The Words of Hyung Jin Moon From 2011

Some Thoughts on Hyung Jin Moon's Holy Spirit Healing Service

Anthony J. Guerra
June 2011

Dr. Anthony J. Guerra is an assistant to the international president, Rev. Hyung jin Moon.

Question: You have said that you feel the Holy Spirit Healing Service is a significant development.

Answer: I feel strongly that the Holy Spirit Healing Service is a gift that God has given to our movement through Hyung Jin nim, through True Parents, at a critical time. By Hyung Jin nim being able to convey that gift to our members, it allowed him, as international president, to move to his higher responsibility, which is to serve True Parents directly. Even though he had been working on it somewhat earlier, the Holy Spirit Healing Service came to fruition at the Yeosu workshop at the end of last year, because there was the opportunity to do it together with hundreds of brothers and sisters.

People experienced the power of love, comfort and the chastisement of the Holy Spirit together. It created a unity among us. This Hyung Jin nim saw, and it allowed him to feel that giving this kind of love to True Parents through the Holy Spirit service was going to heal all of us. That spiritual foundation was the foundation on which Hyung Jin nim could then substantially go and directly serve True Parents.

We can connect with him in a real way through the Holy Spirit Healing Service, giving energy to True Parents, while he is there directly, physically as well as spiritually, caring for True Parents. I think the timing is not accidental that this Holy Spirit Healing Service was given by God through True Parents, through Hyung Jin nim, to us.

Question: Why did Hyung Jin nim choose the words "Chambumonim Eog-mansei"?

Answer: Chambumonim (True Parents) is obvious, because they are the center, in the original four-position foundation, the culmination of God's true love, the center of our church, the center of the providence; it must be that. Eog-mansei we have said for decades when we are trying to express our commitment, celebrate a great victory or look forward to a great providential victory with True Parents. There are probably many reasons.

One reason, Hyung Jin nim said, is that no matter who you are or how poor your Korean is, these are probably the few words that everyone in our movement knows and can pronounce. The issue of having a service that can be universal is one factor, because even though they are Korean words they have become Unificationist words.

Question: The potential effects of this service seem profound.

Answer: Hyung Jin nim liked Rohan Durant's testimony about the Holy Spirit Healing Service. He sent it to me and said to share it with members... Two points Rohan made were helpful for all of us. One is that in chanting "Chambumonim Eog-mansei," we create a spiritual Noah's Ark, and when we're on that ark -- that spiritual, vibrational ark -- we have the same protection from the fallen world, from the chastisement of that world, as Noah's family had in those Last Days. So, in these Last Days, the Holy Spirit Healing Service creates that vibrational ark that saves the community and saves anyone who is willing step on to it.

The second insight -- although this is exactly the point that Hyung Jin nim in has been talking about from the very beginning -- is that through our purely and fully centering our hearts on True Parents and on giving True Parents our love, our devotion and our sincerity, we ourselves are renewed (those that seek to lose their life will gain it). Of course, the external words "Chambumonim Eog-mansei" together demand, in order for those words to be fully operationalized, spiritually, our pure intention, our pure devotion, our full devotion. When we give that, the vibrational ark is realized.

Hyung Jin nim recognized the power of the Holy Spirit Healing Service, and he immediately became aware that he had to be humble in front of that power. That's why he immediately developed the confession at the beginning of the healing service. The essence of this came very quickly because of Hyung Jin aim's sensitivity that God is God, True Parents are True Parents and we are sinners.

Because of his realization of that truth, he was so quick to add that confessional call and develop it, so that not only the Holy Spirit Healing Service leader but all of us have the opportunity to acknowledge at the beginning of the service that it is not coming from us, it is beyond us and we are simply the instruments though which God's spirit and power are being manifested.

I believe the Holy Spirit Healing Service is guided by the Holy Spirit. I have to say that the foundation is all those thousands of kyungbaes Hyung Jin nim and others with him have done over the last several years, that sincerity. The earlier ceremony to commemorate the seven deaths and resurrections allowed us to fully appreciate what True Parents have done for us, giving their lives again and again in order for us to be reborn. That service set the foundation for us to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit Healing Service.

I think it's very important to realize Hyung Jin aim's concern that Korean Christians and Christians worldwide be given the opportunity to meet True Parents, serve True Parents and fulfill their God-given mission to work with the Returning Lord. That heart was also part of the foundation that allowed Hyung Jin nim to receive the revelation about the Holy Spirit Healing Service.

Question: How does this relate to the spiritual work that is going on at the Chung Pyung training center?

Answer: The form and purpose of it may be different because ancestor liberation is for the past -- our ancestors -- and it's appropriately done in that most holy place, Chung Pyung, where True Parents reside.

The Holy Spirit Healing Service, revealed from the same spirit, has a purpose directed more toward the public, to witness to Christians and others, to take up the call to serve and to follow True Parents, as well as to strengthen us, who are aware of and are already following True Parents. 

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