The Words of Hyung Jin Moon From 2011

Tweets from @loveintp

Hyung Jin Moon
May 19, 2011

Tweets, originally in Korean, from Hyung-jin nim and Yeon-ah nim while they accompanied True Parents to eight countries

April 26, Spain: It's one o'clock in the morning here in Madrid, and the members are here. True Parents came with bright faces, and noodles and kimchi were shared.

April 26, Spain: During Hoon Dok Hae, Father quietly took Mother's hand as he spoke. A gesture filled with warmth. I wonder if we will all act as True Parents do when we reach 90.

April 29, Italy: Hoon Dok Hae in Rome: "Jesus came to find his bride. Does Jesus need a bride? Christians are unhappy with that idea; however, wouldn't it be right that God's son, the prince, should find the princess of the universe? And isn't Christianity, as a bride, even today still waiting for Jesus?"

April 29, Italy: Yesterday True Parents visited the Vatican, 46 years after the first world tour in 1965. I think Father will feel those feelings all over again.

May 1, Norway: From today's Hoon Dok Hae on the work the Returning Lord must do: "These nations have persecuted me and been contemptuous of me. Each time, I thought that I would gladly accept it if these bitter nations could rise again through my being sacrificed. Even amid persecution, I have gone forward, always thinking about that bright day of hope."

May 2, Norway: Yesterday, True Parents successfully concluded the Norway assembly and then cut the celebration cake with members. We had a bite too. Mmmm! Norwegian members had stayed up all night making the cake.

May 4, Greece: Greece has few members, so many Albanian members came today. Some of the Albanian ambassadors for peace did a three-day fast before meeting True Parents. True Parents Eog-mansei for today's event in Greece!

May 4, Greece: "What? Only three families in Greece? Once a fire is lit, everything can catch fire at once!" -- True Father

May 6, Turkey: Hoon Dok Hae in Turkey: Not many members are in Turkey. About thirty plus Japanese missionaries assigned to all Arab nations came for this Hoon Dok Hae. Father emphasized that in order to give his speech, he had read it countless times and offered devotion to mobilize the spirit world.

May 7, Turkey: Today we held the opening ceremony for the Middle East Leadership Conference (Theme: Divine Wind of Freedom), which addresses recent issues that have arisen in the Middle East.

May 9, Turkey: We took a picture with the Japanese missionaries who worked hard for this event. I pray that the reign of peace and "True Parents Eog-mansei" reverberates throughout the land and seas of Turkey. Aju

May 13, Switzerland: True Father read the Declaration of the Word by God's Substantial Self today in Switzerland. He began the reading with the words, "This speech is a record of my life, like a journal. That is why each page cannot help but be the truth. You, as the children, need to resemble your parents."

May 13, Switzerland: At the conference in England, True Father told us, "People thought I would die before I reached the age of 50, but I am still here at 93, standing in front of you and speaking in a loud voice. Even if someone tries to push me down, I will not go down."

May 13, Switzerland: Today's Hoon Dok Hae, held right before the UN conference, lasted seven hours. Rev. Yong-seok Song said that he had visited Fukushima, where the tsunami's effect was so devastating. He and the members said, "If we are all going to die anyway, let's fulfill our duties of filial piety and loyalty to True Parents beforehand." We were brought to tears. Japanese members in Fukushima, I wish you all good luck!

May 14, Switzerland: "You shouldn't think in a humanistic way. You shouldn't try to do things alone. Conversely, if the spirit world works with you, you can achieve anything. That is the truth. These are wonderful words." True Father said this during dinner, and I wish to share it with our members. May the Unification Church do well today!

May 17, Germany: True Father stayed up until 4:30 this morning in a leaders meeting. Though he plainly was very tired, he also attended 5 AM Hoon Dok Hae and asked some members to sing at the end of the session.

May 17, Germany: True Parents and Hyung-jin nim are all in good health. After touring Europe, True Parents are planning to go to the United States. True Father said that the energy of Europe will bear fruit in 2,000 people meeting in Las Vegas.

May 19, Germany: The event in Germany was a great success. True Father began his impassioned speech by saying, "I came here to forgive what the Western world did wrong to me." I am grateful to True Parents and the European members for their hard work. True Parents Eog-mansei! 

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