The Words of Hyung Jin Moon From 2011

God shields us

Hyung Jin Moon
June 19, 2011

Today, too, we hope that you can send big love to True Parents.... Let us not worry about how other people view us. Let us get out of this childish mentality and devote this time to thinking about the relationship between God and "I", between our True Parents and "I". Let us focus on that. Other people are not important....

We want to send our best filial piety and best love through the vibration to our True Parents. We sing the Holy Songs (Chanting Chambumonim Eok Mansei!) and we praise every moment..... Have that kind of heart.

Until 2013, what can we do? Our True Parents are on the frontline and leading the providence. And I am besides them, but I often feel that I have nothing to offer to our True Parents. But how about our brothers and sisters who are in different countries other then Korea? How do THEY feel?

So until 2013 our True Parents are fighting with the satanic world and they are challenging the City of sin (Las Vegas), and we ourselves, we need to offer them all of the help that we can offer.

And this heart of obedience and action, how is it shown? It is being shown through our Shim Jung world .....What kind of heart and what kind of vibrations do we live with?

.... we have to discard our ego and we have to build a new me...

We must offer a service with the Holy Spirit and the truth. This is when we can rebuild ourselves anew. It is not MY power, but it is the grace and forgiveness...

So let us go a step further, and as we gather together this vibration, let us build a new community....

We have to offer and praise with a new heart, we chant Chambumonim Eok Mansei! Then our True Parents can feel this...

With this kind of heart we offer glory to our True Parents and send them the vibration of the heart...

If we can offer glory to God then I believe that amazing spiritual works will occur... Today let us offer our Cheong Song and let us send even greater love and hope to our True Parents.

We would like to close with the words of our True Parents (from 2003):

"..... from now on people will experience spiritual phenomena and experience the transcendental world... like never before. These spiritual phenomena will occur frequently and people will receive a big influence from that..."

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