The Words Of Hyung Jin Moon

Respecting Your Unique Value

Hyung Jin Moon
October 20, 2007
Mapo Church, Mapo-Gu, Seoul, Korea

Throughout history numerous believers and philosophers were continuously asking questions about value of a human being, "Who am I as a human?"

When I look at my wife and kids I get assured of what Divine Principle says about human value. My wife likes drawing. I believe God gave her special talent for arts. She made special albums for each of our 5 children where she draws pictures and makes records of precious moments we experience together with them. When I have a chance to look through those albums I feel really grateful, because I realize how really precious our each child is, realize that he or she is like a miracle for us.

Looking at yourselves you should be able to find special gifts God gave every one of you and your children. How can you find your talents? There are 3 ways. First, when you use that talent, you don't notice how the time runs. Next, you can know it through your conscience. Since now we live in the age of liberation and complete freedom, in the age of conscience, our conscience is able to feel our God-given abilities, "This is it!" The third sign is that when you do something related to your special God-given talent, you feel joy and enthusiasm about life. Moreover you can also share this joy and blessing with others.

The problem is that many people don't believe that God gave them some special talent. Don't you ever doubt the fact that you are special! You have to find and develop a gift which only you have. And next, you have to be able to share what you accomplished through this gift with the world.

In the process of growth kids can easily get discouraged. One of my sons fell down during running competition. So, he started to doubt himself and develop negative thoughts about himself, saying something like "I'm a good-for-nothing. " But at such times my wife always says to our children, "You must always respect yourself. You have the gifts God gave you."

When I was 16, I and my elder brother, Young-jin, went together to the Summer Divine Principle Workshop, where each of us was in charge of one group. Young-in hyung was guiding blessed kids with love and encouragement. He encouraged them, "You are special. You can do a great job."

On the opposite I was drilling my team members in a military style. After Young-jin hyung had passed away I realized how wrong my actions had been. Young-jin hyung was always full with inner courage despite his young age therefore he could implant courage into others.

I recollect the courage he gave me. Now I don't fear for myself. Now I don't feel threatened by other people's success. I can feel sincere joy for other people and bless them. Through my ministry in Mapo Church I'm trying to instill more courage into brothers and sisters attending worships here or watching them through Internet from America, Moscow, Japan and other parts of the world.

As you know I have been shaving my head bald and wearing grey robes like a Buddhist monk for 6 years. Initially I thought my father would not approve of such my appearance. However he understood me and his love for me didn't change.

Church members might have worried about me, but father believed in and encouraged me. It was then when I truly became the Unification Church member. Now I want to convey to brothers and sisters that love and encouragement I received from Father.

The era before coming of Heaven, the era of restoration through indemnity has passed away and we are living in the era of liberation and complete freedom, era after coming of Heaven.

In this age blessed families should become true central figures. True Father says that blessed families must become not just his disciples, but his representatives. Blessed families were picked and blessed directly by God. Your ancestors are helping you. You are indispensable people. You can nurture and develop your talents. You were born in a truly great providential time and place.

God endowed every one of you with special abilities. These abilities are unique, that's what you should believe. So, find them, develop them and share them with the world. Then, these abilities can become a gift not only for you, but for the whole world.

Please, respect yourselves. Each one of you received some special and unique gift from God and only you in the whole universe possess such gift. Each of us, humans, is a unique being able to bring joy to God representing the whole universe He has created.

God sees you as VIPs. So, don't view yourselves as losers, incapable people, or people without talents. View yourselves as God views you - you are the most precious VIPs.

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