The Words of Hyung Jin Moon From 2011

The meaning of "Owner of Peace, Owner of Lineage

Hyung Jin Moon
November 21, 2011

Hyung Jin Moon, March 2, 2011

This is from a series of four tweets from the Twitter account of International President Hyung Jin Nim and Yeon Ah Nim in response to a question on understanding the meaning of "Owner of Peace, Owner of Lineage" among the Eight Textbooks and Teaching Materials.

It is true that many members find this text particularly difficult to understand among the Eight Textbooks... and Teaching Materials. So in the Cheon Bok Gung, we invited Professor Oh Taek Ryong and studied this text in our Malsseum School. I will send you a summary of what was presented there.

We understand this to be the best text for explaining identity. First, who is True Father? Second, who is God? Third, who are Blessed Families? Fourth, who are Second Generation Blessed Children?

First, True Father was born as a son of God in His direct lineage, without the slightest trace of the fall. Second, because of the fall, God's true sperm did not reach its destination. This will come to a conclusion with God's marriage next year.

Third, through the Cosmic Blessing, each of us was restored to our original status where we are without any trace of the fall. Fourth, the Second Generation Blessed Children are the leaders of the family Hoon Dok Hae. This is how we summarized it. I hope you find this helpful in deepening your understanding. 

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