The Words of Hyung Jin Moon From 2012

Speech at the Washington Times 30th Anniversary Celebration

Hyung Jin Moon
October 2, 2012

Good evening distinguished guests. I am very honored to be here tonight. I am only three years older than The Washington Times, so I can truthfully say I have been reading this newspaper my whole life.

As one of Rev. Moon's children, I was fortunate to be able to be with him and speak with him frequently. I can tell you that history will be far kinder to him, and will recognize his contribution to the world.

The Washington Times was founded by my father (whom hereafter I will refer to as True Father for my faith leads me to affirm that he came to serve as the Parent of all people) initially because he was concerned about what he used to call God's big 'headaches.' One of these was the global ideology of communism. There was a time in the late 70s and early 80s when country after country was falling into the Soviet Union's, or their proxies' hands. Revolution was on our doorstep in Central America. The Soviets could smell victory. Today it's easy to forget how perilous was the crisis of that time. Emphasizing journalistic excellence and individual responsibility, he helped it get started and simply asked that the enterprise be a fearless, investigative news organization with editorial opinion that supported the time-honored values of family, faith, and freedom.

Of course, True Father's support for The Washington Times was neither the first nor last time that he committed himself to the fight for freedom. True Father has fought throughout his life to bring God's truth to humankind, for he has always known that the truth shall set us free. As a young boy, Sun Myung Moon defended youngsters from bullies even when they were twice his size. He went to Japan as a college student and joined with fellow freedom fighters seeking to liberate Korea from Japanese imperial occupation and when later he was imprisoned in South Korea by the Japanese, he refused to reveal the names of those freedom fighters even while they were beating him mercilessly. He went on in his middle years to champion the freedom cause of those oppressed around the world by Communist dictators. As an older man in his seventies, True Father stood face to face with Kim Il Sung, who had once imprisoned him in a North Korean concentration camp, and forthrightly said Juche ideology will never work, and he must turn the nation to God and freedom. Rev. Sun Myung Moon sacrificed himself again and again to pursue the ideals of freedom for all God's People.

True Father was not an overly political person, and even his anti-communism was not based on politics. He opposed communism because it is the enemy of God. Communism is, at its root, a God or no God question, and all the problems associated with that system including, the brutal murder of millions of people, arise out of an inability to recognize the divine origin of humankind.

Traditional Family under Attack

Rev. Moon was able to sacrifice himself because he knew God's love for him and all humankind. Rev. Moon understood that God is the True Parent of all people and so would suffer to help His children grow and to exercise their freedom and responsibility so that finally all of us could stand as the perfected image of God. Freedom is given by God, not government, so that we can resemble God in his creativity, love and goodness. True love always manifests the fruits of freedom, for genuine parents never seek to enslave but rather to help their children grow into mature, responsible, creative and loving individuals. Such healthy and intact families were the cornerstone of America's strength and greatness. Today the traditional family of husband, wife and children centered on God is under attack.

The present time is eerily reminiscent of the late 1970s when America was weakened and as a result, freedom throughout the world was under attack. An American ambassador was disgracefully killed a short while ago. Indeed, the last time that an American ambassador was murdered was in 1979. At that time Ronald Reagan stood up to fight for smaller government, a stronger America and peace through strength. The murder of an American Ambassador on duty is not only a personal tragedy but it is a symbol of the decline in respect worldwide for American power and most of all its values both then and now. The indomitable spirit of freedom is required to overcome the forces of oppression and hate that remain in the world. We need now more than ever to return to the words of True Father and to realize their full significance. We should understand the theological grounding for freedom for this nation and all nations of the world.

The Three Blessings

The God of love has always wanted His Children to be free, and our True Parents have paid the price to show the way to realize that freedom. Tyrants have enslaved people throughout human history, because that history began in the sinful forfeiture of freedom as represented in the Garden of Eden. In that remembered story, three historic religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam, along with the Unification Church, understand as part of Scripture the key to understanding the fundamental human problem and its solution. In the Bible, God created human beings as his children. He gave three blessings:

1) to be fruitful: in other words to achieve individual perfection;

2) multiply: to have a family and expand throughout the world;

3) and to have dominion over creation.

Each step in this process is fulfilled through exercising their freedom and responsibility to use the power of love unselfishly. The maturation of the human spirit cannot be coerced, compelled by government or any organization but must be developed through the process of making free choices and learning from their consequences.

From the Biblical perspective, for Adam and Eve to fulfill these three blessings, they needed to have both freedom and responsibility. That is why God gave the first human beings a commandment and most tellingly did not intervene even as they violated that commandment. God wanted them to freely choose to live a moral life, to become mature as individuals and to establish a happy family and world. So freedom is God's greatest gift. In the Garden of Eden there were four primary actors: God, Adam, Eve, and the archangel. The archangel was supposed to be the servant of Adam and Eve and to help guide them so that they could develop fully and inherit God's three blessings. But as we read in the Bible, the archangel left the position of servant and became the master. He deceived Eve. Together he and Eve subjugated Adam, thereby causing the fall of man. God was thus separated from his children, and human beings went from being the sons and daughters of God to being the slaves of the archangel. Thus, Adam and Eve lost both freedom and responsibility.

As a result of the fall, human history has been a history of suffering. We have been ruled by the love of power instead of the power of love. Human beings have lived under dictators and tyrants throughout most of our history. They have been dominated by evil people who abused them, who killed them and who used them as mere objects for their own desires. Adam and Eve representing respectively all men and women of history lost their position as children of God and the blessings given to them on birth as they were dominated by Satan, the Archangel who was created by God to serve God and his children. Then in the nation state what does the archangel represent? In a democracy, we call the government the servant of the people. The government in this Biblical paradigm represents the archangel and ought to be the servant of the people.

True Father's vision is that of a world where individuals take responsibility and ownership of their own lives, families, communities and nations. It is a world where people do not expect others and especially the government to do anything other than serving and protecting citizens. This is because only when we fulfill our responsibility can we ever truly be free.

Religion to Speak Truth to Politicians

Rev. Sun Myung Moon was a religious leader, but he did not restrict himself or his Church to merely spiritual matters. This is what True Father has always said. Religion must speak Truth to politicians. We ought not to be concerned only about religious issues. Religion cannot just sit still. Religion is not just prayer and meditation. If the world goes in the wrong direction, then religion must stand up and oppose that. That is why True Father has always told religious leaders that religion must challenge political leaders, to speak the truth to political leaders.

True Father's vision includes a role for leaders of all faiths as well as other non-governmental voluntary organizations to have a voice and guide humanity to higher ground. He has proclaimed the coming of a new age that will pursue freedom, peace, unity and happiness. True Father enunciated that vision at the same time that he clearly saw the countervailing forces of world oppression that have been gathering. In proclaiming the dawn of the Pacific Rim Era, he spoke prophetically about the challenges that the island countries in the Pacific would confront. He said that the island nations must be careful and must quickly come together, otherwise, large countries such as China and Russia may be able to take over such countries in just a day and make them their own. We were not aware when we first heard those words from him, and we could not understand what he was talking about.

We see that the force of China is different from the force of the United States. China is not a country that will sacrifice itself in order to give freedom to other countries. If the 21st century were to be dominated by that kind of a force, then this will indeed be a very dark century. It would be a world that is under an oppressive force, very far from God's ideal of a free society. Until now the United States has protected Korea and Japan. Presently, the United States is weakened morally and economically and its will to live for larger causes is flagging. Korea, Japan together with Pacific island nations and other freedom-loving nations throughout the world should unite and form an alliance and repel any oppressive power that seeks to enforce its Satanic sovereignty over humankind. I believe that America should be at the forefront of that alliance. True Father worked throughout the 70s, 80s, 90s and up until 2004 in the U.S., travelling between Korea and the East Coast of America. In the last several years, True Father continued to travel between the two nations with only one difference that he focused his efforts on the West Coast of the USA. I believe he was seeking to awaken us to the fact that there is the greatest danger now on the Pacific front and that the United States is also a Pacific Rim nation.

The Fight for Freedom

Ladies and gentlemen, this is our time to carry forth the fight for freedom and to bear our responsibility -- that is the only sure way to secure freedom for our generation and that of our children.

I want to conclude by offering my heartfelt gratitude to all of you for supporting The Washington Times. This is America's newspaper, and in honoring the values championed by The Times, you honor America. In addition, whether you knew it or not, you have shared a common dream and vision with my father, the Reverend Sun Myung Moon.

My father went to the spirit world exactly one month ago today. We conducted True Father's funeral in Korea. We call the ceremony a Seonghwa, which refers to a person's 'heavenly ascension.' The literal translation is 'heavenly harmony' in the sense of becoming one with God. Our understanding is the same as that of the majority of the world's faith traditions: that we all have one life on earth, followed by an eternal life in the spiritual world. And therefore, what we do with our life and how we spend our time is important for our spiritual life in the next world.

If he were here, he would ask The Washington Times, and all of us, to look to the next 30 years. We are entering a crucial period for humankind. Never before has it been so possible for human beings to decide the fate of every person on Earth. If our technology has the power to destroy us, then it is all the more important for us to develop in our relationship to those values and principles that bring families, communities, nations and the world together in peace. The free media is how we communicate large ideas with one another. Therefore, if freedom is stamped on one side of democracy's coin, then surely responsibility is written on the other side. The Washington Times has been balancing freedom and responsibility for thirty years, and it will continue to exercise the same high standards in the coming decades. 

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