The Words Of Hyung Jin Moon

True Happiness Is Your Greatest Charisma

Hyung-jin Moon
September 30, 2007
Mapo Family Church, Seoul, Korea
Notes: Sang-eun Park
Translation: Alexander Ershov

The topic of today's sermon is "True Happiness Is Your Greatest Charisma."

Let's read Father's words from the book The Way of God's Will. "If something upsets you, do something even more joyful. Then, you'll forget the thing that made you feel bad and be saved."

The introduction to the Exposition of the Principle starts with the words, "All people are looking for happiness." Even God created human beings and all things because He wanted to give and receive love and feel joy in this way. Happiness is what every being wants and looks for.

I know one brother, he's a second generation. When he was younger he didn't listen to his parents, didn't do well at school and he hated the Church. His parents were deeply sad about him. However when I met him recently, I was really surprised. Now he is attending Harvard. He is very enthusiastic about his life and full of confidence. When I saw him I also felt enthusiasm. His joy and happiness changed me. He made me happier.

Talking to brothers and sisters belonging to both 1st and 2nd generation in America I once heard really wise words, "One cannot find happiness, one should choose it." Every moment of our life we can choose happiness.

Mother Teresa also said, "Happy people did not become happy automatically, it was their deliberate choice."

Happy people like everyone else face obstacles in their lives. They experience setbacks. They have difficult moments. However in these moments they choose not to think about the hard reality, but rather look for the true meaning of that experience and find happiness in their hearts. Happiness or unhappiness are only emotions. We, human beings, are capable of choosing and controlling our emotions.

Our church members, our blessed families are capable of being happy. When we are happy, our inner qualities become sounder, we can stand with greater confidence in front of God, so that Satan cannot invade us. A happy person can create a happy environment. People in such a happy environment tend to think more positively, so the person who creates it gives better influence to his or her parents, spouse and children. Ultimately happiness is our own responsibility. When we choose to be happy it gives influences to other people greatly. We can even make God happy.

So, from what do we start to choose happiness? We start from our mind, from choosing our thoughts. If we think about ourselves as losers we cannot find any hope in life. Let's look at ourselves with God's eyes. You may have had failures in the past, you may have difficulties in the present, but wherever you go you should carry something in your mind, some source of joy and happiness.

In my case, it is the face of my youngest son. Life can be really tough, things I'm doing may seem to go wrong, but once I imagine his face I feel joy and can rise again. I can push away the desire to give everything up and in this way I maintain a good mood.

Looking at ourselves, at our spouse or children with God's eyes is not easy. However if we do it, our words, actions, habits, character and finally our life can become brighter and change in a positive way. Always remember your talents and potential and trust in them.

If you happened to make a mistake in the past, don't think that this mistake ruined your life. Instead think that you learned a new wisdom through it. If you had some bad or painful experience in the past, think that it was a chance for you to learn to be more patient and mature in your character.

"Why can't I do it? Why am I so ugly? Why did I marry such a man? Why don't my kids study well and why do they just keep making trouble?" Asking these negative questions to ourselves is not going to help our life at all. Rather it will make things worse.

In life's difficult moments, when the circumstances are tough and we start to doubt ourselves, it is more important to think instead, "I am still healthy. I can start over again. I'm lucky. I'm doing well. I'm blessed. I'm a VIP." Negative thoughts and words destroy our life. This is Satan's voice, not God's.

We should have the same attitude not only towards ourselves, but also towards other people. We should be able to encourage people who are in trouble. If we do, we can become a miracle to them.

Our thoughts, words and actions are very important. They have special power. We can do anything with our thoughts. Moreover thoughts are followed by words and actions. Words can kill or save. Be careful with your words. The same is true for our actions. So, choose actions that will bring you lasting sense of pride and lasting happiness. This is a wise choice.

The topic of this sermon is "Happiness Is Your Greatest Charisma." True happiness is not just happiness for a person alone. When my heart overflows with happiness I can give this happiness to others. Many people talk about charisma in life. A truly happy person can help and empower others. Like a magnet such a person possesses a power that draws other people to him. So, happiness is the greatest charisma.

Happiness is not selfish, it is altruistic. If a husband and wife in a blessed family are happy, their children will trust in and have hopes for the Blessing. Surrounding people will envy them and want to receive Blessing too.

We, members of blessed families, are happy people. Happiness is not given by someone, a person himself or herself decides to be happy. If you choose happiness, it'll give you strength to overcome obstacles in your life. You will be able to give hope and special energy to others.

Brothers and sisters! Don't think that, "I'm too inadequate to be a child of True Parents. I'm a failure, I didn't do well. I'm ashamed to stand in front of True Parents. I've nothing to say in front of God and His Will." You have a right to be happy. You are Victors, you are Illuminators, you are Peacemakers. That's the meaning of VIP.

Little by little make your thoughts, your words and your actions more positive and choose to be happy. I sincerely wish you more victory, more illumination and more peace during the next week.

You are God's most precious sons and daughters and as such you are most worthy of success, good fortune, happiness and Heaven's blessings.

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