The Words of Hyung Jin Moon From 2012

Hyung Jin Nim at the Washington Area meeting about In Jin Moon's resignation

Larry Moffitt
September 21, 2012

Hyung Jin Moon - February 6, 2011

Hyung Jin Nim listened with utmost sincerity at his Washington Area appearance tonight. He listened with his body and soul. For five hours, ending exactly at midnight, he and Yeon Ah Nim digested every type of complaint, every type of anguish and hurt, every type of personality.

He made it clear that In Jin Nim had sinned. While acknowledging his love for her and his respect that she resigned all her positions at True Mother's request, he let it be known that the so-called "satellite blessing" had no spiritual basis and would not get any traction at all. This alleviated the concerns of many who could see people maneuvering in the background and on the internet to try to find a way for In Jin Nim to somehow get back in. Hyung Jin Nim closed that door firmly.

We left with a feeling that Hyung Jin Nim would usher in a new era of transparency and accountability for leadership. He said he would probably have a nationwide church service once a month and then local pastor-led sermons the rest of the time. We were overjoyed to hear this. When he said he would work out of East Garden, the feeling of that was enormously comforting. East Garden is the cradle of our faith, for most of us, and knowing that he and Yeon An Nim would be the new masters of that house made us feel deeply connected to a sense of continuity.

Every kind of person came to the microphone and spoke. It was supposed to last an hour, but he said he would stay until the entire line of people had been heard. People speaking were intellectual, emotional, angry. Some asked Hyung Jin Nim if we could trust his standard, having seen Father's principles betrayed by two True Children already. One woman delivered a fiery sermon that went on and on and on. It was actually quite righteous and inspiring. Hyung Jin Nim listened intently, comfortable to let her continue all night if she wished. He was moved by her passion and expressed his gratitude afterward. The final speaker was a young married second generation woman who just stood at the microphone and cried, thanking Hyung Jin Nim for coming and for being who he is.

I thought she was speaking for all of us. 

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