot of physical ailments, it is very strange, particularly during these last 40 days, when we were making offerings to Hyo Jin Yon Nim, who just passed to spirit world. We were doing offerings every morning, after morning practice. And all the brothers and sisters, also the elderly brothers and sisters, came, and we offered food and prayers for Hyo Jin Hyon, everyday for the last 40 days. And it was so strange, because before that I was having all this coughing. All of a sudden, when I started to minister, I was coughing like crazy. And of course we have construction work going on. I started having whooping cough, I had to go to the hospital two or three times, to check it out, but the prescription wasn't working, I couldn't stop the coughing, couldn't stop this pain in the lungs, in the chest. And I got the x-ray. The x-ray said that everything was fine, but my lungs were swollen, and my throat was swollen, and things like that.

To make matters worse, the Archangel came, and he started to give me a little more problem, he hurt my rib, and then to make matters a little worse, he started to give me a lot of sinus pressure in my head. And so, I started having these major headaches from 12:00 noon until 7:00. My head was literally about to fall off. I went to the doctor; he told me that I had chronic sinusitis. He told me, "You need to take this medicine". I took the medicine; it was not helping. And so, at this point, my body was falling apart. I've been healthy up until now, I've been in good shape, and I've been trying to exercise, and I thought, "I don't know why I am falling apart like this."

And really, I felt it was a spiritual battle. It really felt all the legions (of the Archangel) were trying to take me down, wipe me out and prevent me from reaching the next stage. And at some points, I felt really depressed; I could not get rid of this pain and this headache, or the inflammation in my lungs. (I felt) I'm not going to overcome this so soon. So, at one point I said to God -- I was sitting there, and my head was pounding -- I said to God, "God, I am tired, please, please help me. Help me, heal me, please." I prayed that to God; that's my secret. But I prayed that to God. And my wife, she told me that she also prayed. She saw me sick. I'm usually a healthy guy, and then all of a sudden I was sick, really having problems, physical ailments. And my wife, she prayed a prayer for me. She said, "God, please take care of his health."

All of a sudden, almost like a miracle, we found a doctor. The doctor was an acupuncturist. I grew up in the States, and I really don't believe in acupuncture. We grew up on Western medicine, I buy Tylenol and that stuff, I don't really see the benefit in having needles poked in you. So, for myself, I was thinking, "Okay, the acupuncture man is coming, and my head is about to fall off, I'll try anything at this point. Please, acupuncture man, do something."

He came in, and he gave me a very unique therapy. He acupunctured right up into my sinuses. And he acupunctured me right through the ribs, and back; and these were big needles. They were not small. And he was twisting them, and twisting them. And I could feel the energy and the electricity going all the way through. And I've done this now three times, and I have no sinus pressure (anymore). I have no pain in my head. I'm now exercising again. And I don't believe it would have happened, if I weren't bold enough to say that prayer. If I weren't daring enough to say, "God, I want Your help now. I can't do this on my own. I'm falling apart. I can't continue ministering like this. I can't even listen to meetings while my head is falling off. Please, God, I'm asking You for help." And I knew that I had to step up (dare) to say that.

It was almost like magic. God came in. He sent the right person at the right time. He sent the acupuncture needles, so they came right up into my sinuses; and now I feel so much better.

Restoring my physical health is something that I always treasure, and when I saw it falling away, slipping through my fingers, I really felt that I was losing control of my life, losing control of my health that I was able to preserve so well. Now, as I am able to return, now, as God has shown me who is really in control, I really now know, that whatever success we have, we have to offer it back to God. That is the only way God will continue to give us success in life. That's the only way He'll continue to let us be a blessing in our lives.

I know a brother, who in his own testimony was talking about how he grew up as a blessed child. He was very successful, he was very smart. He got a PhD. He eventually got his law degree. He eventually went and started his own company, a huge success on Wall Street, a huge success; millions and millions of dollars, he was jet-setting back and forth between cities. He was so successful, so successful. And as a blessed child, he felt, "Yes, I'm doing it; I'm getting success, and status, etc." But he recalled, how at one point in his life, while he was getting so successful, how one day he turned around, and he looked at his children, and they were grown up. He turned around and he looked at his wife, and he realized that he didn't really know her anymore. One day he was supposed to be back for dinner, and he told them he would come back. But when he came back at 10:00 at night, way past dinner, all of them were crying at the dinner table, a cold meal sitting on the table, and none of them were eating. He realized, "Wait a minute; what am I doing? What am I working like this for? Who am I working like this for?"

At that time, his business was going into bankruptcy. He was starting to look back at his life, and he started to realize, "Hey, I'm starting to lose everything. I'm losing all my relationships. I'm losing my precious wife; I'm losing my children, I'm losing my business, my success. I'm losing my friends, I'm standing here with nothing."

And at that point, he said he realized that he only had one thing left, and that was God and True Parents. That was all that he had left. And he started with that. He started with what he had left. He picked that up, and he said, "God and True Parents, I now know my lesson. I know who is in control; and I know that whatever I do now, I give credit to You. I'm going to bring glory back to You."

He started with that. He started working on his relationships. He started apologizing to his wife. He started keeping his promises. He started coming back for dinner, when he promised to come back for dinner. He started making amends with his children. He started trying to invest in them more. Now their family is stronger. Now his business is coming back to life. What is happening? God is blessing him again. Because why? Because he is keeping God at the first place in his life. He's keeping True Parents in the proper position. He's remembering that if we make success, it is not only because of us. There is a Divine help that is helping us. There is a historical divinity that is within our lives that is guiding our path.

What am I saying, brothers and sisters? I am saying that when we succeed in life... and you all will, you will. God has put the seed of success and genius within you, and you will succeed in your lives. But it is so important that when we do succeed, that we continue to give that glory back to God. Then God has no problem with your success. He knows that you will not worship power, fame and wealth as gods, but that you will keep Him as God, and that you will use those for His kingdom. And if you do that, God wants to bless you with success. He wants to bless you with fame, He wants to bless you with power; He wants to bless you with authority, so that you can do great things in your life. And you will. I do believe it. Brothers and sisters, come one, you don't believe today? You've got to give me a shot of applause. Come on.

As you know, at this time in my life things have turned around. I gave a lecture a couple of weeks ago about how our best days are ahead of us, and how our lives can change in an instant. I told you before how I really believed that; but I didn't know it was that quick, the very next week, Father, all of a sudden, out of the blue, said "Hey, you have two days to prepare to become the President of the FFWP."

And I'm sitting there, saying, "What have I done? Who am I to deserve such a thing?" And I have been receiving so many letters of congratulations from around the world, so many brothers and sisters, so many continental directors, writing and saying congratulations; and I am so grateful for that. But also, at the same time, I know who I am. I know it is not because of me. I know that it is not because of my own effort that God is giving me this responsibility.

In my heart I can say I did my 5%; at least I tried to fulfill my 5%; but God and True Parents, they did 95%. So that is who really did the work, who really made the foundation. We stand on top of a great foundation, as blessed children of the next age. We stand on top of a huge success that our first generation sacrificed for; that our True Parents shed blood, sweat and tears for. We stand on a worldwide foundation, the most successful religion in all of history, while the founder is still alive. We don't find this in history. I studied religion. We don't see it. And we stand on top of this foundation, and so there is no way that we can say, "We did it." There is no way that I can say, "I deserve this." I don't.

And it's my tremendous honor that True Parents have asked me to do that. But I know that I am never True Parents. I am an employee of True Parents. I work for True Parents. I know who I work for.

Whenever God asks us to come to a higher level, when He is challenging us to step up to a new level -- and maybe we don't believe that we can do it -- when He's asking us, "Believe, you can do it; have faith, and your future will open up," you may hear people saying things, this or that -- don't worry, keep walking, keep believing, keep following that light that is in front of you. God is asking all of us to do the same thing in our lives.

Brothers and sisters, we had ceremony after ceremony during this last week, just constant. And my sinus pressure was starting to come back, but at one dinner ceremony someone leaned over and said to me, "Hey, it's amazing…you're the next True Parents. You're the forth Adam. You have this whole church now that you can lead." And I said, "Oh, oh… no, no, my friend." I had to stop him right away. "I studied theology. We cannot say, 'I am True Parents.' From the theological standpoint that is impossible. From a theological standpoint, there is no forth Adam. I can't be that, because that would suggest that the third Adam had failed; but Father is succeeding. He has enthroned God on the throne. We are only his children from now. We are here to bring light to his kingdom. We are here to bring glory to his kingdom."

I said, "Please, it is so important. When we look at the history of Christianity, Paul was one of the great evangelists of the early Christian era. He was there in the early times, he was running around, and he built the early church in Corinth, and all over the place around the Mediterranean Sea. He was so successful as a preacher; he was so system oriented. He was building church after church after church, managing all these things. But can you imagine, if Paul, all of a sudden would have said, "Hey, you know what? You're not supposed to believe in Jesus, you're supposed to believe in Paul."

That would be a big error, a fatal error. And for me it is important to not make that theological error. It's so important, because when I am given this role, everybody is watching. Then it's a big pressure to start feeling that you're about to be some kind of a new True Parents. What I know is that I am never going to be a new True Parent. I am always going to be a son to True Parents. I'm always going to be a Dad to my children, and I'm always going to be a husband to my wife. And I try to keep it in perspective in my own mind: Father has asked me to do this not because of me, not because of my talents or abilities. This is only because I am a tool, a piece, in the puzzle, that God is asking me to contribute to.

It is so important in our lives, that we are able to do this. I really feel this in my life. I've had interviews in the last couple of weeks. This upcoming week I have some more interviews to do with the media here in Korea; and I told them straight up, "Look, previously in other churches, and in other historical religions, we may think that the new person who is in that position wields absolute power, that he is able to make all the decisions." And I told them, "I'm not doing that. I am deliberately trying to reduce my power. I am deliberately trying to reduce my authority." And I told them the story of The Lord of the Rings.

All of you may have seen that movie The Lord of the Rings. I'm just Frodo Baggins, I am. I've got hairy feet. I'm a hobbit. I'm walking up that mountain, seeing the fire of Mordor. I'm just Frodo Baggins; that's all I am. I know who I am. I know where I come from. I love the little rolling hills of the hobbit land, I love nature, I love the forest. I like to meditate there. That's where I want to be; but God is asking me to do this, and I'm going to do this for Him. I know where I am going. We and our whole team are so intent. We know that "the ring of power" is so dangerous when we put that on. You saw in the movie. You put that on, and you start believing, and you start getting possessed by it. And I really believe that's true. I believe that J. R. Tolkin was a prophet telling us to always be wary of that ring of power. We know that, and we are moving forward. In everything that we do, we are trying to reduce the tendency for absolute authority.

Even in my role as the president, I am trying to acknowledge that I am nowhere near True Parents; only True Parents could wield that power, only they were able to control that. Not any other person in the history of our movement will be able to control that. No other person in the next generation, starting from our generation, will be able to control or to handle that level of authority.

Our whole plan is still a vision. It has not come to pass yet. Right now in our whole team, with Kook Jin Hyung Nim and the Tongil group team, with our whole administrative team, we are starting to analyze -- we have not even done analyzing yet -- but we are starting. We are starting with that goal in mind, that we are able to make a church that is able to truly balance power, so that no person can wield absolute power. Because there is such a tendency, that leaders, in any nation, in any organization can become corrupted by that power, and can become egotistical by that power.

In a democratic nation the president is not a king with absolute power. When he has to make a decision, he has to consult the Congress. In the same way, we have to make sure that decisions are not made for the benefit of individuals, but that they are made for the benefit of the whole, for the nation, for each country, for the whole Unification Family.

It is the same for our church. I really believe that this process is so important, that we are able to put the checks in place, so that one day I can step out, our team can step out, and another team can step in, and still the system can continue to work, the church can continue to grow, the legacy of True Parents can continue to bring glory to the center, which is True Parents.

Brothers and sisters, this is so important in our role. Father has asked us to look at the church and envision and create a church that really can protect the legacy of True Parents; that means to always keep True Parents at the center, that means for us as leaders to not start believing that we are True Parents, that we are the new messianic leaders, but to always know our proper positions -- as we saw with the four main points of the fall -- to know our proper position, and to always return glory back to God and True Parents.

I've heard people say, "Okay, so you can continue to do ministry, and maybe you'll be like the Dalai Lama, but then Kook Jin Hyung behind the scenes will control everything." And I've heard some people say that. But then I say, "Hey, let me tell you why that is not true." I have seen what kind of organization he has made. When I look at the Tongil Group, it's transparent, the results are shown, performance is shown: There is a whole decision making chain; any one of the managers can step in and block a decision, if it is not in the interest of the entire Tongil Group. And then Kook Jin Hyung can't even approve it. So his role is only to approve the decisions. But he deliberately made the system like that so that he cannot control everything with absolute power, that he has to listen to wise advice. He has to listen to his managers, he has to listen to people around him, he has to hear what is best for the organization.

Of course, he is a genius, he has organizational and management talent, so that when I see his organization that he made, I can see it is transparent, and I can see it is result-oriented. I can see there is a decision making chain that prevents self-interest; it creates a mentality that we will only make decisions that are beneficial for the group. And when you see those mature decision making processes, when you see those organizational structures, then you can say, "I can trust that, and I can see how that will benefit the church."

Think about that day in the church, when all the finances, all the donations that members make, will be shown, where we are using them, where they are going. That's transparency. People can then trust where they are tithing to. It's so important, not only on that level, but on all other organizational levels. Even ministers should be accountable before their membership.

Even myself, if I become egotistical, if I become tyrannical, the True Family has the right to chase me out.

That's how we are working, we are working as a council. We are working so that not a single person can become tyrannical. No single person can control what True Parents have controlled. And it is great wisdom to understand our proper position and to understand what we can and cannot do. It is a very important wisdom. And so for us, as we move forward organizationally, as we move forward spiritually, it is so important that we always acknowledge, respect, and adhere to the real position that we are in, and that is: We are not new True Parents, I am not new True Parents. True Parents are always one, God is always one. And I am only here to serve them.

And if we can do that, I do believe that we will have, step by step, a more sufficient church, we will have a Korean church that can stand on its own. We are working towards that goal; that becoming a church doesn't have to depend on the Japanese church; that we can start relieving the burden of Japanese members. We are continuing to move in that process.

But of course, brothers and sisters, it's a HUGE church, and things take time. And we are working day in and day out to make it happen. It's not going to happen overnight, but I do know, that in our lifetime we will have what we are talking about, we will have a church that is equitable, that is fair, that is transparent, that truly promotes those who serve the members, who serve the public. Those people will be elevated to positions of authority. And those natural processes will become more and more clear as the organization takes shape.

In the end all the glory is to God and True Parents. Whatever success in life we may have, whatever promotion God may give us, whatever challenge He may give us, let's always remember to keep the right position. Don't reverse the dominion, keep the right dominion.

God is in control, God is directing our path. He is the king, He is enthroned, True Parents are enthroned. And if we keep that in our hearts, if we keep True Parents enthroned in our hearts of glory, as we attain success after success, we will find more victory, we will find more illumination, and we will find more peace, everyday, more and more, all the days of our life.

Brothers and sisters, if you can accept this message, can you give a big applause to God and True Parents? Thank you so much.

We always like to end by bringing everyone back into the family of True Parents, all of those brothers and sisters who are joining us via the Internet. Let all turn our attention to them, and give them a nice wave, everybody. We always want to include you brothers and sisters, and we want to invite you back into our home. Let's pray together with our brothers and sisters across the seas; say a brief prayer together:

Father, we thank You for this day that You have blessed us with. Father, we know that You are in our presence, that You are in our midst. You are directing our lives, Father; You are in control. Father, for 6,000 years You have been taken off Your position of glory, Father. But through True Parents' victory, Father, You are now back on the throne of God. You are now almighty; Father, up on the throne again. Father, we know that You may bless us, that You may give us success, Father; and You may give us victory, so that we may become greater blessings to this world. Please allow us to always repent for our wrong doings, Father, and if we have any wrong doings, Father, in this place today, we repent to You. Father, please come into our hearts, please be enthroned in our hearts, in glory. And we know that You will make us the palace of Your love; the palace of Your life, the palace of Your lineage, to bring great glory to Your name, and to all the stages of history.

Father, we thank You for this day, that You have blessed us with. We pray these things in our names, Aju.

Brothers and sisters, if we always keep True Parents enthroned in our hearts in glory, if we keep the right position in our hearts, I do believe, I truly do believe that you will have more victory, more illumination, more peace, than you can ever possibly imagine.

Brothers and sisters, let's enter into our final meditation.

Let us now visualize ourselves, not in this sanctuary, but in a beautiful meadow that we are walking upon. And let us feel the softness of the grass that we are walking on top of. We can hear the bird's song, and we can feel the cool wind -- a summer wind.

Let's take a couple of slow steps, as we walk, slowly, slowly walking. Feel the heel and the toes pressing into the earth. Let us now look to our left, and see a beautiful stream, and we can see beautiful birds playing in the stream. We can see the sun rays passing through the transparent water. And as we move forward, let us look forward and see the beautiful forest; pine trees, cypress, cedar wood. We can smell the fragrance of that natural forest, feel the energy of nature around us.

I invite you to look up and see the beautiful blue sky. You can see soft clouds floating along, and as we look forward, we can see our True Parents waiting for us. Let us walk towards True Parents. As we arrive before True Parents, let us be seated.

And True Father, with his right hand, places his hand on top of our head. True Mother, with her left hand, places her hand on top of our head. They are anointing us; they are blessing us this day. Feel the power of the blessing move through you, like a wave of energy, from the top of your head, all the way down to your feet. Feel your entire physical body coming back into health. Any sick cells are healed, and cells that have impurities are completely made clean. Feel that wave of energy move through you.

Notice that your spirit self is also illuminating, shining bright, in all the directions. As you receive this blessing, in our hearts, as we breathe in, let's say "I am alive," and as you breathe out, "Thank You." As we inhale, "I am alive," as we exhale, "Thank You." One last time, as we inhale, "Father, I am alive," and as we exhale, "Thank You."

May you always be blessed, may you always be well, and may you always be safe. May you always be freed from suffering, from pain; may you be kind to yourself and others with ease. And may you always have peace in the heart of True Parents.

Please join me for prayer: Father we thank You for this day that You have blessed upon us. Heavenly Lord, we know that You are now back on the throne of glory, Father. For 6,000 You have been waiting, and You have had to walk the path of suffering. You have had to walk the providential path of tears, but Father, with the advent of our True Parents, through their substantiation, Father, of the victory here on earth, Father, we know that now, glory has been returned to Heaven. And Father, we know that now You can stand as King. Father, now the dominion is in Your place. And Father, we now know, in our hearts we will always keep You enthroned in our lives. Father, as a reminder that You are always with us in our hearts everyday. So thank You, Father, with all our hearts, in all our names, Aju. 

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