The Words of Hyung Jin Moon

Prayer At The Entombment Of Hyo Jin Moon

Hyung Jin Moon
March 21, 2008

Our loving Heavenly Father! Our loving Cosmic Parent and the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind who endowed us with true lineage and life! Father, who has endowed us with courage! Our precious eldest brother, Hyo-jin hyung-nim, we offer our gratitude to you.

Heavenly Father! Gathering on this precious occasion, we kneel in Your presence. We lower our heads. We place our hands upon our hearts, and on this precious day we understand that True Parents' love, the memories of our eldest brother and Your glorious ways are with us.

Heavenly Father, once more we deeply feel within our hearts how precious each day of life is and how precious it is to be able to breathe the same air as True Parents in this age.

Heavenly Father! Hyo-jin hyung-nim, our eternal eldest brother, who loves us dearly, is here with us. He healed our hearts and gave us courage in the darkest times. Bringing light to this dark world, he will guide us to the thresh-hold.

Heavenly Father! We are the eternal younger brothers and sisters of our precious Hyo-jin nim. Gathering here, we praise our Heavenly Father with one heart. We think about our True Parents and we feel, deeply within our hearts, our elder brother, "the lord who will open the gates to loyalty and filial piety in the garden that opens the way to the deep, wide and lofty realms of heaven."'

Heavenly Father! From three days ago, yesterday and the day before yesterday, we have attended our precious Hyo-jin hyung-nim here at this precious, holy Wonjeon. We came here carrying our elder brother's body. Heavenly Father! Digging into this ground, we have sent our brother into the realm of Your love.

Hyo-jin hyung-nim! Do not be anxious about us! Do not feel worried about us! Thank you hyung-nim! Elder brother! You have always told us how we need to become one family and how we need to be devoted to our parents. We, your eternal younger brothers and sisters, are now awakened to the greatness of our mission.

Our eldest brother! Yesterday and the day before, we learned something from your precious children. Hyo-jin hyung-nim! When we were praying for you, your children, our nephews and nieces, picked up small stones one by one to form letters on the ground, "Daddy, we love you!" How much we repented when we saw this!

We were only following protocol, holding a memorial, but did not realize you were actually here right with us. However, our precious nephews and nieces guided us that day. Those small stones deeply carved an eternal message in our heart and bones.

Truly with the heart of a child during our physical lives, in attendance of True Parents, once more have we have been born again through these words, "Daddy, we love you!" -- words that overcome all limitations freely under the True God and the realm of love.

Heavenly Father! Hyo-jin hyung-nim had told us, "How you live is important, but how you die is more important." Please allow us and guide us, Father, to continue each moment with our elder brother. Please permit us, and guide us, to become newly reborn people.

Heavenly Father! We should not take each other for granted. We are awakened, newly feeling how grateful we need to be in True Parents' presence. We will grow better every day so that True Parents can truly feel proud within their hearts whenever they think about us, their children. Following Hyo-jin hyung-nim's will, we will become Father's shining legacy to the world.

Heavenly Father! Please be with all our brothers and sisters in the realm of True Parents love, with all True Parents' children. When we leave this place, please allow the glory in our hearts to beam as Your light, Father. We know that You are giving us Your love, Heavenly Father. Even though we do not amount to much as sons and daughters in terms of our qualification to receive Your love, we know that You have unceasingly loved us.

In front of our eldest brother, we have no achievements, yet he always thought about us, loved us, trusted us and encouraged us. We will remember him within our hearts forever.

Heavenly Father, we are so grateful. True Parents, we thank you. Hyo-jin hyung-nim, thank you. For the first time in the Unification Family's history, we have gathered as one family and lived for the sake of each other. Thinking of each other for the first time, we are offering up this glorious day to You.

Heavenly Father! Please continue to have faith in us. Please continue to guide us. Heavenly Father! Please guide us eternally. Please allow True Parents' love, glory and true lineage to spread to all corners of the earth, and please guide this process.

We truly are grateful to You today, Father. All our members here have attended True Parents with their sacrifice and sincere devotion. I sincerely, sincerely thank all those people who have guided us and loved our elder brother.

In keeping with the words, "The path of a great man will gradually brighten and become a light!" we will bring amazing accomplishments and glory to True Parents. As we are newly born from this point, and as we depart from this site, please guide us so that we deeply sink the root of the true will of our Heavenly Father in the earth as we establish a new brotherhood and a new family. We thank You for this truly precious day. We thank all our precious brothers and sisters.

Hyo-jin hyung-nim! Please do not worry. Our eldest brother! We will do well. Big elder brother! Please have faith in us. Today we are attending you with a happy heart; we are attending God without holding anything back. Please spend your time happily with Heung-jin hyung-nim and Young-jin hyung-nim and with your beloved Shin-gil in the spirit world, and please rest comfortably.

We are sure that miraculous work will be done in the spirit world from now on. Heavenly Father! Please pour out Your love on Hyo-jin hyung-nim. We earnestly pray that our True Parents' eternal love and glory will fill the earth.

Heavenly Father! We truly thank You from our hearts once again for granting this Third-Day Service. Hyo-jin hyung-nim, thank you again. Our eldest brother who has taught us and loved us, our eternal eldest brother, please guide us forward.

Gathering as one family today, giving glory to True Parents, offering a full bow from our hearts united as one, I report this in the name of Hyung-jin Moon's family. Aju. 

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