The Words of Hyung Jin Moon From 2011

True Mother's Higher Level of Responsibility

Hyung Jin Moon
November 27, 2011

Hyung Jin Moon, November 22, 2011

Hyung Jin Nim's account of recent incidences in which True Father has been "training" True Mother is so striking that I have transcribed his statement. That transcript is posted below. The video includes additional comments by one of the women elders at the Cheon Bok Gung about how Father has been "training" Mother. Those comments are not included in the following transcript.
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Note: Hyung Jin Nim was speaking in Korean. The following is a transcript of the on-the-spot English translation, so it should not be considered as a precise translation of Hyung Jin Nim's words. View the video at

Hyung Jin Nim speaks by video to the Sunday service at the Cheon Bok Gung.

…There is one thing that we must all keep in mind during this very important providential time. Most especially, we are all preparing globally for the anniversary of True Parents' birth and True Mother's 70th birthday. Here at Cheon Bok Gung also preparations are in full swing.

Brothers and sisters as you well know during the Cheon Bok Festival we are preparing many joyful celebrations and events, including a parade that will proclaim to the world the coming of the True Parents for all humankind. Through these the Unification Church will appear more confident and solid than before.

As we mark True Parents holy birth and True Mother's 70th birthday, True Parents will hold their holy wedding at the third stage, the final stage, the completion stage, holy wedding of the True Parents. From the point of view of Divine Principle, True Mother is to become the perfected Eve through True Father from that point. And with True Father becoming the substantial self embodying God's being, this holy wedding in which True Mother is married together with God is such an important and historic day and ceremony.

As all of you are thinking, since the beginning when God created Adam and Eve he has wanted to love Eve through Adam. He has wanted to become one with Eve. But through the history of the fall Eve, became the wife of the Archangel. She became his object partner in a miserable position, and what is more, a history completely devoid of God's heart and love has resulted in the world. For this reason, if we speak of God's wrath, of course when God observes the sin and evil throughout the world he will especially be upset and wrathful toward Eve or those in the position of Eve.

If Eve had fulfilled her responsibility, she would have become one with Adam, and she would have been able to stand as God's wife. Because that most essential position was lost, the Providence to restore Adam and Eve has been unfolding because it originally couldn't be done. This is something we know from the Principle. True Parents are standing now on the final stage of that path. In just a few months, Father and Mother as true Adam and Eve will be dedicated back to God.

So on this course, in this time, True Mother is going through a time of harder, more fearsome training than ever before. The reason we need to understand this is that as we deepen our awareness of True Parents' position, we must return to them more encouragement, hope, strength, and energy than ever before. For example, a few days ago during Hoon Dok Hae, Father had Mother come before him and he scolded her quite strongly, saying, "That way… Offer a bow in that direction. Offer a bow in this direction." And members may have had some trouble understanding why Father asked Mother to do this.

But Father doesn't look at these things with humanistic eyes, through ordinary human eyes. True Father, who is the center of the spirit world and the embodiment of God's being, the one who sees and feels all the heavenly fortune, is the one who will leave all the future in True Mother's hands. In short, Father is in the position of Adam, and he is in that position training Mother. If we look with humanistic eyes this training course would be something very sad and difficult and very stressful to see and observe. But we must understand clearly about the wisdom through which Father is training Mother. We must look from the point of view of heart and from the point of view of the position Father holds.

As the substantial self of God he will make Eve anew and most especially so that Mother can become the Mother to whom he can pass on even greater responsibility -- even though Father's heart is so painful for having to do so. He is training Mother quite strongly and even harshly, for her own sake for this purpose.

Beloved members of our church and brothers and sisters, when we see this we may tremble and feel fear. But we have to think of this from True Mother's point of view. For 50 years True Mother has with complete and absolute faith, love, and willingness to follow and obey been attending True Father. Moreover in this moment, True Mother is going through this severe training facing these enormous challenges, shedding tears, sometimes for herself as an individual, and so many more for humankind. And she experiences such deep pain in her heart. Because she is a person she naturally feels such emotions.

But even so, as I observe our True Father, I have come to have great hope and I am deeply moved to see this, because Mother sheds tears but she nevertheless continues to always follow and obey True Father and understands her position as the True Mother. She shows this oneness with Father. And we also can understand that she is someone who without doubt will be able to reach the position of True Eve. Truly, she is doing something that no one else could do. We say that we follow and attend True Parents, but if we compare ourselves with True Mother, we are not really doing very much. We are doing nothing.

And so from this time, we must truly repent, and once again observe our True Parents from a spiritual viewpoint, with spiritual eyes. As I'll be going to North Korea in this coming week… brothers and sisters of Cheon Bok Gung church, please send greater love to our True Parents. If you attend Hoon Dok Hae at the Cheon Jeong Gung Palace, please be people who can send good energy, laughter, and joy to True Parents….

Let's begin the service today with the words of our True Father [from 1994]:

Women have sinned a lot. A lot of sins have been committed even against my position. In order to liberate those sins we have to go to the bottom of the worst place. If we do not liberate this, if we do not erect a foundation of liberation there in the lower realms, there is no place for Mother to stand. Women have confined me, given me pain. Haven't I been cursed even on account of women? All this has been in order to discover one Mother, to unearth one Mother. As I overcame things, I had to raise Mother. Everyone who said they did not like that found that they were falling back, or stepping backwards.

But Mother is such an amazing person. I feel so grateful to her. Could it just have been a heavenly accident that such a mother was given to the Unification Church? Mother regretted even that she couldn't love more people who may have thought of her as an enemy. When you see this, what do you feel? If there is such a queen in this world there will certainly be a kingdom where ideal sons and daughters can be born and raised, which will not wither away even in 1,000 or 10,000 years. There are those kinds of stories. 

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