The Words of Hyung Jin Moon From 2011

Realistic Actualization of the Abel UN

Hyung Jin Moon
December 18, 2011
Cheon Bok Gong

Rev. Hyung Jin Moon in North Korea converses with Mr. Yong Nam Kim, chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme People's Assembly

This past week I was in North Korea for seven days, and I was very moved by this experience. I was grateful to be able to spend a week there thanks to your prayers and Jeong Seong, and on the basis of the True Parents' concern and protection.

Today I would like to speak about securing True Parents' victory. Let's read the important Bible verses Matthew 5.18-19.

For truly, I say to you, till heaven and earth pass away, not an iota, not a dot, will pass from the law until all is accomplished. Whoever then relaxes one of the least of these commandments and teaches men so, shall be called least in the kingdom of heaven; but he who does them and teaches them shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.

I have heard that you have been setting many conditions and have been reading Father's speech, which he has been giving at the Cosmic Assemblies for the Declaration of the Word by God's Substantial Self. We also have been looking at that, thinking about it and puzzling over it a great deal.

Since 2004, True Father has been speaking about beginning the Abel UN era. A few years after 2004, as he began the Pacific Rim era, he transferred the essence of his thirty-four years of providential effort in America completely to Korea, God's homeland. In so doing, he began the era of tranquility and prosperity, the "True Parents eog-mansei" era. We have to consider how this is this going to be substantiated. Not simply symbolically, as in the past, with internal events at which we say, "The Abel UN is now established," in a room with members from various countries whose presence there, we say, means the whole world is there. If it's not going to be symbolic, we have to consider what kind of phenomenon it needs to be to be one by which the Unification Church community actually transforms the world.

We may not understanding all the proclamations Father makes. As I attend True Father, especially when he speaks to us at length, it might take days, weeks, months -- even years -- to understand the significance of what he has said. However, going to North Korea, I had many experiences that I will not forget as long as I live, and I realized that True Parents have succeeded on all fronts. When we visited North Korea, I could confirm with my own eyes that the work of the spirit has proceeded from the great love True Parents expressed twenty years ago.

Hyung Jin Nim and Yeon Ah Nim in front of the house where True Father was born and lived as a child. With him are Sang Gwon Park, Peter Kim, Ken Doo and a group of Japanese leaders also visiting North Korea for the anniversary of True Parents' 1991 visit.

I am saying this to you now because establishing the Abel United Nations, as you know, is Cheon Bok Gung's second mission. The first mission is to establish God's temple so that God can be upheld, and the second is to establish the Abel UN. When I thought about how we might establish the Abel UN in substantial terms and about how Korea might become the central nation of the world, I could not imagine it at all. Could that day ever come? Korea, God's homeland, is a small country. I have thought much about how this little country might be able to move the world. True Father has made a number of declarations to do with establishing the Abel UN, and I was unable to understand clearly what he meant at those times. Nonetheless, Father is showing us a certain vision, and over time, parts of that vision are becoming apparent to me.

I am grateful that True Parents are creating a global foundation in offering all these conditions. When they come to their homeland they offer Jeong Seong day and night. And when they do, some of the true children come and do those activities alongside True Parents and thus offer their support. I am very moved to see this. We experience many things as we attend True Parents, yet we feel much regret that we cannot meet other members very often.

However, as international president, as I work with True Parents, I am learning something of the perspective from which True Father views the world. I always feel that, when he carries out a certain aspect of the providence, in the face of his mission that is huge like the universe, there is nothing more important than directly learning and inheriting from him, and I feel grateful in my heart. Despite our inadequacies, attending Father puts us in a position to learn so much from True Parents.

Recently, in Chung Pyung, while True Parents were resting a bit, after concluding Hoon Dok Hae, I was able to share a meal with and talk to Kook Jin Nim, who'd been giving his "Strong Korea?" presentation at the Cheongshim School of Theology. He had come to Cheon Jeong Peace Palace to see True Parents, but because True Parents were resting, we were able to get together.

If we look at the providential activities in the United States, in the cold war era True Parents worked in a certain way to bring the Soviet Union to surrender. Dr. Joon Ho Seuk has testified that through True Parents' education and the Victory Over Communism campaign, about three thousand Soviet students came to workshops and training in the United States. At that time, it was hard to bring even one Soviet student a year to America, but to have brought three thousand to workshops in the space of a few years was a miracle. Moreover, these workshop graduates provided a strong foundation; they played a role in challenging the fearsome communist environment, even standing in front of tanks, putting their bodies in harm's way for the sake of freedom. Thus, Father's work in America gave the Unification movement the opportunity to actually affect and change the real world in that instance.

"They will take care to walk in the way of the Lord..." Hyung Jin Nim, Yeon Ah Nim and elder Korean and Japanese members walk down the path toward Mt. Myodu (visible in the background), where Father, as a young man, encountered Jesus in prayer.

However, we have fallen short in some ways, and because we did not keep up with the speed of the providence, when all is said and done, we haven't wrought the changes we could have. Facing up to reality, we feel frustrated but one way to look at it is that through those circumstances, we could learn and become much wiser.

In such a situation, listening to my brother Kook Jin Nim's speech, I feel he is saying remarkable things. As you may know, communist forces are gathering strength; and in some countries in the Arab world terrorist organizations are gaining political power.

This is the reality we face. This is the reality of the world. The Pacific region is becoming a more fearsome place. We can only agonize over the question of how a small nation such as this one, and a small group like the Unification movement, can do anything about it.

We are attending True Parents; we have given three reports to them about the world's situation, and each time they heard these reports, they said we must work quickly. Father has already given me instructions several times.

My older brother Kook Jin is receiving these directions and has already been giving the "Strong Korea?" talk to important people such as former government ministers, and others. In Japan also, the IFVOC is trying to renew Japanese society. In the 1960s, True Parents erected a foundation for change in Japan through their IFVOC work. Now, in an environment where one can sense an increased threat even in Japan at this time, people up to the level of government ministers are attending Kook Jin Nim's talks there and are deeply moved. People have reported this to me.

A month ago, I met with Tom Walsh, UPF's international president. He told me something very surprising, which was that the United Nations began from the presentation of an idea by just two countries -- the United States and the United Kingdom. It has expanded to include most of the world. As you know, many lack confidence that the UN has the power to resolve the problems of the world and doubt that it will be able to block the fearsome forces that are gathering.

In light of this, in 2004, Father declared the establishment of the Abel UN. When I first heard news of this, I couldn't understand what it meant. I came to understand much more when speaking to Dr. Walsh. I felt spiritually that if the Unification Church family were to help bring Korea and Japan together in the area of national defense (bringing the two nations together in actuality, not just at events) cooperating because they comprehend the threat of communist powers, this would be the beginning of the substantial Abel UN.

Father has said many times, as early as the 1980s -- and it appears in Cheon Seong Gyeong -- "Korea, Japan and the U.S. must become one. I have many Korean-Japanese blessed families in preparation for that time."

Hyung Jin Nim and Yeon Ah Nim arriving in Pyongyang, December 9

From decades ago Father has been working for the unity of Korea and Japan. While he was working hard on the unification of North Korea and South Korea, he was already working for Korean-Japanese unity. Through around six thousand Korean-Japanese families in Korea, and many more in Japan, the unification movement is participating in a historic transition. We are doing things that no one else has done, that no one else has thought of before -- uniting Korea and Japan.

The strong democratic countries in the Pacific region must bring their strength together as quickly as possible, for the communist realm is currently expanding, increasing in military strength and producing weapons, and we may soon face a major crisis.

In this era, no one other than our Korean-Japanese families, and furthermore, all families in the Unification Church hold the solution. Only the Unificationist families can bring peace to the Pacific region. Kook Jin Nim has already alerted us to this fact. Already, decades ago, Father said that Korea and Japan must be one. Therefore, I firmly believe that we need to fulfill this task substantially, and do our utmost to cooperate and bring this about.

The second mission of the members of Cheon Bok Gung is, notably, to establish the Abel UN, and so this is a very important mission. The time has come for that, and Father has opened that way for us and ushered in the era in which we can do so. If we can achieve our five percent responsibility, we can, by bringing together Japan and Korea, begin the work of establishing the Abel UN in substance. And through the countries that join together under this organization will come the possibility of bringing peace substantially to the Pacific Rim. I firmly believe this great task will be fulfilled.

The time has come, and this is something people cannot calculate. I believe I can finally see now what Father's vision is. The Abel UN is now visible to our eyes. We can now see clearly how we are meant to protect the Pacific Rim, and how the Abel realm nations on God's side upholding freedom and democracy can establish the Abel UN, so as to bring about the settlement of peace in the Pacific region. Father keeps saying how little time there is between now and Foundation Day, that we only have four hundred and something days and that we need to make all haste. We don't feel the urgency Father feels, but please think about this situation.

We need to look at the countries of the Pacific Rim and see the growing powers, and think about how we are going to protect the Pacific region in this Pacific Rim era. Countries in the Abel realm, the countries that uphold democracy and freedom, must establish the Abel UN and thereby bring about peace in the Pacific Rim era and protect it. If this comes to pass, then Father will become the substantial savior of the Pacific region.

The send-off ceremony at the border of North and South Korea, December 1, 2011 Ambassadors for peace, carrying signs that read "land may be divided but we are one people," and "Let's live together"

As you know, Divine Principle prophesies a third world war. There are two ways for this to happen. The first way is for an actual war of nations' military forces to break out. The second way is for it to be an ideological war. It is certain that a third world war will come, but if the Abel UN can be established and, as a result, we can block the outbreak of an actual war involving troops and weapons, then True Parents will indeed become the savior of the substantial world.

Ladies and gentlemen, we must repent in front of True Parents. Jesus said that if you want to go to heaven you must first repent. In the same way, when True Parents first made this amazing declaration I was unable to catch its meaning or how the vision would be realized. But it is now unfolding before us.

With the establishment of the Abel UN and the Pacific Rim era, and through preventing another world war, True Parents' eternal reign of peace will be established. Then everyone will shout eog-mansei for True Parents, as the savior of the world, and for the realm of tranquility and prosperity. Of course, True Parents would be eligible to receive the Nobel Peace Prize; plus True Parents' status will be made apparent to the world. This will be the realization of the hopes of all Unification Church members. That is the amazing time we live in now.

Not just the Unification Family, but in UPF, for example in Europe, we have a former defense minister working with us as an ambassador for peace. Those who have experience with helping countries come together to establish agreements have formed research teams to bring together Korea and Japan and begin the work of establishing the Abel UN.

At the same time, centering in particular on our young students and CARP, we are going to hold a global conference during Cheonbok Festival week. Our young students will hold a debate between theistic and atheistic viewpoints. We are holding this because if we cannot explain why theism is the more reasonable position -- why God exists -- there will be no reason to protect this small country. If we cannot explain, based on God and our theological foundation, that this is the fatherland to which the returning Lord has come, that its people are the chosen people, and that because this is the holy land we must protect it, then how can we bring atheists to believe in God? That is why in this time and age, when atheism is fast spreading in the world, young people are preparing to fight an ideological battle with those forces on university campuses.

This debate is going to be held on a large scale at the Cheonbok Festival. This time, CARP members from around the world will get a chance to strengthen their faith through the atheism-theism debate and Victory Over Communism activities, and what is more, they will be able to show why the 21st century will record a history of darkness if our world follows atheism and materialism. With hope, freedom and complete faith in God, and religious freedom plus a theistic worldview, young people will be able to turn away from atheism and, with hope, turn toward God and spirituality. Then the twenty-first century will see amazing change.

A send-off ceremony at the border, on December 1: Twelve trucks transported flour to North Korea. The long banners read, "The second overland transfer of three hundred tons of flour to the citizens of Jeongju, North Korea."

True Parents have called all the pastors from around Korea to a 3-day workshop: they are to study the Divine Principle as well as the detailed content from Kook Jin Nim's "Strong Korea?" lecture, which has been broadcast on news, and they will also receive lecturer training. Through the workshop, our pastors and we ourselves will learn through data and statistics, similar to the time when we carried out VOC activities. Our members will be central figures in this era to alert the country to the present situation and prepare its people, and establish the Abel UN in Korea and Japan. That is the great work that is going on now.

If we are able to do this before Foundation Day and offer this result to True Parents, if we can present them with the establishment of the Abel UN, the Pacific Rim era, and True Parents' era of the reign of peace and tranquility, for which we can offer cheers eternally, how relieved True Parents will be! How happy and proud of their children they will be!

Now we are finally getting to see how True Parents' declarations and vision are realized. To bring that about, we must repent in front of True Parents, and though we are late in gaining an awareness of this, we must understand this vision as quickly as possible and harvest the victory for True Parents in substantial form.

Let us become the blessed families and Unification Church members who accomplish that.

In commemoration of the twentieth anniversary of the historic meeting of True Parents and North Korean President Kim Il Sung (December 6, 1991), the Republic of Korea Ambassadors for Peace Council sent two shipments of three hundred tons of wheat flour to Jeongju in North Korea, on November 14 and December 1.

The shipments comprised 1,500 sacks of flour each weighing twenty kilograms. These were prepared with donations collected during collection campaigns over the previous year.

Each shipment was transported in twelve trucks. South Korean drivers drove from south of the border overland to Bongdong Station at the gates of the Gaeseong Industrial Complex, a few miles inside North Korea (where South Korean companies are permitted to operate with North Korean workers in joint North-South economic ventures). There, the flour was handed over to the North Korean authorities and then transferred to Jeongju.

A delegation of six South Korean ambassadors for peace, led by Ambassador for Peace Council Chairman (and former government advisor) Min-ha Kim, accompanied the first shipment. They arrived at the Gaeseong Industrial Complex control office just before the trucks and were warmly received by North Korean representatives. The North Korean welcoming delegation comprised six senior officials of important civil organizations: two representatives from the Korean Asia Pacific Peace Committee (KAPPC), two representatives from Jeongju, and two representatives from the North Korean Council for Reconciliation and Cooperation. The delegation demonstrated the North Korean authorities' sincere welcome of the relief efforts. Moreover, the warmth of the reception for Chairman Min-ha Kim showed that North Korean authorities recognize the role he has played in recent the exchanges between North and South Korea.

The ambassadors for peace accompanied the wheat flour all the way to Pyongan Province in the northwest, and oversaw its distribution to sixteen establishments, including nursery schools in True Father's hometown.

At 8:30 am on the same day, at Im Jin Gak just south of the border, a send-off ceremony for the flour had been held by UPF President Sun Jo Hwang and more than a hundred ambassadors for peace and interested parties, who also offered monetary donations that were also conveyed to the North.

The Ambassadors for Peace Council, which wants to carry out further relief efforts, hopes that their aid to North Korea will open the way for the North and South Korean governments to communicate with one another more freely. 

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