The Words of Hyung Jin Moon From 2011

Keeping Up With True Parents

Hyung Jin Moon
June 3, 2011
Holy Spirit Healing Service
Cheon Bok Gung
Seoul Korea

Brothers and sisters, it's a pleasure to see you all again. It's been quite some time since we last met. We've been trying to keep up with True Parents these days, and only today were we able to pull ourselves away. I have felt many things through this opportunity to attend True Parents. In particular, there are many points for me to repent over.

While attending True Parents I was able to poignantly feel how True Parents are truly transcending time and space. Physically, it is tremendously exhausting. It's difficult to imagine how they can carry on with such tremendous power. We are young and striving to exercise every day. We do Jeong Seong yet end up collapsing, unable to keep up with True Parents. When I consider this reality, and having gone through such hardships, and also seeing the young people around True Parents -- including the men who take turns massaging True Father -- becoming physically exhausted, I come to feel that our True Mother is so amazing. To be able to do that for fifty years... When I was in Europe I asked the members this: Brothers and sisters, if you were married to God, that would not be easy, right? Truly, there is no other who has loved Father as Mother has.

After taking part in a sixteen-hour Hoon Dok Hae our back hurts, our legs hurt; our entire body is in pain. Once in Las Vegas, Father asked me to sit by his feet so I sat there for twelve or thirteen hours and was unable to leave. I was sitting by the wall and so could not move an inch. My back hurt, my stomach hurt and my legs hurt. Once it was over, we could return to our rooms to rest. Yet, True Mother cannot rest.

Even after Hoon Dok Hae, or an event, she has to attend True Father twenty-four hours a day. We suffered pain in our backs just from attending one long Hoon Dok Hae. Yet True Mother has been doing this for more than fifty years -- twenty-four hours every day, loving True Father, unable to rest for a moment. She has had to attend Father. In so doing, she goes beyond herself as a human being. The True Mother who transcends being human was revealed. Let's send our heartfelt applause to True Mother!

While we were trying to keep up with True Parents in Europe, I wondered how we can attain true peace within. Can we attain true peace by having kindly thoughts within our mind? No we cannot. We may experience provisional or momentary peace or a peaceful state of mind. Yet, fundamental peace cannot emanate from us. Genuine peace can be created only by that person who can eliminate the bitter resentment, pain, and suffering that has separated humankind from God. There is a difference between true peace and simply having a tranquil or peaceful heart.

To be honest with you, when I followed True Father, remaining at his side for the whole day, I did not have a peaceful heart, even when I went up those high mountains or viewed the calm waters of the ocean. During Hoon Dok Hae, we are not listening with a carefree heart to comforting words from True Father. We are actually tense as we listen to what he says. And we do listen intensely.

When I am going around with True Parents, I do not know when I might be scolded. That is why in some way I am constantly feeling tension. Fundamental peace -- not just a peaceful mind -- is created from the context of our relationship with God, from the context of our life, and the purpose of our eternal life. It is Christ who gives us that fundamental peace.

When we go in front of God we do not just find peace in our hearts. We may also tremble and experience fear. We will be very tense. Now I know why all the angels have white hair. [Laughter] They feel tension, even in heaven. Even in the heavenly world, I'm sure we will feel some stress. [Laughter] There will still be much to do in heaven. Yes or no? Yet, fundamentally you will find peace, love, grace and blessing flowing forth from God's heart. It's a paradox. You feel that when you attend True Parents.

A couple of days ago, many of our members endured sixteen hours of Hoon Dok Hae. There was also one Christian pastor that day and he said, Rev. Moon is God. [Hyung-jin nim laughs]

For him to say that is remarkable. God's existence can be felt through True Parents who are in the flesh. We have to repent when we hear such words....

We all have sin. Even without original sin we commit personal sin or collective sin every day. A person with sin is a sinner. Yet, when they hear this, many people think that because they are sinners they cannot dream, they cannot entertain a vision for their life, and that they have to go through life concealing that. They make the grave mistake of thinking that they must live in hatred of themselves. This is the wrong interpretation.

Self-satisfaction, loving only oneself and hating oneself, all of these are the same thing. If you just love yourself, that is a sin. That was Satan's sin. At the same time if we hate ourselves, that is also a sin. If I love myself and only myself who is my center? It is me. If I hate myself who is the center? It is me. It's the same result. The same person is at the center.

Repentance is not about only loving or hating yourself. That is not repentance. If you are repenting in that way you are mistaken. Repentance does not equal hating yourself. Repentance equals being honest. To be honest with yourself is repentance.

If we are honest with ourselves, what will we discover? We will discover a self-centered person. We will discover a self- centered person who sometimes does good deeds, right? We will discover a jealous person, a person filled with hatred, a person whose mind and body are divided -- we will discover all these people within us. Repentance is being honest with ourselves and knowing that we are not perfect.

When we repent we are not focusing the spotlight on ourselves but on God and the son He has sent. Repentance is honesty. It is acknowledging the fact that you are not perfect, that you are capable of hurting God and that you have sin. Yet, you focus the spotlight away from yourself and onto God.

People who repent well, those who do it the right way instead of the wrong way, should not be in despair or in darkness. Once we repent in the true sense we can become brighter people. We become more honest people.

When you participate in the Holy Spirit Healing Service, when you enter this chapel, brothers and sisters, you must come here to die. If we wish to be resurrected we must first die. We do not come here to receive grace; we must come here to die.

That is why Father scolds us, telling us to die. His words are truly profound. Jesus said those who seek to gain their lives will lose them and those who seek to lose their lives shall live.

The reason we can go in the presence of the True Parent, the son sent by God, and to God, even as we die, is not because of our good deeds. It is because of the victory True Parents have attained by paying indemnity throughout their course. When we realize this and truly die for that sake, God can live with us. True Parents can dwell within us. I should say it the other way around: We can dwell within True Parents.

If we die like that and enter into True Parents, when we look at ourselves from God's point of view God will not see us because we are inside True Parents; God will see True Parents.

Even if we have our shortcomings, sin or anything else, True Parents will embrace us. Thus, God will forgive us and will see us within "True Parents' love.

Brothers and sisters, with that mind we must send our vibrations. We must send strength to True Parents, our strength and our energy with a pure mind, pure motivation, and pure heart and with that kind of mind-set.

If we die in that way and are resurrected by the grace of True Parents, God and the Holy Spirit, I believe that we can live an amazing dream, and an amazing life for an amazing purpose. Aju! 

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