The Words of Hyung Jin Moon From 2012

Protector of Freedom

Hyung Jin Moon
June 24, 2012
5.5, HC, the 3rd year of Cheongi

Hyung Jin Moon -- July 20, 2012

Hello brothers and sisters. Today I'd like to speak on the topic, 'Protector of Freedom.' First let's look at the Gospel of John 8:31-32

31 To the Jews who had believed him, Jesus said, "If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. 32 Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."


Jesus' words explained simply, that if we followed his teaching and followed that path we would come to know the truth, and through the truth, we would be set free.

For several months, I'd actually wanted to tell you a very important message, today's message. Among the things that I'd struggled much with, we Unificationists have repeated world history that has brought transition and changed the world. In the 1970s, True Father went to America and through the Principle, young people across the US, about 40,000 new members joined.

In about 1-2 years, an incredible revolution took place. The clear theology within the Divine Principle, clear answers about God, clear answers to what Christianity could not solve and about how the Lord of the Second Advent would come again -- many people at that time found great hope through the Principle.

Yet unfortunately as that period passed, we witnessed the providence being prolonged as, we were unable to realize the promise within the Principle, the prophesy of the Principle, and practice acts that would build the ideal world of freedom, the kingdom of heaven on earth. During the Cold War, Father accomplished great feats and we won the Cold War, fought communism and won; however, we were not able to clearly give the answer to what would happen in the future, following the Cold War.

Now more than 30 years have passed. The Foundation day is now approaching. It is coming quickly. I think that all of us have a question as to how history will change, can we really see a new age through the coming of Foundation day.

Kook Jin Moon – May 9, 2012

We struggled about our theology and many things, but I was truly grateful that Kook Jin hyung was not just a businessman, a CEO of a foundation. What was really amazing was that from the time he was born, Father prophesied that 'this son will raise a nation.' And gave him very special experience. Kook Jin hyung started a business from early on, and was successful in the free market. Success. He was most successful among the True Family, raising and leading a company to success in the outside world, and there aren't too many such examples of success like that.

Through this, he also made many investments. Through his business, he earned interest in several countries, made investments. In order to do this, you have to know politics, global politics very well too. Especially, in order to earn interest, you have to know the politics of a particular country, its situation. He talked about these things, that by knowing a country well, he can decide whether to make investments or not.

Having such a background, of course he was also a person of faith always. He always had strong faith. You may not know, but in the US, he always donated hundreds of millions of won each year from his company to UTS, the graduate seminary. Without saying anything, he had always done these things. That is how, with much combined experience, he was able to develop the talent of making special analysis.

What amazes me is that Kook Jin hyung discovered something very big in the Principle. For instance, when we look at the Principle of Creation, or at Divine Principle as a whole, we analyze international relations – these countries are in the Abel realm, God's realm, these are in Cain's realm, Satan's realm. We also make a lot of theological analysis. Of diverse Christian theology, we analyze various things, and international relations, relations between countries. We analyze WWI, and WWII. However, we have not analyzed domestic matters. What does that mean?

If you look at the Principle of Creation, we can understand that God exists, and that God created Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve are the son and daughter of God. God gives them something important. The 3 great blessings. We heard all of this through the Principle. All Unificationists know this, don't they. God gave the 3 great blessings. First, individual perfection, completing individual responsibility, second, he gave us a family, multiplying the family, and third dominion over all things. It's a simple content. We heard this content many times, and analyzed it in various ways, but analyzed it just on the level that individual perfection was to train the mind and body, the family level is to create an ideal family, and dominion over creation is to harmonize with nature and live well, that we must live, giving and receiving. Through the Principle of the Fall, we learn about Satan's way of doing things. Father revealed clearly how Satan made Adam and Eve fall.

The story of Adam, Eve and the Archangel that we see in the theory and Principle of Creation is very important. This is not just a theological story. It is not just a story within the Bible, not just a conclusion that we should live morally, but there is a secret within the story. As Kook Jin Nim knows organizations and systems such as the economic and political systems, he asked me one day while we were having a meal.

When you studied history, especially Greece and Rome, they were very magnificent civilizations, weren't they. These countries also sought for democracy, for a free country. They strove to give freedom to all citizens. Ancient Greece did so at a certain period and so did ancient Rome. However, there were four stages in the process of how freedom was lost, how it changed, how freedom changed into tyranny.

First it begins as a free country. It's a free country that strives to give freedom to all its people. But as time passes, in the second stage, politicians have to be elected and thus resorted to various ways to gain popularity. This is populism. E.g., social welfare, looking after everyone, granting everyone this and that…they try to gain votes through such policies.

In this way, e.g., the social welfare system grows, becomes too huge through populism, and then, the government has no money to pay for the various educational and other institutions, so where do the funds come from? It has to come from the people. Thus, there is no choice but to raise taxes.

But since that's not enough, they must borrow from outside. Thus, a country builds its debt. The socialist system, the economic system gradually collapses. Because they cannot trade freely, and the government grasps everything and monopolizes. The economy is ruined and under such circumstances, tyrants appear. They say, 'Look, democracy doesn't work. Follow me from now on.'

This doesn't happen just to ancient democracies. It was so with Argentina 50 years ago. Cuba also started as a democracy. So did Germany. Hitler changed a democratic country into a tyrannical country. Through these 4 stages, a country loses its freedom.

What is amazing is that this content begins with the theory of creation. We are able to discover a big secret in the theory of creation. If we were to see the Garden of Eden that Adam, Eve and the Archangel Lucifer were in as a government, what kind of a position would the government be in. is the government in the position of Adam? In the position of son of God? Or is the government in the position of Eve, the daughter of God? Or in the Archangel's position?

The position to assist the son/daughter of God? Which position? You all know right away, because you know the Principle. The government was not originally in the position of the master, but the servant of Adam and Eve, of God's son and daughter. The Archangel was to attend the son/daughter of God.

In the same way, as you know, people who work for the government are called public servants. Servants of the people. They are to help the people and work for them. Isn't that so? According to the original ideal, this is something all people of a democratic country can agree to.

Now, it doesn't mean that the government, the government itself or people who work for the government are Satan. The position is what is significant. The position of the government is not that of the son/daughter of God, but its position is to attend the son/daughter of God. Through the Fall, Satan switched his position around to that of Adam and Eve, son/daughter of God. He took over the position of master, and Adam and Eve came to attend Satan. We are speaking of this position. Of course, if we visit a government organ like the local office, they are probably all very kind. I'm not speaking of whether the employees are kind or not, but referring to 'position.'

If we see the country from a principled analysis, the government should be in a position to attend the son/daughter of God. That is the important point. If we understand this, we will come to have great power, because we are, Adam and Eve and the people ought to be the master of the nation. As you know, communist governments own everything. I have been to various communist countries, but the people cannot own anything. The government owns all 100%, and the people have to apply, even to go to another city. There is no freedom at all. And there is no possession/ownership. The people also do not have weapons. I.e., the government, the Archangel controls everything. Under such circumstances, the Archangel is the master. Adam and Eve are servants. That is why in such a country, you cannot have a faith. That is why True Parents have fought fierce battles with this ideology.

Sun Myung Moon

When I think about this content, Father says amazing things in the Original Divine Principle, Wolli Wonbon (Original Copy of the Divine Principle). As you know, even among our members many people are likely to mistake this point. You know what the OCDP is, don't you? Many say that the OCDP is something that Father wrote, by dictating it to Rev. Won Pil Kim. However, many people, even many leaders do not know this. Many members of the church do not know, that Father himself wrote more than 600 pages of it on his own. Over 600 pages, a huge part of it he wrote. If you view this from a theological viewpoint, if Jesus had written 600 pages on his own, this would be a world treasure. A treasure that cannot be compared. At any rate, this OCDP will soon be published worldwide, before Foundation Day, and I am reading some parts of it now, which has incredible content.

The Wolli Wonbon (Original Copy of the Divine Principle) was written by Father from May 11, 1951 to May 10, 1952. In such a short period. Yet, in that era, Father, as given in the OCDP viewed the future and wrote about "the ideal world of freedom, ideal world of freedom, ideal world of freedom…" repeating this. Father desired the ideal world of freedom. And then he speaks about an amazing point. Father asks, how will peace come? I studied various religions, and they respond to that question, how will peace come. E.g., religions centered on meditation such as Buddhism, Hinduism, or certain Catholic faiths, centering on meditation will say, "It's simple. Each one of us should attain peace. Each one should meditate, attain peace through training, and in that way, each person will realize a peaceful world." As you know in Christianity, they say peace will come centered on the Bible, and as you know in Islam, they say peace will come if you obey the Koran.

But, what does Father say? It is amazing! In the OCDP in 1951, some 62 years ago, Father said this. "Before attaining peace, there must be freedom." Freedom! There must be freedom! First of all, there must be freedom.

Please think about it. If we see the Family Pledge no. 4, it says, "Our family, the owner of Cheon Il Guk, pledges to build the universal family encompassing heaven and earth, which is God's ideal of creation, and perfect the world of freedom, peace, unity and happiness, by centering on true love." Freedom comes first. Freedom, peace, unity and happiness. Without freedom, peace cannot come. Why is that? Without freedom, tyrants will always appear. If people are oppressed, there will be no peace. Then, there will be no unification either. Look at the situation. North-south unification hasn't been realized. Why? Because there is no freedom. Without freedom, unification cannot take place. And without freedom, of course there is no happiness. In the Principle, freedom is a core point. Why? If we want to practice true love, if we want to love God, there has to be freedom. Without the freedom of choice, we cannot choose to love God. Even if we wanted to love God, we wouldn't be able to choose it. We would just be robots. A robot.

However, God gave us an incredible gift. The freedom of choice. Through this freedom, we can choose love. Of course, we can also choose evil. That's right. We can choose sin. That's right. Then again at the same time we can choose love. We can choose true love. We can choose what's righteous. We can choose to do what's ethical. We can choose to do what gives pleasure to God. At the core of all these choices is freedom.

If we come to understand this we'll begin to see how the archangel stole our freedom. Who did Lucifer first seduce, everyone? Who did he first seduce? We heard many times that in the bible it is written that he seduced Eve first. And we heard that he seduced Adam next. The archangel position is a position that always tries to expand its powers, always. Even in the government, the government itself, or the people working in the government themselves, not to say that those individuals are evil, but the character of the government structure always wants to expand. That's the only thing they can do. That's why even during the early stages of the United States, presidents and philosophers told their people to hold guns and raise a revolution against the government every 30 years, just so they'd remember not to get too big. From this position, we know that the government tells us stories that are very sweet, like how the archangel does, to get our vote, and our faith (20'00"). For example, think about this. Let's think about Father's Words. What kind of a world does Father see? If you look at Father's Words, it is so astonishing.

What kind of world is the ideal world? A world without borders, or laws, where we live by our conscience, centered on the family, faith, trust, where the peace army, police exist, and lawyers and judges don't. What would you think if you heard this? When I first heard this I thought, "hey, it can't happen. We can't create this kind of world, with those kinds of countries on this earth." Then again everyone, America was originally that kind of country. In the initial stages of America, everybody had a responsibility to protect their own freedom. In Article 2 of the constitution, all people are given the right to bear fire arms. It's different from Korea. And it's quite significantly different from other Eastern countries. Through this content, simply said, people were forced to become soldiers protecting their own country. And also they had to become the police who protected their freedom. Police who had to protect their own property, not asking the government to send police to protect them, but having to protect their land themselves. Originally America was that kind of a country.

From the 40's, through President Roosevelt and that period, the social welfare system was launched. Interesting story. The social welfare system sounds so sweet, doesn't it? We must look after all our people. Deprived children should be taken care of by all. This sounds so sweet. Everyone, do you know what happened because of social welfare? America used to have many strong Christian families. Lots of strong families. Then social welfare started. And a few conditions followed. For example, if one wanted to receive social welfare support from their government, they first of all needed to get a divorce. They needed to get divorced. They had to divorce their husbands. Only then could they receive money. So would this raise the divorce culture or not? It would.

Brothers and sisters, you may think that this only relates to America. However, this is what I heard from one of our lecturers giving Divine Principle for the Pilipino sisters. The Pilipino sisters told him that "Korea is absolutely the same. When I called the government institution and asked for availability of social benefits, I was advised that I could receive these benefits only after divorcing my husband." This proves the point. The archangel always approaches is with a sweet fruit, sweet temptation in order to ruin the family. Kick out the husband, don't marry Adam, marry me, and promise me loyalty. This is how Korean society is becoming to resemble the US.

Next, the more babies you bear the more money you can receive. It didn't matter how many men you slept with to bare those children, you could have slept with 50 different individuals, and the more babies you bear the more money you received. Then what happened? The free sex culture flourished.

What came out of social welfare and wanting to help all people? The archangel attacks the family. He kicks out the husband from his home. He kicks out the husband and goes over to Eve and says, "Marry me. I'll take care of you. I have power. I have a lot of money. I'll look after you. What can you do about the fact that Adam left you. I'll help you. I choose you. First, you must kick out your husband." This is divorce. The divorce culture. "After that, it doesn't matter how many babies you bear, and with how many men you bore them with. I will continue to take care of you.

This is the free sex culture that Father fought against for 50 years in America. Everyone, who destroyed the American family? The archangel position did. It was the archangel. No one could ever clearly define this analysis. Now with a Principled analysis we can definitely put a finger on it. Let's all think how the family is destroyed. Before this social welfare system was set in place, America never used to have a social welfare program. That's why no one received any money from the government. So in all my relationships, I'm the one that needs to mature. I need to act and live maturely. If I went bankrupt who would help me? My family would. But if I spit on them, hired a lawyer and sued them, then when I went bankrupt would they come and help me? No they won't. That's why I need to act maturely and appreciate and value these familial relationships. If I went bankrupt who would help me? My family. Then accountability is created. In a free country accountability is created.

Also, in a free country, who would be in charge of welfare? The family would take charge of welfare, right? And what other organization, what would be the second? Religion would take responsibility for welfare. Religion helps people. They help a lot of people. Historically religion has helped a lot of people. Why would the family and religion do a better job at welfare than the government? Why is that? It's because they teach ethics. They teach ethics, values. The government teaches, "Live as you wish, sleep with as many men as you wish, and bare as many babies with those men as you wish. We'll give you money." There's no ethics. No values. No God's Will. If this was your family, they'd scold you saying, "No. If you act that way we will not help you. You need to grow up fast." Then they'd slowly start to teach you and little by little start to help you. So that person will become a real person. The same goes for religion. Would religion help those who drink and use violence on others? I don't think so. As they teach ethics they'll say "You need to fix this. God hates this." They teach God's Will. As they say, you can only receive help if you change. Then you need to hold people accountable. That's why people say that religion and family are a more secular group, and they can raise people and take care of their welfare better than the archangel group.

Through a Principled interpretation of these contents, we can see more and more, how the archangel position uses sweet promises to steal our freedom. In America they tried to give free education to all its citizens. America gives its public schools $10,000 for each student. For every student. America is number one in the world in investments made per student. Then, if we were to say the problem in education was the lack of money or investment, since America invests more than anywhere, they should score highest in international tests, right? But the reality is completely different.

The US spends the highest amount of money per student education, however, it occupies 25th place in the world, 25th. However, the result is zero. The quality of American public education is consistently deteriorating because there is no healthy competition. Most of you have iPhones, don't you? How did iPhone or Samsung smartphones appear? They came out because of freedom. They came out of creativity which exists in the free market economy. They came out of healthy competition. New better products appear on the market since firms compete to satisfy customers' needs. Aren't consumers happier this way? We enjoy the benefits of better products as a result of firms competing with each other. A product like iPhone cannot be created by a socialist system, since the government, or archangel, dominates the market and blocks (creativity). There can be no progress, no healthy competition. Therefore, socialist nations cannot develop and their economy is weakened.

We didn't realize that such deep analysis is possible with the help of Divine Principle. In fact, I was quite worried before when I listened to people discussing such issues. If the Unification Church had the political power, what kind of country will it create? All the previous analyses of Father's words led us to believe that we lean toward the left-wing, communist, socialist type of political thinking. Therefore, I couldn't feel any hope. I was questioning myself: "If Father and Unification Church win the political power, what kind of political system do we base our country upon?" It will probably be a socialist system. Or a tyranny. I wouldn't want to live in such country. You wouldn't want to live there either, right? Nobody would. Why? Because we all have original minds that seek freedom. Finally, after realizing the insights of the Divine Principle, the place of the archangel, the fact that the government acts in the position of the archangel, then we realize that Adam and Eve should enjoy the highest degree of freedom.

It is Adam and Eve, or the citizens, who should enjoy the most freedom and should possess the most assets, while the government should be small and serve the citizens from the position of the Archangel. Such country will not only enjoy prosperity and freedom without borders, but also have the government that is not burdening its citizens with issuing one law after another. Since the money does not fall from the sky (given by the government), family relations become more important, and relationship of faith become more important. People would volunteer because everyone is watching how one lives and support goes to those who care about their community and behave responsibility toward others. In such society, people are free but are responsible and therefore participate in Peace Army and Peace Police forces to defend justice, peace and the country. Such people become owners of CIG and the world will recognize Unification Church as a religion that protects freedom for all.

Brothers and sisters, no other religion can accomplish this task. No other religion. Since Jesus was crucified, we were able to enjoy only spiritual salvation, but physical salvation was not to be found. Therefore, all the religions that came before were essentially on the side of goodness but yet they supported socialism, monarchy or totalitarianism. Look at history. So it was with Catholicism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, and Protestantism. American Protestants are strong supporters of socialism. No one can deny this fact. So how is Unification Church different?

Our religion advocates the world of ideal freedom, a free country that operates and preserves world freedom based on the Principle. We have the will of True Parents the Returning Christ. It is only with the coming of the Lord that the completion of the ideal world is possible.

Brothers and sisters, I am full of hope about the future of Unification Church. We know the Principle, the Three Blessings, the place of the archangel and the reason for True Father coming as a religious leader. Think about it. Religion is very special. Think about all the different educational institutions. Don't they change with the change of educational theories? This theory follows that and yet another… Politics are the same. This time we follow Democracy, then Communism, then again Democracy… One after another. However, religion is different. Religion has a Will, an unchanging truth, a teaching that does not change from generation to generation. Also, religion is able to simplify difficult concepts and allow many people to relate to them. What are these concepts? We all need to keep the precious gift of freedom given to us by God and understand the proper position of the archangel. We should strive to live in the ideal world destined for Adam and Eve. In such country Adam and Eve can be again free, prosperous, family- centered. All the citizens will become owners of CIG and participate in Peace Army, Peace Police in order to protect freedom. The Abel UN will be settled and the Unification Church will become a religion that defends world freedom.

Brothers and sisters, I feel the new age is approaching. I also feel we should discuss these issues in more depth. The more we discuss in small groups or with our pastors, the better we understand. And once we truly realize the meaning of the ideal world and freedom, True Parents can reign such ideal world of freedom as King of Kings centered on the Divine Principle.

Brothers and sisters, I am sorry for the long sermon today. But this is too important. I have refrained from releasing this content for too many weeks now. Since Kook Jin Nim is the one who discovered this, for ethical reasons, I had to wait until he himself makes this content public. Please understand my long silence. However, I am convinced now we have a new vision that can change the world and we can become the unification family that can change the world.

A historic turning point is at hand and as we approach Foundation Day I want to urge you to offer more devotion and really become the protectors of freedom and help the world realize the ideal world for True Parents. Let us conclude with True Parents words.

"When God first created the world, the original ideal was the garden of freedom, liberation and unification. Yet you cannot deny that there was a reason God's ideal was not fulfilled. That became the source of sorrow for God, humankind and all creation. What was this source of distress? We know well that it was the fall of man. In restoring humankind, God must have an ideal for this society, and we must also have that ideal. What is the standard of this ideal? You should know that freedom for the sake of God's Shim Jung, liberation centered on God's situation, and unification centered on God's ideal are God's hope, our hope and the standard of the ideal."


God Bless You! 

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