The Words Of Hyung Jin Moon

Hyung Jin Nim's DP Lecture in English

August 11, 2007 
Notes By: Luz Sofia

Introduction: Principle of Creation Part 1

A Divine Principle Series Lecture in English was organized by the Blessed Family Dept. and the Cheon Il Education Institute for Filipino women and other foreign members residing in Korea. This institute was organized by Hyung Jin Nim in March of this year after a year of planning and it was finally approved by True Father. One of its objectives is to educate our foreign members living in Korea.
The first Divine Principle lecture was held at the 4th floor of the FFWPI head office in Seoul. There were around 113 participants composed of people from the Philippines, Australian, Kenya, Congo, Cameron, Scotland, Brazilian, Belgium, and Great Britian. The program started at 10:00 am after the opening prayer. a bouquet of flowers were presented to Hyung Jin Nim and his wife (Yun Ah Nim wasn't able to come) by Luz Sofia and Patricia Amaranto.
The lecture was given in a slow phase in order to deeply understand and digest each topic. Hyung Jin Nim gave a practical application of the Principle based on his life experiences. He talked about how we (the members) should take care of our relationship in our family, between husbands and wives and parents and children. Below is a short explanation of what Hyung Jin Nim have shared.

Husband and Wife

True Father's 8 ways on how to embrace.

1. Face each other

2. Embrace each other with your eyes.

3. Hold each other's hand (right over left)

4. Embrace your partner tight. (Hold on for at least 2 minutes)

5. Kiss.

6. Embrace with your eyes.

7. Hold each others hand (right over left)

8. Greet each other.

* Always remind your spouse that you love him/her. If you've said it yesterday you have to say it again today and again tomorrow. If you don't say "I love you" to your spouse, someday someone else might say it to him/her and you'll surely regret it.

Parents and Children

1. Tell your children that you love them (verbally) because they do not know.

2. Don't find time for your children because you can not find time with your busy schedule, what parents should do is to make time for them.

3. Write a list of reasons why you are proud of your children and say it to them. (At least 3 reasons).

4. Love your children not only in general but individually. (You have to show each one of your children that you love them.

5. Our children remember most their one-on-one moments with their parents more than any other time. Make sure that these one-on-one moments with your children are happy moments not the time when you are scolding them.

6. Practice saying good words to your family members. Words that will boast their confidence and words of encouragement. Learn how to say "Thank you" and "I love you" one time each day. Connect with them by looking at their eyes in a loving way for at least 10 minutes.

After the Divine Principle lecture Hyung Jin Nim shared his amazing experience in Japan. He told them about a mountain in Japan that symbolizes True Father's lifetime. It was found in Hokaido and on the first slope of the mountain you can see an image of a man kneeling and praying. Behind him was a huge rock shaped like a man with a crown.

They took a picture of this rock formation and tried to put an animation of it and what they saw was an image similar to one of True Father's painted picture when he received a message from Jesus at the age of 16. And the huge rock formation turned out to be an image of God wearing a crown pushing True Father to do his mission.

All the participants were so amazed to see this and Hyung Jin Nim continued explaining the rest of the mountain formation. Hyung Jin Nim studied rock formation and it's meaning that's why he can tell what each rock represents.

On the 4th slope of the mountain which represents True Father's 40 years (the biggest and highest slope). There, you will find a small rock, which represents True Mother. After the 4th slope the following were getting smaller and smaller. This, Hyung Jin Nim says, represents that after TF meet TM, True Father life course became smoother.

Indeed True Mother meeting True Father is a very significant event not only for TF but also for God. The Japanese members asked Hyung Jin Nim to name this mountain and he gave it this name "The Eternal Stone of Sincerity and Love". He explained further as he looked at the shape of the mountain that our sincerity towards God and TP should accumulate like a mountain as high as the heavens. And our hearts should be filled with so much love like the ocean that is wide and vast.

Many of the participants were old members of the church but they pledged to attend this series of lectures until it finished. Not because they don't know the Principle but because they wanted to refresh themselves with the truth and learn more about the life of the True Children and our True Parent's life through their children.

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