The Words of Hyung Jin Moon From 2012

World Leaders Meeting 2012

Hyung Jin Moon
January 21, 2012

Hyung Jin Moon January 22, 2011

Dear all,

We have just started our National Leaders World Assembly 2012. Here are some (unofficial) notes I have just taken during our international president's first speech to the national leaders:

Peter Zoehrer

Pastor Hyung Jin Nim reported on his visit to North Korea and his experience with attending True Parents.

In North Korea Pastor Hyung Jin Nim felt so many restrictions. Also his delegation was under permanent observation (like every visitor from outside). Sometimes he could find inner peace by just looking at the Divine Principle symbol or other holy symbols…

Where would you rather be?

Where is the Kingdom of Heaven? Where Christ is…

Recently True Father did 23 hours of Hoon Dok Hae

Essential peace of heart and mind

Mind starts wondering and complaining

I want you to experience this

1st 3 hours … mind clear

7 hours … pain

10 hours pain coming to head

12 hours start praying … True Parents finish quickly … I am truly a sinner

Then prayer: "Go on as long as you want!"

So many challenges… but leading to fundamental peace

Cheon Bok Festival: Celebrating the birth of Christ … In Korea also celebrating the birth of Buddha… When we celebrate True Parents birth …we did it within our responsibility to the glory of True Parents. Invited VIPs This year it will be bigger

A parade on the birthday of True Parents … on the streets -- walk down right passed the white house of Korea…

We want to go right to the center…

"We want them to know, every year the children of God are coming to the Homeland to celebrate True Parents birthday in Korea"

Fundamental to Theology is the question on WHO IS CHRIST? 30%, 50% God/man…

Now True Father giving new mysterious teaching:

God of night and God of day… It struck me as very mysterious teaching… God of night is God (we cannot see) God of Day True Father (we can see) … not completely correct…

Last week in his last final speech because of one statement True Father said during his speech "I am fundamentally different from all of you! I am managed by the God of night … You are managed by the God of day…

Does Christ know who he is?

When does the clarity of his messianic identity appear? This is a huge theological issue.

At every council the issue was: What is the nature of Christ? Who was Jesus?

In Islam and in Judaism there is a total rejection of the claim of the divinity of Christ.

This issue (God of night and God of day) theologically very rich. True Father: God of day is male -- God of day is female!

Key issue: True Father himself comes from the seed of God!

"When I heard True Father say that" (I am managed by the God of night and you are managed by the God of day) that refers to the theological concept of the "Godhead" Metaphor: "The god of night is the unseen face of god"

"The God of day is the hands that create mountains, rivers, human beings etc."

True Father saying that he comes from the God of night means that he is not coming from the fallen lineage as we do…

Understanding that Christ comes from the Godhead, seed, logos is so essential.

From the Loos comes the seed which is

First Adam
2nd Christ
3rd True Father

In Spirit world Jesus is a different spiritual being than True Father/True Parents.

Adam, Christ and True Parents are three different spiritual beings originating from one Godhead.

In the principle we clearly state that the messiah is not God. Christ is man (more close to Muslims and other religious traditions).

How is True Father God, when the Divine Principle says that the messiah is not?

Divine Principle Christology: Christ is 100% man and 100% God

This is a huge development in our movement. Most lay-members do not see it this way up until now.

If you are consciously based on this new understanding of our histology and you have the privilege to be in the presence of True Father you will experience a completely different reality.

It will also be similar in the way you see your spouse.

I have been following True Father around for 10 months now and have never been sick even for one moment. Even in spite of this extreme schedules. Before however, I was befallen with multiple sickness.

True Father is extremely unpredictable. If you have a schedule, just cancel it.

Once in Alaska, one Women's Federation President exclaimed that her mother has just died and she needs to go back to Korea immediately. True Father: "Let the dead bury the dead…!"

Jesus said the same! The disciples were just hanging around with him. They didn't do anything special. Maybe he just went fishing with them… Like True Father.

It looks like a cruel God if seen with humanistic eyes…

Anger would be a normal human reaction…

That lady was very angry. Later she realized, she has committed a sin!

How precious it is to be at the presence of the lord? Still, we could have many excuses not to be there. I am not into fishing at all. True Father knows this! I have been vegetarian for 7 years.

You can only survive if you are vertically focused. The boat is always rocking and moving. Even after we get off the boat, we are still rocking and moving.

Sometimes I would like to yell at the ocean. But to be on the see is much more resembling our life of faith than being at a calm meadow looking into a sparkling pond…

When you participate at the birthday celebration for when you are walking on the parade, do not hide your faith…

No shame anymore…

Theism and Atheism debate… Studying Buddhism helped me in many different ways: Controlling my mind, and in many other ways (Martial arts, mind body unity, discipline, etc.) … But it did not help me in my understanding on God. Although Buddha never denied God, it is just not very important.

Relativism: "One tribe says love your neighbor the other says eat your neighbor" -- it is just different culture. That is relativism!

The Christians were important in creating theistic theology. One of the first questions for me as a 2nd Gen. Does God exist?

America: The new Atheism -- very aggressive -- Higgins, Harris, Dawkins and the likes. Atheism is very much growing. Many students are buying into this.

We are going into this with 5 main arguments!

Day 2

Just now, after Hoon Dok Hae, we have been listening to the most incredible video report of Nepal. More than 30% of parliamentarians are already active members of UPF. They are now preparing for elections and are confident to gain majority. Our Nepalese movement has regular ODP TV broadcasts and over 20 000 Nepal citizens have absolved the 7 day content.

Nepal is expecting the 10th Avatar, who -- according to prophecy -- will abolish evil and introduce the age of purity and peace to this world. The prophetic descriptions of the 10th Avatar fit True Fathers Personality and life nearly 100%. Therefore the people of Nepal are very prepared to welcome True Parents as the incarnation of the 10th Avatar.

The other extremely inspiring report was presented by the Philippine leader on the resurrection of people through Hoon Dok Hae. He reported about one Japanese, who has started a revolution in South East Asia after having read the Cheon Jeong Gyeong 100 times. He has been traveling around the countries giving his inspiring testimony and thus effecting 100s of members with the new, irresistible "hoondok-virus". 

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