The Words of Hyung Jin Moon From 2011

When the Holy Spirit works

Hyung Jin Moon
April 17, 2011
Cheon Hwa Gung, Las Vegas, Nevada

Hyung Jin Moon – April 26, 2012

When the Holy Spirit works, we can feel much change. However, these changes are not only for us. Recognizing that we actually are sinners, though knowing that our repentance is inadequate even if we repent every day -- we receive joy from this repentance. Repentance is not self-hatred, but is done while thinking about and focusing only on God's great love. I believe that's why, when we offer prayers of repentance with a pure mind, pure motivation and pure heart, and we love and believe in True Parents, amazing works will be done.

Brothers and sisters, while those works are being done, even though we don't notice, we can be reborn from the womb of the Holy Spirit. We have to be reborn through the Holy Spirit every day. Living with the Lord, living with Christ, living with God, changes and renews a sinner like me, giving me a new heart.

When we repented with such a pure heart, the Holy Spirit came into the center of our heart and planted new feelings within us. The Holy Spirit can instill in us the heart to earnestly love True Parents, the son and daughter whom God sent.

When that heart is planted within us, we can become His witnesses....

Brothers and sisters, having arrived in America this time, we are hearing some truly remarkable testimonies. We came together -- about two thousand American members -- in Caesar's Palace, the famous hotel and casino in Las Vegas. Challenging that sinful culture, singing praises in the power of

Chambumonim Eog-Mansei, we amassed vibrations of love for a whole hour. It was truly like gathering the people of the world; there were black people, white people, people from the East -- members from all the races of the world, all singing Chambumonim Eog-Mansei together, and breaking into deep tearful prayers. Amid these spiritual experiences and phenomena, many healings took place.

Spiritual phenomena occurred, whereby people who had been unable to walk could stand and walk again, and people whose eyes were damaged could see. One Christian, not a member of our church and someone who did not know Divine Principle, was participating. For many decades, he had suffered from a very uncomfortable skin disease on his back, which through the Chambumonim Eog-mansei vibration disappeared completely without him even being aware of it was happening. This Christian man put his testimony up on the internet. These kinds of special things are happening. Brothers and sisters, the Holy Spirit is once again coming to our church. 

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