The Words Of Hyung Jin Moon

I Am Never Going To Be Some "New True Parents"

Hyung Jin Moon
May 3, 2008
Partial Transcription by Shahram Sedehi

... When I am given this role, and everybody's watching, there is a lot of pressure to start feeling that, (I) have to be some "new true parent". I am never going to be some "new true parents". I am always going to be a son to True parents, a dad to my children and husband to my wife. I try to keep it in perspective in my own mind, meaning: It is not because of me that Father has asked me to take this position, not because of my talents or abilities. This is because, I am only a tool, a piece in the puzzle that God is asking us to contribute to.

It is so important in our lives, that we are able to do this... I told the media... I am deliberately trying to reduce my power... I know how that "ring of power" is so dangerous; (like in the movie Lord of the Rings) you put that on, and you start believing, and you start getting possessed by it...

In all that we do, we try to reduce the possibility of absolute power. Even in my role as the president, I am trying to acknowledge, I am no where near True Parents; only True Parents could have wielded that power, only they were able to control that. No other person in the history of our movement would be able to control that power...

Our whole plan is still a vision, it has not come to pass yet… right now in our team, with Kook Jin Hyung,... with our administrative team, we are starting to analyze, we are not even done with that yet; but we are starting with that goal in mind, to be able to make a church that is able to truly balance its power; where no one person can wield absolute power. There is such a tendency, that leaders, in any nation, in any organization can get corrupted by power, and can get egotistical by power.

Just like in a democratic nation, where president is not the king with absolute power; when he has to make decision, he has to consult the Congress, when it concerns national decisions. In the same way we have to make sure that decisions are not made for the benefit of the individual, but for the benefit of the whole, for each country, for the whole Unification Family...

I believe this process is so important, that we are able to put the checks in place, that one day, I can step out, our team can step out, and another team can step in, and that system can continue to work, that church can continue to grow, that legacy of True Parents can continue to bring glory to center, which is True Parents...

Father has asked us to envision and create a church that can protect the legacy of True Parents; that is, always keeping True parents at the center... to know our proper positions... and to always return glory back to God and True Parents... I can see what kind of organization Kook Jin Nim has made; when you look at the Tongil Group. It's transparent, the results have shown, performance has shown: There is a whole decision making chain; any one of the managers can step in and block a decision, if it is not in the interest of the entire Tongil Group. Kook Jin Hyung can't even approve it. So his role is only to approve decisions.

See, Kook Jin Hyung deliberately made the system like that, so that he can't control everything with absolute power. So, he has to listen to consultation of wise advice, to listen to his managers, to listen to people around him, he has to work to hear what is best for the organization... So, when I see the organization that Kook Jin Hyung made, I can see it is transparent, and, I can see it is result-oriented. I can see there is a decision making chain that prevents self-interest; it creates a mentality that is only beneficial for the group. So, When you see those mature decision making processes, when you see those organizational structures, then you can say, hey wait a minute, I can trust that, and I can see how that will benefit the church.

Think about the day, in the church, when all the finances, all the donations that members make, will be shown and can be traced to where they are going. You see, that's transparency; then people can trust what they are tithing for. It's so important not only on that level, but that all organizational ministers are accountable to their membership.

Even myself, if I become egotistical, if I become tyrannical, the True Family has the right to chase me out. That's how we are working, as a council. We are working so that, no one person can become tyrannical, that no person can control, what True Parents have controlled; to understand our proper position, what we can do and what we can not do. It's a very important wisdom.

As we move forward organizationally, as we move forward spiritually, that we acknowledge respect, and always adhere to the real position that we are in. That we are not a "new true parent," that "I am not a true parent". True Parents are always one, God is always one. I am only here to serve them.

We will have a more sufficient church, slowly and slowly, a Korean church that can stand on its own.. We won't have to depend on the Japanese church, relieving the burden of Japanese members...

We are working day in and day out to make this happen, but it won't happen overnight. But I do know, in our life time, we will have, what we are talking about; a system that is equitable; that is fair; that is transparent. That truly promotes only those who serve the members; that serve the public; that allows only those people to be elevated to positions of authority.

Those natural processes will be coming more and more clearly as the organization takes shape. In the end all the glory is to God and True Parents; whatever success in life we may have, whatever promotion God may give us, whatever challenge he may ask us to do, let's always remember to keep the proper position. Don't reverse the dominion, keep the right dominion.

God is in control, God is directing our path. He is the king, He is on throne, True Parents are on throne. If we keep True Parents enthroned in our heart in glory, as we live our lives, as we attain success, we will find more victory, more illumination and more peace, in all the days of our life...

A full transcription will be coming soon.

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