The Words of Hyung Jin Moon From 2012

Pastor Ordination and Foot-washing Ceremony

Hyung Jin Moon
November 27, 2012
East Garden, New York

President of the Unification Church USA, Reverend Hyung Jin Moon, ordained 12 newly- elected District Pastors by washing their feet at an unprecedented East Garden ceremony on November 26, 2012. Reverend Moon thereby invoked the 2,000-year-old tradition of foot-washing as recorded in John 13:14-17, which is practiced by many Christian congregations today as a standard ritual. Approximately 300 people attended the ordination ceremony at the church residential center in Irvington, New York where the late Reverend Sun Myung Moon and Mrs. Moon, the parents of Reverend Hyung Jin Moon, lived for most of the nearly 40 years they spent in the United States.

After a formal bow, the participants sang "The Blessing of Glory," led by Dr. Michael Balcomb, the American Unification Church Vice President and emcee for the event. Dr. Chang Shik Yang, the Continental Director, offered an invocation. Reverend Hyung Jin Moon told the gathering that the meaning of the church Headquarters' staff washing the feet of the District Pastors was that, "Headquarters is committed to serving the field."

The newly-elected pastors read an oath of affirmation in unison, and then Reverend Moon, joined by 11 members of Headquarters staff, kneeled before the District Pastors and washed their feet. The Pastors, in turn, kneeled before 12 members of the local New York church (who represented the entire national church) and washed their feet. The Pastors then received sacred Seonghwa (Ascension) candles to take back to their districts for redistribution. Finally, Reverend Moon read personal tributes to each of the outgoing District Pastors and awarded to them plaques expressing gratitude for meritorious service. Reverend Moon's spouse and ministerial partner, Reverend Yeon Ah Lee Moon, distributed the certificates of appointment to the District Pastors.

This affirmation -- a promise made by the new District Pastors -- is the first of its kind and a basis for future pastor ordinations. In the future, it may be built upon or modified as we move forward with this new system.

The Pastor's Affirmation

As a District Pastor of the Unification Church of America, I recognize and accept that I stand in a position of trust and responsibility. I freely agree to be and to remain accountable both to my community, as represented by the District Council that nominated me, and to the authority of the Church President and ultimately to God and True Parents. I further accept and understand that this position is for an interim period of one year.

Therefore, I make a solemn covenant that I will respect and. accept:

The eternal and unique authority of the True Parents, now represented on Earth by the direct leadership of True Mother.

The spiritual authority and leadership of the President of the Unification Church of America.

I further accept and agree that:

I am an equal member of a team of District Pastors and that I will cooperate with them as colleagues and brothers and sisters of faith committed to the same goals.

I will work in partnership and harmony with the elected District Council, and with all the members and communities within the District.

As a faith leader of this community, I affirm my belief and will uphold the key tenets of the Unification faith:

God is the Heavenly Parent of all humanity.

True Parents are the eternal and unique ancestors of Humankind who represent the consummation of God's Providence

The authority of the "Eight Textbooks" as scriptures of the Unification faith and the Holy Marriage Blessing as our central sacrament.

The commitment to building Cheon II Guk, the Kingdom of God, where all humankind will come to live together as one family under God.

I also accept and commit to uphold the highest standards of personal and moral behavior as an exemplary member of the faith community with particular respect to the admonitions of True Parents in three areas:

I will refrain from the misuse of public money, assets and resources. I will work together with the District Council and the finance committee in creating and adhering to an approved budget and plan.

I accept the teachings and principles of Absolute Sexual morality, and will remain faithful to my spouse and abstain from any form of inappropriate behavior, including the use of alcohol, drugs or other substances.

I pledge not to disrespect or intentionally hurt the heart of another in carrying out my responsibilities as District Pastor. 

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